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One Response after Another

I appreciate Newton Garver鈥檚 review of my response to the Vatican, and I am also grateful for being welcomed by [鈥

Paul Anderson, a member of North Valley Friends Church in Newberg, Oreg., is professor of Biblical and Quaker Studies at George Fox University. A leading scholar on the Gospel of John, he is the author of The Christology of the Fourth Gospel.

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Author chat with Jeffery W. Perkins on financial strategies for social change

Hear from June/July author Jeff Perkins in our latest author chat; he talks about how shareholder advocacy works, plus offers [鈥

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Author Jack Ciancio on supporting post鈥恡raumatic stress disorder victims

Author reading. Post鈥恡raumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the emotional ghost of a life鈥恡hreatening event. It lingers in the shadows of [鈥

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The author's grandparents on the porch of their cabin in Kentucky.

Jesse Stuart鈥檚 The Thread That Runs So True

A ninth鈥恎rade assigned reading foreshadows a vocation to teach.

Robert Stephen Dicken is a member of First Friends Meeting in New Castle, Ind. Since retiring in 2002 from teaching high school English, he can be found reading, writing, drawing, guitar-playing, community volunteering, bragging about his three sons, and entertaining five grandchildren.

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The Pentecost Paradigm: Ten Strategies for Becoming a Multiracial Congregation

By Jacqueline J. Lewis and John Janka. Westminster John Knox Press, 2018. 114 pages. $13/paperback; $10/eBook.

David Etheridge is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (D.C.) and clerk of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Working Group on Racism.

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Books November 2013

Books reviewed: Gathered: Contemporary Quaker Poets (ed. by Nick McRae); Powerful Beyond Measure: The Legacy of Quaker Leadership in the [鈥

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U.S. Quakers: Hybrid Corn?

Years ago I heard our gifted Quaker economist鈥恜hilosopher鈥恜oet Kenneth Boulding compare U.S. Quakers to hybrid corn. His interesting observation was [鈥

William Edgerton is a member of Bloomington (Ind.) Meeting. Gratefully dedicated to the memory of Kenneth Boulding (1910-1993), Quaker economist, philosopher, poet, and spiritual leader.

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Author Arla Patch reads 鈥淧eace Is Possible,鈥 truth, healing, & reconciliation in Maine

Truth, healing, and reconciliation in Maine.

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Toward a Right Relationship with Finance: Debt, Interest, Growth, and Security

By Pamela Haines, Ed Dreby, David Kane, and Charles Blanchard. Quaker Institute for the Future Focus Book 9, 2016. 126 [鈥

Tom Head is a member of Bridge City Meeting in Portland, Ore., and professor of economics at George Fox University. Both his professional work and his Quaker service have focused on international trade, finance, economic development, and international relations. He has a passion for interfaith dialogue and contemplating the role of world religions in the global economy.

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Books: April 2014

This month鈥檚 reviews include The Essential Elias Hicks, The Oxford Handbook of Quaker Studies, and A Guidebook to Prayer.

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