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From the Archives: Book Reviews of Young Adult Friends’ Picks

Out of the 14 books (and 1 blog) recommended by young adult Friends in the November 2013 issue, 5 titles […]

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Who Was Joy Hodgkin?

When my grandfather, Henry Hodgkin, migrated from England in 1930 to be the first director of studies at Pendle Hill, […]

Margaret (Meg) Hodgkin Lippert is the granddaughter of Henry and Joy Hodgkin. Meg was born a Friend and is currently a member of South Seattle (Wash.) Meeting. A former classroom teacher and author of over 20 books of multicultural folktales, she currently teaches storytelling for Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass., and works with high school youth in Seattle. Her website is http://www.storypower.net.

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The Passion of the Christ: Thoughts Prompted by a Discussion about the Film

At a local cinema, in a small town in New Zealand, The Passion of the Christ was showing. While I […]

Tanya Garland is a member of St. Giles, Oxford Meeting (England). She graduated in Theology from Oxford University and taught Religious Education for 20 years in Oxford and in Jerusalem secondary schools. She is also a qualified counselor and has worked with refugee children in Oxford for three years.

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Intergenerational Learning in Friends Schools

Quakers believe in truth‐seeking as a process of continuing revelation, seeing life as a journey of learning from one’s experiences […]

Sarah Sweeney-Denham, a member of Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., is associate director for programs and publications for Friends Council on Education. This article is adapted from one published in the Fall 2001 issue of Chronicles of Quaker Education.

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Creating a Campus Quaker Culture

Processing a trip to an Amish settlement with my Guilford College “Plain People” course, a Quaker student shared with me […]

Max L. Carter is the director of Friends Center at Guilford College and a member of New Garden (N.C.) Meeting. Before Guilford, he served at the Ramallah Friends Schools, Earlham, Friends Select, and Friends Central.

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