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Original concept, questions, interviews, audio production
Breeze Richardson
Chicago, Ill.
57th Street Monthly Meeting
Illinois Yearly Meeting/Western Yearly Meeting
Age 26

Web page visual concept, portraits, art
Matthew Corson-Finnerty
Philadelphia, Pa.
Germantown Monthly Meeting
Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Age 20

Web page creation and flash animations
Peter Deitz
New York, N.Y.
Age 26

Message from the Producer

I had the honor of meeting with 20 Young Friends from Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota at the "Second Annual Quake that Rocked the Midwest" to talk with them about their Quakerism and its impact on their lives. Many of these Young Friends are the only Quaker in their social circles and schools. In some cases, they are the only Young Friend in their meeting.

This project is extremely unique in that you will hear from them, in their own voices, their thoughts about Quakerism. It is the only project of its kind publicly available and offers listeners—both within the Quaker community and in society at large—the opportunity to learn about our faith from those who are our future.

To listen, begin by clicking on "introduction" at the top of the navigation menu on the left-hand side of this page. There will be a brief pause before the audio begins after clicking this or any of the links. If you have Flash already installed on your computer, the audio segments will begin when the page loads. After hearing the introduction, you can then click on any of the links at the left to hear the words and wisdom of these Quaker youth.

If you have problems hearing the audio, please click on "How to Use These Pages."

We hope you enjoy The Quake that Rocked the Midwest: Quaker Youth Speak Out Listening Project.

—Breeze (Luetke-Stahlman) Richardson

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