Quaker Donors Ignite Friends Journal’s Beacon Campaign

Thanks to the vision and generosity of readers like you, the trustees of Friends Publishing Corporation—the independent Quaker nonprofit organization that publishes Friends Journal—are excited to announce the Beacon Campaign, an initiative to expand the influence and reach of Quaker stories and ensure that people everywhere can access and learn about the Quaker way.

Over the past several years, Friends Journal has transformed its appearance, sharpened its focus, and expanded to new publishing platforms and media online. As a result, the number of individuals coming into contact with Quaker experience through our works has increased a hundredfold. Now is the time for investment, to continue to serve and nourish this growing audience, and to strengthen the Religious Society of Friends through its lifeblood: stories of Quaker experience.

Recognizing this powerful inflection point, the trustees of Friends Publishing embarked on a process to test with some of our most dedicated supporters whether our vision was shared. The results were compelling, and in November 2016, the trustees came to unity to launch a campaign to seek $2,750,000 from Quaker philanthropists to empower a strengthened, mission-driven new era for the organization. We seek to be not only a mirror to Friends but the beacon for Quaker faith and experience in the world.

Since the Beacon Campaign was approved, generous Friends Journal readers like you, including 100 percent of our trustees, have committed over $1,500,000 in gifts and pledges to seed the campaign, surpassing 54 percent of the goal. Over the next 12 months, staff and volunteers will be holding a series of presentations to share the vision for the campaign and the exciting possibilities that visionary donors can help bring into reality as partners in the Beacon Campaign.

During this time, the staff and trustees of Friends Publishing are grateful for the ongoing gifts you make to support our annual operating expenses. We look forward to sharing the exciting strides we are making in communicating Quaker experience. To ask for a significant investment in our future is a request we make with joy and hope. If you would like to learn more about the Beacon Campaign, please contact executive director Gabriel Ehri at the Friends Journal office. For an updated list of events, click here.

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