What Is Experiment with Light? (Books in Brief)

By Rex Ambler. The Experiment with Light Network, 2014. 28 pages. £3/pamphlet.

Readers may note that the price of this pamphlet appears in British pounds; this edition might be hard to find in North America. But it is worth knowing about, since Ambler wrote it to clarify what Experiment with Light is, both for critics and for those practicing, in order to clear up any misunderstandings and to describe where the movement is going next. Ambler’s book Light to Live By is the introduction and full history of how he developed his experiment with Light, which began as a personal practice. Interested readers will want to note that there is a very inexpensive set of six CDs of Ambler giving talks, and a free newsletter delivered by email.

See Experiment​-with​-light​.org​.uk for details.

Karie Firoozmand is the Friends Journal books editor.

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