They all are innocent people just trying to have another chance at a better life

Dear Donald J. Trump,

Recently, there has been injustice toward Muslim people both in and out of the United States. Your travel ban has worsened the stereotype that the religion of Islam is associated with terrorism.

This stereotype began in 2001, when the Twin Towers collapsed because of a plane crash done on purpose. U.S. citizens have been criticizing us, saying that our God, Allah, is “Satan” or loves killing people, etc. Muslims have been shot, injured, hurt (both physically and emotionally), and have had to face loads of prejudice against them for a long time. We still do.

None of this is true; many of this country’s people do not understand. Terrorists are not true Muslims. They use the religion as an excuse. They abuse the true meaning of being a Muslim individual. “Islam” even translates to “peace.” True Muslims know that terrorists are NOT Muslim, that ISIS is NOT Muslim.

Now that you have put the travel ban in action, a ban that targets seven Muslim-dominant countries, both foreigners and Muslim American citizens are affected. Foreigners who have been waiting years to get into this country are being stopped solely because they come from one of those seven countries. Because they are Muslim. They all are innocent people just trying to have another chance at a better life. Muslim American citizens like myself have all been facing even more pressure and are being criticized everywhere we go. I have been called a terrorist, and have been told that I am associated with ISIS plenty of times. People still think I am someone with ill intentions when I am not. There are reasons why people protest against you: because you have proven to us that you are Islamophobic.

What can you do to help solve this? Arrange events where non-Muslims are educated about the Islam religion, raise awareness about all of this, talk about how we are not terrorists and that we are normal. We do not deserve this at all.


Savannah Mahmud, Grade 7, Friends Academy

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