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Finding Our Place as Young Adult Friends

Sometimes I feel as though I lived during the period of Quietism in Quaker history. I attended what may be […]

Adam Waxman, a member of Chestnut Hill Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., graduated from the Quaker Leadership Studies Program at Guilford College this year with dual degrees in Political Science and Religious Studies. He is living in Washington, D.C.

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Kindling a Spark: Young Friends Voicing a Need for a Radical, Spiritual Quakerism

You know what time it is, how it is now the moment for you to wake from sleep.… The night […]

Anna Obermayer is entering her senior year at Earlham College in Richmond, Ind. Anna likes to read and write queer theory and Christian theology, and is also interested in human rights law. She feels called to ministry through writing and maintains a Quaker theology blog "Raised In The Light,"

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Planned World Gathering of Young Friends

The World Gathering of Young Friends will take place August 16–24, 2005, at Lancaster University, UK and will gather around […]

Rachel Elizabeth Stacy is a member of Gunpowder Meeting in Sparks, Md. Aidan McCartney is a member of Colaraine Preparative Meeting, Lisburn Monthly Meeting, Ireland Yearly Meeting.

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Why High School Sucked and How Young Friends Saved My Life

Shortly after graduating from high school I read an article stating that the reason adolescents place so much emphasis on […]

Jon Watts, a member of Richmond (Va.) Meeting, is 24 years old. He attended Shiloh, Catoctin, and Teen Adventure camps in the Baltimore Yearly Meeting camping program. He has been the Kenneth Carol Quaker Studies and Biblical Scholar at Pendle Hill for '06-'07 after graduating from Guilford College and the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program. In his year at Pendle Hill, he has recorded an album and participated in forming a Quaker-based record label. For more information, visit http://www.bullandmouthrecords.com.

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Being a Friendly Adult Presence in the Lives of Young Friends: What Would Tom Fox Do?

My 15‐year‐old son Jonathan dragged his tired body in the door, trailing his sleeping bag and pillow, exhausted but with […]

Peggy O'Neill is a member of Richmond (Va.) Meeting and a faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she directs educational programs about preventing abuse and neglect of people with disabilities. She also teaches Sacred Dance and designs jewelry. In 1999, Peggy felt a strong leading to serve Young Friends and has since been Religious Education coordinator as well as a regular Friendly Adult Presence and workshop leader for Young Friends throughout Baltimore Yearly Meeting and at the Friends General Conference Gathering.

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Young Adult Friends’ Picks

A selection of the responses from our survey asking young adult Friends (ages 18–35) to share their reading recommendations on […]

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Young Friends Need More Substance

What I have appreciated most about Friends is the way they have welcomed me into their Religious Society, both in […]

Zachary Hoyt, a junior member of Portland (Maine) Meeting, is involved with Farmington-Scipio Regional Meeting in New York. He is in his seventh year as a full-time volunteer at St. Francis Farm, where he attends regular worship at the farm each day.

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”Why Young Friends Need Elders‐and Why They Need Us

To be a Young Friend is to be in transition—to be in a time of great possibility, uncertainty, and formation. […]

Micah Bales is a member of Heartland Meeting in Wichita, Kans. He is currently living in Richmond, Ind., where he attends Earlham School of Religion.

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Continuing Revolution: Young Adult Friends at the Intersection of Faith and Action

Young adult Friends at the intersection of faith and action.

Emily Higgs lives in San Francisco, Calif., where she is currently working toward a policy-oriented MSW at University of California, Berkeley. She has served as the Continuing Revolution conference coordinator at Pendle Hill study center in Wallingford, Pa., since 2012. Emily is a member of Lancaster (Pa.) Meeting.

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Why Young Friends Should Consider a Career in Business

At the time that the Religious Society of Friends first began in England, one had to be a member of […]

Paul Neumann is the president and CEO of Universal Woods. Lee Thomas is chair of the board of Universal Woods, and he teaches business principles at Bellarmine University School of Business. Both are members of Louisville (Ky.) Meeting.

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