Kaddish for Death and Childbirth קדיש

Photo by nextrecord

Her breath rose and fell
spaces between in and out growing wider
Gasping for air, heartbeat shallow and fast
feeble voice barely heard
pink skin turning purple
finally, breath stopped, heart raced a few seconds, concluded its beating.
The doors of body closed.
There is no return.

      May the rising sun sanctify and bless Your name
      We sing praises to the Holy One
      for the life of one we loved so long

Gasping for air, crying on an inhale
learning the in and out rhythm of breath
The fast heartbeat that slows with growth
purple skin turning pink
lungs growing a louder voice.
The gate of womb shut.
There is no return.

      May the falling rain sanctify and bless Your name.
      We sing praises to the Holy One
      for the new life we have been blessed with.

May the Lord of doors and gates
Going out and coming in
acorn and oak
child and old woman
bless our hearts with unceasing wonder
as we witness the commonness of mystery and holiness.
May Your name be praised into all eternity.

Carole Fults

Carole Fults is an artist and writer, originally from Michigan, but now living in upstate New York across the road from her neighbors the cows. She sometimes attends Albany (N.Y.) Meeting.

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