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Loida Fernandez

Conversation with Loida Fernandez focuses on family, Quakers, and her current work. Her life seems shaped by her Quaker heritage [鈥

Kara Newell, a member of Reedwood Friends Church in Portland, Oregon, retired as executive director of AFSC in 2000. 漏 2001 Kara Newell

Posted in: Features, March 2001
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Quaker Bolivia Link

A group from the first Quaker Study Tour of Bolivia created Quaker Bolivia Link (QBL) under the leadership of Ken [鈥

Newton Garver is a member of the Board of Trustees of Quaker Bolivia Link. QBL can be reached at 2967 Lawrence St., San Diego, CA 92106

Posted in: Features, February 2001
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Spirituality in Action: Ethos and Ethic

I want to discuss ethos, the spiritual and moral context we create for Friends education to occur, and ethics, the [鈥

Paul A. Lacey is a member of Clear Creek Meeting in Richmond, Indiana. He teaches English literature, humanities, and a number of cross-disciplinary courses at Earlham College. This article was originally presented as a speech to a conference sponsored by Earlham, Friends Association for Higher Education, and Friends Council on Education.

Posted in: Features, January 2001
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Can Friends Really Make a Difference in Educating All Our Youth?

Quakerism鈥檚 social testimony addresses the Inner Light that exists in each individual, and my home state of Pennsylvania gives particular [鈥

Marlene Santoyo is a member of Germantown (Pa.) Meeting.

Posted in: Features, January 2001
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Brand New

September 1987 represented a turning point in both my spiritual journey as a Friend and my professional life as a [鈥

Ayesha Imani is a member of Germantown (Pa.) Meeting.

Posted in: Features, January 2001
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Growing Beyond Human Plans

Never in a million years would I have anticipated being a teacher, much less the co鈥恌ounder of a school and [鈥

Sandy Howze is a member of Lansdowne (Pa.) Meeting and cofounder of Stratford Friends School in Havertown, Pa.

Posted in: Features, January 2001
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漏 sonyachny

Surprised by Joy

A family tragedy unleashes a flood of unexpected emotions and lessons.

Kat Griffith is a member of Winnebago Worship Group in east central Wisconsin, a high school teacher, and former homeschooler. She has previously written for Friends Journal about Northern Yearly Meeting's relationship with Salvadoran Friends and "Conversations from the Heartland," a series of discussions with conservative Christian homeschooling friends.

An earlier version of this article appeared in the November 2016 issue of What Canst Thou Say?

Posted in: Features, February 2019
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What People Really Want from Church and Quaker Meeting

Looking at successful church growth models for ideas to grow our fellowship.

Donald W. McCormick, [email protected], is a member of Grass Valley Meeting in Nevada City, Calif. He is director of education for Unified Mindfulness, a company that trains mindfulness teachers. The senior editor of Friends Journal described his February article, 鈥Can Quakerism Survive?,鈥 as 鈥渢he most talked about article in recent history.鈥

Posted in: Features, Going Viral with Quakerism
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Balancing Acts

Healing is a verb: a slowing, flowing movement toward balance.

Ruthe Schoder-Ehri, a member of Homer (Alaska) Meeting, resides in the high desert of southeastern Arizona, close to Mexico. She is an artist, a homeopath with concern for individual and global health, a joyful grandmother, and an active volunteer for treesisters.org.

Posted in: Features, Healing
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Prophetic Witness, Pragmatic Action

What does it mean to be prophetic in a time of political division?

Diane Randall is the executive secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation. A lifelong advocate for peace and social justice, Diane is a fierce proponent for citizen engagement that advances policies and practices to create a better society for all.

Posted in: Features, February 2018
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