We need to put America first, and only then will it become great again

Dear Mr. President,

Congrats, Mr. President, on your recent election! I’m sure you will do a great job! I want to thank you for giving the American people hope again. Although I live in New York, which is a state filled with intolerant people, I have and always will be a proud Republican; and along with my family, I proudly showed my support and broadcasted my hopes for you throughout the tough and grueling campaign. As a New Yorker, I and everyone who shares my view are constantly surrounded by hate from the left. I even get criticised for being a “fake” Asian, or a traitor to people of color because both of my parents are legal immigrants.

As a proud Republican and a firm believer in America first, I think we need to realize that we are not helping ourselves by taking in refugees. We aren’t helping ourselves with the millions of illegal immigrants. They’re taking jobs from us, and they’re infiltrating our system and making taxpayers pay for them. What I don’t think the left understands is how legal immigrants are usually much more qualified than someone who just hopped on a train from Mexico. If we open our country to the whole world, we’ll be overwhelmed. We need to put America first, and only then will it become great again.

Hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the Midwest have lost their jobs, and I know that you worked hard to bring back manufacturers to the United States. You’re ending the suffering that was only worsened when Barack Obama took the oath of office. When I watched you swear to defend the Constitution on January 20 this year, I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud to be American. You’re giving us, the American people, hope again, and I know that you will make America great again!

Pius Lo, Grade 9, Friends Academy

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