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Chronic Relativity

The Friend sitting next to us may be looking at us to find wholeness.

Evan Welkin is a member of Olympia (Wash.) Meeting. He and his wife, Federica, are re-envisioning her family’s agriturismo in Italy; follow their journey at agriculturaprofetica.wordpress.com.

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Thomas Hamm on Division in Indiana

To someone who is not familiar with the controversy in Indiana Yearly Meeting, what would be your synopsis of the […]

Thomas Hamm is professor of history and director of special collections at Earlham College. A lifelong member of First Friends Meeting in New Castle, Indiana, he has served as recording clerk and a member of the executive committee of Indiana Yearly Meeting, and was co-clerk of the Reconfiguration Task Force of Indiana Yearly Meeting.

He has written or edited a number of works on Quaker history, most recently Quaker Writings, 1650-1920, published by Penguin Classics in 2011.

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Those Other Branch Quakers

Those Other Branch Quakers

“Be careful of those ‘other branch’ Quakers.” These words were spoken to me at a recent Wednesday evening Bible study by […]

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Composting as Holy Sacrament

In my family album, there is a picture that my mother took of me in 1945 as a two‐year‐old “helping” […]

Louis Cox has been Publications Coordinator for Quaker Earthcare Witness since 2001 and is a member of Burlington, Vt., Friends Meeting. He and his wife compost in Charlotte, Vt.

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The Meaning of Universalism

I remember when I became a Quaker. I was a teenager, and a Quaker couple, Mary Lee and Lee Comer, […]

Phil H. Gulley, pastor of Fairfield Friends Meeting in Camby, Ind., is the author of 17 books, including If Grace Is True, If God Is Love, and If the Church Were Christian.

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A Family Responds to Suspicionless Drug Testing

he whole issue started in the spring of 2006 when I was a freshman in high school. The school district […]

Gilbert Ambler is attending Earlham College this fall and is interested in political leadership and law. Gilbert's two younger brothers, Amos and Harry, and his parents, John and Peggy, have all participated in thinking through this article about the situation they all lived. Gilbert and his family are members of Germantown Meeting in Philadelphia and attend Penn Hill Meeting in Wakefield, Pa.

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“Meeting for Learning” at Princeton Friends School

As the founding head of Princeton Friends School, I’ve been asked time and again during the past 12 years the […]

Jane Fremon is a member of Princeton (N.J.) Meeting. This article is adapted from the "Among Friends" newsletter of Princeton.

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A Query Buff Looks at Queries

Quakers did not invent queries. Mothers did. Without queries, motherdom would be ham­strung.

Barry Morley is a member of Sandy Spring (Md.) Meeting.Formerly a teacher in Quaker schools, he is presently director of Catoctin Quaker Camp for children.In the off season he directs Inward Bound programs for adults and music for the Victorian Lyric Opera Company. Sometimes he writes short plays and long opera librettos.

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Friends Testimony on Gambling

Everybody these days receives and discards those letters saying “Mr. X, you may already be the winner of half a […]

Norma Jacob, a member of Kendal (Pa.) Meeting, is the author of two Pendle Hill pamphlets. She is a member of the JOURNAL board of managers and a regular contributor to the JOURNAL. Her interview with Horace Alexander appeared March 15, 1983.

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