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Working for Peace

Perhaps one of the most difficult dilemmas presented by our Quaker testimonies is the tension between seeking to address that […]

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The Ministry of the Written Word

Quakers Uniting in Publications (QUIP) is an international consortium of Quaker book publishers, book sellers, authors, and periodical publishers. This […]

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Thou Shalt Wear Comfy Shoes

Do our attitudes toward formal dress push people out the door?

Suzanne W. Cole Sullivan is a convinced Friend who lives and worships in Georgia (mostly), but they can often be spotted at meetings around the country during weekend adventures. Suzanne carries a concern for hospitality and a culture of welcoming. Suzanne is often heard before they are seen.

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A Quaker Response to Gun Violence

A ministry born of family tragedy.

Peter Murchison is a member of Wilton (Conn.) Meeting, where he currently serves as clerk of the Ministry and Oversight Committee. He has been active around the issue of gun violence since the shooting at Sandy Hook where his nephew Daniel Barden was killed in his classroom. Contact him at [email protected].

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Founders Hall of Haverford College, Pennsylvania. © Tlonorbis via Wikimedia.

Henry Cadbury, AFSC, and Haverford College

Even 1918 Quakers were a complicated mix of prophetic and pragmatic.

James Krippner has been teaching at Haverford College since 1992. David Harrington Watt will begin teaching there in the fall of this year. They would both like to acknowledge the invaluable assistance they received from the staff of Haverford College’s library, Krista Oldham in particular, while researching this article.

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Stumbling Forward toward Racial Justice among Friends

Two Friends share their stories of growing up in a race‐defined world and how they’ve been led to work for […]

Lucy Duncan serves American Friends Service Committee as director of Friends Relations and is a storyteller and member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa. Noah White is an adjunct professor at Temple University in the College of Public Health. He loves a challenge and the thrill of competition. He also enjoys helping others attain their kinesthetic goals.


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Letting Our Light Shine

A how‐to on outreach online.

Mackenzie Morgan is a software engineer and a member of Adelphi (Md.) Meeting. She is currently serving as clerk of the meeting’s Communications Subcommittee, and is a member of Baltimore Yearly Meeting's Advancement and Outreach Committee.

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Witness to Quaker Racism: A Cautionary Tale

A standoff at the meetinghouse.

Sharon Smith is a lifelong, Black-Indian Friend. She is a former clerk of the East Sandwich Preparative Meeting’s Peace and Social Concerns Committee and former co-clerk of the New England Yearly Meeting Racial Social and Economic Justice Committee. She is currently a member of the Cuffee Meeting and lives in western North Carolina and is at work on a book, Mixed Blessing: Growing Up Black-Indian and Quaker.

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A Quaker Argument against Gun Control

When good intentions have unintended consequences. PODCAST AVAILABLE.

Matthew Van Meter’s writing has appeared on Forbes.com, Russia Magazine, and Russia Profile, where he was a columnist. A member of Moorestown (N.J.) Meeting, he lives in Ann Arbor, Mich., where he volunteers with the Michigan Criminal Justice Program and Shakespeare in Prison.

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Mystical Experience

Is mysticism the universal core of all religions?

Donald W. McCormick is a member of Santa Monica (Calif.) Meeting. A professor for 28 years, he taught courses in management and leadership (and occasionally religion). He was a pioneer in the fields of workplace spirituality and mindfulness in the workplace. Currently, he develops mindfulness programs for organizations. He can be reached at [email protected]. Includes audio reading.

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