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Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Power in Japan: The Ocean of Light above the Ocean of Darkness

The Ocean of Light above the Ocean of Darkness “…there was an ocean of darkness and death; but an infinite […]

Karen Street, a member of Berkeley (Calif.) Meeting, continues to work on climate change. Her new work is exploring cultural theory of risk: how our worldview makes changing our minds so difficult, by shaping where we see risk, determining who we see as experts, and locking us into we-good, they-bad perceptions of those who disagree.

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A Quaker Space for Our Time

A look inside a central hub of Philadelphia Quaker activity.

Chris Mohr is a member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. He has been executive director of Friends Center Corporation since January 2015, after 20 years of fundraising and advocacy for affordable housing. He is currently a trustee of Friends Publishing Corporation, the publisher of Friends Journal, and a board member of Greene Street Friends School.

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Photo by David Shankbone, <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Christian_living_books_by_David_Shankbone.jpg">via Wikimedia</a>.

How Am I a Christian?

Will others see us as Christians by our love?

Douglas C. Bennett served as president of Earlham College from 1997 to 2011. Now retired, he is a member of Durham (Maine) Meeting.

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Sifting Through the Rubble: The 9/11 Controversies

Friends are advised to minister to those in need but also to seek to know the facts and the causes […]

Steve Chase is a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting and director of the Environmental Advocacy and Organizing program of Antioch University New England.

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Paul: I Witness a Friend’s Difficult Calling

I feel how Paul is connected solidly to the Root. I feel honored to have been witness to an important […]

Marti Matthews is a member of Oak Park Monthly Meeting. A retired counselor, she is the author of the book Pain: The Challenge and the Gift and various published articles. Because of a curvature in her lower back, she has been led to learn much on the subject of healing.

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Human Trafficking: We Cannot Keep Silent

A sober look at the modern day slavery that fuels our consumerism. Includes author video chat.

Jack Ciancio, is a member of Ararat (N.C.) Meeting, clerk of the Peace and Social Issues Committee of the North Carolina Yearly Meeting (FUM), Friends Committee on National Legislation General Committee member, president of Solutions4Peace Ministries (Solutions4peace.com), and a hospice volunteer and bereavement counselor.

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Books November 2013

Books reviewed: Gathered: Contemporary Quaker Poets (ed. by Nick McRae); Powerful Beyond Measure: The Legacy of Quaker Leadership in the […]

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June/July Books 2012

A Lively Faith: Reflections on Iowa Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative) By Callie Marsh. FGC QuakerPress, 2011. 102 pages. $14.95/paperback. Reviewed […]

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The Nature of God

Where does the concept of God come from? We humans, as a sentient, introspective, inquisitive species, seek out answers to […]

Steve Angell, a member of Kendal Meeting in Kennett Square, Pa., has been involved with Alternatives to Violence Project for over 30 years.

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Doing Good Well

A philanthropic Friend conducts his own review of Quaker charitable organizations.

A lifelong Friend, Charles Schade is a member of Charleston (W.V.) Meeting and treasurer of the Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association (SAYMA). He is a retired physician epidemiologist who spent much of his career evaluating the quality of healthcare services.

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