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I Have Learned

FJ Poetry: All these months I have made progress…

Marion Goldstein lives in Cedar Grove, N.J.

Posted in: Humor in Religion, Poetry
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The Many Ways the Light Gets In

FJ Poetry: “It was easy to judge those Jane Austen ladies / languishing all afternoon over embroidery”

Marion Goldstein lives in Cedar Grove, N.J.

Posted in: Meetings and Money, Poetry
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Innocence Lost

FJ Poetry: Talk of an unhinged jaw sent me plummeting…

Marion Goldstein lives in Cedar Grove, N.J.

Posted in: Going Viral with Quakerism, Poetry
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Milestones September 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

Births, marriages, and deaths.

Posted in: Milestones, September 2015: Reproduction and Family Planning
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