Historic Gwynedd Post Office has been in existence since 1810. At that time, it was one of only 35 in the entire state of Pennsylvania.

The second post master was David Acuff, owner and host of Acuff's Tavern which is now the William Penn Inn.

From 1835 when Charles, son of Edward the first postmaster, took over the office, it was in the Jenkins Country Store with members of the family succeeding each other as postmasters until 1914. In the old account books kept during the years 1841 to 1851 (still in the office archives), there are 71 different names listed as paying patrons. Since this was before postage stamps, each item mailed was paid for in cash according to weight and distance. The books show charges of from $0.03 to $0.37 and the most distant points listed are places in Ohio, Rochester, N.Y., and England.

In 1914, the Post Office was moved to the grounds of Gwynedd Friends Meeting. It wa financed by donations from community residents until July, 1957 when the U.S. Post Office Department began rent payments of $26.00 per month which barely covered expenses of building upkeep.

In 1955 the tiny structure was moved across Route 202 to the site on Meeting House Road just in front of the new building, still on ground belonging to the Friends.


Edward Jenkins


Walter Jenkins


David Acuff


Sarah Jenkins


Charles Jenkins


William Swayne


Algernon Jenkins


William Frame


Catherine Jenkins


Elizabeth Tramontina


William Jenkins


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