In Parallel Light: A Prose Collection


By Jeanne Lohmann. Fithian Press, 2015. 91 pages. $14/paperback.

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Jeanne Lohmann is a well‐loved Quaker poet. This collection of prose, not poems, landed on me like a rich collection of the stuff that poetry comes from. How often does one get the chance to walk around with a poet and hear a narrative of what she pays attention to, what impressions people make on her, and what events stick with her? Reading this book, I kept wondering how these events—some funny, some sad, but all fairly ordinary—would sink down into the poet’s interior and come back as verse. This is an instructive read in that it can make you more aware as you go about your own life, how full it is of little things that deserve to be noticed.

Karie Firoozmand is the books editor of Friends Journal.

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