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Behind the Scenes at the Gathering

Friends General Conference holds a Gathering of Friends every summer somewhere, on a college campus. Quakers of all sorts and […]

Liz Perch, Friends General Conference's conference coordinator, is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting.

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A Warm Welcome to New Staff

Small Quaker organizations strongly reflect the individuals who do their work, hence finding good staff is of primary importance. Last […]

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How Can You Do That Work?

When I spent my professional life as a full‐time emergency room nurse, my friends could not get enough of my […]

TylaAnn Burger, a member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., has been a nurse for 25 years, 12 of them in hospice—from staff nurse to clinical manager. She is co-convener of Friends Hospice Project.

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Transcending Geography

Reinventing Pendle Hill’s morning worship.

Francisco Burgos is the incoming executive director of Pendle Hill. Traci Hjelt Sullivan is the interim executive director of Pendle Hill. They were interviewed by Friends Journal’s senior editor, Martin Kelley.

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A Quaker Retirement Community Faces the Pandemic

Creativity and service flowers under quarantine.

Nancy Thomas lives with her husband, Hal, in Friendsview, a retirement community in Newberg, Ore. They’ve served in Bolivia many years as Friends Serving Abroad. She is a poet, the poetry editor of Friends Journal, and a member of North Valley Friends Church in Newberg.

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Thank you, Robert Dockhorn

Often, when I travel among Friends, individuals will come up to me and offer warm comments on the excellence of […]

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FWCC and Affluent and Impoverished Friends

The October issue on the 70th anniversary of Friends World Committee for Consultation was a wonderful celebration of how Friends […]

Newton Garver is a member of Buffalo (N.Y.) Meeting.

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Quaker Camp: Mothers and Daughters Talk (#1)

Betsy (mother) How would I have raised my daughters without Quaker camp? Although Anna and Margaret were born into our […]

Betsy Krome and Anna Krome-Lukens are members of Williamsburg (Va.) Meeting. Betsy is a potter and a freelance editor, and Anna is working on a graduate degree in History at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Both have been members of Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Camping Program Committee.

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Thanks Are in Order

In the past couple of years, I have used this space in the magazine to reflect on the articles we […]

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Difficult Times in Ramallah

This is a difficult note to write. So much has happened and there is so much to say. It has […]

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