Writing Opportunities: Atonement / Reparations

We’re actively seeking submissions for two upcoming issues:

Dec 2022: Quaker Understanding of Atonement

How do sin and forgiveness operate in your understanding of our spirituality? While atonement theory has a very specific focus in Christian theology, writers don’t have to focus on that specifically. We’re hoping to publish articles from a wide spectrum of Quaker branches, with a diverse span of perspectives—from the personal, practical theology to a more formal exploration of atonement in Quaker history. Submissions due 09/19/2022.

Jan 2023: Reparations

How do we repair past injustices? For many of us around the world, the greatest collective sins in our past are the twin horrors of the genocide and displacement of Indigenous peoples and the centuries of chattel slavery that built our countries and fortunes. Quakers actively participated in both in complicated ways: despite some clear-eyed visionaries, our hands are far from clean. What are our responsibilities today? What is being done? What should be done? Submissions due 10/17/2022.

To learn more about our publication and what we look for in submissions, please see Friendsjournal.org/submissions.

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