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Features: “The Transformation of a Small Quaker Library” by Ruth McNeill, “Meeting with Friends in an Old Library” by Sheilah Hill, “Interview with Friends Journal Book Editors,” and “Library as Metaphor” by Gwen Gosney Erickson.

Online exclusives include: “Costini with Olive Tapenade… and Tea” by Ruthie Tippin, “Are Meeting Library Encumbrances?” by Carol Kitchen, “Escaping the Dusty Bookcase” by Gwen Gosney Erickson, and “Co‐Curricular Learning in the Quaker and Special Collections” by Mary Crauderueff.

Poetry: “Sunday Morning Whiteout” by Franchot Ballinger and “Vigil” by Tina Schumann.

Departments: Among Friends, Forum, News, Books, Viewpoint, Milestones, Classified, Meetings, QuakerSpeak.

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