LEWIS in the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting Records (Religious Society of Friends, Pennsylvania)

source: records at Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College.

Transcribed by James A. Quinn, Historian, Gwynedd Friends Meeting

Revision of April, 2011.

Anne, 1722-11mo.-30 - Asked to draw up a certificate for Mary Naylor
Ann, page 219-book 1, 1737-10-30, received on certificate from Haverford MM.

Edward, 343-1, 1745-12-25. married contrary to disciplline and offered an account.
Edward, 196-2, 1757-9-27. Edward, disowned for joining the Hicksites.

Elizabeth, 52-1, daughter of George and Jane b. 1-7-1711.
Elizabeth, 1730-2-28, and Isaac Jones should have been reported married.
Elizabeth, 157-1, 1733-3-24, daughter of Ellis of Philadelphia Co., PA married William Spencer at Gwynedd MH.
Elizabeth, 294-2, 1760-9-30. married out of unity and offered an account.

Ellin, 151-1, 1764-10-4, daughter of Enos, Philadelphia Co., PA m. Edward Roberts at Gwynedd MH.
Ellin, 413-2, 1765-4-30. granted certificate to Abington MM.
Ellin, 57-4, 1780-8-29. received on certificate from Abington MM dated 6-26-1780.

Ellis, 133-1, 1730-4-30, granted certificate to Abington MM.
Ellis, 131-1, 1764-12-18. of Philadelphia Co., PA married Ellin Evans, daughter of John and Ellin, at Gwynedd MH. Note: He married first at Abington in 1729, Mary Tyson. Will abstract: ELLIS LEWIS, Upper Dublin, Co. of Phila. Yeoman. December 8, 1774. May 10, 1783. S.482. Wife: Ellin. Children: Mary Clever, John, Ann Saunders, Amos. Grandchildren: Children of Daughters Mary Clever and Ann Saunders. Exec: John and Amos Lewis and Son-in-Law Ezekial Clever. Wit: Seth Quee, Robert Loller, Thomas Hallowell. The epidemic of 1745 took a toll on his family losing Mathew and Elizabeth.

note: The Ellis Lewis (m. Anne) line of Upper Dublin is briefly covered by Howard Jenkins.

Enos, 196-1, 1735-10-30. received on certificate from Goshen MM.
Enos, 195-1, 1736-4-15., son of William of Chester Co., PA married Jane Lewis at Gwynedd MH.

A genealogy is given for Enos, son of William and Gwen Lewis, on the William John web page.

Esther Lewis, 1727-3-30 was appointed to the clearness committee and marriage oversight for the marriage of Jonathan Worrall and Mary Taylor at Gwynedd Meeting House.
Esther Lewis, list of children is below with husband Richard. She left a will...

ESTER LEWIS, Montgomery, Co. of Philadelphia. June 19, 1758. April 15, 1760. L.424.
Child: Edward. Daughter-in-Law: Hannah Lewis.
Sister: Elizabeth [perhaps the wife of Evan Evans, resided Hilltown, Bucks and later resided in Tredyffrin, Chester Co., PA, or perhaps Elizabeth (Musgrave) Evans who married Evan Evans of Gwynedd township. One of these Evan Evans is identified as a brother in law in the will of Richard Lewis].
Grandchildren: Merian and Ester Lewis, Isechar, Levi, Miriam and Hannah Evans. Cousin: Elizabeth Evans.
Friends: Elizabeth and Henry Grammer, Elizabeth [daughter of Isaac Jones].
Overseers: Isaac Jones, Benjamin Davids, John Williams.
Exec: Edward, Merian and Ester Lewis.
Wit: Jonathan Evans, Jane Roberts, Edwd. Roberts.

Note on grandchildren in this will:

1) Miram and Esther Lewis are the names of daughters of Esther's son Thomas and his wife Hannah (Morgan) Lewis.

2) Isacchar, Levi and Hannah are names of children found in the will of Jonathan Evans of Tredyffrin township. This Jonathan left a will: Jonathan EVANS, Tredyffrin. September 26, 1799: March 22, 1803. Directs Executors to collect money due on an indenture dated December 6, 1786 between self and son Issachar Evans, now deceased. To daughter Leah Evans £200. To daughter Elizabeth, wife of John Evans £200. Remainder of estate real and personal, to said daughter Leah Evans. Executor: Friend, Daniel Cornog. Test signed E Wits.: David Wilson, John Philips, John G. Bull.

However, there are already two sets of grandparents for the children of this Jonathan and one is Evan Evans (m. Elizabeth, perhaps the sister of Esther, who had lived in Hilltown twp., Bucks but removed to Tredyffrin) who left a will also naming these grandchildren: Evan EVANS, Tredyfrin. Chester Co. Yeoman. April 9, 1771. February 3, 1773. Children: Robert, Jonathan. Grandchildren: Elizabeth, Levi, Isaker, Hannah, Leah and Jonathan Evans. Exec.: Jonathan Evans. Wit: John Wilson, Joshua Evans, Lewis Gronow. Philadelphia will book P.356.

The other set of grandparents for the children of Jonathan Evans are the parents of his wife Mary -- Jenkin and Alice (Morgan) Evans of Montgomery township: Will abstract of Jenkins EVANS,Montgomery Co. of Phila. Yeoman. March 24, 1770. November 1, 1770. Wife: Jane. Children: Elizabeth, Rachel, Mary, Sarah, Ellison, Jenkin, Walter. Grandchildren: Levi, Issacar and Hannah Evans, Jemima. Execs.: Jane and Jenkin Evans. Wit: Peter Evans, Isaac Humphrey, Evan Jones. Philadelphia will book P.10.

This leaves a bit of a mix-up and perhaps the will abstract transcriber of Esther's neglected to mention that some of the grandchildren were actually the grandchildren of Esther's sister Elizabeth. Very puzzling.

The "un-grandchild" with the distinctive name Issachar Evans died in Philadelphia and left a will in 1790: Issacher EVANS. City of Phila. Merchant. March 17, 1790. March 31, 1790. U.460. Wife: Sarah. Children: Robert, Issacher, Sarah. Exec: Jenkins Evans, Joshua Evans, Sarah Evans. Wit: John Morrison, Jonathan Gostelowe, Mary (her mark) Paschall.

3. The will does not name two of her children found in the Gwynedd meeting birth records - Thomas (whose wife Hannah is mentioned) and Mary (born 1717).

Esther, 404-2, 1764-11-27. granted certificate to Buckingham MM. [JQ- dau. of Thomas and Hannah (Morgan) Lewis, married Thomas Goode May 21, 1767, at Buckingham MM)

George Lewis was an overseer of Gwynedd Meeting.

Grace, 155-1, 1776-4-30. received on certificate from Uwchlan MM.

Hannah, 168-2, 1756-9-28. and children granted certificate to Goshen MM.
Hannah, 29902, 1760-12-30, and daughter Esther received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 11-4-1760.
Hannah, 148-3, 1773-3-30, granted certificate to Abington MM.
Hannah, 146-5, 1791-10-25 and 5 children, Mary, Ellis, John, Hannah and Nathan received on certificate from Goshen MM.

Isaac, 120-3, 1771-10-29, married out of unity and offered an account.
Isaac, 91-5, 1789-11-24. disowned.

1790 census, Gwynedd twp., Montgomery Co., PA, page 25- line 50 Lewis, Isaac, 2 males 16 & up, 1 male <16, 4 females, 0 others, 0 slaves. He is followed by Thomas and Joseph Lewis and then by George Maris (who lived where the William Penn Inn now is.)

Jane Lewis (nee Roberts) was an overseer at Gwynedd. She was the wife of George Lewis (see above) who was also an overseer.

Jane, 185-1, 1735-7-9. of Philadelphia Co., PA married Griffith Ellis at Gwynedd MH.
Jane, 195-1, 1736-4-15. daughter of Ellis, Philadelphia Co., PA married Enos Lewis at Gwynedd MH.
Jane, 55-2, 1805-11-12, daughter of Amos and Eleanor, deceased, of Upper Dublin twp., married Henry Jones at Gwynedd MH.

Jeptha, 179-1, 1734-5-30. received on certificate from Goshen MM.
Jeptha, 208-1, 1736-7-28. granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry.

A genealogy is given for Jeptha, son of William and Gwen Lewis, on the William John web page.

Jeptha Lewis, wife Ann, Children: Mary b. 4-28-1737. Evan b. 7-4-1738. Elizabeth b. 8-3-1740. Enoch b. 2-4-1744. Hannah b. 5-2-1747. Joseph b. 8-29-1749, d. 2-19-1839. Sarah b. 8-29-1749, d. 9-9-1749.

John, 210-1, 1772-11-5. son of Ellis of Philadelphia Co., PA m. Hannah Shoemaker at Plymouth MH.
John, 185-3, 1774-10-25, and minor nephew John Lewis, received on certificate from Radnor MM, dated 9-8-1774.
John, 207-3, 1775-10-31. granted certificate to Uwchlan MM to marry.
John LEWES and wife Grace, 243-3, 1777-5-27, and 2 children and his relations John Lewes, a minor, granted certificate to Uwchlan MM.
John, 2-5, 1786-4-25, a minor, received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 4-7-1786.
John, 131-5, 1791-4-26. granted certificate to Goshen MM.

1790 census, Gwynedd twp., Montgomery Co., PA, page 25-line 52 Lewis, Joseph 2 males 16 and up, 0 males <16, 2 females, 0 others, 0 slaves . He is preceded by Isaac Lewis and followed by Thomas Lewis.

Lewis Lewis, 1727-12-22, first intentions for marriage to Anne Lord. Second intentions given on 1728-1-26.
Lewis Lewis, 115-1, 1728-2-19, son of Ellis of Philadelphia Co., PA married Anne Lord, daughter of Henry Lord, deceased, at Gwynedd MH.

Mary, 302-1, 1743-8-?, married contrary to discipline and offered an account.
Mary, 333-5, 1800-5-27. granted certificate to Horsham MM.

Rachel, 90-1, 1742-12-23. committee appointed to draw a certificate...
Rachel, 212-4, 1785-2-22, late Hubbs, married contrary to disclipline with late sister's husband and disowned.

Richard Lewis and wife Esther, Children: Thomas b. 6-19-1710. Edward b. 8-18-1713. Mary b. 1-20-1717. Howard Jenkins: Richard Lewis appears to have had, besides his son Thomas who got the 50 acres of land he lived on, other children, including Edward and Mary. Thomas married, in 1734, Hannah Morgan, daughter of Edward, jun.

Will abstract: Richard LEWIS, Philadelphia County. 11 mo. 13, 1740/1. March 14, 1740/1. F.198.
Wife and Exec: Esther. Children: Thomas and Edward. Grandson: George.
Overseers: Brother George Lewis, Evan Evans, brother-in-law, and Isaac Tows, cousin.
Wit: Jacob Fows, Owen Dunran and John Evans.

[the names Tows, Fows and Dunran are apparently not correctly transcribed by the abstracter as these are unknown names. The Tows is perhaps Towers.]

This Richard is the son of Thomas Lewis, early settler of Montgomery township and is the brother of George Lewis (m. Jane Roberts) above. His wife Esther is also in the records (see above.)

Ruth, 411-2, 1765-2-26. granted certificate to Goshen MM.

Samuel, 52-1, son of Joshua and Ann b. 7-17-1742.
Samuel, 265-2, 1759-10-2. granted certificate to Philadelphia MM.

Sarah, 85-4, 1781-1-30, received on certificate from Haverford MM dated 11-10-1781.
Sarah, 178-5, 1793-1-29, granted certificate to Haverford MM.

Thomas Lewis, early settler of Montgomery township

Howard Jenkins (1897) Historical Collections of Gwynedd: "Among the very earliest settlers in Montgomery was Thomas Lewis, a native of Wales, who in 1701 bought 484 acres in the south corner of the township from Thomas Fairman. He was, no doubt, a Friend. He died in the summer of 1723, leaving 280 acres of his farm to his son George, 150 acres to his son Richard, and 50 to a grandson, Thomas."

will abstract of THOMAS LEWIS, Montgomery township, Philadelphia County. Husbandman. 12/19, 1722/23. August 6, 1723. D. 362.
Son Richard and his son Thomas, son George. Grand-children: Thomas (aforesaid), Edward, Mary and Elizabeth. Thomas Story and Ann his wife. Letters Testamentary to Richard Lewis.
Witnesses: John Robert, John Sagant.

Thomas, 171-1, 1734-3-7. son of Richard of Philadelphia Co., PA married Hannah Morgan at Gwynedd MH. [see Morgan web page]
Thomas, 274-1, 1741-11-26. and wife received on certificate from Chester MM.
Thomas, 50-2, 1750-12-26. and wife granted certificate to Goshen MM.

1790 Gwynedd twp., Montgomery Co., PA census, page 25-51 Lewis, Thomas 1 male 16 & up, 0 males <16, 2 females, 0 others, 0 slaves. He is preceded by Isaac Lewis (line 50) and followed by Joseph Lewis.

William, 28th 11 mo 1717, declared intention to marry Lowry Jones the first time.
William, 25th 12 mo 1717, declared intention to marry Lowry Jones the second time.
William, 35-1, 1717/8-1-7, widower, of Chester Co., PA married Lowry Jones at Gwynedd MH.

Howard Jenkins (chapter 8) on this William Lewis: "The Bates, Humphrey and his wife, left the township, probably about 1720, and we find them recorded as of Philadelphia county; and in 1723 they, with David and Hugh Pugh, joined in a deed for David's tract to William Lewis, of Newtown, Chester county. This William was, no doubt, the one who married William John's daughter Gwen, as recorded above. She had, however, died before this purchase of 1723, and he had married, at Gwynedd meeting, in March, 1717-18, "Lowry Jones, widow", whom I take to be Lowry, daughter of Thomas Evans, who in 1711 had married Evan Jones, son of John Evan of Radnor." He owned 307 acres in Gwynedd twp (now Upper Gwynedd) bounded by Morris Road and Whitpain twp. to the southwest, John Jones (brother in law) to the northwest, Cadw. Foulke to the northeast and Wm. Roberts/Thomas Wyatt to the southeast.

His marriage to Gwen John is in the Radnor MM records: William Lewis of Newtown, Chester Co. and Gwen Jones of Gwynedd, 27, 8 mo., 1704 - Witnesses Column 1. William Jones, David Lewis, Lewis Lewis, Evan Lewis, John Jones, Griffith Jones, John Griffith, Abraham Lewis, Samuel Lewis, Evan Lewis, Evan Griffith, etc. Column. 2. Thomas Evans, Robert Evans, Hugh Griffith, Cadd. Evan, Owen Evan, Edward Fdoulke, Robert Jones etc. Column 3. Jane Jones, Margaret Jones, Seaborn Lewis, Gainor Jones, Ellin Foulke, Gwen Eddward, Jane Foulke, Gwen Evan, Margaret Evan, Jane Evan, Gwen Powell, Ellin Evan, Elizabeth Jones, Sarah Evans, Jane Hugh, Elizabeth Ellis, Mary Hayes, Mary Evan.

A genealogy is given for William and Gwen on the William John web page.

Here is his will abstract: WILLIAM LEWIS, Newtown, yeoman. June 5, 1731. Codicil: June 8, 1731. October 1, 1731. Chester County Will book A. 335.
Provides for wife Lowry Lewis. To son Nathan 20 shillings besides what I have already confirmed to him. To son William my plantation whereon I live in Newtown containing 200 acres, also £50 towards bringing up and educating my younger children, viz Joseph, Gideon, Ann, Ambrose and Japhet. To sons Jeptha and Enos, my tract of land in Gwynned purchased of Humphrey Bate containing 307 acres. Also to Enos £50 and to Jeptha £20. Remainder to younger children Joseph, Gideon, Ann, Ambrose and Japheth. Codicil states that Joseph and Ann are now deceased and gives their shares to all surviving children, viz Nathan, Wm, Jephtha, Enos, Gideon, Ambrose and Japheth. Executors: wife Lowry and son Wm. Witnesses: Thomas Evan, John Goodwin, Richard. Jones.

Some additional information about this Lewis family is found in The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M.

William, 141-1, 1764-11-20, son of William of Chester Co., PA married Ruth Jones, daughter of Evan Jones of Merion at Gwynedd MH. [(a) Ruth, b. 1741 was the daughter of Evan Jones (and his second wife Priscilla Jones, daughter of John Jones, carpenter of Montgomery) was a son of Thomas Jones and Anne Griffith. Anne Griffith was a daughter of Griffith John who was a son of John ap Evan of Penmaen. (b) William Lewis was the son of William Lewis and Susannah Jones. William Lewis m. Susannah was the son of William Lewis and Gwen, daughter of William John. William John was the son of John ap Evan of Penmaen. (a and b) John ap Evan of Penmaen, Merioneth, Wales was a son of Evan Robert Lewis from whom descend a large proportion of the settlers of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania.]

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