A list of scholars names who came to the Gwynedd School, 11 month, 16th, 1807

extracted from a handwritten notebook labeled Gwynedd School 1807-1808 Scholars Names and Sundries, written by the teacher, Benjamin Albertson

John Shoemaker
Joseph Shoemaker Samuel Denehower
Jesse Shoemaker Thomas Denehower
Ellinor Shoemaker Ann Hooker
Sarah Sutch David Clyne (Klein)
Ann Sutch Abraham Clyne
Samuel Fleshhawker Samuel Davis
John Smith Joseph Davis
William Smith Samuel Kneedler
Ezekiel Cleaver James Dull
Sollomon (Solomon) Cleaver Adam Wear
Ellis Cleaver Isaac Dehaven
Charles Adamson Daniel Kneedler
Thomas Adamson William Kneedler
Rebecca Adamson Adam Kneedler
Isaac Stong Michael Jacoby
Philip Stong Jeremiah Marronah
Samuel Amber (Ambler) Chirstian Smith
John Amber (Ambler) Jeremiah Jones
Joseph Dittwiler (Detweiler) Johnathan Jones
Benjamin Dittwiler (Detweiler) Benjamin Jones
Michael Creamer (Kramer/Cramer) Mary Creamer
George Denehower Ann Shoemaker

Second brief list, perhaps of students who came into the school in mid-term:

Hannah Shoemaker Joseph and Tacey
Sarah Detwiler Martin
Barbara Detwiler Martin
Hannah Sperry Jacob
Sophia Height bound to J. Singer
Elizabeth Jones Isaac

Third list, 1808 - appears to JQ to be a list of parents paying tuition with amounts paid denoted in a table. The cost was 1 dollar and 50 cents per quarter and a quarter consisted of 74 days. Few children came the entire 74 days - half that amount was typical. Albert's term began the end of November and ended the beginning of February. Albert's average income was 14 and 1/2 cents per day.

Joseph Shoemaker, 70 1/2 days Ellis Cleaver, paid for 36 days
Martin Detwiler, paid for 29 days Robert Adamson, paid for half a quarter and an additional 11 days.
Jacob Kneedler, 75 1/2 days Paul Cramer, Mary Kremer paid for 16 days
Daniel Kneedler, his children rarely attended it appears Ann Wear, paid for 40 days
Conrad Stong, paid for 72 days Daniel Sutch, paid for one quarter
Isaac Jones, paid for by Hugh Foulke, 74 days Abraham Deneher, paid for 47 days
Jacob Sperry, paid for 36 days Christian Smith, paid for 19 1/2 days
John Singer, paid for 6 days John Jones, Hugh Foulke paid for 34 days tuition
Samuel Dehaven, paid for by Hugh Foulke, 36 days

Arithmetic and Algebra Problems from Albertson's handwritten book

Transcribed by James Quinn from the original document. Note: per Howard Jenkins History of Gwynedd this is not a public school, but a private one subscribed to by the parents. It does not appear to be a Quaker school, but appears to be one open to all willing to pay for tuition.