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Q&A: Peggy Brick

In the 1970s, the sexual revolution was challenging traditional sexual values and I was invited to develop full鈥恲ear psychology and [鈥

Peggy Brick, M.Ed., has been a sexuality educator for over 40 years, first as high school teacher, then as director of education at a Planned Parenthood in Bergen County, N.J., and now as an educational consultant specializing in sexuality across the lifespan. She teaches a course at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, is the founder and past-president of the Sexuality and Aging Consortium at Widener University (www.sexualityandaging.com) and the co-author of numerous articles and teaching manuals including Positive Images: Teaching about Abstinence, Contraception and Sexual Health; Unequal Partners: Teaching about Power and Consent in Adult-Teen and Other Relationships; and Older, Wiser, Sexually Smarter: 30 Sex Ed Lessons for Adults Only.

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Meeting the Seventh鈥恉ay Adventists

Five years ago, a spiritual friend and I visited a couple of Seventh鈥恉ay Adventist (SDA) churches, where Adventism piqued my [鈥

Kim L. Ranger, a member of Grand Rapids (Mich.) Meeting, recently completed a two- year sojourn with Seventh-day Adventists. She is a senior librarian of Arts and Humanities at Grand Valley State University.

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A Significant Anniversary鈥怉nd More

Fifty years ago this month, on June 27, 1958, Martin Luther King Jr. addressed Friends who gathered in Cape May, [鈥

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The Power of Fearful Faithfulness: Martin Luther King Jr.鈥榮 Legacy For Friends

In March, I received an invitation to this summer鈥檚 Friends General Conference Gathering in Johnstown, Pa. Pulling the flyer from [鈥

Steve Chase, a member of Putney (Vt.) Meeting, is the founding director of Antioch University New England's master's program in Environmental Advocacy and Organizing. He is also the editor of "The Well-Trained Activist" blog at http://eaop-blog.blogspot.com.

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Behind the Scenes at the Gathering

Friends General Conference holds a Gathering of Friends every summer somewhere, on a college campus. Quakers of all sorts and [鈥

Liz Perch, Friends General Conference's conference coordinator, is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting.

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Singing among FGC Friends

Quaker disciplines in the mid鈥19th century criticized instrumental and choral music as frivolous, 鈥渨orldly鈥 recreation that led Friends away from [鈥

Peter Blood-Patterson teaches Bible and Quakerism at Westtown School. He and his wife Anne have traveled extensively in the ministry under a concern for the movement of the spirit through music under minutes from Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pennsylvania. © 2002 Peter Blood

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Peacemaking in Tough Times

As I write this, three months have passed since the attack on our country. In this period we have witnessed [鈥

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On Being Good

Opening up those parts of ourselves we keep in the shadows.

Sharon Goens-Bradley works for the American Friends Service Committee and is the Healing Justice Program director in the Twin Cities office in Minnesota. Sharon has a master's degree in counseling psychology and has worked as a mediator, circle keeper, and restorative justice practitioner. She lives in Minneapolis with her wife and daughter.

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Participants in the 2014 FGC Pre-Gathering Retreat for Friends of Color and their families.

A Journey toward Eliminating Racism in the Religious Society of Friends

A ministry to abolish racism within Quakerism

Vanessa Julye is the nurturing ministries coordinator for Friends General Conference鈥檚 Ministry on Racism and Youth Ministries Programs. A member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting and the Haverford College Corporation, Vanessa has published numerous articles and pamphlets and serves as a guest speaker for many Friends meetings. Vanessa meets with Friends of Color throughout the world.

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