The Griffith, Hugh, Pugh and Morris families of Gwynedd Friends Meeting, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) County, Pennsylvania

by James A. Quinn, Historian, Gwynedd Monthly Meeting (Religious Society of Friends), Pennsylvania

and Elfed Owen, formerly of Bala, Gwynedd, Wales, Great Britain (now living in England)

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1. Descendants of Griffith ap Evan of Ucheldre (the first generation had surname Griffith but the descendants are also named Hugh, Pugh, Edwards and Morris)

I. Hugh Griffith m. Mary (descendants named Griffith or Hugh)

II. Edward Griffith of Llanycil, Merioneth, Wales, m. Catharine Hugh (descendants named Edward)

III. Robert Griffith m. Magdalen John

IV. David Griffith m. Margaret John

V. Catherine Griffith m. Maurice Cadwallader, Alexander Edward and John William (descendants named Morris)

2. Descendants of Griffith John son of John ap Evan of Penmaen (whose descendants took the last name Griffith, his son Evan being a member of Gwynedd MM)

3. Edward Griffith of Merion, Pennsylvania (whose daughters married Thomas and Robert Evans) (in brief)

4. Evan Hugh (will 1704) m. Anne Cadwalader ap Hugh - only now are we finding the connection with local Baptist Pugh lines.

5. Evan Pugh (will 1725) m. Grace, whose descendants took the last name Evans; and Robert & Richard Pugh his brothers, whose children kept the name Pugh.

6. Ellis Pugh (m. Sinah) whose descendants kept the last name Pugh - a well known Quaker minister at Plymouth Meeting

7. Children of Hugh Cadwallader and Gwen William (Ellin Hugh m. Edward Foulke, Jane Hugh m. William John and perhaps Evan Pugh m. Anne Cadwalader)

8. John Hugh, founding settler of Gwynedd in 1698

9. Evan Griffith of Hilltown, Bucks and Abraham Griffith of Richland (in brief)

10. Benjamin Griffith, early minister at Montgomery Baptist Church (in brief)

11. Descendants of James Pugh and Joan Price of Goshen MM, Chester Co., PA in the Gwynedd MM records

12. Morgan Hughes of Towamencin, who was not a Quaker.

13. Francis Griffith of Towamencin, about which we know little so far

14. Richard Morris married Gwen Ellis

15. Morris Morris line of Richland, Upper Dublin and Whitemarsh twp.

16. Morris Richard whose children took the last name Morris

17. Anthony Morris line of Philadelphia (in brief in the Gwynedd MM records)

18. Isaac Morris of Whitemarsh, who came from Darby twp., Chester (now Delaware) County

19. Maris, with some Montgomery County wills that name them Morris

20. Unplaced Griffith, Hugh, Pugh and Morris in the Gwynedd MM records.


This document began with the will of Catherine William (nee Griffith) who named her nieces and nephews and cousins in her will, thus reconstructing her family. A little digging brought up the names of her brothers and sisters and showed this to be the family of Griffith ap Evan of Ucheldre. After we had reconstructed this family using records from Pennsylvania, we found the same family documented in the Llanfor parish records in Wales, and, not surprisingly, that Thomas Allen Glenn had been there before us and had come up with the same conclusions --- which he published in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. From there this document expanded to include other early families at Gwynedd MM that could be confused with the descendants of Griffith ap Evan. In particular the children of his son Hugh Griffith who took both the last name Hugh and Griffith have somewhat confused genealogies on-line, and it is easy to see why with all the persons with similar names living in the same area. For instance, there being five Evan Hugh/Pughs living in the Gwynedd, Pennsylvania area at the beginning of the eighteenth century. Using the original records stored at the Friends Historical Library, and particularly relying on marriage certificates, we have reconstructed these families. In addition, where available, we have consulted the records from Wales to take the story back further. Included in this document are almost every mention of persons with the last name Griffith, Hugh, Hughes or Pugh in the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting records. At this point we are still adding things to this document frequently as facts come to light. It should not be copied whole to other web sites, as it is under construction at this point. Any additional information or corrections are welcome -- just e-mail James Quinn. Note that the Women's Minutes for Gwynedd Monthly Meeting prior to 1750 are now on-line and may contain additional information.

1. Descendants of Griffith ap Evan of Ucheldre, son of Evan Robert Lewis

Documentation for Griffith ap Evan of Ucheldre, Merioneth, Wales:

Hearth Tax records of 1662 - Griffith ap Evan had one hearth in the township of ? Llanfor. ( - ? - illegible but it was the area around Ucheldre judging by the townships names before and after this entry); also Griffith ap Evan had one hearth in the township of Rhiwadog, Llanfor.

Hearth Tax records of 1665 - 1667:  Ucheldre township, Griffith Bevan, 1-2 hearths

1688 - In Thomas Allen Glenn's book, "Welsh Founders of Pennsyvania", on page 87, is a transcription of the will of Cadwalader ap Evan dated 1688. In this will Cadwalader Ap Evan appoints as one of his executors, Griffith ab Evan of Ucheldre (yeoman). This will also names numerous descendants of Evan Robert Lewis and establishes the relationship between Griffith ap Evan and his brothers (Cadwalader ab Evan is one of his brothers). Many of the children of his brothers came to Pennsylvania, starting with the removal of Griffith John (son of John ap Evan) and Robert Owen (son of Owen ap Evan) to Merion in 1690. The children of Griffith ap Evans' brother John and brother Evan were with Griffith's son Hugh, all founding families of Gwynedd Meeting in Pennsylvania in 1698.

27 August 1694: In the Llanfor, Bala Parish Registers there is an entry for the burial of a Griffith ab Evan of Ucheldre. We think we can be 99% confident this is the same person as mentioned in the will of Cadwalader ap Evan. Unfortunately we could find no will for Griffith ab Evan in the National Library of Wales.

Photo above:  Ucheldre today...

Since Griffith ap Evan lived at Ucheldre in the parish of Llanfor (sometimes called Llanfawr), Bala, the Llanfor Parish Registers were examined for the baptism of his children.These records start in 1666 and therefore should have had these baptisms recorded . Unfortunately there is no record of the marriage of Griffith ap Evan or of his children's baptisms in these records. The Parish Registers of the adjoining parishes of Llanycil, Llanuwchllyn, Llangower, Llandderfel and Ysbyty Ifan were also examined but again no success. (There is also no evidence that Griffith ap Evan was a Quaker).

The name of the farm Griffith ap Evan lived on in the township of Ucheldre is called Llwyn y Brain (it translates into The grove or thicket of the crows ) and it is found on the OS map about one and a quarter miles north of Frongoch on the B4501. This farm still exists today.

Summary:  In 1662 it looks as if Griffith ab Evan had two farms - one at Ucheldre and the other at Rhiwadog. By 1665 Griffith ap Evan was still head of the Ucheldre farm but his son David Griffith was named as the head of the Rhiwadog farm . Between 1684 and 1695 the children of David and Robert were born at Ucheldre. David Griffith died in Rhiwadog in January 1689 (this is effectively January 1690 because the years went from April to April at the time) after his daughter Ellen was born in September 1689. Griffith ab Evan died in Ucheldre in 1694 .

Note: on the places mentioned on this page: Llangwm is a village and parish 6 miles north of Bala town. Rhiwadog is about 1 miles south Bala town in the parish of Llanfor. Llaethgwm was an important meeting place for the many Quakers in this area and is about one and a half miles north of Bala town. Ucheldre is about 5 miles north of Bala town in the parish of Llanfor. Penmaen is 2 miles NE of the town of Bala . The correct Welsh spelling of Vron Goch is Fron Goch or Frongoch which 2 miles north of Bala Town (Note: a single "f" in Welsh is pronounced as a "v" in English. a double "ff" in Welsh is pronounced an "f" in English.) Penllyn is the area around the town of Bala which includes the parishes of Llanfor(sometimes called Llanfawr), Llanycil, Llandderfel, Llangywer (sometimes called Llangower) and Llanuwchllyn . Tyddyn y Garreg (Quaker meeting place) is located near the town of Dolgellau which is 15 miles SWof the town of Bala. Hendre Mawr was a farm where secret Quaker meetings were held which was about one mile from Ucheldre.

Note other descendants of Evan Robert Lewis are found on a separate page. Note also there is a reprint on-line from the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography Vol. XXIV, pps 203-206 entitled "Some Descendants of Evan Robert Lewis".

Children and Grandchildren

What follows uses as its foundation, a transcription of a document held at The Historical Society of Pennsylvania (Pine Street, Philadelphia) which relates to the genealogy of the descendants of Evan Robert Lewis (father of Griffith ap Evan) as reported by Thomas Allen Glenn ("Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania" pages 101-107 - Owen, Evans and Allied families) . Note that often at Gwynedd at this time marriage certificates were signed in a particular pattern. Bride and Groom signed top of the right most column. Directly under them sign the fathers and their male relatives. In the adjacent column (one from the right) the mothers sign at the top and the female relatives underneath. The overseers of the wedding sign at the top of the left most column. Thus, marriage certificates from Radnor Monthly Meeting (MM) and Gwynedd MM, microfilmed and kept at the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College, played an important role in researching these families. Certificates of removal from Wales to Radnor or Gwynedd are also available and abstracts of the minutes of the meetings are kept in a file card format at the Library.

Griffith ab Evan had four sons and one daughter

(I) Hugh Griffith - he went to Gwynedd PA and settled there and died there and left numerous issue (Glenn). There is a certificate of removal for Hugh Griffith from Hendre Mawr meeting 12 Oct 1696. This certificate is transcribed with the Radnor (PA) MM records at Swarthmore College and shows him to be a widower with children. It is signed by Robt Vaughan, David Jones, Edward David, Thomas Caddr. Hugh Griffith was a Quaker in Wales and had been persecuted with his cousins Griffith John and Robert John as can be seen from this message (as reported by T. A. Glenn in "Merion in the Welsh Tract.").

"Dolgelly, ye 25th of the 4 mo. 1681.

My dear Friend John ap Thomas:

These in haste may let thee understand that the persons undernamed are outlawed and the Deputy Sheriff hath writts against them. Many of them are dead, those that are alive wish them to look to themselves untill such times as friends shall come together to confer in their behalfe, that soe friends in their liberty may order some gratuity to the Deputy Sheriffe for his Kindnesse. Beside those undernamed Elizabeth Williams is particularly to look to herself. There is a writt out of the Exchequer against her as the Deputy Sheriffe informs me. Ye names are as followeth, vizt.: -

William Prees de Llandervol, Litter Thomas, de eadem (or of ye same), John Davies, de ead', Lodovicus ap Robt, de ead, Thomas ap Edward de Llanvawr, Thomas Williams, de ead, Elizabeth Thomas, de ead, widdow, Robt John Evan, de ead, Griffith John, de Gwerevol and Elizabeth his wife, Hugh Griffith of the same & Mary his wife, Maurice Humphrey Morgan of the same.

This is att present from thy dear friend and desires to Excuse my brevity

signed Lewis Owen" (owner of Tyddyn y Gareg, a place used as a Quaker Meeting House).

Hugh Griffith's adventures were not over. His ship was captured by the French before reaching Philadelphia and all the passengers were taken by the French to the Carribean Islands (Glenn, "Merion in the Welsh Tract" pp 44-5). From Thomas Jones of Merion, PA to his cousin Robert Vaughan in Wales:

"I suppose thou hast had an account of that Owen Roberts and his company were taken by the French... They were taken about the 12th day of the 5 month within a few days' sail (less than a week) good wind, of the Capes or mouth of the Delaware, being all alive and pretty well and hearty, and were carried by them, some to Martinico and the rest to Guardalupa, islands belonging to the French. And so from thence to Monsterat and Antigo, islands belonging to the English, and so from thence here, where they arrived at Philadelphia about ye 7th of 8th month last, excepting nine of the servants thate were pressed on board a ship (or man of war) at Monsterat. The names of them that came from your neighborhood are Humphrey Williams, Cadder John, Robert Arthur, Hugh Griffith and James Griffith. The other three came from Llun and one from Dolgelly. Two died, a young maid related to Rowland Ellis, at Antigo, and Morris Richard, the Tailor, at sea, coming hither. There were several of them weakly on their arrival, and Edward Thomas' child dyed att that time. One, Thomas Owen also that came then and lived with Edward Roberts (remember my love to him, my schoolfellow and old acquaintance, if thou dost remember it and has opportunity) dyed also on the 2d mo. Owen Roberts went to Antigo in the 2d month last, and writt from thence that he heard nothing of the servants. There was a great storm or hurricane, and it is feared they are lost."

From the Gwynedd Meeting Records:

Signs first in column 2 on Alexander Edwards Jr.'s 1703 marriage certificate at Gwynedd, indicating he is an overseer of the wedding.

He signs right under the bride and groom on the marriage certificate of Evan Griffith, Gwynedd m. Bridget Jones, of Radnor, at Radnor m.h., 3rd mo. 3, 1705. The notation father is next to his name.

Signs as a relative of some sort in the marraige of Hugh Evan, Gwynedd to Catharine Morgan, dau. of Cadwallader in 1706.

He signs as an elder (not a relative) on the marriage certificate of Thomas Foulke, eldest s/o Edward, Gwynedd m. Gwen Evans, eldest d/o David, of Radnor, at Gwynedd mh, 4th mo 27, 1706.

1720: Gwynedd MM meeting paid David Hugh 6 pounds for the care of Hugh Griffen "an ancient friend." (Some of the children of Hugh Griffith took the last name Hugh, so likely his son David)

Descendants of Hugh Griffith and Mary

Hugh Griffith's older children (David, Robert and Griffith) used the last name Hugh, but his other children used the last name Griffith, though sometimes interchangeably. This back and forth can be seen on the marriage certificates by following son Evan's wife who has the unusual first name Bridget. When she uses the last name Hugh, her husband is called Evan Hugh. When she uses the last name Griffith, then he uses Evan Griffith.

a) Evan Griffith m. Bridget Jones

marriage certificate:

WHERAS Evan Griffith of Gwynedd in ye County of Philadelphia and Bridgett Jones of Radnor in ye Welch Tract in ye province of Pensilvania Haveing declared their intention of Mariage before sevrall publick meettings of ye people Called Quakers in ye Welch tract aforsaid according to the good order used amongst them whose proceeding therein after deliberate consideration thereof and consent of parties & relations concerned being clear of all others were approved of by the said meetings. NOW these are to certify all whom it may concern that for the accomplishing of their said intention this third day of the third month in the year 1705 they the said Evan Griffith and Bridgett Jones appeared in a solemn and publick Assembly of the aforsaid people in their publick meetting place att Radnor aforesaid, And in a solemn maner he the said Evan Griffith takeing the said Bridgett Jones by the hand did openly declare as followeth (vizt) I doo in the fear of God & in the presence of his people take Bridgett Jones to be my wife propmising to be a ffaithfull husband unto her untill death seperate us. And then and there in the said Assembly the said Bridgett Jones did in like maner declare as followeth (vizt) In the fear of God and presence of his people I take Evan Griffith to be my husband promising to be his ffaithfull wife untill it please God by death to seperate us. And the said Evan Griffith and Bridgett Jones as a further confirmation thereof did then & there to these presents sett their hands, & we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present among others att the solemnizing of their said mariage & subscription in maner aforsaid As wittnesses thereunto have alsoe to these presents subscribed our names the day & year written above.

Evan Griffith

Bridgett Jones

Column 1: Rees Thomas, John Morgan, Hugh Jones, Tho: Ellis, Abel Thomas, Roger Robert, Lewis Walker, Rees Thomas, William Thomas, Evan Jones, Awberry Thomas, Herbert Thomas, David Powell, John David, Thomas Jones, Richard Jones.

Column 2: Rowland Ellis, David Evan, Robert John, Robert Humphrey, Rowland Ellis, John Cadwalader, Evan Griffith, David Merdith, Hugh Davies, Stephen Bevan, Robert Evan, Tho: ffoulk, Rowland Hughs, John Edward, Ellis David.

Column 3: Hannah Dawson, Susanna Jones, Jane Jones, Margaret Garman, Katherine Griffith, Sr., Katherine Griffith Jr., Margaret Garman, Elizabeth Garman, Ellin Griffith, Gainor Robert, Jane Edward.

Column 4 (under bride and groom, male relatives): Hugh Griffith (father), John Richard ('r father), David Griffith, Francis Daws, Griffith John, William John, Thomas Evan, Edw. Griffith, Hugh William, Robert Evan, Owen Evan, Cadwalader Evan, Robt Evan.

from the Gwynedd MM records, p. 36-1
Evan Griffith, and wife Bridget
children (with birthdates):
Hugh 12 [Feb]-23-1705
John 12 [Feb]-1-1707
David 3 [May]-24-1710
Susanna 3 [May]-9-1712
Richard 3 [May]-9-1714

Bridget Griffith signs the following marriage certificates: Cadwallader Morris 1710 (her husband's first cousin), John William 1714 (her husband's aunt's marriage), Benjamin Mendenhall 1717 (Alice Griffith also signs for the first time), John Roberts 1723

1707 (8 Sept) - Hugh Griffith and Evan Griffith (mark), both of Gwynedd Township, yeomen, consigned 50 acres of land by deed to John Humphrey, of the same place, yeoman for 48 pounds silver, Pennsylvania money. The land was in Gwynedd township, part of a tract of 376 acres, which adjoined the tracts of Robert Evan (Prythry), Robert Humphrey, John Hugh, and other land of said grantors; Said tract of 376 acres was granted by present Commissioners of William Penn, by patent dated 1 mo. (March), 2, 1702 (Patent book A, vol. 2, p. 496) to Hugh and Evan Griffith. Witnesses: Edward Cadwallader, Evan Owen, and John Cadwallader. Acknowledged 9 mo., 18, 1707 Recorded 9 mo.,27, 1707. Philadelphia Co. Patent Book E3, vol. 6, p. 281 (source: Land: Abstacts of Early Deeds, 1706-07: Philadelphia (many now Montgomery) Co, PA, Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Martha Pearson Kapp.)

Gwynedd minutes p. 221-1, 1738-1-28, David Griffith got a certificate to Haverford MM (likely a son of Evan Griffith). Where did the rest of the children of this family go, or did they all die young?

b) Hugh Griffith m. Alice Howell

Abington MM records: "Hugh Griffith and Alce Howell both in the County of Philadelphia Solemnized their Maraige att ye publicke meeting house of ffriends in Abbington township the 11 4 mo. 1713 many ffriends being present" (there is no marriage certificate in the microfilm, this is the whole record.) We suspect that Alice is the daughter of William Howell and Mary who left a will in 1709: [WILLIAM HOWELL, Cheltenham Township, Philadelphia. Co. Yeoman. December 20, 1709. April 21, 1710. Philadelphia County will book C. 202. Daughters Margaret, Eales (Alice), Deborah, Hannah and Mary wife of John Edwards. Executrix: Wife Mary. Overseers: Samuel Cart, John Edwards, Daniel Thomas and Thomas Canby. Witnesses: David Potts, Thomas Potts, Thomas Edwards, William Hugh and Daniel Thomas.] If Alice is William's daughter then she is the sister of the Deborah Howell who married George Boone and who was later an overseer at Exeter Meeting. She would also be the sister of the Hannah Howell who married Robert Roberts, the son of Owen Roberts of Gwynedd (removed from Gwynedd to Newark MM in 1717), and the sister of Mary Howell who married John Edwards of Milford township (and Richland Meeting).

Hugh Griffith is on the 1734 Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co. tax list.

Howard Jenkins (1897): Alice Griffith, the wife of Hugh Griffith, is amongst those who have a memorial in the 1787 Collection: IA Testimony from Gwynedd Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania, concerning Alice Griffith:

"Alice Griffith, late wife of Hugh Griffith, of North Wales in the county of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, was one that feared the Lord from her youth, remarkable for her modesty and plainness. When she was married and settled, she demonstrated a religious concern for the advancement of truth and welfare of the professors thereof; and being a woman of great integrity and uprightness of heart, became very serviceable in divers respects; zealous for maintaining good order and Christian discipline in the church.

She was well qualified for that weighty service of visiting families, having, at such opportunities, to communicate of her own experience, and tell what God had done for her soul; and under a good degree of divine influence, would often be drawn forth in opening divine mysteries, as if she had been in a large assembly, as many winesses can testify, that have been sensibly reached, yea, baptized by her religious visits; at which she was mostly full of good matter, well adapted and suitable to the different circumstances of individuals and families.

She was often concerned to stir up her friends, to a close attendance of meetings, both on first and other days, as also to obsrve the hour appointed, being herself a good example therein, until by old age and infirmity of body she was disabled, which was about three years before her removal. And notwithstanding the circumspect life and watchful state she was observed to be in, yet in the time of her weakness, she was visited with great discouragements and dejections, as may appear by her following expressions.

At a certain time she was heard to say, "Lord, how long wilt thou withdraw thyself from me, and not shew for what cause I am thus afflicted? I have bee acquainted with thy righteous judgements, whioch were ever mixed with mercy; but now, my trouble is more than I am well able to bear, being almost ready to sink." Again was heard to say, "Lord, wherein have I offended thee; what part of my duty have I neglected, that thou shouldst thus hide thy face from me? Time was, when my hope in full assurance was to rest in thee, but now I fear I shall become a cast-away." At another time she said, "What have I done that I should be thus afflicted. Lord, shall there be any end of my sorrow: Many sweet times and opportunites I have had when alone, but now am left as in the dark, fearing to make one step forward lest I stumble; he that once was my guide has now left me." Again said, "I still desire to be willing to suffer whilst in this body, any thing thou mayest please to bring upon me, be the exercise of what kind forever, if thou wilt favour me with thy living presence; then, Lord, shall not any thing be too near or dear to part with, or to suffer for thy name-sake. Yea, Lord, if thou should see meet to deprive me of my sight or hearing, helth or speech, let me never murmur, but oh! give patience to bear this inexpressible exercise to the end." One morning, after calling her two daughters, she said, "Put by your work my children, for I have to tell you of a glorious visitation the Lord has pleased to favour me with. As I was making my supplication to him for deliverance and redemption from my sore exercise, and to obtain refreshment to my poor distressed soul, the Lord was graciously pleased to answer my request in a satisfactory manner: he opened the eye of my mind, to see him coming in his glory to relieve me from my long distress. May my whole trust and confidence ever abide in him, who has so filled my heart with joy, that pain and grief vanished away. This glorious season surpassed all that ever I had known before: at which time, the Lord gave me a sure promise, that, although my afflictions were many, and more I had yet to go through, yet I should in the end be rewarded with a crown of righteousness in the kingdom of rest and peace;" with more to the same effect.

It was observed, that a certain change appeared in her countenance from that time forward; she being cheerful and pleasant, and never sad as before. Her decease was on the first day of the seond month 1749, and was buried on the third of the same."

Gwynedd MM records, p. 36-1, Hugh Griffith and wife Alice -- children (with birthdates): Mary 5 [July]-21-1715; Margaret 6 [Aug]-15-1716

Alice Griffith is a witness to the marriage of Humphrey Jones (son of John Humphrey), signing before known first cousins.

Alice Griffith is mentioned many times in the Minutes of the Women's Meeting for Business at Gwynedd, doing the business of the meeting, acting as a pastor for 20 years: 27th 7 mo 1720 - asked to draw up a certificate for Mary Potts. 27th of 2 mo 1722 & 1 month 1724 & 12 mo., 1725 & 1st month 1726/7 & 2nd mo. 1728 & 11 mo. 1728 & 1mo. 1730 & 12 mo. 1730 & 2 mo. 1733 & 1mo., 1734, & 11 mo., 1735, & 1 mo 1738/9 & 12 mo., 1740 - was among those asked to visit families at Gwynedd; 20th of 5th mo. 1722 - on committee of clearness for the wedding of Hugh Jones and Jane Evans. 1 month 1724/5 - on committe for clearness for the the wedding of Evan Foulke and Ellin Roberts; 22 of the 12th mo 1725 - With Elizabeth Evans is chosen an overseer of Gwynedd Preparative Meeting (served until end of 1728). 12th mo., 1725 - on committee of clearness for the marriage of Joseph Jones and Elizabeth Samuel. 9 mo., 1726, on committee of clearness for the marriage of Edward Rees and Elizabeth Thomas. 2nd mo., 1727 - on committee for clearness in marriage of Abel Walker and Sinah Pugh and 6 mo., 1727 was asked to draw up a certificate for Sinah Walker; 12 mo., 1727 - on committee for clearness in marriage of Lewis Lewis and Ann Lord ; 10 mo 1728 - asked to draw up a certificate for Lowery Siddon; 1st mo., 1730, committee for clearness for marriage of Edward ffoulk and Gainor Roberts; 6 mo. 1730 - drew up a certificate for Hannah Siddon to Philadelphia; 12 mo. 1732 on marriage committee for Rowland Hugh and Ellinor Robert ; 2 mo., 1733, on marriage committe for Rowland Hugh and Ellin Robert;1 mo., 1734, on marriage committee for Thomas Lewis and Hannah Morgan; 3 mo. 1734 to talk to wife of Morris Roberts about intentions of removing to North Carolina; 29 of 9 mo 1736, "This Meeting appoints Alce Griffith, Eliza Morgan to speak with Mary Craminer concerning her uncivil course of life." 2 mo. 1739 asked to attend Quarterly Meeting in Philadelphia. 8 mo. 1740 on marriage committee for Evan Thomas and Elisabeth Roberts. Alice Griffith died 1749.

will abstract of  HUGH GRIFFITH, Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman.
November 4, 1758. proved March 26, 1759. Philadelphia County will book L.235.
Child: Margaret.
Grandchildren: Hugh Foulke, Hannah and Cadwalader Foulke.
Son-in-Law and Exec: Edward and Margaret Foulke.
Wit: John Jones, John Evans, Joshua Foulke.

Gwynedd burial record: p. 36-1 Hugh Griffith, died 1 [Jan.]-12-1758

marriage of daughter Margaret: Gwynedd MM records: p. 290-1 1750-8 [Oct]-25: Edward Foulke of Gwynedd married Margaret Griffith of same at Gwynedd meeting house, 8th mo 25, 1750. Witnesses. Column 1. John Evans, Owen Evans, George Lewis, John Jones, Evan Roberts, Benjamin Davids, Judah Foulke. Col 2. William Edwards, Griffith Owen, Samuel Foulke, John Jemison, Alice Jemison, Hannah Reese, John Lloyd, Ellin Lloyd, William Jones, Hugh Foulke, John Edwards, Col 3 (under bride and groom); Thomas Foulke, Gwen Foulke, Hugh Griffith, Merry Edwards, Mary Griffith, William Foulke, Elliam? Wi?, Sarah, ?, ?.

Descendants of Edward and Margaret Foulke continued HERE.

c) Robert Hugh m. Catharine Evans

Abstract of marriage certificate:

Robert Hugh, son of Hugh Griffith of Gwynedd married Catharine Evans daughter of Evan Pugh of same at Gwynedd meeting house, 12th mo 26, 1717. Wit. col. 1 under bride and groom: Hugh Griffith, Evan Pugh, Grace Pugh, David Pugh, Evan Hugh, Griffith Hugh, Hugh Evan, Cadw. Evan, Robert Pugh, Hugh Hugh; Col. 2: Edw Foulke, Evan Pugh, Robt Pugh Jr., Evan Foulke, Hugh Foulke, Cad. Foulke, Jno Griffith, Theo William, Jno Jones, Ellis Hugh, Evan Evans, Wm Morgan, Tho Evans, Rbt Evans, Owen Evan, Cadr Evan, Robt Jones, Jno Humphrey, Jno Robert, William Williams, Rowland Hugh, Mary Evans, Anne Robert, Jane Robert, Bridget Hugh, Jane Hugh, Jane Jones, Cath William, Gainor Jones.

This is the only marriage certificate that Evan and Bridget Griffith use the last name Hugh.

Gwynedd record 40-1 Mary Hugh, daughter of Robt and Catharine born 3 [May]-24-1720

Gwynedd minutes 90-1 1742-12 [Feb]-23 Mary and Martha Hugh got a certificate to Abington MM

d) Margaret Griffith m. Francis Dawes (son of Adrian and Hannah Dawes)

Where people sign on marriage certificates indicate she is a daughter of Hugh Griffith.

marriage certificate:

Francis Dawes, Gwynedd, married Margaret Griffith, at Gwynedd meeting house, 9th mo. 27, 1704. Witnesses signing under bride and groom in column 4 (female relatives): Catherin Griffith, Catherin Eddward, Jane Evan, Mary Evan, Jane Evans, Sarah Evans, Lowry Evans, Jane Hugh, Margeret Jones, Grace Foulke, Ellin Hugh, Gainor Humphrey.

Francis Dawes signs as a near relative on the marriage certificate of Evan Griffith, Gwynedd m. Bridget Jones, of Radnor, at Radnor m.h., 3rd mo. 3, 1705.

Hugh Griffith signs right after the parents on the marriage certificate of John Roberts and Mary Dawes.

Francis Dawes was baptized in St. Mary Church, Greasley, Nottinghamshire, England on 7 Feb 1672/3. He died in 1739 and left a will:

FRANCIS DAWES, Montgomery township, Philadelphia County. 10 mo. 11, 1739. proved March 15, 1739. F.153.
Wife: Margaret. Children: Hannah, Andrew, Mary and Catharine.
Exec: Son-in-law John Roberts and daughter Hannah.
Kinsmen and Overseers: John Jones and John Evans.
Wit: Moses Peters and Thomas Bates (his mark).

Children of Margaret and Francis Dawes :

a) Mary Dawes m. John Roberts son of John and Jane Roberts of Abington

abstract of marriage certificate:  John Roberts son of John of Abington married Mary Dawes daughter of Francis of Montgomery at Gwynedd meeting house 6th mo 15, 1723. Wit: Jno Roberts, Jane Roberts, Francis Dawes, Margaret Dawes, Hugh Griffith, Adren Dawes, Joseph Nailor, Lewis Robert, Richard Kenderdine, Thomas Kenderdine, David Hugh, Griffith Hugh, Edward Dawes, John Dawes, Evan Hugh, Abraham Dawes, Joseph Dawes, Hugh Griffith, David Griffith, John William., Cadd Morris, Cadd Evans, Rowland Evans. middle column: Jane Hugh, Mary Spencer, Katherine Lester, Bridget Griffith, Jane Hugh, Jane Evans, Edith Dawes, Elizabeth Fletcher, Mary Paull, Mary Kenderdine, Mary Robert, Dorothy Kenderdine, Elizabeth Megvaugh, Catherine Williams, Ruth Evans, Eliza Nanney, Margaret Griffith, Hannah Dawes, Mary Bennett, left Column: Nicholas Austin, Robert Evans, Owen Evans, Caddr Evan, Jno Humphrey, Robt Fletcher, James Paull, George Lewis, Jno Caddr, Rowland Robert, Thomas Fletcher, Daniell Williams, Samll Spencer, Rees Nanney, John Jones, William Spencer, Owen Evans, Joseph Kenderdine.

b) Adrian Dawes m. 1736 Susanna Wilkinson

c) Catherine Dawes m. August 19, 1732 at Christ Church, Philadelphia, James Wood.

The Wood family became prominent members of Plymouth Meeting.

will abstract:  JAMES WOOD, Plimouth, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. October 31, 1760. proved December 1,1760. M.4.
Children: Margaret [Lawrence], Hannah, Elizabeth, James, John and Daws.
Exec: Wife Catherine.
Wit: Jacob Roberts, Richard Jackson, Thos. Rose.

d) Hannah Dawes m. 1745 John Pickering

e) Griffith Hugh m. Jane Roberts

Gwynedd page 21- book 1, 1718-8 [Oct]-28 Griffith Hugh got a certificate to Haverford MM to marry Jane Roberts

Radnor (then Haverford) MM Records:  Griffith Hugh, s/o Hugh Griffith, Gwynedd, yeoman m. Jane Roberts d/o Robert Ellis dec'd of Radnor, at Gwynedd Meeting House, 10th mo 2, 1718. Wit: Hugh Griffith; David, Evan and Robert Hugh; Ellis, Aaron, Evan, Mary, Catharine and Rachel Roberts, etc.

f) David Hugh

1705 - signs as David Griffith, the marriage certificate of Evan Griffith m. Bridget Jones right after the parents.

1707 (17 May) - Alexander Edwards, Jr., Gwynedd [he is actually of Montgomery twp], yeoman, to David Hugh Griffith, of the same place, yeoman for 52 pound silver, Pennsylvania money, 100 acres of land near Gwynedd, which adjoins Richard ap Hugh, and Robert Fairman. This land was part of 200 acres which Alexander Edwards, father of above, granted the son on 16 May, 1707. Wits: David Powell, Owen Evan (his mark). Acknowledged 16 May 1707 recorded, 19th day of ? month. Patent Book E3, vol. 6, pg. 199. This deed shows that David Hugh's land was in Montgomery township. (source, Land: Abstacts of Early Deeds, 1706-07: Philadelphia [many now Montgomery] Co, PA, Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Martha Pearson Kapp.)

1718: Gwynedd MM accused David Hugh of "excess of drink" and appointed Friends to look into the matter. (same year that his neighbor and uncle John Williams was also cited - John m. Catherine (Griffith)(Morris)(Edward) William, who mentioned cousin David Hugh and wife Jane in her 1748 will).

1720: The meeting paid David Hugh 6 pounds for the care of Hugh Griffen "an ancient friend." (Some of the children of Hugh Griffith took the last name Hugh, so likely a relative, perhaps the son of Hugh Griffith...)

This does not appear to be the David Pugh of Radnor who left a will, proved 1738, (F. 74) with wife Catherine Price (m. at Radnor Meeting).

g) Edward Hugh m. Catharine

Gwynedd records: page 40- book 1 Catharine Hugh, wife of Edward died 2-11-1758

He is identified as a cousin by George Lewis (which could mean George or his wife, Jane Roberts, is related to Edward's wife Catharine or is a cousin of Edward Hugh.)

(II) Edward Griffith - he died in Wales but his son Griffith Edward went to Gwynedd PA with two of his daughters, Jane and Margaret. Jane married John Jones of Montgomery and Margaret to David George of Blockley (Glenn).

8 April 1680 - David Griffith married Catherine Hugh in Llanfor church.(Edward Griffith in other script) - this implies that someone else had realised that the wrong name had been entered originally and had then corrected the parish records so that the correct entry should have been - 8 April 1680 - Edward Griffith married Catherine Hugh in Llanfor church, Merionethshire, Wales.

We are not sure if this is him or not:  29 November 1703 Edward Griffith married Jane Robert in Llanfor church.

We are not sure which burial record is his:

The following burial is recorded in the Llandderfel parish records: 10 May 1714 - Edward Griffith of Tre'r Llan

The following burials are recorded in the Llanycil parish records - 31 March 1696 - Edward Griffith of Ismynydd; 2 May 1703 - Edward Griffith of Bala.

The following burial is recorded in the Llanuwchllyn parish records - 4 November 1709 - Edward Griffith

In 1683, an Edward Griffith signs a certificate of removal from Wales to Pennsylvania for Katherine Robert of Llaithgwn, Merioneth, and if him, he was a Quaker. Also signing was Robert Owen (a first cousin, son of Owen ap Evan Robert Lewis).

Descendants of Edward Griffith and Catherine Hugh

a) Jane Edwards m. John Jones ("Carpenter")

There is further discussion of this Jones line on our Jones web page.

John Jones son of Rees dec'd of Merion married Jane Edward daughter of Edward Griffith dec'd of Llan y Chill Co. Merioneth, Wales, at Gwynedd meeting house, 4th mo. 9, 1713. Wit: under bride and groom, column 4: Hanah Davids, Ellis Davids, Richard Jones, John Roberts, Robert Evans, Griffith Edward, Tho: Jones, Hugh Griffith, David Davids, Jacob Edge, Abel Thomas, Evan Griffith, Tho: Evans, John Griffith, David Griffith; column 3: Margt Edwards, Lowry Lloyd, Jane Davids, Sara Edge, Margt Jones, Sarah Evans, Ellin Hughs, Gwen ffoulke, Margt Roberts, Jane Evans, Margt Humphrey, Jane Hughs, Cathrine William, Sarah Evan Jr., Gaenor Humphrey, Elizabeth Robert. Col 2: Caddr ffoulke, Hugh ffoulke, William Williams, John Jones, Robt Evan, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, Edd Jones, Cad Evans, Owen Evan, John Humphrey, Cadr Morris, Jno Cadwalader. Col 1: Jno Hugh, Robt Jones, Robt Evan, Edd ffoulke, Rowland Ellis, Ellis Pugh, Evan Owen, Hugh Evan, Ed Cadwalader, Rowland Hugh, Owen Roberts, Tho: ffoulke, David Evans.

1734 Philadelphia Co. tax list, Montgomery township: John Jones, carpenter, 300 acres (a large tract compared to most)

A Testimony from Gwynedd Monthly-Meeting in Pennsylvania, concerning Jane Jones (1787 Memorials, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of Friends).

"Jane Jones, wife of Jone Jones of Montgomery township, was educated amongst friends, and as she grew in years, she increased in divine knowledge, and became a serviceable member of the church. The affability and sweetness of her disposition, and her love to all, rendered her very near, not only to the faithful, but to many others also. As a parent, she was much more concerned for her children's eternal welfare, than for their acquiring wealth or preferments in this world. And as she possessed affluence and plenty herself, the sensibility of her heart towards the needy would not permit her to eat her morsel alone. She fought for the poor, and distributed bountifully to their wants. As she advanced to old age, she became frail, and subject to pain and disorders, which disabled her from attending meetings as duly as she desired; nevertheless her love to truth and the prosperity of Zion brightened and increased, and she bore her weakness with patinece, as a dispensation permitted for her probation.

She departed this life, the 11th of fifth month 1758, and was interred the 14th of the same month in friends burying ground at Gwynedd, in the seventieth year of her age."

Will abstract:

JOHN JONES, Montgomery. Phila. Co. Yeoman. 5 mo. 20, 1774. Proved May 1, 1775.
Children: Evan (Exec.), Jesse, Hannah and Jane.
Grandchildren: Hannah, (daughter of Evan); Caleb, Levi, Amos, Jesse, Jane, Priscilla and Lydia (children of daughter Hannah); Ezra, John, Israel, Isaiah, Jane, Priscilla and Mary, (children of son Jesse); Ruth Lewis.
Wit: Geo. Geary, Thos. Shoemaker and Jno. Evans.
Codicil. John and Henry (sons of son Evan). Philadelphia County will book Q.136.

Descendants of Jane and John Jones ("Carpenter"):

This was one of the largest families in Montgomery township. Howard Jenkins gives a brief discussion of this family in Chapter 26 of Historical Collections of Gwynedd. H.M. Jenkins: "John Jones, carpenter, of Montgomery, came into the township from Merion, about 1710. He married at Gwynedd meeting-house, 4th mo. 9, 1713, Jane Edward, daughter of Edward Griffith. Both were valued members of the Society of Friends, and there are memorials of them by Gwynedd Monthly Meeting., - that of Jane Jones printed in 1787, and that of her husband unpublished. John Jones was a prominent, active and valuable citizen in his day. He owned a large property, including what in modern times has been two farms, lying in Montgomery, above the State Road, along the Gwynedd line."

Marriages of descendants in the Gwynedd MM records:

i) John Jones m. Catherine Davis

John Jones, Montgomery m. Catharine Davis, Merion at Merion mh 12th mo 2, 1757.

will abstract:

John JONES,Montgomery. May 1, 1802. August 19, 1806. Montgomery County will book 2.548
To Gwynedd Preparative Meeting, 100 pds.
To nephew Caleb Foulke, Sr., 50 pds.
To niece Priscilla Foulke, 50 pds.
To niece Lydia Spencer, 60 pds. etc.
To nephew John Jones, Sr., 40 pds.
To nephew Isaiah Jones, 20 pds.
To cousin John Lewis, 20 pds.
To nephew Evan Jones, 40 pds.
To Elizabeth Walton, 3 pds.
To sister in law Hannah Jones, silver spoons, etc.
To niece Hannah Jones, bed, etc.
To Hannah Jones and Priscilla Foulke, wearing apparel.
To niece Hannah Jones and nephews John Jones, Henry Jones and Evan Jones, rem. of estate.
Exec: Nephew John Jones, Jr.
Wit: James Shoemaker, Thomas Shoemaker, Jr.

ii) Hannah Jones m. William Foulke

Marriage certificate abstracted:

William Foulke son of Thomas of Gwynedd married Hannah Jones daughter of John of Montgomery at Gwynedd Meeting House, 8th [Oct] mo 15, 1734. On same page as bride and groom under their signatures: Thos ffoulk, Gwen ffoulk, Edward ffoulk. ON NEXT PAGE: Col 1: Margt Jones, Priscilla Jones, Margt ffoulk, Sarah Foulke, Susanna Foulke, Lowry Evans, Jane Davis, Margt Asbridge, Margt George, J Lath (Kath?) Wms, Kath. Wms, Gainor Jones, Eliza Robert, Sarah Kinderdine, LINE, Thos Foulk, Edward Edward, Robt Evans, Griffith Jones, Thos Wm, Evan Evans, Gwen Evans. Col 2: Jno Jones, Jane Jones, Edward ffoulke, Evan ffoulk, Wm William, Caleb Foulk, Evan Jone, Jesse Jones, Hugh Foulke, Cadr Evans, Richard Jones, David George, Hugh Evans, George Ashbridge, Robt Lloyd, Robert Humphrey, Margt Humphrey, Jane Evans Jr. (always signs in a different hand)

Will abstract:

WM FOULKE, Gwynedd, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 23 8th month 1775. November 6, 1775.
Wife: Hannah. Children: Jesse and Caleb (Exec.), Amos, Jane, Priscilla, Lydia and Levi.
Trustees: brother in law Evans Jones and cousin John Evans.
Wit: John Roberts, Griffith Edwards and Jno. Evans. Philadelphia County will book Q.219.

This is "Aunt Hannah" in Sally Wister's Journal.

Caleb Foulke (son) became clerk of Gwynedd Meeting during the Revolution.

iii) Evan Jones m. Hannah Lawrence

Radnor MM Records:

Evan Jones, s/o John of Montgomery m. Hannah Lawrence, d/o Henry dec'd of Haverford at Gwynedd mh, 6th mo 10, 1766. Witnesses: (column under groom and bride):  John Jones, Jesse Jones, William Foulke, Hannah Foulke, Caleb Foulke, Susanna Jones, Mary Jones, Ellinor Lawrence, David Lewis, Rachel Lewis, Mary Lewis, Jane Lewis, Sarah James, John Jones, Ruth Lewis, Robert Jones, Daniel Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Mary Evans, etc.

Gwynedd MM Records:

443-2. 1766-4-29. Evan Jones got a certificate to Haverford MM to marry [Hannah Lawrence].

46-1. Evan Jones and wife Hannah. Children: Hannah b. 6-23-1769. d. 8-27-1837; John b. 8-25-1771, d. 3-19-1809; Henry b. 1-19-1774, d. 10-19-1815; Evan b. 1-4-1777.

219-5. 1794-9-23. Evan Jones Jr. got a certificate to Buckingham MM. [to marry Sarah Ely]

48-1. Evan Jones, wife Sarah (daughter of William and Cynthia Ely). Children: Jane b. 4-21-1803; Cynthia E. b. 8-25-1805; Wm Ely b. 1-24-1807, d. 5-5-1807. (this is Evan, son of Evan & Hannah, and he also married Mary Lukens, Lowry (Foulke) Miles and Hannah Paul)

83-2. 1811-4-8. Evan Jones, son of Evan, dec'd and Hannah of Montgomery twp married Lowry Miles at Gwynedd Meeting House. [this Lowry was the daughter of Caleb and Jane (Jones) Foulke and m. 1st Samuel Miles in 1796. Evan & Lowry had one son, Owen Jones.]

61-6. 1829-7-30. Evan Jones disowned for joining the Hicksites.

Evan Jones Sr. (m. Hannah Lawrence) Inherited his father's estate in Montgomery township.

Will abstract of EVAN JONES, Montgomery township. May 6, 1797. Proved October 15, 1801. Montgomery County 2.221
To wife Hannah, 600 pds. and household goods. To daughter Hannah, 600 pds.
To sons John and Henry, farm, 300 acres; they to provide maintenance for wife.
To son Evan, farm, 40 acres and 400 pds. To son John, 40 pds., desk and bible.
To son Henry, desk and bible. Remainder divided among children and wife.
Execs: Wife Hannah, sons John and Henry.
Wit: Thomas Shoemaker, George Maris, Thomas Shoemaker, Jr.

Son: Henry Jones of Montgomery s/o Evan dec'd and Hannah m. Jane Lewis, d/o Amos and Eleanor dec'd of Upper Dublin, at a public meeting in Gwynedd, 11th mo 12, 1805.

iv) Jesse Jones m. Mary

Jesse Jones married April 7, 1750 at Goshen, Mary Ashbridge, daughter of George & Jane (Hoopes) Ashbridge of Goshen.

Gwynedd MM:

37-2. 1750-2-24. Jesse Jones granted a certificate to Goshen MM to marry.

359-2. 1763-3-29. Jesse Jones and wife and children granted a certificate to Philadelphia MM.

Philadelphia MM:

1763, 6, 24: Jesse Jones and wife Mary and children, George, Ezra, Priscilla, Israel, and Mary received on certificate from Gwynedd MM dated 1763, 3, 29. (Hinshaw, Vol II)

1763, 7, 29. Jesse Jones granted a certificate to Haverford MM.

1769, 6, 30. Jesse Jones granted a certificate to Goshen MM.

1772, 4, 24. Priscilla Jones, grand daughter of George Ashbridge, granted a certificate to Goshen MM.

Israel Jones received on certificate from Goshen MM, dated 1780, 12, 9.

1784, 9, 24. Ezra Jones granted certificate to Philadelphia Northern District MM to marry.

1785, 3, 25. Rebecca, wife of Ezra Jones, received on certificated from Philadelphia Northern District MM, dated 1785, 3, 22. [this is Rebecca, daughter of Robert and Rebecca (Coffin) Waln of Philadelphia.]

Rebecca, wife of Ezra, buried 7-29-1785, age 27.

Ezra Jones, buried 3-9-1786, age 33.

Isaiah Jones received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 1787, 1, 5.

Pennsylvania Wills, 1682-1834

JESSE JONES, Newtown. February 4, 1782. August 5, 1782.
To daughters Priscilla and Mary Jones all household goods, to be divided with the advice and assistance of their 2 aunts Jane Jones and Jane Maris, also 1/5 of money from sale of real estate.
To my 4 sons Ezra, John, Israel and Isaiah Jones the remaining 4/5 of estate.
Plantation in Willistown containing 128 acres to be sold when son Isaiah is 21.
Also lotts in Philadelphia.
Executors: Sons Ezra and Israel Jones of Philadelphia.
Wit: Evan Jones, George Maris.

daughter JANE JONES, Goshen. August 21, 1773. December 2, 1773.

To sisters Priscilla Jones and Mary Jones wearing apparel. Legacy left me by my Grandfather Geo. Ashbridge to be equally divided between brothers and sisters, that is, Ezra, Priscilla, John Israel, Mary and
Isaiah Jones. Executor: Uncle Geo. Ashbridge.

v) Priscilla Jones (b. 1719) m. Evan Jones of Merion

Evan Jones of Merion - and Priscilla Jones, dau. of John Jones of Montgomery township, were married at Gwynnedd Meeting, 3 Mo. 20, 1740. Witnesses, John, Jane, Evan and Jesse Jones; Jeptha and Ann Lewis etc.

Priscilla and Evan Jones had a daughter named Ruth who was born 1741. She married William Lewis in 1764 at Gwynedd Meeting House, perhaps indicating she was raised by her grandparents in Montgomery after the death of her father in 1748. William Lewis and Ruth resided in Newtown, Chester (now Delaware) County after her marriage.

She died died 10 Mo. 27, 1742, and was buried at Merion MH [The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, (d. 1912) (transcribed by Elizabeth Hanebury from an unpublished manuscript)]

Priscilla Jones was Evan Jones' second wife. He had first married Elizabeth Knowles, the widow of William Oborn (or Osborne). Evan probably raised Elizabeth's daughter Ann Osborn after Elizabeth died in February of 1734/5. Evan Jones was the son of Thomas Jones and Anne Griffith (daughter of Griffith John). Evan Jones was buried at Merion Meeting 5 th Mo. 30, 1748.

Will abstract for Evan Jones:

EVAN JONES, Lower Merion, County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 4 mo. 12, 1748. August 13, 1748. G.311 (Codicil G.312).
Child: Ruth. Sisters: Sarah, Elizabeth, Catharine and Ann.
Stepdaughter: Ann Osbourn. Brothers-in-law: Jervis and Jepthah Jones. Sister-in-law: Hannah Lewis.
Friends: Robert Roberts, Edward William.
Negro: Peter.
Exec: Lewis Jones. Trustees: John. Lewis, Evan Jones and William Foulke.
Wit: Edward Price and Jacob Jones.
Codicil. Friend: Edward William.
Wit: Edward Price and Jacob Jones.

"Black Peter" (doubtless same man as in the will above) was buried at Merion Meeting 8 Mo. 29, 1748 and does not seem to have long survived Evan Jones.

vi) Other children

Catherine Jones died as an infant in 1715. Daughter Margaret died July 28, 1745, during the epidemic. Daughter Jane died unmarried in 1806. Daughter Ruth died in infancy in 1732. Son Benjamin died in infancy in 1736.

b) Margaret Edwards m. David George

Radnor MM Records: David George married Margaret Edward of Merion on 1mo.-4-1719/20. Wit: Jane (his mother), Edward, George, Amy, Evan, Richard, Jane, Thomas and Edward George; Griffith Edwards; John and Jane Jones etc.

A son named Jesse George, born 1724, was buried at Merion MH 9 Mo. 12, 1727 (see Margaret Harvey reference below).

A daughter Ruth was born in 1726 and was buried at Merion MH 8th Mo. 31 st. 1727 (see Margaret Harvey reference below).

Margaret's son Jesse George, second of that name, was born 1729-1730.

Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania, by Charles H. Browning: "David left a daughter, who left no issue, and a son Jesse, who died 8th Month 3rd, 1791, inferably without issue, as he devised his property to his cousins Amos George and Edward George." He lived on Lancaster Road, 1750 and was a member of Merion Friends Meeting.

David George was a trustee of Merion Friends Meeting. David, beginning in 1750, and later his son Jesse were given the task of recording births of members of Merion Meeting. (Browning)

Here is an abstract of David George's will that was written 25 Apr 1759, and probated 21 June 1759 (Will Book L, Page 282)
DAVID GEORGE. Blockley, Co. of Philadelphia, Wife: Margaret. Child: Jesse. Brother: Edward. Son-in-Law: William Lightfoot. Nephew: Jonathan Edwards. Nieces: No names given. Relation: Mary widow of Samuel Walker. Friends: Israel Pemberton and Hugh Roberts in trust for Poor of Village of Langerig, North Wales, Great Brittain and school house in Blockley, Co. of Philadelphia. Trustees: Hugh Roberts, Israel Pemberton. Exec: Jesse George.

Her will (abstracted): MARGARET GEORGE. Blockley. Phila. Co., 11 mo. 21, 1771. 8 June 1776.
Exec.: son Jesse.
Daughter in law: Elizabeth George.
Nieces: Margaret Findly, Mary and Hannah Edwards "daughters of my deceased nephew, Jonathan Edwards" .
Nephews: Isaac and William (children of nephew Jonathan Edwards of Blockley);
Nieces: Hannah Foulke, Catherine Collins and Ann George;
Relations Lydia (daughter of Wm. Foulke, of Gwynedd), Jane Jones and Christian Edwards; Jacob Jones and John Price, in trust for the Monthly Meeting at Haverford; late maid Hannah Boshert.
Wit: Hannah Foreman and Hugh Cully. Philadelphia County will book Q.298.

Robert Fintly and Margaret Edwards (mentioned in her will) were married Feb. 25, 1769. Marriage recorded at Swedes' Church, Philadelphia.

The Hannah Foulke referred to is the daughter of Margaret's sister Jane (m. John Jones). Hannah Jones had married William Foulke and was the hostess fro Sally Wister in 1777-8 when Sally wrote her journal now published elsewhere on the Gwynedd Friends web site.

Some of this data came from Linda Mullen's Worldconnect database, which is often well sourced. Some additional information can be found in The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M. (where infant daughter Ruth was buried). Margaret Harvey gives the location of homes of David George's extended family" Their property included George's Hill, in the (present) West Fairmount Park, the grounds of Christ Church Hospital and adjacent tracts. Among the George homesteads still standing are the "Jesse George Mansion" near (what are now) Fifty-third Street and Parkside Avenue; the Bines Mansion, Old Lancaster Road; the Taylor Mansion, Lancaster Avenue, above Fifty-sixth Street; the "Rabbit Club", near Christ Church Hospital; the Levick Mansion, Belmont Avenue; "Greenland Mansion", West Fairmount Park", and the Joseph George Mansion", below City Avenue, near Overbrook Station."

c) Griffith Edwards m. Elizabeth Orme

Some Information about this family is from The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard, by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M. (transcribed by Elizabeth Hanebury for USGenWeb) who shows Griffith Edwards buried at Merion Meeting 9th Mo. 27 th 1726.

Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Ormes and Mary Tydor was born March 8, 1691/92.

Richard (her father) has a marriage certificate in the Radnor records:

Richard Ormes of Philadelphia, cordwainer, and Mary Tyder of Radnor, spinster, 3, 2(april) 1686 Col 1. David Davies, Wm Thomas, Jonathan Heys, Thomas Ormes, Griffith Owen etc. Col 2. Ellnor Painter, Sarah Owen, Ellnor Lawrence, Kathrine Meredith, Ellin Ellis, Mary Thomas, Margerett Petter etc.

Marriage Certificate: Griffith Edwards of Merion and Elizabeth Ormes, daughter of Richard or Radnor were married 11 mo., 13, 1711 at Radnor MH. Some witnesses: Richard, Mary and Mary Ormes, Hugh, David and Griffith Robert; Griffith Griffith; John and Jane Jones etc.

Signed his sister Jane's marriage certificate in 1713 at Merion.

Griffith and Elizabeth had children with last name Edwards: Ormes (b. 1711-12), Anne (b. 1714-15) , Catherine (b. 1715) and Daniel (b. 1717), Jonathan (b. 1719) (births recorded at Merion Meeting).

Griffith Edwards' estate was administered by his widow Elizabeth (letters of administration granted 21 December, 1726.)

(III) Robert Griffith -Glenn says he died at sea but two of his daughters arrived in America: Catherine married William Morgan of Montgomery and the other sister died single .

6 May 1692 - Robert Griffith married Magdalen John in Llanfor church, Merionethshire, Wales.

Baptisms (Llanfor parish): 19 April 1693 - Catherine d/o Robert Griffith of Ucheldre; These next are probably not his: 12 January 1695 - David s/o Robert Griffith of Ucheldre . 2 June 1698 - Lewis s/o Robert Griffith of Rhiwadog; 23 February 1700 - Catherine d/o Robert Griffith of Rhiwadog; 4 January 1701 - John s/o Robert Griffith of Rhiwadog; 6 February 1703 - Evan s/o Robert Griffith of Rhiwadog .

Probably not him (died at sea on way to Amercia): 15 November 1706 - Burial: Robert Griffith of Rhiwadog, Llanfor.

The story about dying at sea is highly probable. See the piracy story connected with his brother Hugh.

(IV) David Griffith. - there is no information about him in the document cited by Glenn, but there are records in the Welsh parishes:

6 January 1683 - David Griffith married Margaret John in Llanfor church, Merionethshire, Wales.

Baptisms (Llanfor parish): 31 December 1684 - Griffith s/o David Griffith of Ucheldre; 9 October 1687 - Elizabeth d/o David Griffith of Ucheldre; 29 September 1689 - Ellen d/o David Griffith of Ucheldre; This last is probably not his child:  25 February 1699 - Sara d/o David Griffith of Llaethgwm;

This is likely to be him:  21 January 1689 - Burial:  David Griffith of Rhiwadog, Llanfor.

David and his children lived their life in Wales as far as we know.

(V) Catherine Griffith - She was born in 1660 according to her Gwynedd MM burial record. She was married three times. First in Wales to Maurice (Morris) Cadwallader.

6 January 1684 - Maurice Cadwalader married Catherine Grifffith in Llanfor Church, Merionethshire, Wales.

Baptism in Ysbyty Ifan parish records: 4 December 1686 Cadwalader son of Maurice Cadwalader of Rhydlydan

Catherine Griffith and her son Cadwalader Morris removed to America where they lived at first with her Quaker brother Hugh Griffith who had arrived there previously. Hugh Griffith was an original settler in Gwynedd township in 1698.

Catherine married second Alexander Edward of Montgomery township, adjacent Gwynedd. Alexander Edward was the first settler of Montgomery and owned a large tract of land. Howard Jenkins (Historical Collections of Gwynedd, 1897) says of him: "The first settlers in Montgomery were, like those in Gwynedd, immigrants from Wales, and their arrival followed hard upon that of the company who bought Turner's tract. The Montgomery lands had been held by a number of speculative purchasers, none of whom had made a settlement. Among these were William Stanley, an Englishman, who had a warrant from Penn, so early as 1683, for 5000 acres; Richard Pierce, whose warrant was for 500 acres; and Thomas Fairman, the Philadelphia surveyor, who had title for a large tract. In March, 1699, Alexander Edwards purchased of Fairman 1100 acres and probably moved to it soon thereafter (Phila Co. Deed Book A, volume 2, p. 379). He was a Welshman, and had lived in Radnor, Chester (now Delaware) county, where in 1692, his daughters Bridget and Jane had respectively married, under the oversight of Haverford monthly meeting, Griffith Miles and James James, both "of Radnor". Alexander Edwards was certainly one of the first settlers, and probably the very earliest in Montgomery. He died in 1712, and described himself in his will as "of Montgomery", showing that the township had been created before that time. It was his son Alexander Edwards, jun., who married Gwen Foulke, dau. of Edward. He (A.E. jr.), in 1707, bought 200 acres of his father, and at once sold half of this to David Hugh Griffith. This tract included the Gordon or Rynear property, on the Horsham Road." Before the founding of Montgomery Baptist Church (1719) Alexander Edward is found in the Gwynedd Friends Records. But later his children marry mostly Baptists.

We learn more of Alexander Edward from "Egle's Notes and Queries, Relating Chiefly to Interior Pennsylvania", annual volume 1897, page 224. "Alexander and and his first wife Margaret Edwards, it says, are from Montgomeryshire, Wales. The ship, Vine, of Liverpool, William Preeson, master, arrived September 17, 1684, at Philadelphia from Dalyserne, near Dolgrules, in Merionethshire. Among the passengers were: Margaret Edwards (wife of Alexander Edwards) and her daughters Margaret and Martha, and two sons, Alexander and Thomas. Edward Edwards, the eldest son, a servant for 8 years to Robert Owen, and Alexander Edwards (the father), and his two eldest daughters, Jeane and Bridget, servants to Griffith Owen and Sarah, his wife.

Alexander Edwards settled in Radnor. He and his family were Quakers. There at the home of David Price, Oct 20, 1692, his daughter Bridget was married by Friends ceremony to Griffith Miles (brother to Richard Miles), born in Wales in 1670, emigrated to America about 1683. Another daughter, Jane, was married to James James at the same house, one month later, November 17, 1692. His daughter Martha was married about the same time to Joseph Todd. These three daughters, with their husbands, became Baptists after the Keith Schism, Joseph Todd being one of the deputies that met at the house of Richard Miles, June 22, 1706, to compromise matters of dispute among the Baptists." (Egle's Notes and Queries as related by M. Knight on Genforum)

Catherine signs the 1703 marriage certificate of Alexander Edwards Jr. as Catherine Eddward (so she is already married to Alexander Edward by then).

Alexander Edward had numerous children before marrying Catherine.

Will abstract for ALEXANDER EDWARDS, SR. Montgomery, Philadelphia. County. Yeoman. March 9, 1712. proved December 17, 1712. C. 298.
Sons Edward, Alexander, and their children whose names are not given, and Thomas. Daughters Margaret, Martha and Bridget and the daughters (names not given) of the last two. Grandsons James James, Griffith Miles, Joseph Todd and Alexander son of son Alexander Edwards.
Executors: Wife Katherine and son-in-law Griffith Miles. Overseers: Cadwalader ap Evans, William John, Owen ap Evan and John William, all of Gwynedd, yeomen. Witnesses: Thomas Jones, Robert Jones and Edward George.

Catherine married third John Williams of Montgomery township. Here is an abstract of the wedding certificate with the list of those signing:

John William, Montgomery, widower married Catharine Edwards, of same, widow, at Gwynedd meeting house, 3rd mo (May) 12, 1714. Column 4 - Signing below bride and groom: Hugh Griffith, Lewis William, Wm Williams, Cadr Morris (her son by her first marriage), Theo Williams, Hugh ffoulke, Griff: Edwards, David Griffith, Evan Evans, Rowland Hugh, Owen Owens, Robt Evan, Owen Evan, Robt Jones. Col 3: Ellin Morgan, Ellin Hugh, Anne ffoulke, Jane Evan, Sarah Pugh, Lettice William, Anne Roberts, Eliza Thomas, Martha Todd, Cath: William, Eliza: Davies Gaenor Humphrey, Ellin ffoulke, Ellin Parry, Bridget Griffith, Lowry Jones, Ellin Hugh. Col 2: Anne Owens, Gwen ffoulke, Margret Humphrey, Eliza Evans, Col 1 (most left): Rowland Ellis, Ellis Pugh, Tho: Evan, Rees Thomas, Row: Powell, James Streater, Edd Rees, Edd ffoulke, Cadr Evans, Jno Hugh, Jno Humphrey, Evan Griffith, Edd Griffith, Tho: ffoulke, Griff: Miles, Jos: Todd.

It is likely she lived near the Hatfield line as her step son Theophilus Williams, who married Grace Foulke, Edward's daughter, lived at the upper end of Montgomery township, adjoining the Hatfield line, is shown by the description of the road laid out from there, downward, through the township.

Gwynedd MM records, 1718: "John Williams at a certain time hath been too much overtaken with the essense of strong liquor, he being present at this Meeting confessed the same and condemned himself and the Spirit that lead him thereunto with a firm resolution to take better care in the future." It would not be difficult to find a drink as Rowland Roberts (Quaker) kept a tavern at the intersection of Bethlehem Pike and Upper State Road and John Bartholomew (Baptist) had another one across the road.

1734 Montgomery township tax list: William Williams 200 acres; John Williams 100 acres; Thomas Williams 100 acres

Catherine's third husband died 1736 and left a will:

JOHN WILLIAM, Montgomery, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 4 mo. 25, 1735/6. August 2, 1736. E.377.
Wife: Catherine.
Children: William, Ann Foulk and Theopholus. Son-in-Law: Hugh Foulk.
Exec: Catherine, William and Theopholus, William and Hugh Foulk.
Preparative meeting at Gwynedd for Poor People.
Grandchildren: Children of sons William and Theopholus, and daughter Ann Foulk.
Overseers: John Jones, Cadwalader Evans, George Lewis and William Morgan.
Wit: William Morgan and John Jones.

Catherine's will is one of the keys to the descendants of Griffith ap Evan in America as she names most of her living relatives.

Will abstract of Catherine Griffith, widow of John Williams.

WILLIAMS, CATHARINE. Montgomery township, Co. of Philadelphia. Widow. 10 mo. (Dec.) 7, 1745/6. proved January 21, 1748. J. 48.

Daughter-in-Law [step-daughter]: Anne Foulke. Sons-in-Law [step-sons]: William Williams, Theopholous Williams.

Grandchildren: Edward, David, Morris, and William Morris, Catherine Eaton and Alce Clark [the six children of Cadwalader Morris].

Nieces and Nephews: Margaret, Sarah, Catherine and Mary Morgan, Jane and Margaret George, Jane and John Jones, Evan Robert, Griffith Hugh.

Cousins: David Hugh and wife Jane, David, Obadiah and Zachariah Edwards, Mary wife of Peter Evans, Jesse George, Arden Davis and his sisters -Mary, Catharine and Hannah, Evan, John, Cadwalader, Rowland and Margaret Evans, children of John Jones. Great Grandchild: Catherine Case.

Friends Meeting at Gwynedd, poor of Gwynedd.

Friends: John Davis and wife, Arne Roberts, Elizabeth and Catherine Ellis, William Hart, Thomas David, Elizabeth William.

Exec: John Jones. Overseers: Owen Evan, John Jones. Wit: Garret Peters, John Roberts, Awbry Roberts.

Gwynedd MM burial record: Catherine Williams 17th of 10 mo. 1748, aged 88 (buried at the Meeting House)

Descendants of Maurice Cadwalader and Catherine Griffith:

CADWALADER MORRIS (MORRIS CADWALLADER) was baptized December 04, 1686 in Llangwm Parish, Merionethshire, Wales, and died Aft. March 30, 1727 in Hilltown, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He married ELIZABETH MORGAN May 24, 1710 in Haverford MM, Chester Co., PA, at Gwynedd MH, daughter of EDWARD MORGAN and ELIZABETH JARMAN. She was born 1694 and was still living 23 Dec 1727. (See Morgan Descendancy for more)

Abstract of marriage certificate: Cadwallader Morris, Gwynedd m. Elizabeth Morgan of same, at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo (May) 24, 1710. Column 3 - Signing under bride and groom: Alex: Edwards, Edd Morgan, Hugh Griffith, John Williams, Wm Morgan, John Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Wm Jones, David Pugh, Evan Griffith, Griffith Hugh, Evan Stephens, John Evan, Robt Evan, Owen Evan, Caddr Evan.; Column 2: Ellis Pugh, Jno Hugh, Robt Jones, John Humphrey, Hugh Evans, Evan Griffith, Edd ffoulke, Jno William, Jno Robert, Jno Bevan, Evan Jones; Column 1: Cathrine Edward, Eliza: Morgan, Margt Morgan, Mary William, Bridget Griffith, Catherine Griffith, Mary Pugh, Anne Evan, Jane Evan, Ellin Hugh, Gainor Humphrey, Gainor Jones, Jane Griffith, Winifred Davis. (Radnor MM records, FHL, Swarthmore)


i. EDWARD MORRIS, b. 1712, Of Gwynedd, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., Pennsylvania; d. 1767.

3. ii. WILLIAM MORRIS, b. Abt. 1716, of Gwynedd Twp, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania; d. December 1802, Robeson MM, Berks Co., PA.

iii. CATHERINE MORRIS, b. Abt. 1718, of Gwynedd Twp, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania; m. PETER EATON; b. Abt. 1715, Pennsylvania. Peter's mother was named Margaret and she married

4. iv. ALICE MORRIS, d. Bef. 1774.

5. v. MORRIS MORRIS, b. Abt. 1711; d. November 19, 1767.

6. vi. DAVID MORRIS, b. Abt. 1714, of Gwynedd Twp, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania; d. 1770.

Generation No. 2

2. EDWARD MORRIS (CADWALADER, MORRIS CADWALLADER) was born 1712 in Of Gwynedd, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., Pennsylvania, and died 1767. He married (1) ELLIN GRIFFITH 1739 in Gwynedd MM, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co. PA. She was the daughter of Evan Griffith (son of Griffith John) and Jane Jones and was born March 01, 1714/15. He married (2) JOANNA BILES October 11, 1753, daughter of JONATHAN BILES. She was born Abt. 1724.

Gwynedd MM minutes, 1739-1-27 Morris, Edward and Griffith, Ellin reported married
Gwynedd MM, 104-2 1753-9-25 Morris, Edward got certificate to Phila MM to marry
Philadelphia MM, 1753-10-11. Edward, son of Cadwallader, Philadelphia Co. married Joanna Smith, Widow, daughter of Jonathan Biles, Phiiladelphia, PA at Philadelphia Mtg.
Philadelphia MM, 1754-2-22. Joanna and son Jonathan, got certificate to Gwynedd MM.
Gwynedd MM, 113-2 1754-3-26 Morris, Joanna, received on certificate from Phila MM dated 2-22-1754
Philadelphia MM, 1760, Jonathan Smith, son of Joanna Morris received on certificate from Gwynedd MM dated 1760-1-29.
Gwynedd MM, 346-2 1762-9-31 Morris, Edward & wife Joanna, and children got certificate to Phila MM
Philadelphia MM, Johanna wife of Edward, died 1-30-1765, aged 41.


i. CATHERINE MORRIS, b. Abt. 1740; m. EVAN EVANS, November 23, 1762, Gwynedd MM, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co. PA.

Gwynedd MM, 91-1 1762-11-23 Morris, Catherine daughter of Edward of Philadelphia Co., PA married Evan Evans at Gwynedd MH

ii. DAVID MORRIS, b. Abt. 1744.

Philadelphia MM: 1772-5-7, David Morris, son of Edward, condemned for marrying contrary to discipline

Philadelphia MM: 1773-3-26, David Morris got certificate to Gwynedd MM

Gwynedd MM, 163-3 1773-10-26 Morris, David, received on certificate from Phila MM dated 3-26-1773

Gwynedd MM, 207-4 1784-11-30 Morris, David got certificate to Phila MM Southern District

iii. MARY MORRIS, b. Abt. 1746.

iv. ANN MORRIS, b. Abt. 1748.

Philadelphia MM, 1767-2-27, Anna Morris, daughter of Edward, got certificate to Burlington Co., NJ

Burlington MM, 1767, 4, 6, Anna Morris, daughter of Edward received on certificate from Philadelphia MM.

Burlington MM, 1768, 8, 1, Ann Morris granted certificate to Chesterfield MM.

v. HANNAH MORRIS, b. Abt. 1748; d. February 28, 1829, Philadelphia Co., PA.

She married Jacob Evans, the son of Samuel Evans and Ann Rhoads. He was born April 29, 1748 in Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA and died 1804 in Montgomery twp., Montgomery Co., PA. Their children were: Samuel, Enoch, Jonathan (m. Margaret Shoemaker), George, Enos, Aaron, Eleanor (m. Jesse Harper), Nathan and Elizabeth (m. Evan Davis). This is a different Evans line than the Evan ap Evan line, descending from John Evans and Elizabeth Morris of Montgomeryshire, Wales.

Gwynedd MM, 93-3 1770-7-31 Morris, Hannah daughter of Edward received on certificate from Phila MM dated 7-29-1770


vi. MARTHA MORRIS, b. Bef. September 21, 1762; m. JAMES LEWIS, August 11, 1791, Philadelphia MM, PA.

3. WILLIAM MORRIS (CADWALADER, MORRIS CADWALLADER) was born Abt. 1716 in of Gwynedd Twp, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania, and died December 1802 in Robeson MM, Berks Co., PA. He married ELLEN WILLIAMS 1745 in Gwynedd MM, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co. PA. She was born June 26, 1723, and died Bef. August 12, 1795.

Notes for WILLIAM MORRIS: Weaver, farmer. Farm sold on 23 Feb 1767 and removed to Robeson twp., Berks Co., PA.

Gwynedd MM, 1745-3-28 Morris, Wm and Elin Williams, reported married.

Gwynedd MM, 8-3 1767-5-26, Morris, Wm and wife and 5 children got certificate to Exeter MM


i. CATHERINE MORRIS, b. September 15, 1746; d. May 16, 1813, Robeson twp., Berks Co., PA. She married May 17, 1771 to John Scarlett (s/o John Scarlett and Elizabeth Humphreys). He was born November 17, 1747 in Berks Co., PA and died January 9, 1828.



iv. ISAAC MORRIS, d. Aft. November 11, 1809; m. HANNAH JACKSON.

v. JOHN MORRIS, d. Aft. November 11, 1809; m. ABIGAIL WRIGHT at Robeson MM (d/o Jonathan Wright formerly of Hatfield and Esther Clements); she was b. March 20, 1766; d. Aft. 1811.

vi. ENOS MORRIS, b. September 14, 1750; d. Bet. August 1830 - 1836, Of East Nantmeal twp., Chester Co., PA. He married October 20, 1734 to Lydia Jackson d/o Ephraim Jackson and Mary Register. They had at least one child, Williiam (b. October 26, 1784) who married Mary Ann Jones.

vii. MORDECAI MORRIS, b. 1765; d. October 1809, Robeson MM, Berks Co., PA.

4. ALICE MORRIS (CADWALADER, MORRIS CADWALLADER) died Bef. 1774. She married JOSEPH CLARK July 25, 1740 in Christ Church, Philadelphia PA.

Children of ALICE MORRIS and JOSEPH CLARK are:

i. HANNAH CLARK, b. September 03, 1747. More About HANNAH CLARK: Christening: August 24, 1757, Christ Church, Philadelphia PA

ii. RACHEL CLARK, b. March 04, 1751/52. More About RACHEL CLARK: Christening: June 04, 1755, Christ Church, Philadelphia PA

iii. MARTHA CLARK, b. December 27, 1753. More About MARTHA CLARK: Christening: June 04, 1755, Christ Church, Philadelphia PA

5. MORRIS MORRIS (CADWALADER, MORRIS CADWALLADER) was born Abt. 1711, and died November 19, 1767. He married GWENILLIAN THOMAS, daughter of WILLIAM THOMAS and ANN GRIFFITH. She was born 1716, and died April 1783 in Hilltown, Bucks Co., PA.

Note that details about this family can be found in the book The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews (published in 1884) which has been placed on-line by Google Books. A descendancy and discussion is on-line at This is a Baptist line at Montgomery, Hilltown and New Britain.


From: THE HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, CHAPTER XXII, HILLTOWN, 1722. from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time by W. W. H. Davis, A.M., 1876 and 1905* editions. Chapter 22.

"The Morrises were English Friends, who arrived shortly after William Penn... Morris Morris, a son of Cadwallader, and grandson of the first immigrant, married Gwently, daughter of the Reverend William Thomas, from which union come the Morrises of this county. They had nine children. Benjamin, the third son, became quite celebrated as a manufacturer of clocks, and occasionally one of the old- fashioned, two-story affairs of his make, with the letters "B. M." engraved on a brass plate on the face, is met with. He was the father of Enos Morris, who learned his father's trade, but afterward studied law with Judge Ross, at Easton, and was admitted to the bar about 1800. He was a leading member of the Baptist church, and a man of great integrity of character. Benjamin Morris, sheriff of the county nearly half a century ago, was a brother of Enos. Enoch Morris, next younger than Benjamin, had a son James, who fell into the hands of the Algerines, and was one of those liberated by Commodore Decatur. He married a Miss Hebon, of Philadelphia, and settled at Cincinnati, and one of their sons graduated at West Point."

see also

PENNSYLVANIA APPLICATIONS FOR WARRANTS 1755: BUCKS COUNTY 1755: MORRIS, Morris 6 Dec for 25 acres including his improvement adjoining Haycock Run ( )


"Gwenthleen Thomas, who was born 1716 and died 1785 married Morris Morris in 1736. She was daughter of Rev. William Thomas, and was a woman of great force of character. They resided at Hilltown, owned considerable land, and were well to do, as was usually the case with the Morrises [JQ - this is not the Anthony Morris line though]. Her beautiful Welsh name had several contractions, and she is mentioned as, Gwellian, Gwently, and plain Gwen." Also (Gwenillian) ( web site entitled "The Pennocks of Primitive Hall")

Burial: Hilltown Baptist Cem.

Morris Morris' descendant Oliver Morris has a biography in Bean's History of Montgomery County.



The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews:

"Abraham Morris married Rachel Pugh. The latter was born in 1742 and died September 18 1820 of paralysis at the house of her daughter Mary Evans. She was a constitutent member of Hilltown Baptist in 1781. They had three children Mary, Ann, and Elizabeth. Mary married Ezra Evans and had children Robert, Ellen, and Joel. Ann married James Morris, son of John Morris. James Morris inherited 160 acres of land on Pine Run in New Britain now Doylestown township. "


Susannah Jones was the widow of David Heaton and the daughter of John Jones. She had five children by Heaton and one son, John by Joseph Morris.

iii. RACHEL MORRIS, m. (1) Aaron JAMES and (2) JOSEPH DEAN, 1770.

iv. CADWALLADER MORRIS, b. 1737, Hilltown, Bucks Co., PA; d. August 23, 1812. He married Elizabeth Castner and they had children Abel, Alice (m. William Dungan), William, Rebecca and Hannah.

Bean's History of Montgomery County:

"Cadwallader, the eldest son of Morris and Gwently Morris, was born in 1737. He was a man of considerable education for those days. He became a school teacher and surveyor, and was widely known at that early period, and was sought after for his skill and knowledge concerning many things. He married Elizabeth Kastner, of Hilltown, and died August 23, 1812, at the age of seventy-five years. His wife survived him a few years. Their children were: Alice, Abel, William, Rebecca, Hannah." .

Speculative: Elizabeth Kastner could be the daughter Elizabeth mentioned in the will of Jacob Castner of Upper Dublin, who died 1767.

Children: (1) Abel (1764-1837) m. Mary Dungan (1763-1835), daughter of John and Ann (Thomas) Dungan and had issue Seneca, Cadwallader, Nancy, Martha, Phineas and John. (2) William b. 1773, m. Hannah Black (3) Alice b. abt 1775 m. William Dungan, son of John and Ann (Thomas) Dungan and had issue Joseph, Elizabeth and William; (4) Rebecca m. Uriah Mathews; (5) Hannah m. Zephaniah Brittain; (6) Elias m. a Huntsman (source: The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews)

v. WILLIAM MORRIS, b. March 05, 1738/39; d. April 22, 1821, Line Lexington, Hatfield twp., Montgomery Co., PA. He married Ann Griffith d/o Nathaniel Griffith. She died July 17, 1821 in Line Lexington. Their children were Isaac (born May 5, 1764, m. Elizabeth Mathias), Benjamin, Morris, Eliam, William, Griffith, Anne and Elizabeth.

Bean's History of Montgomery County:

"William, son of Morris and Gwently Morris, the great-grandfather of Oliver G. Morris, was born March 5, 1739. William was married in 1763, to Ann, daughter of Nathaniel Griffith, of Hilltown, where now (1885) stands the Leidytown Hotel, which property William Morris subsequently purchased. William and Ann both died at the house of their son Isaac, in the village of Line Lexington, the former on April 22, 1821, aged eighty-two years, and the latter on July 17, 1821, at the age of seventy-seven years. Their children were: Isaac, Benjamin, Morris, Eliam. William, Jr., Griffith, Ann, Elizabeth and Huldah."

Issac Morris, son of William and Ann: "Isaac Morris, grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born May 5, 1764, and was twice married. He purchased, in 1789, the ancestral homestead of Gwently Morris, his grandmother, adjoining the Lower Hilltown Baptist Church, which be held till about 1805, when he removed to Line Lexington, where he was for many years justice of the peace. Isaac married, October 12, 1786, for his first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Mathias. She was born Sept. 12, 1765, and died Aug, 28, 1803. The second wife of Isaac was Rachel, daughter of Benjamin Mathews, Esq. She was born Feb. 21, 1771, and married April 6, 1806. She was a person of much intelligence and vivacity of mind, as well as business fact and ability; a good and estimable woman in all the relations of life. She died August 1, 1856, aged eighty-five years. Isaac died Sept. 13, 1843. By his first wife Isaac was the father of three children, Mathias, Justus, William. The two latter died young." By his second wife he was the father of John D. Morris, Burgess Alison Morris (father of Oliver G. Morris, b. 1837, profiled by Bean), and Oliver Goldsmith Morris (d. 1826).

vi. BENJAMIN MORRIS, b. Abt. 1748; d. April 02, 1833; m. MARY MASON, 1770.

The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews:

"Benjamin Morris born 1748 married Mary Mason daughter of Jonathan Mason. The latter lived at New Britain where he bought the present Keeley farm in 1764. He left numerous descendants. Benjamin Morris is among the list of Hilltown taxables of 1774 and in 1776 bought 100 acres of his brother Cad wallader part of the original Morris lands. This he sold to Martin King in 1783. He became a famous clockmaker manufacturing those old fashioned tall clocks now so highly prized by antiquarians and others. Many of these clocks are still in existence in Bucks county and bear the name Benjamin Morris. In person he was a large fleshy man so that he was known as fat Ben Morris. He died April 2 1833 at the age of eighty five and his wife January 7 1813 aged sixty two. He had children to the number of a dozen. Their names were Mason, Enos, Benjamin, Jehu, Rachel, Catharine, Mary, Martha, Sarah, Patience, Penninnah, and Euphemia."

vii. ENOCH MORRIS, b. Bef. March 12, 1756, Bucks Co., PA; d. 1817, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He married Mary Caldwell and they had at least one child James Caldwell Morris.

Enoch Morris apparently was a Quaker:

Gwynedd MM, 4th mo. 1776. "There being but two of the friends appointed to visit Enoch Morris in this Meeting who signify that as the other friends are not present they have to decline giving in a report until they have an opportunity of conversing with them the which is deferred till our next monthly meeting."

The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews:

"Enoch Morris was born about 1750. He married a woman named Caldwell. When the Revolution broke out he became a Tory and fled to the British army during the winter of 1778 when the latter held possession of Philadelphia. Thomas Lewis, Edward Jones, William and Evan Thomas, Henry Appenzeller and other Tories of Hilltown went along with him. In consequence for this treason their lands were confiscated for which they received other lands in Nova Scotia whither they removed after Great Britain's unsuccessful attempt to conquer her colonies. We have no knowledge of the after life of Enoch Morris."

Selected Families and Individuals Descending from Lutheran Morris (by Ken Morris)

"The Kings Loyal Americans" by B. Wood-Holt, Canadian Facts, Evacuee List page 388 shows Lutheran Morris arrived on the 'Lord Townsend' from New Jersey to River St John, NB May 8, 1783. Also shown at same location are David Morris and Enoch Morris. In the book "Early Loyalist Saint John (July Fleet) on the ship "Lord Townsend" with 47 other adults associated with that company. The July Fleet departed New York about July 8, 1783. Luther is the only person listed in the "household" upon arrival Saint John and in a May, 1784 muster."

Some other local Tories included John, Abijah and Jonathan Wright of Hatfield. The Wrights, like Enoch Morris, were grandchildren of Edward Morgan and Elizabeth of Towamencin/Montgomery twp. and Abijah Wright was tried and hung in Philadelphia after an attack on a militia colonel's home in Whitpain.

viii. ALICE MORRIS, b. Bef. March 12, 1756; m. THOMAS JONES, 1775.

ix. MORRIS MORRIS, b. Aft. March 12, 1756; d. November 1806; m. ELIZABETH THOMAS.

The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania by Edward Matthews:

"Morris Morris married a widow, Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Joseph Thomas, whose first husband had been Abiah, grandson of the celebrated New Britain Squire Simon Butler. His father had been Simon Butler junior who married Rebecca James. Joseph Thomas belonged to a différent family from that of Hilltown, his father Owen Thomas being a Welsh Baptist preacher whocame to America in 1707. Morris Morris had three children by his first wife: Abner, Amelia, and Eliza. Amelia married Evan Evans son of Walter Evans and had a family. Eliza married but had no children. Abner was twice married and had a family of children. Morris Morris married a second time and had one daughter. Of his character Mathias says that he was intemperate and had his high times when sipping the flowing bowl He was drowned in the west branch of the Neshaminy in Hatfield in November 1806 whilst yet in the prime of life "

6. DAVID MORRIS (CADWALADER, MORRIS CADWALLADER) was born Abt. 1714 in of Gwynedd Twp, Philadelphia Co, Pennsylvania, and died 1770. He married JANE ROBERTS October 20, 1741 in Gwynedd MH, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., Pennsylvania, daughter of NICHOLAS ROBERTS and MARGARET FOULKE. She was born February 20, 1717/18 in Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, and died March 23, 1790.

David Morris s/o Cadwalader of Phila. Co., m. Jane Roberts of same at Gwynedd meeting house, __mo 20, 1741.
Gwynedd MM minutes, page 239-1 1741-8-20 Morris, David son of Cadwallader, Phila Co., PA m. Jane Roberts at Gwynedd MH

Gwynedd MM 99-3 1770-11-27 Morris, David dismissed for disunity

Gwynedd MM, 110-3 1771-5-28 Morris, Jane and 4 children, Nicholas, Jane, Edward and Ellen got certificate to Exeter MM

Children of DAVID MORRIS and JANE ROBERTS are:

i. ELIZABETH MORRIS, b. 1745, Pennsylvania; d. 1824, Robeson MM, PA; m. DAVID JACKSON, May 17, 1769, Gwynedd MM, Pennsylvania; b. 1730, ROBESON, Pennsylvania; d. 1813.

ii. ELEANOR MORRIS, b. Abt. 1746, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania; d. 1808; m. BENJAMIN WORRALL, May 07, 1779, Exeter MM, Pennsylvania; b. March 22, 1743/44, Caln, Pennsylvania; d. 1830. He was the son of Jonathan Worrall and Elizabeth Davis. They had at least two children named Jane and Elizabeth (on certificate to Bradford MM).

iii. NICHOLAS MORRIS, b. 1749, Gwynedd, Pennsylvania; d. December 25, 1807, Robeson MM, PA; m. HANNAH JACKSON, April 15, 1791, Robeson MM, PA.

iv. EDWARD MORRIS, b. Abt. 1757, Pennsylvania. He married Hannah Worrall May 15, 1778 at Robeson MM, Berks Co., PA and they had children named Elizabeth (m. Abraham Roberts), David, Jane, Hannah, Lydia, and Edward (m. Hannah Yost). Hannah was the daughter of Jonathan Worrall and Elizabeth Davis.

v. JANE MORRIS, b. 1760; d. March 28, 1834, Bradford MM, PA. She married Abiah Cope December 01, 1785 at Bradford MM, Chester Co., PA. He was born March 22, 1759 in East Bradford twp., Chester Co., PA. Their children were David (m. Deborah Phillips), Samuel (m. Mary Ann Pusey), Abiah (m. Mary Hannum), Deborah and Morris (m. Ann Swayne).

2. Descendants of Griffith John, son of John ap Evan of Penmaen

Currently the genealogy of this line is included with the other descendants of Evan Robert Lewis. Because of this, the genealogy here will be brief, though the details may be greater here.

Note Griffith John was a Quaker in Wales before migrating to Pennsylvania. Along with Hugh Griffith (see line 1-I) , Robert John (Griffith's brother) and Margaret John (step mother), he was fined in 1675 and perhaps imprisoned for his beliefs in 1681 or earlier (Thomas Allen Glenn, "Merion in the Welsh Tract" - see letter under Hugh Griffith).

He emigrated from Wales to Merion in 1690 and obtained a certificate:

Certificate from Tyddyn y Gareg Quarterly Meeting, 8 Aug 1690. Griffith John came over with Hugh Roberts and Robert Owen. He is described as a widower with three children. Those signing his certificate in Wales were: Lewis Owen, Robert Vaughan, Rowland Ellis, Owen Lewis, Rowland Owen, Edward Ellis, Evan Rees, Rees Evan, Owen Humphrey, Humphrey Owen, Griffith Robert, Thomas Cadwalader, Ellis Moris, Hugh ap Rees, Rinalt Humphrey. Hugh David, John Evan, Roger Robert, Rees Thomas, Moris Humphrey, Edward Griffith, David Jones, Lewis Robert, Hugh Bevan, Evan Owen, John Caddr.

He obtained land in Merion

(Welsh Founders of PA - T.A. Glenn): Deed dated 28 July 1683 - Evan Rees of Penmaen by deed conveyed one moiety of his 312 1/2 acres to Robert David and moiety to Griffith John.

Thomas Allen Glenn:  Griffith John purchased in addition 37 1/2 acres of John Roberts the nephew of Thomas Lloyd, obtained a patent for the whole in one tract of 192 acres, November 8, 1703. This land was on the old Lancaster Road, next the city line and included the easterly ends of the allotments of Thomas Lloyd and John Watkin and part of the west half of that of Evan Rees, as shown on the draft. Griffith John was a son of John ap Evan and therefore first cousin to Jane (verch Owen), the wife of Hugh Roberts. He was the first settler on his merion land, and resided there until his death in 1707. He devised his dwelling and plantation to his son John Griffith, who married Grace Foulke, and whose descendants continued to occupy the land for many years.

According to Charles Browning (Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania), he was one of the subscribing witnesses to Penn's "Conditions and Concessions to Adventurers for Land," 11 July 1681.

He died in Merion in 1707:

Will abstract:  GRIFFITH JOHN, Merion, Philadelphia. Co., April 26, 1707. proved January 31, 1707/8. C. 69.

Sons John and Evan.
Executor: Son-in-law Thomas Jones.
Witnesses: John Roberts and Robert Jones.

Some of his children are found in the Gwynedd records as follows.

Children of Griffith John

a) Anne Griffith m. Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones called his home Llaithgwm House, after his old home (letter of Robert Vaughan). Llaithgwm is a township, but there is a farm of the same name within it. Thomas ap Hugh, the father of John Thomas (father of Thomas Jones), lived on a farm called Wern Fawr, adjacent to Llaithgwm farm, but whether he held the latter also is doubtful. It is most probable that where John Thomas is described as of Llaithgwm, the township, not the farm is intended to be understood.

About the father of Thomas Jones: "John Thomas was the largest purchaser of land in Merion buying 1250 acres on 1 April 1682. He was from Llaithgwn (not Llaithgwn), or Llaethgwm, a township in the parish of Llandderfel (formerly written Llanddervel), now, for civil purposes, in Llanfor, co. Merioneth (Hundered of Penllyn). The remainder of the John Thomas purchase was laid out in Goshen, on Chester Creek, between the lands of Hugh Robert and Edward Rees. Thomas, Robert and Cadwalader Jones obtained a patent for both the Merion and Goshen tracts 11 mo. 3, 1703, the former having been found on resurvey, to contain 679 acres and the latter 635 acres. Some of these lands still remain in possession of the family. (Thomas Allen Glenn, Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. Glenn also has much about this man in Merion in the Welsh Tract).

Transcript of the marriage certificate:

Whereas Thomas Jones of the Township of Merion in the County of Philadelphia And Anne Griffith of the aforesaid Township and County Having declared their intentions of Marriage before Several Public Meetings of the People of God called Quakers in the Welsh Tract according to the good order used among them Whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof and consent of Parties and Relations concerned being clear of all others were approved of by the said Meeting. Now these are to certify all whom it may concern That for the full accomplishing of their said Intentions this Twenty third day of the Fourth Month in the year according to ye English account one thousand seven hundred and two, They, the said Thomas Jones and Anne Griffith, appeared in a solemn and Public Assembly of the aforesaid people and others met together for that end and purpose in their public Meeting House at Merion aforesaid and in a solemn manner according to the Example of the holy men of God Recorded in the Scriptures of Truth He the said Thomas Jones taking the said Anne Griffith by the hand did openly declare as followeth viz In the fear of the Lord and in the presence of this Assembly I do take Anne Griffith to be my wedded wife and do promise with the assistance of God to be unto her a true loving and faithful Husband until it please God by Death to separate us And then and there in the said Assembly the said Anne Griffith did in like manner declare as followeth viz In the fear of the Lord and in the presence of this Assembly I do take Thomas Jones to be my wedded Husband and do promise by the assistance of God to be unto him a true faithful obedient and loving wife until it please God by Death to separate us And the said Thomas Jones and Anne Griffith as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to these Presents set their hands And we whose names are hereunto subscribed being present amongst others at the solemnizing of their said marriage and subscription in manner aforesaid as witnesses thereunto have also to these Presents subscribed our names the day and year above written.



Witnesses. Column 1 (Quaker overseers, ministers and elders) Griffith Owen, Thomas Chalkley, Thomas Cuorton, Rowland Ellis, David Lewis, John Roberts, John Roberts, John Roberts, Rowland Ellis, Ellis Pugh, Wm Edwards, John Moore, Wm Cuorton, Jona. Cakshaw, Richard Jones, Edward Roberts, John Owen. Column 2: Edwd. Rees, Rees Rees, Robert Evan, Owen Evan, Cadwr. Evan, Edward Foulke, Roland Powell, Owen Gethin, Ellis Roberts, Saml. Thomas, Peter Wright and Hannah, Richard Walter, Edwd. Griffith, John Evan, Abel Thomas, Rowland Ellis. Column 3: Evan Bevan, Eleanor Douan, Jane John, Gwen John, Jane Evan, Sen., Jane Evan Junr., Gaynor Roberts, Sinai Pugh, Katharine Griffith, Jane Rees, Gwen Ellis, Ellin David, Margaret Ellis, Mary Jones, Barbara Bevan, Eliza Ellis, Griffith John (his father). Column 4: Robert Jones (his brother), Cad'r Jones (his brother), John Griffith (her brother), Evan Griffith (her brother), Robert Roberts, Wm. Jones, Robert David, John Cadder, David Jones, John Roberts, David Evan, Thomas David, Hugh Griffith, David Evan, David Griffith, Owen Roberts, Evan Owen. Column 5: Ellen Jones, Sydney Rees, Eliza Thomas, Jane Jones, Ann Lewis, Katharine Jones, Martha Cadder, Eliza Andrews, Margaret Williams, Jane Davids, Elizabeth Davids, Anne Roberts, Hannah Jones, Sarah Evans, Lowry Hoyll, Jane Edwards.

abstract of the will of THOMAS JONES, Merion, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 6 mo. 31, 1727/8. Proved August 5, 1728. Phila will book E. page 85.
Wife: Ann.
Children: Evan, Elizabeth, Katherine, Ann, Mary, Sarah.
Brother: Robert.
Cousins and Trustees: Robert Roberts, Jonathan Jones.
Wit: Thomas Moore, Richard George, Robt. Jones.

Thomas (buried 8 mo., 4, 1727) and Anne Jones (buried 9 mo., 16, 1732) are buried at Merion Meeting House and more can be found out about them HERE (there are separate entries for both.)

The children of Thomas and Anne Jones:  (1) Evan Jones (d. May 30, 1748) m. (1) Elizabeth Knowles (widow of William Osborn) and they are buried at Merion MH and (2) Priscilla Jones, daughter of John Jones carpenter. Evan Jones' will names one daughter, Ruth, who married at Gwynnedd Meeting, 11 Mo. 20, 1764, William Lewis, a greatgrandson of William John; (2) Elizabeth was born December 28, 1706; (3) Katherine was born February 26, 1704/05 and died young; (4) Ann was born February 25, 1710/11 and married Jephtha Lewis, of Gwynedd, her second cousin; (5) Katherine (second one) was born November 9, 1708 and married Lewis Jones of Blockley (and had sons David and Thomas) ; (6) Mary was born January 12, 1713/14; (7) Sarah was born April 18, 1716 and died April 15, 1763. She married January 08, 1742/43 at Merion MH, Jonathan Jones who was born June 29, 1715 in Merion twonship. He was the son of Jonathan Jones (of Bala Merioneth Wales and Merion township PA, son of Dr. Edward Jones, surgeon) and Gainor Owen.

b) Evan Griffith m. (1) Jane Jones [see notes under daughter Elizabeth for second marriage of Evan Griffith to Margaret Owen]

Marriage Certificate (from transcribed Radnor MM records)

Whereas Evan Griffith second son of Griffith John of Meirion in the County of Philadelphia and Jane Jones step daughter of John Humphrey of Gwynedd in the aforesaid county having declared their intentions of Marriage etc. this 29 day of the 3d mo.: 1707 etc. Witnesses: Men sign below the bride and groom: Griffith John, John Humphrey, Wm John, Edd ffoulke, John Griffith, Caddr Jones, Hugh Jones, Tho: Jones, Hum: Jones, Tho: Evan, Hugh Griffith and Robt Evan; Women sign in column to left of the men: Gaenor Humphrey, Anne Jones, Eliza: Jones, Ellin ffoulke, Cath: Jones, Grace Griffith, Anne Lewis, Ellin Jones, Eliza: Jones, Anne Pugh, Ellin Parry, Gainor Jones, Anne Evan, Sara Evan, Cath: Pugh, Ellin Griffith, Lowry Evan, Ellin Roberts.

Most likely this is the record of the baptism of Jane Jones at Llanfawr (sometimes spelt as Llanfor or Llanvawr) Church, Merionethshire, Wales on 10 July 1683 - Jane daughter of John Cadwalader.

Gwynedd MM records, p. 36-1
Evan Griffith & wife Jane (she d. 9-12-1730)
children with birthdates:
Elizabeth 1-7-1707 (given in record, but before marriage date)
Amos 11-23-1709
Phineas 5-22-1711 (given in record, conflicts with Jane)
Jane 12-20-1711
Ann 11-13-1712
Ellin 1-1-1714
Joseph 12-10-1716
Cadwallader 11-4-1718

p. 206-1 1736-9-23 Evan Griffith, of Phila Co., PA m. Margaret Owen at Gwynedd MH

Evan Griffith, Gwynedd, widower m. Margaret Owen, widow of same at Gwynedd mh, 9th mo 23, 1736. Col 2, under bride and groom: Amos Griffith, Edward Evans, Eliza Evan, Hugh Jones, Cath Jones, Nath. Jones. In Col 1: John Humphries, Caddr Evans Sen., Owen Evans, Thos Foulk, Jane Evans.

p. 36-1 Margaret Griffith, wife of Evan died June (6 mo)-1-1760

John and Evan Griffith sign one after the other as cousins of the bride or groom in the marriage certificate of Thomas Foulke, eldest s/o Edward, Gwynedd m. Gwen Evans, eldest d/o David, of Radnor, at Gwynedd mh, 4th mo 27, 1706.

Descendants of Evan Griffith in the Gwynedd MM minutes and records:

i) Amos Griffith (b. 11-23-1709) s/o Evan of Gwynedd m. Sarah Lawrence d/o Thomas dec'd of Haverford at Gwynedd Meeting House, 5th mo 8, 1755 (Radnor MM records). Witnesses: column 1 - Owen Evans, John Evans, Samuel Humphrey, John Jones, Jesse Jones, Abraham Musgrave, Rowland Evans, William Davis, Hugh Jones, Jephtha Lewis, William Foulke, William Jones. column 2 - Catherine Jones, Elizabeth Davids, Jane Jones, Ellin Evans, Hannah Foulke, Susanna Evans, Jane Evans, Catherine Evans, Elizabeth Evans, Mary Griffith, Ellinor Lawrence, Hannah Lawrence, Ann Jones, Mary Jones, Mary Hayes, Hannah Llewellyn, Mary Evans. column 3 (under groom and bride) - Evan Griffith, Sarah Lawrence, Phineas Griffith, Joseph Griffith, David Lawrence, Jane Lawrence, William Lawrence, Daniel Lawrence, Elizabeth Lawrence, Anne Griffith, Rebecca Griffith, Elizabeth Evans, Cadwalader Jones.

p. 36-1, Griffith Amos, wife Sarah
children (with birthdates):
Hannah b. 8-19-1756
Ellin b. 5-27-1759
Amos b. 8-28-1760, d. 8-22-1822

p. 36-1
Griffith, Amos d. 3-31-1773

1783-11-25 Ellin Griffith and Joseph Shoemaker reported married

p. 36-1, Eli Griffith d. 11-13-1806 (child of Amos and Sarah)

p. 36-1
Griffith, Amos son of Amos and Sarah m. Phebe daughter of Nathan and Ruth Cleaver - Phebe b. 2-26-1769, d. 3-11-1798
children (with birthdates): Amos, b. 1-3-1796

This second Amos (son of Amos and Sarah) married second Mary Shoemaker May 3, 1803 at Gwynedd Meeting.

He may have had yet another previous wife as he appears in the 1790 census with a female and a younger male: 1790 US census, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA, page 25- line 14 Griffith, Amos : 2 males 16 & up, 1 male <16, 1 female, 0 others, 0 slaves.

p. 36-1, Griffith, Sarah daughter of Amos and Mary b. 2-14-1804, d. 11-7-1805

p. 78-6, Eli Griffith dismissed by the Orthodox Meeting for joining the Hicksite Friends Meeting.

ii) Ann Griffith (b. 11-13-1712) married James Boone (whose first wife was Mary Foulke).

Gwynedd MM, 1757-10-25 Ann Griffith and James Boone: reported married

25, 8mo., 1757, Exeter MM: James BOONE request certificate to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting in order to proceed in marriage with Ann GRIFFITH, daughter of Evan GRIFFITH;

iii) Cadwallader Griffith (b. 11-4-1718, which translates to Feb 4. 1718/9)

p. 354-1, 1746-6-26 Cadwallader Griffith dismissed from membership

Is this the Cadwallader Griffith who married Hannah Foster? I don't know. All I can say is the dates fit and he appears to have children named Evan and Jane which are the names of the parents of this Cadwallader Griffith. Also there is no other Cadwallader Griffith in my database. If you have more information contact James Quinn.

iv) Elizabeth Griffith (b. 1-7-1707) m. Edward Evans

Gwynedd MM, p. 179-1 1735-3-20 Elizabeth Griffith daughter of Evan of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co.,PA m. Edward Evans of Philadelphia County at Gwynedd MH

Philadelphia MM, 1762, 4, 30. Elizabeth Evans, widow of Edward, received on certificate from Gwynedd dated 1761, 11, 29. It appears that Elizabeth may have gone back and forth between Gwynedd and Philadelphia from time to time. One could speculate that this Edward Evans is the one that Howard Jenkins identifies as "late of South St., Philadelphia", the son of Evan Evans and grandson of Robert and Ellen Evans (source 1797-1815 Evans family record), but there are other candidates for this Edward Evans.

The mother of Edward Evans is named Margaret and she marries (1) the father of Edward Evans, (2) Thomas Owen of Salford twp. and (3) Evan Griffith, the father of Elizabeth Griffith who marries her son Edward.

Margaret has a daughter, presumably a sister of Edward Evans, named Katherine who marries Hugh Jones (d. 1758 in Hatfield twp.).

Here are some details concerning this Evans family. First the list of those signing the wedding of Elizabeth Griffith and Edward Evans:

Column 3 contains parents and male relatives: Evan Griffith [father of bride], Margrt Owen [mother of groom], Amos Griffith [brother of bride], Hugh Jones [brother in law of groom and possible step uncle of bride], Katherine Jones [sister of the groom], Phineas Griffith [brother of bride], Thomas Davis [uncle of bride through mother], Elizabeth Davis [aunt of bride m. Tho Davis], Caddr Jones [uncle of the bride through mother], John Humphrey [step grandfather of bride], Enos Lewis [relationship unknown], Joseph Griffith [brother], Caddr Griffith [brother of bride], Amos Evans [nephew of groom], Griffith Griffith [First cousin of bride], Evan Griffith [First cousin of bride], Humphrey Jones [step uncle of the bride].

Column 2 contains female relatives: Ann Griffith [sister of bride], Ellin Griffith [sister of bride], Jane Lues? [sister of bride? or is next], Jane William, Eliza Evans [possibly an aunt of the groom?], Ellin Evans [possibly an aunt of the groom?], Jane Lewis [nee Jane Jones d/o Wm John and m. Enos Lewis above], Gainor Davis, Ann Jones [aunt of bride], Rachel Jones, Gainor Jones [grandmother of the bride], Ann Roberts, Margt Jones, Eliza Morgan, Jane Jones, Hannah ffoulk, Jane Evans Jr.

The Evans family of Gwynedd twp. is conspicuous by their absence.

Here is the list of those signing the marriage certificate of this couple's surviving parents to each other the following year:

Evan Griffith, Gwynedd, widower m. Margaret Owen, widow of same at Gwynedd mh, 9th mo 23, 1736. Col 2, under bride and groom: Amos Griffith (son of groom), Edward Evans (son of bride), Elizabeth Evan (daughter of groom), Hugh Jones (son in law of bride), Cath Jones (daughter of bride), Nath. Jones (grandson of bride). In Column 1 are the Quaker elders and overseers: John Humphries, Caddr Evans Sen., Owen Evans, Thos Foulk, Jane Evans.

Here are some relevant will abstracts:

THOMAS OWEN, Sulford, Co. of Philadelphia. 6 mo. 7, 1733/4. August 29, 1733. E.254.
Wife: Margaret. Sister: Ann. Brother-in-Law: John Morris. Son-in-Law: Edward Evans. Daughter-in-Law: Katherine Jones. Grandchildren: Nathan, Gainor, Jane and Margaret Jones. Nieces: Joan, Mary, Margaret and Elizabeth Morris.
Nephew and Exec: John Morris Junr.
Trustees: Owen Evan, Rowland Hugh.
Wit: Robert Jones, John Mathias, Thos. Phillip (his mark).

HUGH JONES, Hatfield, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. April 23, 1758. August 24, 1758. L.145.
Wife: Catharine. Mother: Margaret Griffith.
Children: Amos, Mary, Nathan, Jane and Margaret.
Cousin: Ellis Pugh.
Trustees: Amos Griffith, Joseph Griffith, Rowland Evans.
Exec: Catherine and Amos Jones.
Wit: Nicholas Gelis, Abram Rutt, John Roberts.

Its not clear how Ellis Pugh (m. Jane Langworthy) is a cousin.

The most interesting will is that of Edward Evans' sister Catherine (widow of Hugh Jones) who names all the children or Edward Evans and Elizabeth Griffith:

CATHERINE JONES, Hatfield. Phila. Co. Widow. 6 July 176?. December 26, 1767.
Cousin and Exec.: Amos Griffith.
Children: Nathan, Amos, Mary (Morgan), Margaret (wife of Thomas Morgan), Jane and Gainor.
Grandchildren: Hannah, Samuel, Hugh, Israel and Phebe Jones. Isea Christian Morgan and Isaac, Catheren, Richard and Mary Morgan.
Cousins and Trustees: Evan Evans and Evan Edwards.
Nieces and Nephews: Jane, Evan, Catherine, Elizabeth, Jehu, Margaret and Ellin (children of brother Edward Evans).
Wit: Samuel Tennis and Evan Edwards. O.179

Edward Evans and Elizabeth had a daughter, Catherine Evans, who married William Luken (b. 2 mo, 23, 1733/4) on 10 mo., 20, 1762 at Gwynedd and had Mary Lukens (b. 1764, m. Humphrey Ellis, s/o Isaac Ellis and Mary Norman), Elizabeth Luken (b. abt 1765, m. John Free), Amos Luken b. 1775 (m. Sarah Tyson, d/o James Tyson and Sarah Harper) and Joseph Luken b. abt 1779 who married Sarah Hoopes (b. 4 April 1780).

Son Jehu Evans is probably the one on the 1782 Towamencin twp. tax list and probably was an administrator of the estate of Joseph GRIFFITH of Gwynedd, (estate settled February 4, 1792. Amos Griffith, Jehu Evans, adms.)

Our best guess is that the parents of Edward and Katherine Evans are Evan Evans and Margaret Griffith (who marries Evan Griffith just discussed). We also surmise that Margaret is the daughter of Edward and Katherine Griffith of Merion, based on Katherine Griffith's will and the fact that Margaret's children are named Edward and Katherine and the dates fit. Two other children of Edward and Katherine marry members of the Gwynedd Evans family (i.e. go here). Unfortunately there is little to go on from the marriage certificates one way or the other.

v) Joseph Griffith (b. 12-10-1716) m. Rebecca

p. 366-1 1747-1-31 Joseph Griffith got certificate to Abington MM to marry

p. 378-1 1747-8-27 Rebecca Griffith received on certifcate from Abington MM dated 7-28-1747

In the 1790 US census Joseph is between Benjamin Harry and Samuel Evans, and not far from Amos Griffith (Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA): page 25- line 16, Griffith, Joseph, 2 males 16 & up, 0 males <16, 2 females, 0 others, 0 slaves.

Thought to be the Joseph Griffith of Gwynedd whose estate was administered in 1792 by Amos Griffith and Jehu Evans.

vi) Phineas Griffith (possibly born 5-22-1711) m. Margaret Lukens and Elizabeth Rakestraw

A month or so before his marriage the Gwynedd MM minutes show that his membership was under question and that he had been in Virginia for a while. A personal appearance and letters telling of his good character while out of state were enough for the meeting to keep him in membership.

Gywnedd MM:

1748/9-11-31 Phineas Griffith and Margaret Lukens reported married

1756-6-29 Phineas Griffith and Elizabeth Rakestraw reported married

p. 1-3 1767-3-31, Phineas Griffith dismissed for disunity

p. 76-3 1769-11-28 Elizabeth Griffith (wife of Phineas) and daughter Sarah: granted certificate to Philadelphia MM

p. 174-3 1774-5-31 Elizabeth Griffith: wife of Phineas & daughter Sarah received on certificate from Philadelphia MM Northern District, dated 1-25-1774

p. 230-3 1776-11-26 Sarah Griffith, daughter of Phineas, got certificate to Exeter MM

Philadelphia MM:'

1770, 12, 28. Elizabeth Griffith, wife of Phineas and daughter Sarah received on certificate from Gwynedd MM dated 1769, 11, 28.

c) John Griffith m. Grace Foulke (daughter of Edward Foulke and Ellin Hugh) and also married Margaret

John and Evan Griffith sign one after the other as cousins of the bride or groom in the marriage certificate of Thomas Foulke, eldest s/o Edward, Gwynedd m. Gwen Evans, eldest d/o David, of Radnor, at Gwynedd mh, 4th mo 27, 1706.

John Griffith, s/o Griffith John, Merion and Grace Foulke, d/o Edward, Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 6, 1707

will abstract:

JOHN GRIFFITH, Merion, County of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 10 mo. 29, 1743. February 2, 1743. G.87.
Children: Edna, Susanna, Evan and Griffith.
Servant: Robert Jones.
Exec: Evan Griffith.
Trustees: James and Evan Jones, Richard George.
Wit: Edward and Jacob Jones.


i) Susanna m. (1) Robert Naylor and (2) John Adamson

Gwynedd MM records - p. 92-1 1742-5-25 Susanna Griffith received on certificate (not sure from which monthly Meeting, probably Haverford)

Gwynedd MM 1744-4-26 Griffith, Susanna and Robert Naylor reported married

Bucks County Will Book 2.78. Robert Naylor, of Warrington Twp., Yeoman. February 11, 1746/7. Proved March 27, 1747.
Wife Susanna, extx. to sell 150 acres on which I live and lot of 20 acres in Merion. Son John Naylor (under 14 yrs). Bro. Richard Naylor, Bro-in-law John Williams and cousins Edward Foulke and Amos Griffith, Trustees and Overseers. Wit: Robert Nixon, Thomas Nixon, George Shoemaker.

By deed, May 12, 1752, John Adamson and wife Susanna conveyed all their moiety in the 37 1/2 acres, given Susanna and Edna by their father in his will, to David Evans, husband of Edna.

ii) Griffith m. Hannah

Griffith GRIFFITHS. County of Philadelphia. 12 mo. (February) 13, 1747/8. April 11, 1748. G.236.
Wife: Hannah. Children: Lewis and Sarah.
Exec: Hannah Griffiths.
Trustees: James and Evan Jones, and Richard George.
Wit: Evan Griffith and Edward Price.

Buried at Merion MH.

iii. Edna Griffith m. 1, 5, 1735-6 at Merion Meeting, David Evans, son of Hugh Evans (click link to see more.) She died 1747 and was buried at Merion Meeting leaving surviving children Rees, Hannah, John and Priscilla.

iv and i) Ellis and Thomas Griffith. Died young, both buried at Merion MH on 8 mo. 6, 1734. - more can be found HERE.

vi) Evan Griffith mentioned in father's will...

3. Edward Griffith of Merion (whose daughters married Thomas and Robert Evans)

Robert Evan, s/o Owen of Gwynedd and Ellin Griffith, d/o Edward of Upper Merion at Radnor mh, 3rd mo 30, 1717.

Thomas Evans, s/o Owen of Gwynedd, yeoman m. Elizabeth Griffith, d/o Edward of Merion dec'd, at Radnor mh, 4th mo 30, 1720

will abstract of Edward Griffith's widow:

GRIFFITH, KATHERINE. Merrion, Pro. of Penna. Widow.
Proved July 19, 1750. J.283.
Children: Elizabeth, Sarah and Margaret Evans, and Thomas.
Grandchildren: Children of Elizabeth and Margaret Evans, children of Katherine Jones decd., Owen and Peter Evans, Katherine Jones, Katherine Williams, children of Sarah Williams.
Exec: Elizabeth Evans, Sarah Williams.
Wit: Thamer Thomas, Thos. Thomas, Rebecca George.

We believe the Margaret Evans in the will above is Margaret, wife of (1) Evan Evans, (2) Thomas Owen and (3) Evan Griffith.

See Evans descendancy for more.

4. Evan Hugh m. Anne Cadwallader ap Hugh (children named Pugh)

Howard Jenkins (1897):  "One of the original settlers in Gwynedd township, Pennsylvania. His house would have been just above North Wales on the eastern side of Sumneytown Pike. At his death, he sold 454 of his 1068 acres (200 to Meredith David and 150 to John Roberts) and divided the rest equally to his two sons Hugh and David. Hugh got the end of tract containing the "house and settlement." Son David's tract adjoined Hugh's and extended across the Worcester township line. "Both the brothers in a few years sold their tracts: Hugh, his, in 1718 to Cadwallader Foulke (Edward's son), for 180 pounds, and David, his to Humphrey Bate, who had married his mother Anne, the widow of Evan ap Hugh."

This is a very unusual family, in that there is not one descendant on Worldconnect. It appears that Anne moved back to Worcester township, so perhaps had a little of the original tract left, or she had relatives living on the old tract. We know that Evan Hugh is not the son of Hugh Griffith, as that Evan Hugh marries Bridget Jones in 1705 (and Hugh Griffith signs as his father). Note there are several other Evan Pughs in lines 5 and 6 following that can be confused with this man as well (Pugh = ap Hugh).

T.A. Glenn in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, p. 173 says he (Evan Hugh) may be a son of Hugh Cadwalader ap Rhys and thus a brother of Edward Foulke's wife and William John's wife. Thus, like the other settlers of Gwynedd, he is probably from Merioneth or Denbighshire in Wales. Glenn adds, that his wife Anne is a daughter of Cadwalader ap Hugh (sister to David Cadwalader ap Hugh, of Gwynedd, d. 1701) . Glenn then makes the mistake of combining this line with line 5 (Evan Pugh m. Grace).

He was executor on this will: (brother in law according to Glenn):

DAVID CADWALADER ap HUGH. November 23, 1700. October 23, 1701. B. 192. and B484
Nephew Hugh ap Edward. Numerous debtors all Welshmen mentioned.
Original missing.
Overseers: Brother Evan ap Hugh and Edward Foulke.
Witnesses: Robert John, Edward Griffith, Edward Foulke.
Not recorded and original missing. Proved October 23, 1701 by Robert Jones and Edward Foulke, two of the witnesses.
Letters testamentary to Evan Hugh, the Executor.

Here is his own will abstract:

May 21, 1703. June 7, 1704. B. 352.
Wife Anne, Son David. Other children, names not given. Nephew Hugh Edward. Overseers: John Humphreys, Edward Foulke, Robert John.
Witnesses: Thomas Edward, Humphrey Bate, John Roberts.

We have not found him in the Gwynedd records and there is no reason yet to suppose he was a Friend. After his death, his wife married Humphrey Bate who was a Baptist. Her will abstract names four children by Evan Hugh:

ANN BATE. of Worcester Twp., Phila., Co. (widow), March 10, 1732 and Proved March 28, 1739. F.109.
Children: Jane (wife of John Ellis) Margaret (wife of John Foulk), David Pugh, Hugh Pugh. Executors.
Grandchildren: John and Evan Ellis, Anna Gwyn (wife of John Gwyn) Morris Gwyn, Evan and Daniel Pugh, Anna, Mary and Margaret Pugh.
Trustees: Humphrey Jones and Thomas Davies.
Wit: John Shannon, Mathias Rittenhouse and Thomas Hughes.

With Humphrey Bate, Ann had one daughter named Martha, whose stone is the oldest in the Gwynedd burial ground (In 1714 Quakers did not use burial markers on principle, but Humphrey Bate was a Baptist. This stone caused a minor controversy).

Here is the will abstract of Anne's second husband:

HUMPHREY BATE. Bristol, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman.
September 2, 1727/8. October 2, 1727. E.61.
Wife: Ann. Brother: Joseph. Stepchildren: Hugh and David Pugh.
Nephews and Nieces: Margret, Ellinor, Joseph and Humphrey Bate, John and Rebecca Bate, Thomas, William and Jane Bate (in Great Brittain).
Friends: John Ellis, Benjamin Jones, Evan Ellis. Grandchild: Anne Jones.
Exec: Joseph Bate, Hugh Pugh.
Wit: Samuel Whiteacre (his mark), James Richard (his mark), Edward Rees.

Children of Evan ap Hugh and Ann:

i) Hugh Pugh

1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list. Hugh Pugh is found in Worcester twp. (where his mother's will was written in 1732).

Hugh's family is found in a detailed genealogy on line with Google Books, "The Thomas Family of Hilltown, Bucks, Penn'a", by Edward Mathews published in 1884, which says "He married Mary Harris and removed to Montgomery county above Norristown in Lower Providence settling on land where afterwards was Fitzsimmons tavern. His children seven in number were Ann, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Rachel, Evan, and Daniel. Ann manied Owen Rodgers, Mary married a Mr. Brittain, Elizabeth to Howell Griffith, Hannah to David Mathias, Rachel to Abraham Morris, Evan remained a bachelor and Daniel to Rebecca Thomas." This list of children matches well with the list in Ann Bate's will above. We speculate that Mary Harris is the daughter of Daniel Harry and Sibyl Price who had a daughter of that name of the right age and lived nearby (thus Hugh names a son Daniel). This family is Baptist. The author Mathews speculated that Hugh Pugh was an emigrant from Wales about 1725 (he is off by 27 years, as he came as a child with his father).

Ann's grandson Daniel Pugh,son of Hugh Pugh, married Rebecca Thomas (d/o John Thomas, a Baptist elder of Hilltown twp., Bucks Co.) and lived in Hilltown, Bucks Co.

ii) David Pugh

Nothing more yet...

iii) Jane Pugh m. (1) David Jones and (2) John Ellis

Jane married first:

DAVID JONES, Bristol Township, Philadelphia County. Yeoman.
January 24, 1719. March 5, 1719/20. D. 147.
Daughter Anne.
Executrix: Wife Jane.
Trustees: Father-in-law Humphrey Bate and John Meriddith.
Witnesses: Jacob Leech, John Potts and Thomas Leech.

The daughter, Anne (wife of John Gwyn) is also mentioned in the will of Ann Bate, above. Her marriage to John Gwinn is in the records of Christ Church (Philadelphia):  1732, Oct. 7, Gwinn, John, and Anne Jones.

By her second husband, John Ellis, Jane had two children mentioned in her mother's will: John and Evan and perhaps more. Note that Humphrey Bate mentions a friend named Evan Ellis, probably related to John Ellis.

iv) Margaret Pugh m. (1) a Jones and (2) John Foulk

We do not know who this John Foulk was, which is unusual in that the Foulke family of Gwynedd has been well studied. Perhaps this is a different Baptist line...

Christ Church (Philadelphia) Marriage: 1735, Sept. 29, Foulke, John, and Margaret Jones.

Note on the Gwyn surname found in the will of Ann Bate:

Gwyn (Gwynn, Gwin, Gwinn, Guin, Guinn) is not a common name in Pennsylvania so it is odd we cannot locate the persons of that name mentioned in Ann's will. There is a John Gwyn in Maryland with a wife Anna, which might fit one grandchild. There is a Morris Gwyn, also of Maryland born about the same time. However, there is a Morris Gwyn mentioned in the Abington will of Rachel Roberts (daughter of John Roberts who dies 1747, not to be confused with two other John Roberts of Abington).

ROBERTS, RACHEL. Abington, Co. of Philadelphia. Spinster. May 8, 1750. March 30, 1751. J.388. Brother: Charles. Brother-in-Law: Morris Gwyn. Niece: Izable Parks. Exec: Morris Gwyn, Samuel Boulton. Wit: John Mason, Barbara Cassel (her mark), Jno. Doreland.

and her father:

ROBERTS, JOHN. Abington, Philadelphia Co. Yeoman. February 17, 1747. March 12, 1747. H.505. Children: Joseph, John, Mathew, Charles, Alice, Patience and Rachel. Sons-in-law: John Taylor, Joseph Walton and James Delworth. Exec: Son Charles. Wit: John Webster, William Webster and Malachi Jones. [ Joseph Walton = Sarah Roberts - various undocumented Worldconnect lines; The James Dilworth we did not identify, could be the one with wife named Mary and a will in 1793 in Bristol twp., Philadelphia. Malachi Jones is the minister of Abington Presbyterian Church]

There are no Gwyn wills in Philadelphia County. There is a marriage in Abington Presbyterian Church: 1735, Aug. 6, between Hannah Gwin and Joshua Jones.

5. Evan Pugh (m. Grace) whose descendants took the last name Evan, and Robert & Richard Pugh his brothers

Evan and Robert sign about where we would expect first cousins of the bride or groom would sign on these certificates

David Jones, Gwynedd m. Lowry Robert, of same, at Gwynedd m.h. 9th mo. 24, 1704. Witnesses: Column 1: Jane Robt, Ellin ffoulk, Jane Rees, Grace ffoulk, Margrett Jones, Jane Jones, Ann Edward. Col. 2: Thomas Evan, Hugh Griffith, Edd ffoulk, Robert Thomas, John Hugh, Owen Evan, Cadd. Evan, Meredith David, Robert Jones. Col. 3. Griffith Jones, Rees Price, Thomas ffoulk, Hugh ffoulk, Cadd ffoulk, Hugh Evan. Col 4 (under bride and groom): John Robert, Ellis Robert, William Roberts, Evan Robert, Cadd. Robert, Morris Robert, Evan Hugh, Robert Pugh, Nicholas Robert, Jon Davis, Rowland Robert.

Hugh Evans, s/o Robert of Gwynedd m. Margaret Robert d/o Edward of same, yeoman at Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 23, 1719. Wit: Robert Evan, Edward Roberts, Evan Evans, Rbt Roberts, Wm Robert, Richard Kinderdine, Cadder Foulke, Thos Evan, Owen Evan, Caddr Evan, Jno Humphrey, Rbt Humphrey, Rbt Pugh, Jno Cadwalader, Edward Foulke, Jno Hugh, Jno Williams, Evan Pugh, Ellis Lewis, Thos Evans Jr., Hugh Griffith, Evan Robert. middle column: Ellin Evans, Anne Robt, Anne Rbts, Sarah Kenderdine, Ellin Roberts, Mary Foulke, Jane Evans, Eliza Evans, Jane Rbts, Ellin Siddon, Susana Siddon, Sarah Pugh, Hannah Siddon, Ellin Foulke, Gainor Humphrey, Jane Hugh, Eliza Thomas, Margt Williams, Catherine Williams, Gwen Foulke, Ellin Hugh, Margarett Hugh, Gainor Hugh, Ellin Evans.

Conclusion: They appear to be from Merioneth or nearby in Wales.

All three men appear to be Friends (Quakers) as they all subscribe to building a new meeting house for Gwynedd in 1712.

a) Evan Pugh m. Grace

Evan Pugh is not to be confused with Evan Griffith (m. Bridget Jones), son of Hugh Griffith and Mary who uses the name Evan Hugh on one marriage certificate. Nor should he be confused with the Evan Hugh who died in 1704 in Gwynedd and was married to Ann. T. A. Glenn, in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, p. 173, makes this second mistake and combines the two Evan Pughs.

His will (copied from P. J Evans' Worldconnect database, )

dated 16, 11th mo, 1725/6

Be it Known unto all whom it may concern by these presents that I Evan Pugh of Gwynedd in the County of Philada & province of Pensilvania yeoman being weak of Body but of a Sound mind & Memory praise be therefore given to almighty God do make & Ordain this my Last will & Testament in manner & form following vizt ffirst & principally I recomend my Body Soul & Spirit into my Saviours & Creators hands all his & my Body to be Decently Interreed according to the Discretion of my Executrix herein after named & touching such Temporall Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bestow upon me I Give Devise & dispose thereof as followeth

vizt ffirst I will that all my Just Debts & ffunerall Expences be paid and Discharged

Secondly I Give & Bequeath unto my Daughter Ellin the Sum of Ten pounds in mony due upon Bond from my Son Cadwalader Also I Give her Ten pounds more or the value thereof in Household Goods or other necessary things

Thirdly I Give unto my Son in Law Evan Roberts ffive Shillings & also five Shillings to Robert Hugh my Son in Law & to John Richard my Son in Law ffive Shillings likewise I Give to my Son Hugh Evan ffive shillings and to my Son Cadwalader Evan ffive Shillings Also I Give him Three Augers Three Chisells A Broad Axe & a Hand Saw and to my Daughter Ellin ffive Shillings more Also I Give & Bequeath unto my Brother Robert Pugh my best Coat Jackett & breaches & also my best great Coat

Lastly I Give & Bequeath unto my well beloved Wife Grace Pugh all the rest & residue of my personall Estate Goods Cattles & Chattells household Stuff Bills Bonds & ready money whom I also Constitute nominate & app oint to be my only & Sole Executrix of this my Last Will & Testament he reby revoaking & declaring null & void all former Wills & Testaments he retofore by me made In Witness where of I have hereunto put my Hand & Seal this Sixteenth Day of the Eleventh Month called January In the year o f our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred & Twenty ffive six 1725/6

Evan Pugh E his mark O

Signed Sealed Acknowledge published & Declared In the

presence of us Thomas ffoulke Hugh ffoulke

This will mentions his brother Robert Pugh, who is not to be confused with Robert Hugh, son of Hugh Griffith. who married Evan Pugh's daughter Catherine.

i) Hugh Evan m. Mary Robert

Hugh Evan, eldest son of Evan Pugh, of Gwynedd married Mary Robert daughter of Robert John who lived and died in Merioneth, Wales, at a public meeting in Gwynedd, 3rd mo 25, 1716. Wit: Col 1 under bride and groom: Evan Pugh [father], Cadw. Evan [brother], William Robert, Edward Robert, John Robert, Rbt Pugh [uncle], Edward Foulke, Hugh Jones, Joseph Jones, Evan Robert, Edward Robert, Thos Foulke, Edwd Rees, Ellis Pugh, Abell Thomas, Robt William, Edwd William, John Humphrey, John Hugh, Rowland Richard, Hugh Griffith, Theo Williams, Ellis Hugh, John Griffith, Rowland Evans; Middle Column: George Lewis, Wm Robert, Hugh Foulke, Hum Jones, Wm Williams, Ellis Robert, Jno Robert, Robt Humphreys, Hugh Robert. Women in right column: Mary Jones, Grace Pugh, Jane Robert, Jane Robert, Gainor Jones, Margaret Williams, Johan? Hugh, Margt Hugh, Sarah Pugh, Anne Robert, Catherine Evan, Ellin Pugh, Margt Pugh, Ann Robert, Gainor Musgrave, Martha Thomas, Gainor Humphrey, Margt Roberts, Ellin Robert, Cath William, Ann Foulke, Eliz Roberts, Ellin Hughs.

Analysis of those signing: 1. Grace Pugh, mother of groom, 2. Jane Roberts, mother of bride or sister of groom; 3. Jane Roberts, sister of groom ... left column: 1. Evan Pugh, father of groom, 2. Cadw. Evan, brother of groom, 3-5. Wm, Edward and Jno Roberts are probably brothers or uncles of the bride, 6. Robt Pugh, uncle of groom, etc.

From the above it appears that Mary Robert had brothers named William, Edward and John and her mother is named Mary Jones. Edward Roberts of Gwynedd (m. Anne Humphrey) is likely to be one of the brothers and William Roberts of Goshen, Abington and Whitpain another (he married a Jane.) The identification of the John Roberts is more problematical, due to him not appearing on any of the marriage certificates of Edward's children. Perhaps this is John Roberts of Abington (m. Jane). William of Whitpain names a brother Edward in his will and William and Jane Roberts appear on the marriage certificates of Edward's children. It is tempting to assign Mary as the daughter of Robert John, son of John ap Evan of Penmaen (see Griffith John below), but we would like a little more data before making this assignment.

ii) Catherine Evan m. Robert Hugh (son of Hugh Griffith)

Robert Hugh, s/o Hugh Griffith of Gwynedd m. Catharine Evans d/o Evan Pugh of same at Gwynedd mh, 12th mo 26, 1717. Wit. col. 1 under bride and groom: Hugh Griffith, Evan Pugh, Grace Pugh, David Pugh, Evan Hugh, Griffith Hugh, Hugh Evan, Cadw. Evan, Robert Pugh, Hugh Hugh; Col. 2: Edw Foulke, Evan Pugh, Robt Pugh Jr., Evan Foulke, Hugh Foulke, Cad. Foulke, Jno Griffith, Theo William, Jno Jones, Ellis Hugh, Evan Evans, Wm Morgan, Tho Evans, Rbt Evans, Owen Evan, Cadr Evan, Robt Jones, Jno Humphrey, Jno Robert, William Williams, Rowland Hugh, Mary Evans, Anne Robert, Jane Robert, Bridget Hugh, Jane Hugh, Jane Jones, Cath William, Gainor Jones.

iii) Cadwalader Evan m. Sarah Richards

He married Sarah Richards October 10, 1722 at the home of Katherine Richard, under care of Radnor MM, Chester Co., PA. She was the daughter of Rowland Richard and Catherine Jones, who were early settlers of Tredyfftin township, and a granddaughter of Hugh Jones of Plymouth. Margaret Richard, who married (1) John Longworthy and (2) William Williams of Montgomery twp. was her sister. Her brother, Rowland Richard Jr., of Haverford MM, married Sarah Thomas, of Gwynedd MM, 5 mo., 1716 [Rowland and Sarah were received by Gwynedd MM by certificate 1724-1-31 from Haverford MM], and her brother Samuel Richards, married Elizabeth Evans, daughter of Owen of Gwynedd, 1st day, 2 mo., 1726, at Gwynedd Meeting House. Her sister Ruth also married at Gwynedd MH, on 3 mo., 2, 1729, Robert Evans, son of Owen, late of Gwynedd, dec'd. Witnesses, Thomas, Robert, Cadwallader, Evan, Owen and Ann Evans; Katharine, Rowland, John, Samuel and Lowry Richards etc. Finally John Richards, a brother, seems to have married Lowry Evans, another child of Evan Pugh and Grace (see v. below.)

Sarah's own marriage:  Cadwallader Evans, son of Evan Pugh of Gwynedd and Sarah Richard, daughter of Rowland dec'd of Tredyffrin, Chester Co., at the house of Katharine Richard, 8th mo 10, 1722. Wit: "Evan Pugh, his father", Hugh and Ellin Evan, Katharine, Rowland, John, Samuel and Ruth Richard. and 36 more.

Cadwalader Evan died between 1748-1749 in Norriton twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

This appears to be Cadwalader's daughter in the Gwynedd records

Enos Rogers s/o Robert of Norriton m. Margaret Evans d/o Cadwalader 20 10th mo., 1757. Wit: Robert Roger, Rebecca Roger, John Rees, Katherine Rees, Rachel Evans, Rbt Rogers Jr., Joseph Evans, Evan Evans, Ruth Evans, Jane Roberts, Samuel Richards, Mary Richards, Jacob Thomas and more

This is another of his daughters:

John Reese, son of John Reese of Whitpain and Cathrine Evans, daughter of Cadwalader Evans, 11, 9mo., 1746 at Plymouth MH. Wit. Col 1 (under groom and bride): John Reese, Cadr Evans, Samll Davies, Sarah Evans, Jane Davies, John Bell, Hannah Bell, Ellin Roads, Edward Reese, Elizabeth Reese, Merchant Maulsby, Rose Maulsby. Col 2. Evan Evans, John Evans, Thomas Foulk, Joseph Jones, William Trotter, William Roberts, Samuel Richard, Job Pugh, Phebe Pugh, Aaron Meredith, John Williams, Jane williams, David Roberts, Robert Roberts.

This John Reese was the son of John Rees and Hannah who emigrated from Wales to Whitpain in 1719. Hannah Rees was an overseer of Plymouth Meeting in the 1720s. See our Rees page for more information on this family.

A third daughter, Ruth, married Joshua Dickinson (son of Joshua Dickinson and Elizabeth Morris) on 29 December 1761.

His son, Cadwallader (born 1743), appears to have removed to York County, PA and married there at Warrington Meeting on April 26, 1770 (1) Eleanor Thomas, daughter of John and Rebecca (Jones) Thomas and (2) on November 22, 1781 at Warrington, Sarah Cadwallader, daughter of James and Mary. Signing both marriage certificates are Joshua and Ruth (Evans) Dickinson (his sister.)

iv) Jane Evan m. Evan Roberts

Howard Jenkins mentions that the marriage Jane Evan d/o Evan Pugh to Evan Roberts occurred at Gwynedd meeting house, 3rd mo 3, 1709 (Radnor MM records.) This does not appear to be Evan Roberts, son of Robert Ellis as he clearly marries Anne Thomas 1716 at Radnor Meeting and Jane Evan is still alive at that time. Instead Evan Robert belongs to a large family of siblings who settle in Gwynedd and Montgomery, which, in addition to Evan, include John, Ellis, William, Jane and Lowry Robert.

Here are the will abstracts of her husband and herself:

EVAN ROBERTS, Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 5 mo. 24, 1750. July 25, 1761. M.153.
Children: David, Robert, Ellis, William and Grace. Trustees: John Roberts, William Foulke.
Exec: Wife Jane and son William.
Wit: John Jones, Thomas [his mark] and Rowland Evans.
Codicil: 8 mo. 6, 1752.
Wit: Rowland Evans, Edward Evans.

JANE ROBERTS, Widow of Evan Roberts (decd.) Gwynedd. Phila. Co.
August 23, 1763. January 23, 1773.
Children: Robert, David, Ellis, William, Grace.
Exec.: William Roberts.
Trustees: Joshua Richards, Evan Evans.
Wit: Methusalem Evans, David Akhoff, Chas. Maycock. P.348.

v. Lowry Evan m. John Richard.

Eric Alexander wrote to us, "Jim Hazard, a genealogist in Montgomery County, has been doing work for me on a number of my lines, one of which goes back to John Richards, the son of Rowland Richards and Catherine Jones. John Richards married a Lowry Evans sometime after Aug. 28, 1722. Mr. Hazard told me that he believes that this Lowry Evans is the one you have as the unknown daughter of a Evan and Grace Pugh. This makes sense to me given that Evan and Grace Pugh's son Cadwalader Evans married Sarah Richards about the same time and in the same place as John Richards married Lowry Evans. As you noted in your notes regarding Sarah Richards is the sister of the following: 1. Rowland Richards, Jr, who married Sarah Thomas; 2. Samuel Richards, who married Elizabeth Evans; & 3. Ruth Richards, who married Robert Evans. Your notes also indicate that when Sarah's sister Ruth married (1729) Robert Evans, son of Owen, one of her witnesses was a Lowry Richards, who I assume would be the "unknown daughter" you have married to John Richard. Hence, the John Richard you show as marrying Evan and Grace Pugh's "unknown daughter" is the John Richards in my line who married Lowry Evans and whose siblings were, in part, Sarah; Rowland, Jr; Samuel, and Ruth Richards whom you show in your notes for Cadwalader Evans and Sarah Richards."

will abstract for John Richard's father:

ROWLAND RICHARD, Tredyfrun [Tredyffrin], Chester County. April 13, 1720. December 7, 1720. D. 178. Sons Rowland, Isaac and John. Daughters Elizabeth, Gainor, Sarah, Ruth, Margaret and her children John and Mary. Grand-daughter Jane Longworthy. David Powell and John Cadwallader mentioned. Executors: Wife Katherine with sons John and Samuel.
Overseers: Father-in-law Hugh Jones and friends Hugh, William, Hary, David and Robert Jones.
Witnesses: Hugh Jones, Hugh William and Robert Jones.

Gwynedd MM records:

First intentions of the marriage of John Richard and Lowry Evans (Gwynedd MM Women's records) 5th mo, 1722 and second intention to marry, 6 mo., 1722. They were probably married September (7 mo.), 1722.

1723-5mo. (July) -30. Lowery Richard granted certificate to Haverford MM.

Lowry Richards, wife of John died 9 mo., 18, 1730.

Joshua Richard, son of John of Philadelphia County married Mary Dickinson at Plymouth Meeting House, 1747-3-21.

Eric Alexander adds that the only child of John and Lowry was Joshua Richards, born 23, 10 mo., 1723, died Feb. 1785. He married Mary Dickinson May 21, 1747 at Plymouth Meeting House. She was the daughter of Joshua Dickinson and Elizabeth Morris. For more on Joshua Dickinson see our Dickinson web page.

There is a brief description of this family in Roberts' Annals: "Joshua Richards was born 1724, and died 2d mo. to, 1785. The following from the records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting explains his parentage: Married, 3d mo. 21, 1747, Joshua Richards, son of John, of Philadelphia, deceased, and Mary Dickinson, daughter of Joshua, of the same county at Plymouth meeting-house. The witnesses, Joshua, Eliza and Elizabeth Dickinson, Samuel Richards, Joseph Jones, John Rees, and twenty-two others. Joshua and Mary Richards' children were: Caleb, born 9th mo. 8, 1750; Joshua, born 11th mo. 9, 1752, married Margaret Dickinson; Elizabeth, born 2d mo. 9, 1755, died 1st mo. 28, 1756; Mary, Jr., born 11th mo. 4, 1758, died 3d mo. 10, 1761; Abigail, born 10th mo. 29, 1761, died in 1764; Mary (2d) born 10th mo. 16, 1763, died 11 mo. 8, 1840, married a Horn, of New Jersey; John, born 12th mo. 8, 1765, died 4th mo. 22, 1824."

b) Robert Pugh m. Sarah Evans

He married a daughter of Evan ab Evan (son of Evan Robert Lewis) named Sarah. In the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. XXIV, p. 206 is the statement, "Sarah the Daughter of the said Evan ab Evan had issue by Evan Pugh two Sons and four Daughters." Howard Jenkins in his Evans genealogy (Historical Collections of Gwynedd, page 149) also says Sarah Evan (daughter of Evan ab Evan and sister to the Evans brothers) married Robert Pugh, and his source is usually the 1797 Evans genealogy compied by Rowland Evans, son of Cadwalader Evans. Sarah Evans would be a niece to Griffith ab Evan (line 1 above).

There are some notes in Lola Galloway's Worldconnect database. Her source is Historical Records of Old Frederick and Hampshire Counties, Virginia (Revised), by Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D., ISBN 1-55613-592-0 which states, "Robert PUGH, of near Bala, Co. Merioneth, Yeoman, removed to Gwynedd, Pa., 1698. Church of England (editor of this web page: he is in the Gwynedd Meeting Records, so is a Quaker in Pennsylvania, but probably not in Wales). Freeholder of 200 acres in Gwynedd. Wife, Sarah, daughter of Evan Lloyd Evan of Ucheldre. Children: Sarah, who married Samuel Bell; Mary, Who married Rowland Roberts, Evan, who married Mary and removed to VA., soon after 1698. Ellen, married John Rogers (The descendants of Robert Pugh were the ancestors of the Capon Valley PUGHs)." We suspect Kerns' source is Howard Jenkins, but do not have Kerns' book.

Gwynedd MM record: page 64- book 1 Robert Pugh, and his wife Sarah had children:
Evan b. 5-20-1699
Robert b. 5-15-1702
Jane b. 1-25-1705
Sarah b. 8-24-1707
Sidney b. 5-20-1710

i) Mary Pugh m. Rowland Roberts

The following marriage certificate is Robert Pugh's daughter Mary.

Rowland Roberts, Montgomery m. Mary Pugh d/o Robert Pugh of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 1, 1713

Rowland Roberts was a well known Quaker minister, farmer and inn keeper in Montgomery township: Clarence Roberts 1940 p. 15, Quotes Welsh Founders of PA, vol II, p. 111, by Thos A Glenn. "Rowland Roberts, s. Robert Cadwalader; b. in Penllyn; baptized at Llanycil 29 March 1685; Remd. to Gwynedd, Penna. and d. at Montgomery, 7 mo. 22, 1749. He m. 1st, 3 mo. 1, 1713, Mary Pugh, dau. of Robert and Sarah, of Gwynedd; and m. 2dly, Ann Bennett, of Abington, wid. Rowland Roberts was a minister among Friends." After his wife died he married Anne, the widow of Henry Bennett of Abington and they traveled to Wales and elsewhere as traveling Quaker ministers. He had a tavern/inn at the corner of today's Bethlehem Pike and Upper State Road in Montgomery township. Some of his children by Mary Pugh (she died February 2, 1715/16) are alluded to in his will:

ROBERTS, ROWLAND. Mountgomery, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 7 mo. 12, 1749/50. proved October 10, 1749. J.176.
Daughters-in-Law: Hannah Jones (2 small lots of land, one being on the Great Road opposite the tavern erected on my premises; the other between another road and Joseph Ambler's house) and Mary Davis (I devise the same to my dau in law Mary Davis).
Son-in-Law: James Williams (one dun filly).
Son Eldad the plantation I now live, except the two lots; also two old working horses, a mare and remainder of time of a servant lad called James Bryan, he to pay my wife Anne Roberts 100 lbs.
Wife Anne all personal estate, she to live where we ow live; to have firewood.
Exec: Eldad Roberts.
Wit: George Lewis (his mark), Joseph Ambler, John Evans.

(besides Eldad, Rowland Roberts' children are (1) Priscilla Roberts m. James Williams (son of Rowland Roberts' second wife Ann); (2) Hannah (m. Jones); Mary (m. John Davis); Sarah.

ii) Ellen Pugh m. John Rogers (s/o Roger Roberts and Elizabeth)

Howard Jenkins (1897): "She m. first, John Rogers, and was the mother of Sidney Pickering, a Public Friend." (Evans family Document, 1797) Gwynedd records show marriage of "John Roger, son of Roger Roberts, of Merion," and Ellen Pugh, dau. of Robert, of Gwynedd, at Gwynedd m.h., 4th mo. 21, 1717. The will of Roger Roberts, 1720, mentions his son John Rogers (above) as then living.

Roger Robert (the father) and his sons John, Robert and Owen had come to Merion township from Hendre Mawr, Pennlyn, Merioneth Wales in 1699 (The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M.(Elizabeth Hanebury transcriber). John's mother Elizabeth died in 1700 and was buried in the Merion Meeting House burial ground.

Marriage certificate abstract, Gwynedd MM: John Roger, s/o Roger Roberts of Merion married Ellin Pugh d/o Robert of Gwynedd at Gwynedd meeting house, 4th mo 21, 1717. Wit. Roger Robert, Robert Pugh, Sarah Pugh, Robert Roger, Owen Roger, Evan Pugh Jr., Evan Pugh Sr., Thomas Pugh, Thomas Evan, Owen Evan, Cadw. Evan etc.

This family removes to Frederick Co., VA (now Capon Bridge area of Hampshire County, WV).

Children:  Evan Rogers (m. Hopewell MM, 15 April 1749, Sarah Ballinger d/o Josiah and Mary (Wright) Ballinger); Owen Rogers (m. Lydia); Edward Rogers (m. Hannah Borden); Thomas Rogers; William Rogers (m. Elizabeth Branson); Eleanor Rogers (m. Benjamin Barrett); Sydney Rogers; Elizabeth Rogers (m. Jacob Jenkins).

Will abstract for her father:

ROGER ROBERT, Radnor Township.
July 5, 1720. August 16, 1720. D. 166.
Sons Robert, John and Owen. Daughter Jane. Grand-sons Roger Robert, Roger Pugh. Step-daughters Katherine and Rachel.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Witnesses: Robert Jones, Rees Thomas, William Thomas and Robert Evan.

Roger Robert had been a Friend in Wales, where he shows up in documents detailing the persecution of Friends there. His daughter Jane married Thomas Pugh, a son of Ellis Pugh and Sinah, whose son Jesse Pugh was one of the early settlers of the Capon Bridge, Virginia area (before 1744).

iii) Evan Pugh b. 5-20-1699 (Radnor Records)

Evan was the first recorded birth at "Guineth" in the Haverford records: "Evan mab Robert ap Hugh a Sara oi wraig 20-5-1699"

Gwynedd MM, 75-1 1724/5-12-23 Evan Pugh married contrary to discipline and offered an account

H.M. Jenkins (1897): "He went to Virginia to live. One of his sons became a Baptist minister, and one a justice of the peace, in good circumstances. (Evans family Document of 1797)". Apparently he went to an area of Frederick Co., Virginia which later became Capon Bridge, Hampshire Co., WV. This place was on the supply route between Fort Loudoun (Winchester, VA) and Fort Cumberland (Cumberland, MD) in the French and Indian War, and Hampshire County was depopulated and devestated during this war.

Land grants
Evan Pugh, Sr. - land grant from Lord Thomas Fairfax, Frederick County, VA, April 13, 1752.
Evan Pugh, Jr. - land grant from Lord Thomas Fairfax, Frederick County, VA, April 13, 1752.

He died about 1771 when his will in Hampshire Co., VA was proved.

Children: Jonathan, John, Jacob, Joseph, Evan (b. 1729-1802, a Baptist minister, he removed to North Carolina. Wilmer Kerns put a portion of his journal is on-line) & Robert.

iv) Sarah Pugh m. Samuel Bell

Howard Jenkins: Samuel and Sarah Bell "left one daughter, Hannah, who m. Evan Rees, of Providence township, near Perkiomen, and had several children, one of whom, Samuel Rees married a daughter of Colonel Jacob Stroud, of Northampton County; he [Samuel Rees] lived lately in Providence, and was a few years ago a member of Assembly for Montgomery County, he now lives beyond the Blue Mountains, in Northampton County, where his father-in-law, Stroud lived." His brothers, Evan and Daniel, and sister Sarah still live in Providence, and are of the Baptist Church." (Evans family document from 1797).

v) Robert Hugh b. 5-15-1702 (Radnor MM Records) m. Jane Ellis

So far we have not been able to definitively place the Robert Hugh who married Jane Ellis. Robert Pugh (Gwynedd records) and Richard Pugh (will) both had a son Robert and he is probably the son of one or the other. Unfortunately, he could be the same man as Robert Hugh, son of Hugh Griffith (that man married Catherine Evan, d/o Evan Pugh and Grace in 1717). For now we will put him here, though his use of the name Hugh, instead of Pugh, is worriesome.

Gwynedd MM:  117-1 1729-1-25 Robert Hugh married contrary to discipline and was disowned. The next entry, therefore, may be for a different man...

Gwynedd MM:  40-1 Robert Hugh and wife Jane children: Robert d. 5-16-1745; Ellis d. 5-18-1745; Ellin d. 5-20 1745.

Thus, Robert lost three children in the great epidemic.

ROBERT HUGH, Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. January 23, 1759. Proved March 24, 1759. Philadelphia Will Book L.234.
Children: David, Mary, Jane, William and Ellis.
Trustees: Thomas Evans, Evan Jones.
Exec: David Hugh.
Wit: John Jones, John Jenkins, Evan Jones.

Jane is found to be a daughter of Theodore Ellis

THEODORE ELLIS. Philadelphia. January 24, 1737. Proved April 22, 1738. Philadelphia County Will Book F.66.
Wife: Gwen Ellis.
Children: Griffith, Robert, Rowland and Jane (wife of Robert Hugh).
Exec: Griffith Ellis.
"Overseers" of will: John Edwards, Samuel Evans and John Evans.
Wit: John Davies and Amos Griffith.

The other child of Theodore Ellis and Gwen whose family we have identified is Robert who married Sarah Davies, d/o Meredith and Winifred (Lewis) Davies.

v. Jane Pugh b. 1-25-1705 (Radnor records)

She could be this Jane Pugh from the Gwynedd MM records,1729-9-25: Jane Pugh and Thomas Edward should have been reported married (cannot rule out the daugher of Richard Pugh, next section as this person - perhaps a detailed reading of the records at the Friends Historical Library would reveal more).

vi. Sidney Pugh b. 5-20-1710 (Radnor Records)

c) Richard Pugh of Montgomery township

Evan and Robert Pugh sign the marriage certificate of Richard's daughter Catherine where brothers would sign (very high in up in the column under bride and groom).

Gwynedd MM minutes, page 55- book 1 1719-8-26 Catherine Pugh daughter of Richard of Philadelphia Co., PA married William Morris son of Morris Richard of Merionethshire at Gwynedd MH - abstracted as follows: William Morris s/o Morris Richard of Merionethshire Wales dec'd m.. Catharine Pugh d/o Richard of Montgomery dec'd at Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 26, 1719 at Gwynedd; Wit: John Morris, Evan Pugh, Rbt Pugh, Owen Evan, Cadd Evan, John Humphrey, John Hugh, John Caddw, Tho Foulk, Rbt Evan, John Robt, Richard Lewis, Rbt Tho, Rbt Humphrey, Ellis Pugh, Thomas Davies, Rbt David; middle column Margaret Pugh, Jane Evan, Sarah Pugh, Jane Robert, Lowery Siddon, Ellin Evans, Ellin Hugh, Jane Hugh, Catherine William, Esther Lewis, Jane Jones, Margaret William, Eliz Evans, Catherine Jones, Margaret Thomas, Martha Jones.

William Morris has two siblings: Jane Morris m. Thomas Williams and presumably John Morris (signs first on this marriage certificate). Thomas Allen Glenn, (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, p. 207) lists William Morris' father: "Morris Richard, of Dolgelley, co. Mer., tailor. Died at sea on the voyage to Penna.; Wife, ____; Children (surname Morris): I. William, m., 1719, Catharine Pugh; 2. Jane, m., 1720, Thomas Williams, of Montgomery, Penna. Prob. others." He also lists William Morris (p. 198), "of co. Mer., tailor; s. Morris Richard, of Dolgelley, co. Merl., tailor, who d. at sea on the voyage to Penna. Rmd. to Montgomery Penna., before abt. 1710." T.A. Glenn has a repetitive entry for Jane Morris on p. 197.

will abstract: Richard PUGH, Montgomery Township, Philadelphia County.
September 23, 1715. October 8, 1715. D. 37.
Children: Robert, John, Katherine, Elizabeth, Ann, Margaret and Jane.
Executrix: Wife Margaret.
Overseers: Friends John Humphrey, Oliver Bevan, Cadwallader Evan and Robert Jones.
Witnesses: William Morgan and William Roberts.

The scarcity of persons of this line in the records makes us suspect they removed from Montgomery township at an early date.

Children (from will):

i. Robert Pugh

ii. John Pugh

iii. Catherine Pugh m. William Morris

See 1719 marriage certificate abstract above under Richard Pugh

iv. Elizabeth Pugh

v. Ann Pugh

vi. Margaret Pugh

vii. Jane Pugh

6. Ellis Pugh (m. Sinah) whose descendants kept the last name Pugh

Ellis Pugh was one of the early ministers at Plymouth (and Gwynedd Monthly Meeting). He was associated with Rowland Ellis (of Bryn Mawr) in Wales and was a Quaker minister there about 1680. He was born 6th month (August) 1656 at the farm Pen Rhos, on the estate of Tuydyn y Garreg, in the parish of Dolgelly, Merioneth, Wales according to himself in the biographical preface to Annerch ir Cymru. He emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1686, settling first in Radnor, then in Plymouth. In 1706-7 he visited Wales again and returned to Pennsylvania.

There is an well researched study on his ancestry and life entitled Ellis Pugh, Quaker, in Wales and Pennsylvania by George R. Griffiths, that is on line courtesy of Google Books (Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Vol 29, no. 2, 1975). Griffiths searched the records in Great Britain for clues to the ancestry of Ellis Pugh, with minor success.

Collection of Memorials, 1787 printed in Philadelphia:

An Account of Ellis Pugh, extracted from a Testimony from Gwynedd Monthly Meeting concerning him, and also from a short summary of his life, both of which are prefixed to a book he wrote, called, A Salutation to the Britons, etc.

"Ellis Pugh was born in the parish of Dolgelly, in the county of Merioneth, and dominion of Wales, in the sixth month, 1656. His parents were religious people; but his father died before he was born, and his mother a few days after. In the days of his youth, when going with multitude into folly, it pleased God by his judgment, to stand in his way, and caused him to consider the things that belonged to his soul's everlasting peace. And in the eighteenth year of his age, the Lord visited him more eminently, kindling a zeal in him to serve his Creator more dilligently; having been also reached by the testimony of John ap John, one of the people called Quakers.

God, who promised to be a father to the fatherless, took care of him; and about the year 1680, gave him a part in the ministry of the gospel of Christ, (notwithstanding he was not one of the wise of this world, nor had human learning) yeat he was made a profitable instrument to turn divers from vanity, and to exhort and strengthen many in their spiritual journey."

An Evans family history, written about 1797 gives a contradictory account, and perhaps the author meant someone else: "Ellis Williams of Cai fadog had four Daughters viz: Margaret, Douse, Gwen, & Ellin. The said Ellin married John Morris of Brin Gwin in Denbighshire by her had one daughter named Ellin who married Cadwalader ab Evan late of Gwynedd deceased. Gwenn another daughter of the said Ellis Williams had three children who came to Pennsylvania viz: (1) Ellis Pugh late of Gwynedd deceased (2) Ellin married to Edward Foulke late of Gwynedd dec (3) Jane married to Wm John of Gwynedd also deceased Hence it appears that Thomas Foulke & John Evans were Second Cousins as being each of them great grand children of Ellis Williams above named Evan." (The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography By Historical Society of Pennsylvania Vol. 24, page 203-4. See also section 7, this document). Perhaps the author of this document meant Ellis Hughes, son of the emigrant John Hugh.

From Cecilia Young's worldconnect database... :

"On 16 Oct 1686, Ellis and family left Wales with the Rowland Ellis company, which consisted of about 100 Neighbors of Rowland Ellis. They left Milford Haven, South Wales in a Bristol ship, arrived in Barbados in March 1687 and continued to Philadelphia arriving the middle of May 1687. They and their children settled in Radnor Township, Chestor Co., PA. One source gives Merion, PA as being where Ellis settled first. (Cecilia Young's source seems to be Capon Valley by Maud Pugh. From sheet in Archives sent in by Mrs. Jesse Furby, and there is more in the link above).

Ellis returned once to Wales from 1706 to 1708 to preach. Upon his return to PA, he settled near Plymouth Meeting (one of the preparative Meetings that made up Gwynedd Monthly Meeting).

Shortly before his death Ellis wrote a book, "Annerch ir Cymru, op, cit.," which was published in 1721 by Andrew Bradford. In 1732, it was translated into English by Rowland Ellis."

He left a will:

ELLIS PUGH, Philadelphia County. Mason. November 29, 1718. March 16, 1718. D. 116.
Sons Thomas, Job and Ellis. Son-in-law Ellis Roberts; grand-daughters Katherine and Mary Meridith; Sinah Pugh; grand-son Ellis Pugh; daughter Ellin Davids. Wife's name not given.
Executor: Son Job.
Overseers: Son-in-law Meredith Davids, David Meredith, John Moore and Robert Jones.
Witnesses: John Moore, Evan Griffith, Cadwallader Jones and Robert Jones.

In 1969 Marion Eames, a Welsh writer who lived in Dolgellau, published a semi-fictional account of the events leading up to the emigration to America under the title Y Stafell Ddirgel, since translated into English as "The Secret Room" and a follow up book set in Pennsylvania called Fair Wilderness. Ellis Pugh is a main character in these books, but he is given a fictional family that does not resemble his real family (as far as we can tell).

Children of Ellis Pugh and Sinah:

a) Ellis Pugh m. Mary Evan

Ellis Pugh Jr., Plymouth, eldest son of Ellis Pugh, Merion married Mary Evan daughter of Owen Evan, Gwynedd at a public meeting, 3rd mo., 3, 1708. 3, 3, 1708. Wit: - Thomas, John, Sinah and Job Pugh; Owen, Eliz., Evan, John, Robt. And Thos, Evans, etc..

His widow married second William Robert and her will abstract follows:

Gwynedd MM, 201-1 1736-9-16 Pugh, Mary, Phila Co., PA married Wm Robert at Gwynedd Meeting House.

will abstract: MARY ROBERTS, Gwynedd, County of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Widow. 3 mo. 25, 1748/49. August 27, 1748. G.314. Brother: John Evans. Children: Sinah and Ellis and their children. Grandchildren: Ellis, Elijah and Mary Pugh, and Isaac Walker. Exec: John Evans. Wit: John Evans and Rowland Evans.

Mary was buried in Frederick Co., VA per Gwynedd MM records

i) Ellis Pugh m. Jane Langworthy

Gwynedd MM, 64-1 Pugh, Ellis s of Ellis and Mary b. 6-27-1710 d. 8-25-1761

Gwynedd MM, 1729-8-28 Pugh, Ellis and Jane Lanworthy should have been reported married

Gwynedd MM, 154-1 1732-7-26 Pugh, Ellis and wife got certificate to Haverford MM

Gwynedd MM 47-1 1732-7-26 Pugh, Jane (wife of Ellis) got certificate to Haverford MM

Gwynedd MM, 183-1 1734-9-26 Pugh, Ellis and wife received on certificate from Haverford MM

Daughter of Ellis and Jane: Gwynedd MM record (not at Gwynedd): 1742-6-31 Pugh, Mary and Walter McCool reported married

From Jack R. Brooks' Worldconnect database (

From Duck Creek MM (New Castle Co., DE) minutes: 1735 5 mo. 21-Walter McCool brought a certificate here from Gwynedd MM. (Chester Co., PA). 1736 2 mo. 19 Walter received on certificate from Gwynedd MM.

Duck Creek MM minutes: 1738 4 mo 19 Walter (McCool) got certificate to Phila MM.

By 20/10/1744 his name begins to appear in the minutes of Richland MM, Bucks Co., PA (Richland MM was formed out of Gwynedd MM in 1742), continuing until 17/5/1753.

From Memoranda preserved by the Foulke family: Walter McCool owned the first mill in the Richland/Durham area "on the road to Durham", Bucks Co., PA, by 1759, and in 1770 he kept the only hotel. Ibid, page 4: By deed dated 11 mo. 28,1757, Theophilus Foulke conveyed to Walter McCoole 40 acres and 75 perches lying between the original Hugh Foulke plantation (at the bend of the "road to Durham") and the Lewis Lewis plantation. This tract was intersected by the Tohickon Creek and the "road to Durham" and may have been the original site of the mill. On July 17, 1766, a warrant was granted to Walter McCoole for the survey of 396 acres in Richland and it was patented to him on October 16, 1766. On December 25, 1766, Walter McCoole and Mary, his wife, conveyed to Hermanus Weaver, of Richland, a part of this tract containing 49 1/2 acres lying on the southeast side of the Durham Road, above the Lewis plantation. Walter McCool appears in th 1790 census of Montgomery Co., PA His will is dated 30 May, 1794 and proven 10 May, 1796. It mentions his wife Mary; sons, Samuel, John (deceased); daughters, Levia, Elizabeth, & Catherine.

ii) Sinah Pugh m. Abel Walker

Gwynedd MM, 105-1 1727-4-30 Pugh, Sina m. Abel Walker at Gwynedd MH

This family removed to Frederick Co., Virginia.

iii) Sarah Pugh

Gwynedd MM, 64-1 Sarah Pugh daughter of Ellis and Mary b. 2-28-1709

iv) David Pugh m. Sarah Morgan

Gwynedd MM 259-1 1744-4-5 Pugh, David son of of Ellis, Chester Co., PA m. Sarah Morgan

Gwynedd MM 339-2 1762-6-29 Pugh, David, married contrary to discipline to deceased former wife's first cousin, offered account

Gwynedd MM 349-2 1762-11-30 Pugh, David and wife Hannah and children got certificate to Buckingham MM

David Pugh died November 24, 1787 in New Britain Twp., Bucks Co., PA

b) Elizabeth Pugh m. Ellis Roberts

ELIZABETH PUGH daughter of ELLIS PUGH and SINAH was born December 1690 in Pennsylvania. She married ELLIS ROBERTS who was born Abt. 1689 in Merioneth Wales or Radnor twp., Chester Co., PA, and died Aft. 1748. Ellis Robert is the son of Robert Ellis (d. 1697, Radnor twp., Chester Co., PA) and his wife Ellin. More can be found on this Roberts famly in a separate web page.

Her marriage: Ellis Roberts, of Radnor, blacksmith, son of Robert Ellis (deceased), and Elizabeth Pugh, daughter of Ellis, of Plymouth 9th-mo. 5, 1712. At Plymouth meeting-house. Wit: - Job, Jane, and Mary Pugh; Moses, Aaron, Evan, Rachel, Jane and Mary Roberts; Thomas and Jane Ellis and others.

We have not found his will. His sister in law Ellen makes him executor or her will in 1733, so Ellis Roberts is still alive then (and living in Norriton twp.). She also names Ellis Roberts' daughters, calling them cousins. At some point Ellis Roberts leaves Gwynedd township and removes to Norriton township as that is where he is found on the 1734 Philadelphia County tax list. The last mention of this Ellis that I know of is as an overseer of the estate of Aaron Roberts of Norriton twp. (another son of Robert Ellis and Ellen) in 1748. Perhaps his family leaves Philadelphia County around this time as I also have not seen any marriages of his children. Birthdates for the children are from the Gwynedd records.

i. Ellin ROBERTS, b. 7 mo. (September) 24, 1713.

ii. Jane ROBERTS, b. 8 mo. (October) 16, 1714.

iii. Moses ROBERTS, b. 9 mo. (November) 21, 1715.

iv. Sinai ROBERTS, b. 6 mo. (August) 10, 1717.

v. Deborah ROBERTS, b. 9 mo. (November) 07, 1719.

vi. Reuben ROBERTS, b. 8 mo. (October) 27, 1720.

vii. Rachel ROBERTS, b. 12 mo. (February) 20, 1721.

viii. Aaron ROBERTS, b. 12 mo. (February) 07, 1724;

c) Ellin Pugh m. Meredith David

August 1676, Baptism at Dolgelly Church. Ellin Pugh, daughter of Ellis and Sina Pugh.

MEREDITH DAVID, born 6th of 3rd month (May) 1675 according to family record (Record of the Meredith Family, copied 20 July 1884 by Sarah Pennell, wife of Joseph, is in the Gilbert Cope Collection of The Genealogical Society of Penna.), son of the emigrant David Meredith then of Radnorshire, Wales, died testate in Plymouth Township, Philadelphia County, Penna., between 4th of 12th month (Feb.) 1726/7 and 10 May 1727, the dates of his Will and its probate. Meredith David (as he was named in the Welsh system of patronymics instead of fixed surnames), of Radnor in the Welsh Tract, Chester County, Penna., "batchiller", and ELLIN ELLIS (PUGH) of said Tract, "Spinster", were married on 22nd of 11th month 1699/1700 at Radnor Meeting House, with David Meredith (his father), Ellis Pugh (her father), Richard Moore (his stepbrother), John Moore (ditto), Mary Meredith (his stepmother), Sinai Pugh (her mother), and others signing the certificate as witnesses. (David Meredith of Radnor, Chester County, and of Plymouth, Philadelphia County, Penna., and His Step-Children Surnamed Moore, by Lewis D. Cook, The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine Vol. XIX: 3 (Sept. 1954) :217-242. Reprinted in Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., (1981), p. 249-250 as found in Luella Webb's Worldconnect database).

Gwynedd MM minutes:  Att our monthly meeting held at Gwynedd the 25 of the 2nd 1720
"The frds appointed last meeting to draw a Certificate for Ellin David have accordingly done it being read and signed by this meeting directed to Abington monthly meeting."

will abstract:

ELLIN DAVID. Plymouth, Co. of Philadelphia. Widow [of Meredith David]. 8 mo. 10, 1733/4. June 3, 1734. E.279. Brother: Job Pugh. Children: Moses, Aron, Mary, Sarah, Catherine. Brother-in-Law: Ellis Robert. Cousins: Catherine, Jane, Ellin, Sinai and Rachel Roberts, Catherine Pugh. Exec: Job Pugh, Ellis Robert. Overseers: Evan, Owen and John Evans. Wit: Joseph Jones, Myles Thomas.

Her husband's will abstract:

MEREDITH DAVID. Plimouth, Co. of Philadelphia.----. May 10, 1727. E.45.
Wife: Ellin. Children: David, Meredith (crossed out in original), Ellis, Richard, John, Moses, Aron, Sarah, Catherine, Mary.
Exec: David, John and Ellis David.
Overseers, Trustees and Guardians: Rowland Ellis, Cadwalader Evan, Evan Evans, John Evans.
Wit: John Rees, Aaron Roberts, Job Pugh.

d) Thomas Pugh m. Jane Rogers

Gwynedd MM record page 64-book 1
Thomas Pugh, and his wife Jane with children and their birthdates: Jesse 9-16-1711; Roger 8-4-1713; Ananiah 11-1-1715; Mizael 4-19-1717; Katharine 9-5-1719; Azariah 10-27-1721; Thos. 3-10-1723

Jane and her son Roger Pugh are mentioned in her father's will:

ROGER ROBERT. Radnor Township., July 5, 1720. August 16, 1720. D. 166.
Sons Robert, John and Owen. Daughter Jane. Grand-sons Roger Robert, Roger Pugh. Step-daughters Katherine and Rachel.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Witnesses: Robert Jones, Rees Thomas, William Thomas and Robert Evan.

Thomas Pugh's will abstract:

THOMAS PUGH. Philadelphia County. Mason., March 3, 1723. Proved October 1, 1723. Philadelphia Co. will book D. 368.
Brother Job Pugh also named being absent. Sons: Jesse and Roger.
Executrix: Wife Jane.
Trustees and Executors: Robert Jones of Merion, Meredith Davis, Roberts Roger, Job Pugh and Ellis Roberts.
Witnesses: John Roger, Thomas Ellis, Ellis Roberts and Meredith David.

After Thomas died, his widow remarried:

Gwynedd MM record:  1727-6-29 Jane Pugh and Isaac Melin [sic, should read Malin] reported married.

i) Jesse Pugh married Alice Malin [Jesse's step-sister, d/o Isaac Malin and Elizabeth Jones]

Gwynedd MM 138-1 1730-12-23 Pugh, Jesse got certificate to Goshen MM to marry

Gwynedd MM 143-1 1731-6-31 Pugh, Alce received on certificate from Goshen MM

1734 Philadelphia Co. land survey - 100 acres in Norriton twp.

Gwyendd MM 89-1 1742-9-25 Alice Pugh with husband got certificate to Hopewell MM, Virginia.

Jesse was a weaver by trade. He sold his land in Norriton Philadelphia County, PA to his brother Michael Pugh on the 24th of June 1748.

"From Frederick County, Virginia: Settlement and Some First Families of Back Creek Valley by Wilmer L. Kerns, Ph.D. "Jesse Pugh's advice was given to numerious Quakers emigrants as to where to stake out new land and how to apply for land grants. He was instramental in establishing the Back Creek Meeting near his residence. The first ordinary (inn) established in northern and western Frederick County was located in Jesse Pugh's house. George Washington and various military units stayed at Pugh's Ordinary enroute to Cumberland" during the French and Indian War. Source: Lynna Kay Search-Kohlbecker

ii) Roger Pugh married Sarah Handem

Goshen MM records:

1738-6-21 Roger Married contrary to discipline and offered an acknowledgement

1740-6-18 Roger granted certificate to Gwynedd MM

Gwynedd MM records:

253-1 1740-9-25 Pugh, Roger received on certificate from Goshen MM

269-1 1741-8-27 Pugh, Roger got certificate to Chester MM

iii) Mizael Pugh m. Hannah

will abstract:

PUGH, MISHAEL. Norriton twp., Phila. Co., Mason.
September 29, 1772. November 17, 1772.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Jane, Eli, Abigail, Levi, Thomas, Jonathan, Mary.
Execs.: Hannah and Eli Pugh.
Wit: Joseph Roberts, Elizabeth Coulston, Nathan Potts. P.330.

His son Jonathan (according to World Connect file, but not in will) attends Gwynedd MM

Gwynedd MM, 99-5 1790-2-23 Pugh, Jonathan received in membership on request

Gwynedd MM, 1792-6-26 Pugh, Jonathan and Esther Potts reported married

Gwynedd MM, 54-6 1829-5-28 Pugh, Esther dismissed for joining Hicksites

Gwynedd MM, 45-6 1829-1-29 Pugh, Hannah dismissed for joining the Hicksites

Gwynedd MM, 215-2 1846-4-9 Pugh, Hannah (daughter of Jonathan dec'd and Esther) married Ellis Cleaver at the house of Ellis Cleaver

iv) Azariah Pugh

Goshen MM, Chester Co., PA: page 183-1, 1746-8-20 Azariah Pugh married contrary to discipline and offerred an ackowledgement
[JQ: He married Hannah Beals, born March 31, 1729, daughter of William Beals of Nottingham, Chester Co., PA, born 1687, and probably an unknown second wife. William's first wife, Rebecca (Chambers) Beals most likely died before 1722, when New Garden MM (Chester Co., PA) reproves him for a marriage out of unity with Friends. See discussion by Thomas Hamm and Stewart Baldwin.]

Goshen MM, Chester Co., PA: page 197-1, 1748-4-20 Azariah Pugh granted certificate to Hopewell MM, Virginia

"At a Court Martial held 2 September 1755 the following were present: The Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Fairfax, County Lieutenant, George William Fairfax, Col.; Thomas Bryan Martin, Lt. Col.; and many captains, including Jeremiah Smith who seems to have been the one in charge of the Hopewell area. Company of Jeremiah Smith: The following were fined for missing 2 musters: Thomas Pugh, George Rubel and Azariah Pugh; for missing 3 musters, James Howart was fined 5 shillings or 150 pounds of tobacco. Daniel Pritchard, James McCoy and William Harvey were fined for missing 1 muster." (Ref: Lloyd Bockstruck, "Virginia's Colonial Soldiers")

Azariah owned 400 acres of land (where he lived) on the Wagon Road and Back Creek adjacent to Jeremiah Smith. Probably located on the US Highway 50, near Gore, VA. He was an early miller in Back Creek Valley. The family moved to Newberry County, SC during the French and Indian War. Through his son David and grandson Lot is descended George E. Pugh, who was a US Senator from Ohio just before the Civil War.

e) Job Pugh m. Phebe Miles

Radnor MM births: Job, son of Ellis Pugh and Sinah, born 4th day, 5th mo., 1693

Gwynedd MM, 143-1 1731-6 (Aug)-31 Job Pugh, was granted a certificate to Haverford MM to marry

7th-mo (Sep) 16, 1731. Job Pugh, son of Ellis, of Plymouth (deceased), married Phoebe Evans, widow, of Radnor. At Plymouth meeting-house (Radnor MM records). She first married Evan Evans, son of Owen Evans and Elizabeth in 1715. His brother Ellis had previously married Mary Evans another daughter of Owen Evans. Phebe (b. 1690) was a daughter of Samuel Miles (b. Llanfihangel Helygen Parish, Radnorshire, Wales. d. Radnor twp., Chester [now Delaware] Co., PA) and Margaret James

1734 tax list - 100 acres in Norriton township

f) Abraham Pugh

Radnor MM births: Abraham, son of Ellis Pugh and Sinah, born 17 day, 5th mo., 1695. Must have died young...

Note: There is no John Pugh in the will of Ellis Pugh, nor is he mentioned in the will of Ellin David. However, there is an Esther Pugh, daughter of John Pugh of Whitemarsh who marries John Thomas of Merion son of Thomas of Glamorganshire, Wales at Merion MH, 10 mo., 3, 1731. This John and Esther are currently unplaced.

7. Children of Hugh Cadwallader ap Rhys and Gwen v. Ellis ap William

(Ellin Hugh m. Edward Foulke, Jane Hugh m. William John and perhaps Evan Hugh)

Edward Foulke gives the descent of his wife Ellin (Eleanor): "I married Eleanor the daughter of Hugh, ap Cadwallader, ap Rhys, of the Parish of Spytu in Denbighshire; her mother's name was Gwen, the daughter of Ellis, ap William, ap Hugh, ap Thomas, ap David, ap Madoc, ap Evan, ap Cott, ap Griffith, ap Madoc, ap Einion, ap Meredith of Cai-Fadog; and she was born in the same parish and shire with her husband" (i.e. parish of Llanfor, Merioneth, Wales)

William John is named the son in law of Hugh Cadwallader in the will of his uncle Cadwallader ap Evan.

T.A. Glenn in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, p. 173, also says that Evan Hugh (me. Anne Cadwalader ap Hugh) is possibly a son of Hugh Cadwallader ap Rhys.

We are trying to determine if John Hugh is also a son of Hugh Cadwallader. We have doubts because the result is a number of first cousin marriages and he is not mentioned in the following Evans genealogy:

An Evans or Owens family history, as quoted in the reference at the end of this paragraph, says the following: "Ellis Williams of Cai fadog had four Daughters viz: Margaret, Douse, Gwen, & Ellin. The said Ellin married John Morris of Brin Gwin in Denbighshire by her had one daughter named Ellin who married Cadwalader ab Evan late of Gwynedd deceased. Gwenn another daughter of the said Ellis Williams had three children who came to Pennsylvania viz: (1) Ellis Pugh late of Gwynedd deceased (2) Ellin married to Edward Foulke late of Gwynedd dec (3) Jane married to Wm John of Gwynedd also deceased Hence it appears that Thomas Foulke & John Evans were Second Cousins as being each of them great grand children of Ellis Williams above named Evan." (The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography By Historical Society of Pennsylvania Vol. 24, page 203-4. )

The Ellis Pugh referred to, at first blush, is the Quaker Minister covered in section 6 above. However, a memorial to him gives a different account of his parentage, and Griffiths' search for records in Wales turned up facts which do not support this. Perhaps the writer of the Evans genealogy had one of the other Pugh or Hugh lines in mind (e.g John Hugh [line 8] had a son named Ellis Hughes and this line appears more likely to be the one referred to, which is what Glenn believed.).

Thomas Allen Glenn in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol 1., pps 140-142 follows the Edward Foulke genealogy for his wife back some generations. He, apparently citing a different Evans manuscript, names John Pugh (Hugh) of Gwynedd a son of Hugh Cadwalader as follows:

"Ellis Williams (alias Ellis William ap Hugh), of Cae Foadg. [Ms. ped. by Edward Foulke of Gwynedd, "Historical Collections of Gwynedd," Jenkins; MS. Gen. of Owen and Evans's families, original bound with "Some Records relating to Radnor and Merion Mtg.," in MS. Collections of Gen. Society of Penna.]

3 Car. I.. Named in Lay Subsidy Roll, Merionethshire, under Penllyn Hundred. [Lay Subsidy Roll, Merionethshire, 3 Car. I., No 220/330, Pub. Rec. Office, London.]

1636. Named in Lay Subsidy Roll, Merionethshire, under parish of Llanvawr (Llanfor). [Lay Subsidy Roll, Merionethshire, 1636. "The Cambrian Quarterly Magazine and Celtic Repertory, \", iii., 449, 1831.]

16 Car. I, 14 Sept. (Autumn Sess., 1640). Feet of Fine, Merionethshire. Eliceus Wil'ms (Elice, or Ellis, Williams), gentleman, plaintiff, and William Kyffyn, gentleman, and Gwennia his wife, deforciants. 3 messuages and lands in the township of Penmaen, parish of Llanfor (adjoining Citalgarth). [Rolls of the Feet of Fine, Merionethshire, 16 Car. I., Pub. Rec. Office, London.]

1645, 26 Feb. Administartion of the personal estate of Ellis William ap Hugh, of the parish of Llanvawr (Llanfor), granted to Marrett vch. John, relict of the deceased. [Act Book 1637/1670, anno 1645, Probate Registry, St. Asaph.]

Ellis Williams, of Cae Fadog, married Marrett, daughter of John ____; living 26 Feb. 1645.

Cae Fadog is now under the waters of the reservoir called Llyn Celyn. A historical marker points out the spot where Quakers worshipped and had a small burial ground.


i. Margaret (Owen and Evans MS. Gen.]

ii. Douse. [Owen and Evans MS. Gen.]

iii. Gwen, married Hugh ap Cadwaladr ap Rhys, of the parish of Yspytty Evan (Spytu or Sputty), Denbighshire, and had issue: (a) John Pugh (viz., ap Hugh), who removed to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, about 1698. [Owens and Evans MS. Gen. cited supra.] For some reference to him see Howard Jenkins' "Gwyendd," (b) Eleanor or Ellin, married Edward Foulke (son of Foulke ap Thomas), who removed with his family to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, 1698. [MS. cited, Foulke MS.; see Jenkins' "Gwynedd."] (c) Jane, married William John," son of John ap Evan (or John Evan) of Penmaen, and removed to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, 1698. [See will of Cadwalader ap Evan of Coed y Foel, dated 25 Dec., 1688: "To nephew Wm John Evan... &c., upon condition yt his father in law, Hugh Cad'der shall likewise give him the said sum. (Copies of Wills 1684/1690, folio 228-230, Probate Registry of St. Asaph)]

There may have been other children.

iv. Eleanor, married John Morris, of Bryn Gwyn (picture at right), Denbighshire, and had Eleanor or Ellin, who married Cadwalader Evans (son of Evan Lloyd Evan, alias Evan ap Evan), who removed to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, 1698. [MS. cited, supra.]" (end of long quote from T. A. Glenn)

At present the Welsh records for parishes near Bala have yielded for Hugh Cadwalader (m. Gwen above):

A. Parish Burial Records

1. Ysbyty Ifan Parish - the parish records start 1677, and there are no records (he has probably removed to Llanfor Parish by this date)

2. Llandderfel Parish

25 April 1698 - Hugh Cadwlader of Crogen.

2 October 1664 - Gwen vch Ellis

3. Llanycil Parish

14 April 1696 - Hugh Cadwalader of Cyffdy . This is interesting because there was a David Ellis (gentleman) of Cyffdy who was one of the administrators of Owen ap Evan's will in 1671. Owen ap Evan was the brother of John ap Evan and an Uncle of William John.

30 July 1702 - Hugh Cadwalader of Ismynydd (near Cyffdy) - all very confusing !!

4. Llanfor Parish.

15 January 1674 - Hugh Cadwalader

20 December 1689 - Hugh Cadwalader of Penmaen (home of William John at this time)), this is likely our man...

15 June 1713 - Hugh Cadwalader of Caemynech.

4 May 1708 Gwen Ellis of Ciltalgarth. (by this time William John and Jane Hugh had emigrated so it is possible she was living with other relations - there were Quakers at Ciltalgarth )

5 February 1692 - Gwen Ellis of Rhiwadog.

B. Wills

We could find no wills for Hugh Cadwalader ap Rhys and his wife Gwen Ellis ap William. There was a will for a Hugh Cadwlader of Llanfor in 1693 (NLW Ref. - SA1693-75) but the likely corresponding burial in the Llanfor PR was for a Hugh Cadwalder ap Robert in 4 December 1693.

St Asaph Notitiae -1681 and 1686 church Census for Ysbyty Ifan . There was no record of Hugh Cadwalader ap Rhys and his wife Gwen Ellis ap William living here at this time.

St Asaph Notitiae -1681 and 1686 church Census for Llanfor:

In 1681 there was a Hugh Cadwlader and another adult living in Llanfor

In 1686 there was a Hugh Cadwlader in Ciltalgarth ( I think - difficult to read ) with a houshold of 8 persons consisting of 5 children aged 19, 15, 11, 10 and 1 .

C. Hearth Tax 1662

A Hugh Cadwalader of Ciltalgarth was taxed for 3 hearths . (He must have beeen a wealthy man and he is the only Hugh Cadwlader in Merionethshire that appeared in these records in 1662. I am sure this fits into the picture somehow but how ?)

It is difficultto draw concrete conclusions but it does look a if Hugh Cadwalader ap Rhys was originally of Ysbyty Ifan but came to live in Llanfor because that is where his daughter Jane was married.

8. John Hugh, founding settler of Gwynedd in 1698

There is a biography on-line of John Hugh by a descendant, David T. Hughes.

At present because of the resulting first cousin marriages we are a bit sceptical that John Hugh is a brother of Ellin wife of Edward Foulke and Jane wife of William John (documented children of Hugh Cadwalader). However, Thomas Allen Glenn stated that he was so related in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol 1., pp. 141-2 (see above under Hugh Cadwalader, section 7). An examination of the marriage certificates to see where he signs as well as the records in Wales is in progress. So far, this investigation indicates he is not a son of Hugh Cadwalader. He does not sign with relatives on the marriage certificates of the children of Ellin Hugh Foulke or Jane Hugh the wife of William John, nor do his children. As an uncle who lives near by this would be very unusual. We have not yet examined the certificates of his sons, Rowland and Ellis, or those of his daughters to see who signs them.

There is a report on the internet that a John Hugh married a Gwen Cadwalader 3 February 1675 in Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales. Perhaps this is him. We have no comment on a marriage with a Martha Caimot, except to say we don't know the origin of this report. In the Gwynedd records he has a wife named Ellin (two of their children are born in the Gwynedd records and name her) and another wife, Ellin Williams, he marries after the first Ellin dies:

Gwynedd Records page 40- book 1, John Hugh and wife Ellin
children: Margaret born 2-9-1702; Gainor born 11-11-1704

Marriage recorded at Radnor (then Haverford) MM: John Hugh of Gwynedd, widower, m. Ellin Williams, Upper Merion at Radnor meeting house, 12th mo 12 1717/8.

There is a John Hugh in Merion at the same time as this man who may be confused with him. This other John Hugh of Merion is the father of Mary Hugh who marries Humphrey Ellis of Whitpain twp. However John Hugh of Gwynedd with sons Ellis and Rowland sign as relatives on the marriage certificate so are somehow related to either the bride or groom.

John Hugh was a Friend (Quaker) in Wales and one of the founders of Gwynedd Friends Meeting in Pennsylvania. Gwynedd Friends met for Meeting for Worship in the homes of John Hugh and John Humphrey before constructing a log Meeting House in 1700. In 1712 he was on the list of subscribers to the new Meeting House donating 6 pounds and 10 shillings.

John Hugh's original land purchase in Gwynedd, PA totaled 648 acres and was all the border with what is now Upper Dublin Township from the Montgomery township to the Whitpain township line. With his son Ellis he removed to Oley (Exeter) in 1731 wher he died at the age of 83 in 1736 and was buried at Exeter Meeting House.

His account book exists and is stored at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania's headquarters on Pine Street, Philadelphia.

Descendants of John Hugh and wife or wives previous to Ellin William.

a) Ellis Hugh

Ellis Hughs, s/o John of Gwynedd, yeoman and Jane Foulke d/o Edward of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 4th mo 5, 1713

Gwynedd Records p. 40- book 1 (family outlines)

Ellis Hugh, and wife Jane
children with birth dates:
John 3-19-1713
Wm 12-16-1716
a daughter 12-20-1717
Rowland 3-11-1720

There is an extensive biography of Ellis Hugh on line by David T. Hughes from which we obtained this will abstract:

The Will abstract:

"Ellis Hugh, Formerly Oley, now Exeter, date Jan.5, 1764, probate Jan. 27, 1764. Provides for wife Jane. To son Samuel plantation and saw mill etc. whereon he lives in Exeter containing 162 acres 54 perches. To son Edward plantation etc. where he lives containing 96 acres 38 perches. To grandson George Hugh, son of John, deceased plantation etc. where my son lately lived containing 52 acres 22 perches, he allowing his mother Martha Hugh 1/3 of the profits during her life. To Margaret wife of Samuel Lee L5, having been advanced. Son-in-law Samuel Lee and sons Samuel and Edward executors. Codicil -- same date, gives to son William and revokes legacy of land to grandson George Hugh, and gives it to all the children of son John, vis: George, Jane, Eleanor, and Samuel, allowing George two shares. Letters to Samuel and Edward Hugh. Witness Jesse Willets, William Boone,James Starr, and Abel Thomas."

i) William Hughes m. Amy Willits

Philadelphia MM 1764-6-29, Amy Hughs, wife of William, received on certificate from Westbury MM, Long Island NY, dated 1763-12-28

Philadelphia MM 1771-11-29, Amey Hughes Jr. received on certificate from Exeter MM, dated 1771-2-27

Philadelphia MM 1772-10-6, Amey Huighes, daughter of William and Amey, Philadlephia, PA m. Joel Lewis, son of David and Lidia, Philadelphia, PA at Philadelphia Mtg.

Philadelphia MM, 1777-8-29, Amey Hewes got certificate to Wilmington MM.

ii) John Hughes m. Martha Coles

Philadelphia MM 1772-11-5, Eleanor Hughes received on certificate from Exeter MM.

Philadelphia MM 1773, 1-29, Eleanor Hughes got certificate to Exeter MM.

iii Rowland Hughes

Gwynedd MM, 419-2 1765-7-30 Hugh, Rowland and Thomas got certificate to Abington MM (sons of Ellis)

Abington MM, Rowland and Thomas Hugh received on certificated from Gwynedd MM, 1765, 10, 28.

b) Rowland Hugh

Rowland Hugh, Gwynedd, yeoman, m. Catharine Humphrey, Merion at Merion mh, 8th mo. 8, 1708; Wit: Ellin and Jane Hugh; John, Robert and Gainor Humphrey and 62 others

Rowland Hugh, Gwynedd, widower married Ellin Evan daughter of Thomas of same at Gwynedd mh, 5th mo 31, 1712

Gwynedd MM record 40-1 Hugh, Rowland wife Ellin with children (and birthdates): Thos: 7-8-1715; Ann 7-27-1717; Jane 11-1-1720

Gwynedd MM record 40-1 Hugh, Rowland died 3-31-1752

will abstract:

ROWLAND HUGH, Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 3 mo. 27, 1752/3. Proved April 14, 1752. Will book J.541.
Wife: Ellin. Children: Ellis and Jane Lea.
Grandchildren: Atkins Hugh, Jane Roberts.
Cousin: Thomas Evans, Junr. Brother-in-Law: Owen Evans.
Exec: Ellis Hugh.
Overseers: Owen Evans, Thomas Evans, Junr.
Wit: Robert Roberts, David Humphrey, Jacob Jones, Jno. Evans.

i) Ellis Hugh m. Hannah Atkinson

Gwynedd MM record 40-1
Ellis Hugh, wife Hannah (she died 5-12-1757)
Rebecca 10-27-1748
Rowland 2-11-1747
Jane 11-21-1750
Phebe 8-24-1753 d. 1753
Thomas 9-5-1755

Some, but maybe not all of the following apply to this Ellis Hughes:

Gwynedd MM 359-1 1746-9-25 Hannah Hughes received on certificate from Abington MM dated 8-27-1746
Gwynedd MM, page 226-2 1761-11-24 Ellis Hugh, disowned for marriage contrary to discipline
Gwynedd MM, page 334-2 1762-3-30 Ellis Hugh, granted a certificate to Abington MM

Abington MM, Ellis Hughs provided a certificate from Gwynedd MM to marry, 1745, 9, 25.
Abington MM, Ellis Hughs reported married to Hannah Atkinson, 1745, 10, 30
Abington MM, Ellis Hughs received on certificate from Gwynedd MM, 1762, 8, 30.
Abington MM, Ellis Hughs disowned 1767, 8, 30.

ii) Jane Hugh m. John Lee

1748-7-27 Jane Hugh and John Lee reported married

iii) John Hugh

Gwynedd MM record 40-1 John Hugh son of Rowland and Catharine b. 11-30-1709

iv) Thomas Hugh m. Susannah Atkinson

will abstract: HUGHS, THOMAS. Philadelphia. 7 mo. 8, 1747. October 19, 1747. H.408.
Father: Rowland. Exec: Wife Susannah. Children: Atkinson and Ellin.
Guardians and Overseers: Father-in-law William Atkinson,
brother Ellis Hughs and cousins David Humphrey and Thos. Evans Jr.
Wit: Robert Roberts, David Evans, Jacob Jones.

Gwynedd MM records

299-1 1743-6-31 Thomas Hughs got certificate to Abington MM to marry

Thomas Hughs and Susanna Atkinson reported married in Abington MM minutes 1743, 9, 28.

375-1 1747-7-29 Thomas Hughes got certificate to Exeter MM

1769-10-31 Atkinson Hughs (son of Thomas and Susannah) and Jane Evans reported married

p 41- book 1 Hugh, Atkinson died 8-26-1813 at age 69, wife Jane daughter of Robt and Ruth Evan b. 1-22-1747, d. 3-23-1834

Ruth 4-24-1771
Susanna 4-24-1771
Thos. 1-10-1774 d. 5-21-1841
Hannah 8-24-1776 d. 12-3-1776
Elizabeth 4-12-1782
Jane 2-10-1785 d. 2-19-1854
Atkinson 3-7-1788
Ellen 9-5-1791 d. 7-18-1792

Hugh, Atkinson: son of Atkinson and Jane b. 1788, wife Martha
Grace 7-26-1813
Jane 2-17-1817

Thomas Hughes granted a certificate to Exeter MM from Abington MM, 1798, 3, 19.

92-2 1812-4-14 Hughes, Elizabeth daughter of Atkinson and Jane, of Horsham m. Isaac Warner Jr. at Gwynedd MH

33-2 1801-4-14 Hughs, Martha, daughter of Atkinson and Jane of Horsham m. James Walton at Gwynedd MH

v) Ann Hugh m. John Roberts

Gwynedd MM minutes 243-1 1742-3-20 Ann Hughs daughter of Rowland of Phila Co., PA married John Roberts at Gwynedd Meeting House

c) Gainor Hugh m. John Harris

Gwynedd MM record, page 77-book 1 1723-10-5: John Harris, Gwynedd, yeoman m. Gainor Hugh d/o John of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 10th mo 5, 1723. Wit: Jno Griffith, Jno Hughs, Jno Thomas, Row Hugh, Ellis Hugh, Jno Humphrey, Tho Ellis, Edw Rees, Edward Foulke, Daniel Thomas, Griffith Ellis, Jno Thomas, Mark Evans etc.; Right col.: Jane Evans, Ellin Hugh, Jane Roberts, Anne Roberts, Anne Foulke, David Robert, etc.

It is unlikely that John Harris removes to Loudoun Co., VA as his widow Gainor (Hugh) Harris announces her first intentions to marry William Williams at Gwynedd Meeting 3 mo., 1754 and she dies 4 mo., 1754.

d) Jane Hugh m. Thomas Ellis

Radnor (then called Haverford) MM minutes:  Thomas Ellis, Gwynedd married Jane Hugh, daughter of John of same, at Gwynedd Meeting House, 8th mo 31, 1712.

Jane (Hugh) Ellis (1683-1772) was a minister among Friends (Daughters of Light, p. 323, by Rebecca Larsen) after 1731 at Exeter (Oley) Meeting and was found in the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting minutes until Exeter was split off from Gwynedd (There is a Jane Ellis in the Gwynedd records before 1730 which could also be her - though there are other women with this name. The Jane Ellis in these earlier records appears to live in Whitpain township near the border of the territories of Gwynedd and Plymouth Preparatives and is not in the records after 1728.):

att our Monthly Meeting held att Gwynedd the 27 of the 2 mo 1731: "friends in Oley have also appointed Jane Ellis and Deborah Boon to goe on in the said service of visiting families."

att our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 26 of the 2 mo 1733: "The severall preparatives belonging to this Meeting haveing the weighty servise of visitting families under consideration have for Gwynedd chose Alce Griffith, Gwen Morris, Anne Roberts, Ellin Evans - for Plymouth Ellin Meredith and Rachel Potts - for the swamp Ann Foulk and Cathrine Ball - for Oley Jane Ellis and Abigail Wiley."

att our monthly meeting held att Gwynedd the 29 of 2 mo 1733 [sic, should read 1735] "Joseph Penrose and Sarah Willy [Wiley] Declared their intentions of Marriage with each other the second time - Jane Ellis and Jane Hugh are appointed to attend the Marriage and see it be orderly accomplished and bring their report the next Meeting."

Thomas Ellis died June 11, 1760 at Exeter, Berks Co., PA. An on-line biography says that "he emigrated from Wales to Pennsylvania in 1707. He was a Quaker elder at Exeter MM sometimes visiting Friends in the backwoods of Virginia. Many of his children were early members of Hopewell MM, Frederick Co., VA."

Edna Harvey Joseph (author of "Ellis Genealogy") notes entries for Jane Ellis in the minutes of Exeter Monthly Meeting:

4 mo., 25, 1737. "Our friend Jane Ellis [5] made application to this meeting for a certificate to travel in truths service in some parts of Maryland, Appeson (?) Potomack and thereaways. This meeting appoints George Boone Sr. (grandfather of Daniel Boone) to assist women friends in driving ... the times not admitting of the staying till next meeting [cont. on notebook p. 13] George Boone, Sr; Anthony Lee, Seismer Wright, Moses Starr, Richard Lundy, and Nehemiah Hutton are desired to peruse the same and if they appprove its to be signed by friends that she be not disappointed"

10 mo., 29, 1737. "Our friend Jane Ellis at her return from visiting friends brought two certificates, one from Tredhavens[?] Yearly in Maryland and the other from Hopewell MM held at Monogusy [Monocacy in Maryland meant probably, the parent meeting of Hopewell], both giving good account that her visit was well received."

(Michael Goins, Worldconnect database entitled "Descendants of Thomas Ellis" which also quotes a biographical sketch giving the date of death as Ninth month 20th, 1772.)

Thomas and Jane Ellis had several children (John, b. August 19, 1713; Morris, b. September 12, 1714 m. Sarah Coulstone; Ellin b. August 23, 1717, m. Thomas Lee, Rowland b. January 03, 1717/18, married May 19, 1742 at Exeter MM, Sarah Stover; Ellis b. March 14, 1719/20, married April 28, 1746 at Abington MM, Mary Atkinson; Thomas b. 1721, married Magdalena Carlin; Mordecai, b. September 23, 1723, married September 29, 1749 at Maiden Creek MH, Mary Hutton; Enos b. August 05, 1725, married April 30, 1748 Exeter MM, Elizabeth Coulston.

9. Evan Griffith of Hilltown, Bucks and Abraham Griffith of Richland

These two were sons of Howell Griffith of Pembrokshire. In addition Katherine Griffith who married John Lester is thought to be their sister.

a) Evan Griffith of Hilltown, Bucks

This is a Baptist line, included here for the sake of completeness, since this family could be confused with the Quaker lines in the tax records. Evan is thought to be a brother of Abraham Griffith of Richland (see part b).

History of Bucks County, by J.H.Battle, 1985 reprint, p. 592. "The Griffith family of Hilltown is descended from Evan Griffith, the son of Howell Griffith, who lived in Pemrokeshire, Wales. He sailed for America in 1704, but was taken prisoner of war by the Spanish, and did not reach his destination for some years. He settled first in Montgomery, but removed to Hilltown in 1726, and bought land of Thomas Walmsley. His family consisted of ten children, his descendants are quite numerous.". p. 595 "...Nathaniel Griffith, eldest son of Evan Griffith". (copied from Scott Michael Troutman's Worldconnect database. He is looking for connection with David Griffith of Frederick Co., MD.)

His will abstract names his children:

Bucks County Will Book 2. page 326. Evan Griffith, of Hilltown Twp., Yeoman. December 15, 1757. Proved February 15, 1758.
"Stricken in years."
Sons Nathaniel and John, exrs.
Wife Mary.
Son Nathaniel, 101 acres he lives on bought of John Plumly.
Son Abraham, £10 "provided he or his son Edward personally demand it.."
Son John, 103, 1/2 acres bought of Jer. Langhorn.
Sons Jacob (5 shillings), Howell (5 shillings).
"Bond of son Howell's in consideration of Land conveyed to him to be paid by wife as per my marriage contract with her.."
Son Isaac, 103, 1/2 acres he lives on.
Gd.son Isaac Lewis.
Daus. Catherine, wife of Theophilus Williams and Sarah, wife of Thos. Bate.
Trustees: John Jones, Carpenter of Moungomery, Morris Morris of New Britain, and Thomas and Ephraim Thomas of Hilltown.
Wit: Jos. Griffith, Mordecai Rowland, Rachel Griffith, Benj. Griffith.
Letters to John.

b) Abraham Griffith of Richland, Bucks

Richland Friends Meeting was part of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting until 1742 and Abraham Griffith and his family are mixed in the records with the members of the other Griffith families. This family is given a chapter in Clarence V. Roberts' "Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks", from which the following is largely derived (along with Hinshaw's abstract of the Gwynedd minutes, kept on index cards at the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College). There is perhaps another Abram Griffith at Gwynedd whose wife Mary was buried at Gwynedd Meeting July 1745 during the great epidemic and is described in the records as Mary wife of Abraham Griffith.

From the abstracted Gwynedd MM minutes:

p. 36-1
Griffith, Abraham
w, Hannah
ch (with birthdates):
Mary 5-2-1709
John 7-2-1711
Abraham 2-12-1713
Jonathan 1-25-1716
Joseph 2-12-1718
Isaac 1-5-1720
Samuel 11-28-1722

p. 22-1, 1719-1-31, Griffith, Abram: off acc for outgoing (may have been some offense besides MOU. Nothing more given.)

Hannah, the wife of Abraham Griffith was an active member of Gwynedd MM before Richland was split off and is found in the women's minutes starting 1 mo., 1730 when she is asked to make pastoral visits to the members living in or near Richland (she is asked to do the same again in 1734.) She was on the clearness committee for the marriage of James Boone to Mary Foulke, and of Thomas Parvin to Cathrine Jones. On 8 mo., 1735 the "Meeting appoints Hannah Griffith and Ann Foulke to speak to Hannah Warman concerning her outgoing in marriage." in 6 mo., 1738 she is on the marriage committee for William Edwards and Martha Foulke.

Abraham, son of Abraham was a member of Gwynedd MM after Richland [aka the Swamp] MM was formed:

Gwynedd records p. 118-2 1754-5-28, Griffith, Jonathan: dismissed (this appears to be son of Abraham Sr. and Hannah)

From Clarence Roberts:

Probably the first of the Friends colony to settle in the Great Swamp, which later became Richland twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He purchased 300 acres of Griffith Jones on 25 June 1712. It was located on the west side of the Jones tract, north of the tract conveyed about the same date to John Ball, and extended northward from the road now leading to Trumbauersville to within about 100 perches of the lower line of the present borough of Quakertown. It is intersected at the northeast corner of the road to Philadelphia now known as the Bethlehem Road, which also forms the eastern line of the lower half of his tract. We do not have the names of the other children of Howell Griffith, but there is reason to believe that (1) Evan Griffith, of Southampton Township, Bucks County (also a shoemaker), later of Gwynedd [this is Evan Griffith of Hilltown covered above], was a brother to Abraham, and that (2) Diana Griffith, who married, first, Abraham Hewlings, of Wellingsboro, Burlington County, New Jersey, and second in Richland in 1730 Thomas Heed, and (3) Patience, the wife of George Philips, another early settler in the Swamp were his sisters.

Abraham Griffith was a member of Richland Meeting from the time that it was first established, and from 1720 until his death on 10 mo., 3, 1760, was a recognized minister among Friends. The memorial before referred to says of him, "His gift in the minstry was exercised to the edification of the Church. He was not large in utterance yet exercised the gift with fluencey and zeal. He was a reprover of pride and vanity and an example of temperance and zeal." He married, 1708, at Abington Meeting, Hannah Lester, daughter of Peter and Mary (Duncalf) Lester, then of Byberry. She survived her husband and removed with her son Isaac and his family to Maryland.

In 1728 Abraham conveyed to Morris Morris 100 acres of land, comprising the site of the old house, and at about the same date conveyed to his sister, Diana Hewlings, later the wife of Thomas Heed, the balance of his 300 acre tract.

In 1732 Abraham Griffith purchased of George Phillips, his brother in law, 130 acres lying east of the upper part of his first purchase. This purchase was probably made for his son Abraham. Prior to 1734 Abraham had acquired a large tract of land at the southwestern corner of Richland Township known as "The Bog." The greater part of this tract extended below the line of the Manor of Richland, and when the township was surveyed in 1734 it and other land lying westward were included in the township.

Other Source used by Clarence Roberts: "The Friend", Vol. 33, p. 29 gives date of birth and is a memorial of him

Will abstract:

GRIFFITH, ABRAHAM. Rockhill, Co. of Bucks, Penna. Cordwainer.

May 25, 1760. November 30, 1760. L.550.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Isaac, Abraham, Jonathan and Mary Morgan.
Grandchildren: Hannah Bucor, Samuel and Sarah Griffith, Isaac Beshire.
Exec: Isaac Griffith.
Wit: John Dennis, Kezia Dennis, Deborah Morgan (her mark).

Descendants of Abraham Griffith

1. ABRAHAM GRIFFITH (HOWELL) was born 1680 in Wales, and died October 03, 1760 in Richland twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He married HANNAH LESTER 1708 in Abington MM, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA, daughter of PETER LESTER and MARY DUNCALF. She was born 1686, and died in Maryland.


i. MARY GRIFFITH, b. July 02, 1709, Byberry, Philadelphia Co., PA; m. (1) BENJAMIN VASTINE; d. March 14, 1749/50; m. (2) JAMES MORGAN, 1751.

Gwynedd MM: 1730-11-26 Griffith, Mary and Vasdine, Benjamin reported married

ii. JOHN GRIFFITH, b. September 02, 1711, Byberry, Philadelphia Co., PA; d. Abt. 1737, Richland twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; m. ANN JONES, May 1733.

Gwynedd MM records: 1733-4-26 John Griffith and Ann Jones reported married

iii. ABRAHAM GRIFFITH, b. April 12, 1712, Richland twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; m. ELIZABETH LYNN, September 24, 1742, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Clarence Roberts (1925): A miller by trade, Abraham Griffith was a member of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, where he was a recognized minister and travelled a lot. After marriage he lived in Burlington Co., NJ, then removed to Southampton twp., Bucks Co. on land that Elizabeth Lynn inherited from her father. He operated a mill there for about 5 years. He subsequently moved to Lower Dublin twp., Philadelphia Co. and Upper Merion twp., now in Montgomery county where he also operated mills. He was a shopkeeper in Germantown in 1767-8. He retained his membership at Gwynedd until 1775, when he took a certificate to Haverford.

Gwynedd records: 

p. 285-1, 1742-6-31 Griffith, Abram Jr: gct Phila MM to marry

p.289-1, 1742-9-30, Griffith, Abram: gct Burlington MM

p. 36-1 Griffith, Mary, w. of Abraham d. 5-10-1745

p.44-3, 1768-9-20 Griffith, Abraham, w -- and dt Hannah: rocf Abington MM dated 8-29-1768

p. 121-3, 1771-11-26, Griffith, Abraham and w Elizabeth gct Middletown MM

p. 204-3, Griffith, Abraham and w: gct Haverford MM

p. 152-3, 1773-5-25, Griffith, Abraham and w Elizabeth received on cert from Middletown MM dated 5-5-1773

Philadelphia MM records:

Abraham Griffith provided a certificate from Gwynedd MM dated 1742, 6, 31 to marry Elizabeth Lynn

1742, 8, 28. Abraham Griffith reported married to Elizabeth Lynn

1742, 11, 28. Elizabeth Griffith (late Lynn) granted certificate to Burlington MM.

Burlington MM records:

1742, 11, 3. Abraham Griffith received on certificate from Gwynedd MM

1742, 12, 7. Elizabeth Griffith received on certificate from Philadelphia MM

1748, 7, 5. Abraham and wife Elizabeth granted certificate to Middletown MM, Pennsylvania.

iv. JONATHAN GRIFFITH, b. March 24, 1715/16; d. August 01, 1767; m. ANN TENNIS, Abt. 1754; b. Abt. 1717.

His son John is mentioned HERE.

v. JOSEPH GRIFFITH, b. April 12, 1718.

vi. SAMUEL GRIFFITH, b. January 28, 1722/23.

vii. ISAAC GRIFFITH, b. March 05, 1720/21, Richland twp., Bucks Co., Pennsylvania; d. Gunpowder, Baltimore Co., Maryland; m. ANN BURSON, November 1744, Buckingham Friends Meeting, Bucks Co., PA; b. April 09, 1721, Gilbert's Manor, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. Maryland.

c) Katherine Griffith m. John Lester

Gwynedd MM minutes - 1716-1-27 Griffith, Katherine and John Lester reported married

10. Benjamin Griffith, early minister at Montgomery Baptist Church

For the sake of completeness, we mention Benjamin Griffith, the long time pastor of Montgomery Baptist Church as his name and those of his children will be intermingled in the tax lists with the Quakers.

Bean's History of Montgomery County (1884):

"The first pastor of the [Montgomery Baptist] church was Benjamin Griffith, who was born, October 16, 1688, in Cardigan, Wales; came to this country in 1710; settled at Montgomery 1720; called to the ministry in 1722, and was ordained October 23, 1725, continued faithfully in his charge till his death, which took place October 4, 1768, in his eightieth year, and forty-sixth in the ministry. He was buried here in the graveyard, where a stone, duly inscribed, has been erected to his memory. He was tendered the office of justice of the peace, which he declined to accept. He had a literary turn, and is the author of several pamphlets on the doctrines of his faith."

GRIFFITH, BENJAMIN. Buck Co. Yeoman. January 20, 1762. October 26, 1768. (filed in Philadelphia County)
Children: Joseph (Exec.), Sarah Davis, Rachel (Roberts) and Abel.
Grandchildren: Jane and Lewis Evans.
Wit: Griffith, Ebenezer and Owen Owens. O.279.

from the Alice_D_Gedge.ged, dowloaded from Worldconnect (well sourced)

Birth: (source 1) 1688, Llanllwny, Wales. Half brother of Rev. Abel Morgan. (4) 16 Oct 1688, parish of Llaneliogm?, Carmenthenshire, Wales, s/o elder John Griffith/ and Jane Griffith. His mother was widow of Morgan ap Rhydderch. He was 1/2 brother of Rev. Abel Morgan of Lower Dublin Baptist Church, Rev. Enoch Morgan of Welsh Tract Baptist Church, and of Esther (Morgan) Jones.

Death: (sources 3,4) 5 Oct 1768.

(sources 1,4) 1710: Emigrated to America. (4) Came with his family at the age of 22. His father set tled in Pencader Hundred, DE, and was a member of the Welsh Tract Baptist Church.

(source 3) Baptist Minister.

(sources 3,4) 1720: Became pastor of the Montgomery Baptist Church. Served there until his death. ( 2) Of the Montgomery Baptist Church.

His wife, Sarah Miles:

Birth: (sources 1,2,3,4) d/o Richard Miles/Sarah Evans.

Marriage to Rev. Benjamin Griffith: (sources 2, 3) 7 Dec 1720, Christ Church, Philadelphia, PA.

Death: (source 3) 1753. (source 5) 22 Nov 1753.

(source 2) 1713, 29 Aug: Richard Miles of Radnor Twp., Chester Co., PA wrote his will. He mentions his daughter Sarah.

Sources (from Alice D. Gedge Worldconnect database):

(1) "James Miles and Some of His Descendants," by Thomas Allen Glenn, "Pennsylvania Magazi ne," Vol. 37, No. 16, p.243. Cites: (a) George K. Miles, Pittsburgh, PA.
(2) Notes on the Miles family, Chester Co., PA Archives. Compiler unknown.
(3) "The Miles Family," by Mildred Goshow (Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA, 1965) p.9. FHL #51 1,745.
(4) Great Valley Baptist Church Records, Tredyffrin Twp., Chester Co., PA. FHL #986,477.
(5) Ann Lockie. E-mail: (1999).

Children (from Worldconnect): Jane (b. December 19, 1721); John (b. April 17, 1723); Abel (b. April 17, 1723) m. Rebecca Miles; Benjamin (b. May 15, 1728).

11. James Pugh m. Joan Price - a line from Goshen MM, Chester Co., PA

The records of this family in the Gwynedd records all appear to pertain to members of the family John Pugh (a son of James Pugh and Joan Price) m. Mary Jenkins of Uwchlan MM. We think these are his sons John, James, and Jonathan m. Naomi Evans. They are in the Gwynedd records only briefly. The James Pugh/Joan Price family is a very large one with branches that went west and south. One branch was associated with Herman Husband and the Regulator movement in North Carolina.

Gwynedd MM, 263-2 1759-10-2 Pugh, John received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 9-17-1759

Gwynedd MM, 329-2 1762-1-26 Pugh, John got certificate to Goshen MM

Gwynedd MM, 256-1 1768-4-19 Pugh, James son of John, dec'd, Chester Co., PA married Ann Hilles at New Providence Meeting House

Gwynedd MM, 1759-10-2 Pugh, Jonathan and Naomi Evans reported married

Jonathan Pugh was a witness on this marriage: Thomas Evans of Gwynedd m. Mary Brooke of Limerick, 9 Oct 1764. He probably lives across the Schuylkill River from Providence Meeting (Montogmery Co.) in the territory of Goshen MM.

Gwynedd MM, 285-2 1760-5-27 Pugh, Naomi got certificate to Goshen MM

Here are abstract of the marriage certificate and will of James Pugh m. Joan Price (the first generation one of this family in America):

Marriage Certificate, April 23, 1692, at John German's House, Radnor twp., Chester Co., PA, Signed: James and Joan Pugh (both by mark)

col 1: David Price, Daniel Harry, Evan Bevan, John Stephen, Charles Hughs, Evan Harry, John Jarman, Richard Milles, Rees Thomas, David Meredith, John Evans, Richard Owens, Richard Ormes, Howel James, Stephen Evans. Col 2: David Price, Alexander Edwards, Evan Roderch, David Philips, Elis Pugh, Ben Humphrey, Daniel Medlicot, Sibill Harry, Magdalen Kinsey, Katherin Price, Mary Price, Martha Medlicot, Elizabeth Price, Martha Thomas.

JAMES PUGH, Uchlan. October 7, 1723. Proved August 25, 1724. Chester Co. A. 161.
To son Hugh, the plantation on which I now live. To son John, 200 acres of land upon French Creek. To son Thomas, 200 acres of roughland adjacent son Johns, next to Simon Meredith. To son James, £6. To daughters Joan and Sible Pugh, £10 each. 40 shillings towards enlarging Uwchlan Meeting house. Remainder to children, viz Hugh, John, Thomas, Joan and Sible. Executors: sons Hugh and John, friends David Pugh and David Price, assistants. Witnesses: Richard Thomas, Samuel John.
[Joan married Wm. Williams, Sibilla married John Edwards.]

There is a David Pugh of the same generation as James Pugh, who is in Radnor at the same time and marries a sister of Joan Price named Catherine. Although we have not identified any of his descendants at Gwynedd, we have noted some Worldconnect lines try to place him there. He also has a marriage certificate in the Radnor MM records and leaves a will:

David Pugh and Kathrin Price married 26 June (year missing, suspected to be 1698); marriage certificate with Radnor MM, PA
column 1: Lewis David, Hugh Robt, Rowl Ellis, John Humphreys, Cadw Morgan, Robt Jones, Robt Robts, Thomas Jones, Abell Thos, John Robts, David Hary, David Price, James Pugh, Rees Thomas, column 2: Joan Price, Mary Price, Joan Pugh, Martha Thomas, Mary Jones, Anne Robts, Ellin Jones, Anne Powell.

DAVID PUGH. Radnor Township, Pennsylvania. Yeoman. 8 mo. 4, 1737. October 14, 1738. F.74.
Wife: Catharine. Children: Jonathan, Hannah, Joseph, John, Samuel, David and Mary.
Exec: Wife Catharine and sons John and Samuel Pugh.
Wit: Timothy Davis, John Samuel and Mary Roberts (her mark).

12. Morgan Hughes of Towamencin, who was not a Quaker (his grandchildren were though)

The home of the original settler, Morgan Hughes, is now a bed and breakfast in Towamencin township on Sumneytown Pike, not far from North Penn High School. Some time before 1725 he removed to Easttown township in Chester County, where he wrote a will and was an early member of St. David's Episcopal Church in Radnor. However, it is likely he kept his land in Towamencin. Some of his children married persons from Gwynedd Meeting and its environs and stayed in the Gwynedd community. A neighbor of Edward Morgan, he signed the 1720 marriage certificate of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan, parents of Daniel Boone (He does not sign the marriage certificate with the male relatives, but his wife Elizabeth signs among the Morgan women suggesting that there might be some relationship with the bride's parents).

Dave Benton posted the following information at  :

"A paper clipped from the Ambler Gazette gives an account of an old Welsh Bible owned by the Hughes family. It describes them as "residents of Towamencin owning a large tract of land lying in the northeasterly side of the present turnpike (Sunneytown Pike) below Kulpsville. The article lists the first owner as Morgan Hughes, who died around 1726. His children were Dorothy (b. 1698), Elizabeth (b. 1706), Benjamin (b. 1708), Katherine (b. 1709), and Edward. "

The facts in the Gazette check out:

will abstract of MORGAN HUGHS, Easttown, Chester Co., PA. November 21, 1726. May 31, 1727. A. 242.
Provides for wife Elizabeth. To eldest son Benjamin my plantation where I dwell containing 100 acres and farming implements. To son Edward £40 at 21. To daughter Elizabeth £10 and household goods. To daughter Dorothy 20 shillings. Executors: wife Elizabeth and son Benjamin.
Witnesses: Wm. Davis, Morgan Hughs, Richard Iddings.

DEED May 16 1727 Morgan Hughes of Easttown Chester County, cooper to Francis Wayne of same place husbandman, and Isaac Wayne of same place yeoman 100 acres of land in Easttown bounded by Evan Ellis, Benjamin Ellis, and land formerly of Owen Rogers; and by Anthony Wayne Recorded November 22 1784 Deed Book Y 23 page 273 etc. WC ("Some Colonial Mansions and Those who Lived in Them With Genealogies of the Various Families Mentioned By Thomas Allen Glenn, p. 334).

At the present time it does not appear that the Mary who married Robert Ellis (b. Upper Dublin twp.) is a daughter of Morgan Hughes. Edward Hughes, son of Morgan does not appear to move to Loudoun Co., VA (see his will filed in Towamencin below).

Morgan Hughes had a brother in Easttown, Chester Co., PA named Edward who left a will and named his brother.

HUGHS, EDWARD. Eastown, Chester County. December 11, 1716. May 14, 1720. D. 155.
Wife Mary. Children: Evan, Morgan, Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Elinor and Catherine. Grand-children Mary, David, Elizabeth, children of John David and Catherine (Hughs) David.
Executors: Son Evan and friend William Davies of Radnor, gentlemen.
Tutors and Guardians: Brother Morgan Hughs. Brother-in-law Philip
David and friend Thomas Edwards.
Witnesses: Hugh Howell, David Thomas and Thomas Edwards.

This man looks likely to be another brother, based on proximity (Easttown), and names and ages of the children.

HUGH, OWEN. Easttown, yeoman. May 30, 1735. September 4, 1735. A. 438.
To eldest son Evan, second son Hugh and third son Edward each one cow.
To daughter Mary Hugh a cow. To youngest son Morgan the plantation where I live and remainder of personal estate also executor.
Witnessed by David Davis, Edward Williams.

Children of Morgan Hughes and Elizabeth:

i) Benjamin Hughes

Baptized 2 November 1708 at St. David's Episcopal Church, Radnor Twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA.

He inherited his father's property (not sure if in Easttown or Towamencin). He was not on the 1734 Philadelphia County tax list.

He may have had a son named Morgan Hughes.

He is living in 1757 (will of Jesse Morgan below)

On March 19, 1776 in Berkeley Co., VA, Morgan Hughes, Benjamin Hughes and Leah Hughes (the widow) were administrators of the estate Isaac Hughes. Appears likely that this family went to Virginia.

ii) Edward Hughes m. Catherine Robert

Baptized 6 Nov 1712 at St. David's Episcopal Church, Radnor twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA.

Edward Hughes married Catherine Roberts, daughter of William Roberts and Anne Jones (William and Anne were Quakers who married at Gwynedd Meeting House 12th mo., 4, 1708/9). On the 24th of 12 mo 1735, shortly after her marriage, Gwynedd Meeting women's minutes note: "Gainor Jones and Mary Pugh are desired to speak to Cathrine Hughs concerning her outgoing in marriage contrary to the wholsome rules Established among frds." Catherine Roberts' line is covered on one of the Roberts web pages (line 3a). It appears the Edward Hughes family turns Quaker after this marriage, since son Isaac is mentioned in the Gwynedd minutes when he marries a non-Quaker. Catherine's step-mother was Mary Pugh (nee Evans), who had first married Ellis Pugh Jr. and whose daughter Sinai had emigrated to Frederick Co., Virginia with husband Abel Walker. Catherine Robert, wife of Edward Hughes was born January 02, 1708/09 according to Gwynedd MM records.

Edward Hughes is not on the 1734 Philadelphia County tax list (which is missing a few townships).

Edward's children were Owen (b. 1736), Isaac (b. 1738), Ann (b. 1740),and Elizabeth (b. 1743).

will abstract: EDWARD HUGHES, Phila. Co. Yeoman. October 22, 1764. May 2, 1769.
Children: Owen (Exec.), Elizabeth, Ann and Isaac ("my son Isaac 250 pounds of lawful money.").
Wit: John Evans and John Ambler. O.366

When Catherine Roberts' brother William Roberts Jr. dies, he mentions Catherine's sons Owen and Isaac.

Will abstract of WILLIAM ROBERTS, Uwchlan. May 15, 1780. September 20, 1780.
To the eldest son of Isaac Hughs late of Barkley Co., Virginia, December'd., which he had by his wife Leah £30. To Mary, wife of Benjamin Butler of Uwchlan £20. To my sister Mary of John Butler of Uwchlan, late wife's clothing. All remainder to Owen Hughes of Towamensing Township, Philadelphia Co., son of my late sister Catherine Hughes. Executor: Thomas Evans of Uwchlan.
Wit: Mary Whelen, Israel Whelen, Isaac Evans.

a) Owen Hughes m. Elizabeth Jenkins

Elizabeth Jenkins is the daughter of John Jenkins and Sarah Hawkesworth. John and Sarah are ancestors of the Historian Howard Jenkins who wrote Historical Collections of Gwynedd.  The Jenkins family started out as Baptists though later many became Quakers by marrying the same.

Gwynedd MM records, page 429-vol 2 1765-11-26 Owen Hugh married out of unity and offered an account (Elizabeth Jenkins was not a Quaker - by offering an account he remained a member...)

will abstract of OWEN HUGHES, Towamencin twp., Montgomery Co., PA. August 28, 1805. September 21, 1805. 2.481
To wife Elizabeth, 24 pds. and household goods. To daughters Elizabeth and Ann privileges and house. To son John, 220 pds. To son Isaac, 220 pds. To son Owen, 200 pds. To daughter Catharine, 120 pds., at wife's death. To daughters: Sarah, Elizabeth and Ann, 100 pds. and 20 pds. each at wife's death. To granddaughter Sarah, of Levi Hughes, 20 pds. To son Edward, farm, 148 acres subject to privileges of wife. Rem of estate to son Edward.
Execs: Sons John and Edward.
Wit: Benjamin Van Fossen, Henry Snyder.

We suspect his son Isaac married Rachel Tennis (daughter of Israel Tennis and Jane Meredith) (Isaac buried with his wife at the Tennis-Lukens Cemetary on Allentown Road in Towamencin township). Owen's daughter Catherine married Isaiah Bell, son of Jonathan Bell and Mary Stroud.

b) Isaac Hughes m. Leah

Gwynedd MM record:  1764-4-24 Hugh, Isaac - married contrary to discipline and offered an account.

We will keep an eye out for Leahs of the right age. Some have named her a Wayne, probably because Francis Wayne, bought land from Morgan Hughes above and named an Isaac Hughes as his brother in law in his Philadelphia Co. will. However, this Francis Wayne appears to have been born about 1690, way to early to have a sister that married Isaac Hughes, son of Edward.

Gwynedd MM minutes: 122-3 1771-11-26 Hughs, Isaac, wife and 3 children, Abnor, Ann and Edward got certificate to Hopewell (VA) MM

Isaac and Leah's home in Berkeley Co., WV is maintained as a historic home and has a web site. Dave Benton (who seems to live in the said Hughes-Cunningham House in WV) posted the following additional information at  :

"Hopewell Friends lists Isaac Hughs with his son, Abner, transferring from Pennsylvania to Hopewell Meeting in 1771. There is an appraisement for Isaac Hughs dated April 11, 1776, made by nearby neighbors Joshua Hedges, Stephen Harlan and Joseph Hedges (Will Book 1, p. 57). The Administrator's Bond Book 1, page 17 lists Leah Hughes, Morgan Hughes and Benjamin Hughes on March 19, 1776 as administrators of Isaac Hughes, deceased. The following is from Mrs. Charles Burton of San Diego, California: "my great-grandmother was Louisa Hughes, daughter of Abner and Sarah (Iddings) Hughes. Sarah was Abner's second wife. I have their marriage bond dated February 1816, Guilford, N.C. Louisa's obituary from Texas County, Missouri, 1903, states she was the daughter of Dr. Abner Hughes, who lived near Reedy Creek Campground in Sullivan Co., Tennessee. Henshaw's Quaker Geneology, Vol. VI, states that on June 1, 1772, Isaac Hughes and children Abner, Anne and Edward, were received at the Hopewell, Va. monthly Meeting on a certificate of removal from the Gwinedd monthly meeting dated November 26, 1771. At the time Isaac Hughes died, we were under the English law where if a man died, his eldest son inherited every- thing with his widow having a dower interest. By 1784, Leah Hughes, his widow, had remarried. Isaac Hughes built the log main section of the house soon after he made the purchase from Lewis Burwell, Jr. in 1771."

iii) Dorothy Hughes m. Morgan Morgan

Gwynedd MM records state 3-27-1718, "This meeting being informed that Morgan Morgan, one in community with us hath an Intention of Marying with one that is not, Contrary to Discipline. This Meeting Desires that his parents and Frds. use all Endeavors possible by Tender Councel and Advice to Diswade him from it."

Morgan Morgan is the brother of Sarah, the mother of Daniel Boone, the pioneer. The Morgan log home (built as early as 1708) still stands in Towamencin and can be visited.

MORGAN, MORGAN. Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 1 mo. 30, 1727. April 26, 1727. E.38.
Wife: Dorothy. Children: Edward, Jesse. Brother: Joseph.
Grandchildren: Margaret and Elizabeth Morgan. Friends: John Thomas, William Morris, Walter Evans, Elinor Wright. Servant: Joseph Griffith.
Exec: Dorothy, William and John Morgan.
Overseers: Cadwalader Morris, William Tennis.
Wit: John Jones, Cadwalader Morris.

The Gwyned records for Morgan Morgan (son of Edward Morgan and Elizabeth Jarman) are given in the Morgan records page.

Dorothy's son Edward married Margaret Rittenhouse, a sister of the famous David Rittenhouse.

Dorothy's son Jesse left the following will (abstracted):

MORGAN, JESSE. Whitpain, Co. of Philadelphia. 4 mo. 13, 1757. September 14, 1757. L.1.
Wife: Mary. Children: Priscillah, Mary and Dorothy.
Brother: Edward. Nephew: Morgan Morgan.
Cousins: Owen Hughes, Isaac Hughes, William Morris.
Uncles: Benjamin and Edward Hughes.
Trustees: Edward Hughes, Edward Morgan, William Morris.
Exec: Mary Morgan.
Wit: Margaret Morgan (her mark), Ludwick Cook.

iv) Elizabeth Hughes

Baptized 8 June 1706 at St. Davids Episcopal Church, Radnor twp., Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA.

13. Francis Griffith of Towamencin

1725 - Mentioned in the will of John Roberts of Gwynedd twp.

1725 - witness on will of Eleanor Roberts of Gwynedd twp. (husband of John Roberts)

1734 - Philadelphia land assessment - in Towamencin township with 100 acres

14. Richard Morris m. Gwen Ellis

Deed Poll 5 August 1703, Deed 417 acres (in Whitpain twp.) to Richard Morris, Husbandman of Whitpain twp., Philadelphia Co. Property sold to Edward Endehave (Dehaven) in 1706. Richard Morris kept 100 acres. Read more HERE.

Gwen Ellis was his second wife (when he married her he was already in Whitpain twp. according to the above deed, but of Upper Merion according to the marriage certificate):

Richard Morris, widower, of Upper Merion and Gwen Ellis of Blockley married 10 mo. (December) 28, 1703 under care of Haverford MM. (Radnor MM microfilm at Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, page 420 in original book). First witnesses to sign are likely her relatives: Cadwallader Ellis, Humphrey Ellis, First woman to sign:  Jane Hugh.

Gwynedd MM, page 61- book 1
Richard Morris, died 6 (August)-22-1737
wife, Gwen died 8 (October)-3-1736
child: Cadwallader b. 6 (August)-6-1710, d. 10 (December)-?-1734

RICHARD MORRIS. Whitpain, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. February 1, 1736. September 19, 1737. F.49.
Child: Elizabeth (wife of Joshua Dickinson).
Exec: Joshua and Elizabeth Dickinson.
Wit: William Robinson, Edward Rees (his mark) and Ellis Ellis (his mark).

Gwynedd MM, 1726-6-26 Elizabeth Morris and Joshua Dickinson reported married.

For a continuation of this line, see Dickinson genealogy

Gwen Ellis, had a brother, Humphrey Ellis (m. Mary Hugh and Sage Morgan) who was a neighbor in Whitpain township and was first to sign her marriage certificate.

Records which may have some relevance to the ancestry of Gwen Ellis (we are still looking this over as well as additional Welsh Records):

Baptisms Llanycil Parish, Merioneth:

26 June 1639 Gainor d/o Elis Morris and Gwen

10 Dec 1643 John s/o Elis Morris

29 August 1647, Cadwalader son of Elis Maurice and Catherine

"Elizius filius Caddr Ellis de Bala & Jana uxoris eius baptus fuit decimo octavo die July 1683" (Ellis, son of Cadwalader Ellis and Jane baptized 8 July 1683)

Gwen, baptised in Llanycil on 19 February 1687 - daughter of Cadwalader Elis and Jane. Her birth date is also given as 14 February 1687. "Gwena filia Caddr Ellis & Janna ux. eius nata 14 die Feb. & bapta fuit 19 eiusdem 1687."

Burial in Llanycil-7 July 1697 Elis Morris

St. Asaph Wills (following Tom Doyle on Worldconnect):

"The Probate records (1571-1700) at St. Asaph for Penlynn at Llanyckill (Llanycil) near Bala for September 3, 1663 (Copied by Thomas Allen Glenn - 1914) show in the Abstracts of Wills (1671-1700) an Elis John, Will proved by his son Evan Ellis. The Pedigrees (also by Glenn) show: "John of Llanycil - son Elis John of Llanycil d. August 12, 1663.

Children: John Ellis, Morris Ellis, Evan Ellis, Cadwalader Ellis, Robert Ellis, Margt. m. John Cadwalader and Elizabeth. Listed under Cadwalader are Thomas Ellis and David Ellis."

There is Another will written in the same farm as the one where Elis John and Thomas Elis died . It is the will of Doulce vch David written in July 1667 (she died in Sept .1667) She is a widow and mentions her son Cadwalader Elis , and two other sons Morris and Evan. (who were also mentioned in Elis John's will), She is a widow because her husband was Elis John who died in 1663 but she must have been divorced from him because Elis John mentions his wife Elinor John as an executor in his will.

Welsh Quaker records: (1) Cadwalader Ellis was a witness to a Certificate at Penllyn MM in Wales, 1685. (2) Hendre Mawr MM certificate of removal to Pennsylvania for Jane Ellis and children Humphrey and Gwen, 1696.

Cadwalader Ellis. Rmd. to Penna. about or before 1700. He purchased 295 a. ld. on Ridley Creek, Goshen from Hugh Roberts or his executors before 26 March 1706 (T.A. Glenn, Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania). This is thought to be the Cadwalader Ellis who left a will in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania: Written Feb. 23, 1729. Probated (proved) March 31, 1730. His brother Humphrey was executor. George Hudson and Gabriel Davies - Trustees and Guardians. Witness: Phillip P. Davis & Thomas Edwards. Caernarvon twp., Lancaster County, Will Book A, Vol. 1, p. 2. This Cadwalader had married Margret Edward while living at Goshen and was disowned, possibly for this marriage 30, 9 mo., 1713.

Humphrey Ellis (brother of Gwen, and probably the Humphrey Ellis in the will of Cadwalader Ellis of Caernarvon twp., Lancaster Co.) like Gwen he lived in Whitpain township and is in the Gwynedd Meeting records. T.A. Glenn says, "Humphrey Ellis, son of Ellis __ and Jane Cadwalader, is believed to have been born near Bala, County Merioneth, Wales. Jane Cadwalader, "a widow these many years", of near Bala, co. Merioneth, removed to PA in 1697 with her son, Humphrey and daughter Gwen. She was a sister to John Cadwalader Rowland. She and her two children are included in the same [Friends] Certificate, dated 12, 16, 1696, from Hendri Mawr Meeting." Ref. Glenn, T.A. "Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania" 1911, p. 154. Humphrey married (1) Mary Hugh December 01, 1708 at Radnor Meeting House, and (2) Sage Morgan, daughter of John at Abington Meeting June 03, 1712. He left a will: HUMPHREY ELLIS, HUMPHREY. Whitpain, County of Philadelphia. Weaver. November 3, 1747. Proved May 13, 1748. G.264.Wife: Sage. Children: Isaac, Ellis and William. Exec: Isaac Ellis. Wit: Aaron Meredith, John Rees and John Bull.

Additional documentation for this line is in Lloyd D. Ellis' Worldconnect database entitled "Ellis, Cadwalader Family History. From Quaker history to Rhirid Flaidd Lord of Penllyn and back into the mists of time."

15. Morris Morris m. Susannah Heath

Morris Morris b. October 05, 1677 Griketh, Carnarvonshire, Wales, d. June 02, 1764, Richland twp., Bucks Co., PA married October 02, 1703 at Abington MM, Susannah Heath b. October 12, 1682, d. April 28, 1755 Richland twp., Bucks Co., PA.

This line is covered in Clarence V. Roberts' Friends Families of Upper Bucks. "Morris Morris, one of the earliest and most extensive land owners of Richland Township, as well as one of the most prominent figures in the settlement of the township and Manor of Richland, was born at "Griketh, Carnarvonshire," Wales, 8 mo. 5, 1677, and came with his parents to Pennsylvania in 1690. He was a son of Evan Morris, who was born in Cardiganshire, Wales, in or about the year 1654, and his wife Gainor." [Philadelphia MM records/Hinshaw Vol II: Evan & wife Gainer and children received on certificate from Quarterly Meeting at Tyddyn y Garreg, Merioneth, Wales, dated 1690, 6 mo., 8]. An account of the Convincement of Evan Morris, written by his son Morris Morris, was published in Old Richland Families, pages 77 to 82, and it has also been published elsewhere. It includes some account of the life of Evan Morris in Wales, and his conversion to the faith and doctrines of the Society of Friends, about the year 1683. He suffered in Wales, imprisonment, fines, and confiscations for his faith, some account of which is also given in the narrative of his convincement." He removed to Pennsylvania with his wife Gainor, son Morris and daughter Catharine. He lived briefly in Philadelphia where he was a glover, then settled on a tract of land in Abington township where he lived until his death in 1708. A Descendancy that includes Clarence Roberts' text is on-line. Some additional documentation for this family follows.

Morris inherited his father's 400 acres in Abington and continued to reside there until 1744. Morris purchased about 400 acres in the Griffith Jones tract, now a portion of the borough of Quakertown, PA (Richland), which he purchased of Joseph Jones by deed of lease and release, bearing date 9 mo. 8 & 9, 1720. This tract comprised the western half of the borough of Quakertown as it was in 1925 (Clarence Roberts).

Gwynedd MM, 91-1 Susannah Morris, got a certificate. Note Susannah Morris, wife of Morris Morris was a friend of Anne Roberts (wife of Rowland Roberts) of Montgomery, and the two of them traveled all over Colonial America and to Europe as well, as Friends ministers. An account of her narrow escape from a shipwreck is in Anne Roberts' memorial. Susanna Morris is one of the main characters in Daughters of Light by Rebecca Larsen (26 different mentions) who gives the following brief biography on page 313: "Susanna (Heath) Morris (1682-1755): born Teen, Staffordshire, England; immigrated with childhood family in 1701 to Abington, Pennsylvania; her three sisters were preachers; she appeared in ministry by 1711; 'a prophetic minister who testified against use of tobacco, liquor, and the use of "you" for the single person'; married in 1703 Morris Morris (1677-1764), yeoman, ... Susanna was the mother of thirteen children." A second shipwreck in 1728 off the coast of Ireland is described on pages 88-90 of Daughters of Light. In this trip she visited Ireland, England and Holland, returning to Pennsylvania in June 1731. Susanna Morris does not appear in the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting women's minutes until 1742 and thereafter she is in the Richland Monthly Meeting minutes (as this is the year Richland split off from Gwynedd).

Gwynedd MM, 268-1 1741-8-27 Morris Morris, wife and 2 children received on certificate from Abington MM

will abstract: MORRIS MORRIS. Richland. Co. of Bucks. Yeoman. October 1, 1762. proved August 20, 1764.
Children: Sarah Paul, Samuel, Joshua.
Sons in law: Abell Roberts, Thomas Fletcher.
Grandchildren: Susannah, Ann, Mary, Hannah, Hugh, Sarah and Kathrine Evans.
Execs.: Samuel and Joshua Morris.
Wit: John Foulke, John Greasly, Edward Thomas. N.171.

i) Daniel Morris m. Tacy Owen

In Bean's History of Montgomery County this Daniel Morris is a miller, whose mill in Whitemarsh township near the Upper Dublin line is later known as the Joseph Lukens' grist-mill.

Gwynedd MM, 319-1 1744-11-29 Dannel Morris received on certificate from Abington MM dated 9-20-1744

Philadelphia MM, 1744-3-10, Daniel Morris, son of Morris of Philadelphia Co., married Tacy Owen, daughter of Owen Owen of Philadelphia PA at Philadelphia Mtg.

Gwynedd MM, 321-1 1744-12-26 Tacy Morris received on certificate from Phila MM
Gwynedd MM, 364-1 1746/7-12-24 Daniel Morris and wife granted certificate to Phila MM

Gwynedd MM, RM 1748-4-20 Tacy Morris with her husband, received on certificate from Phila MM

Gwynedd MM, 224-2 1758-7-25 Tacy Morris and children granted certificate to Phila MM

Philadelphia MM, 1758-8-24, Tacy Morris and children, Robert, Samuel, Owen, Ann and Rebecca, received on certificate from Gwynedd MM.

Philadelphia MM, 1765-11-21, Tacy Morris, widow, Philadelphia PA married Hugh Forbes, of Philadelphia, at Philadelphia Mtg.

will: Daniel MORRIS, Upper Dublin, Co. of Philadelphia. Miller. 12 mo. 13, 1756. January 14, 1757. K.491.
Wife: Tacy. Children: Robert, Samuel, Owen and Ann.
Exec: Wife and brothers Samuel and Joshua Morris.
Wit: William Foulke, Jonathan Robeson, John Roberts, Jr.

After Daniel Morris died, Tacy married Hugh Forbes who left a will also:

Hugh FORBES, City of Phila. Wine Cooper. December 5, 1770. February 13, 1771.
Wife: Tacy.
Children: Owen and Ann Morris.
Brother: William. Sisters: Ann Gordon, Jane Stewart.
Nephews: James Forbes (in Aberdeen, Scotland), George Forbes, Charles Gordon.
Nieces: Elizabeth and Ann Forbes; Jane and Clementine Forbes.
Grandson of Ann Gordon (John).
Execs.: Tacy Forbes, Edward Jones, Samuel Levis.
Wit: Owen Jones, Ann Evans, Owen Jones, Jr. P.60.

Philadelphia MM, 1778-3-27 Owen Morris got a certificate to Gwynedd MM.

Gwynedd MM, 274-3 1778-9-22 Morris, Owen received on certificate from Phila MM dated 3-27-1778

Gwynedd MM, 170-4 1783-8-26 Morris, Owen got certificate to Abington MM

Gwynedd MM, 109-3 1771-4-30 Morris, Samuel, received on certificate from Abington MM dated 3-18-1771

Gwynedd MM, 218-1 1772-5-14 Morris, Samuel son of Daniel Philadelphia Co., PA married Rachel Dawes at Plymouth MH

Gwynedd MM, 198-3 1775-6-27 Morris, Samuel, wife Rachel got certificate to Phila MM Southern District

Philadelphia MM, Northern District, March 25, 1776 - Samuel Morris son of Samuel and Rachel died.

Gwynedd MM, 249-3 1777-7-29 Morris, Samuel received on certificate from Phila MM Northern District dated 5-27-1777

Gwynedd MM, 1781-11-27 Morris, Samuel and Rachel Moore (daughter of Mordecai and Elizabeth of Montgomery twp.) reported married

Gwynedd MM, 209-4 1784-12-28 Morris, Samuel, wife Rachel and 2 children Elizabeth and Thomas got certificate to Horsham MM

Philadelphia MM: Samuel Morris, Rachel, & children Thomas & Elizabeth received at Phila MM ND from Richland MM in 1797;

father-in-law's will:

Abraham DAWS, of Whitpain, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 2 mo. 24, 1765. Proved 24 February 1776.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Edith, Mary (wife of Robt. Tutniss), Tacey (wife of John Jones), Judith, Elizabeth and Rachel.
Grandson: Samuel, son of Abraham Shewmaker.
Execs.: Robert Tutniss (hatter), son in law Abraham Shewmaker (shop keeper), and John Jones, Jr. (tanner).
Wit: Rees Harry, Wm. Foulke and Jonathan Roberts.
Codicil. January 16, 1769.
Wit: Samuel Morris, Wm. Foulke and Edward Morgan.
Exec.: son in law Jonathan Paul.
Codicil. January 25, 1773.
Wit: Jonathan and Joseph Taylor and Morgan Morgan. Philadelphia County will book Q.258.

correspondence to James Quinn from Byron Hoffman:

"Abraham Dawes married Mary Harry , daughter of David Harry on the 20th of August 1731 -- in Gwynedd records. This couple had 7 daughters: Edith, Mary, Tacey, Judith, Lydia, Elizabeth, and Rachel.

AFTER HIS WIFE DIED, Abraham remarried a woman named Hannah.

In 1752, Abraham Dawes was the justice of the peace. In 1775, he and his wife and unmarried daughter Judith went to Philadelphia to live leaving the home to Elizabeth who had married her neighbor James Morris.

In Abraham's will which he made in 1765 but updated with codicils in 1765, he left a slave "Wench Porthena" to his wife Hannah, a young Negro girl named Ester to his daughter Edith, and to his daughter Mary he left a slave named Jeppo. There was another slave named Dinah mentioned."

Philadelphia MM, 1774-6-16, Ann Morris, daughter of Daniel and Tacy, married Richard Humphreys, son of Thomas and Sarah of Philadelphia at Philadelphia Mtg.

Ann Morris, husband and children in Philadelphia MM minutes

1774, 6, 16. Richard Humphreys, son of Thomas and Sarah of Philadelphia Co. married Ann Morris, dt of Daniel and Tacy, at Philadelphia Mtg.

1775, 9-3. Sarah Humphreys, daughter of Richard died, aged 3 months.

1776, 1, 26. Richard Humphreys, disowned for joining in training to learn the art of war.

1782, 4, 26. Ann Humphreys, wife of Richard, goldsmith, and children Hannah, Thomas, and Tacy got certificate to Southern District MM.

1783, 1, 31. Richard Humphreys reinstated in membership.

1784, 7, 30. Richard and wife Ann and children, Hannah, Thomas and Tacy, received on certificate from Southern District MM, dated 1784, 7, 28.

1800, 5, 8. Hannah Humphreys, daughter of Richard and Ann of Philadelphia, married James Vresson, son of James and Sarah of Philadelphia at Philadelphia Meeting.

1801, 5, 14. Tacy Humphreys, daughter of Richard and Ann of Philadelphia, PA married Richard George son of Amos and Rebecca, of Philadelphia, at Philadelphia Meeting.

1801, 9, 25. Thomas Humphreys dismissed for disunity.

ii) Morris Morris Jr. m. Elizabeth Mifflin

Gwynedd MM, 279-1 1742-2-27 Morris, Morris Jr. received on certificate from Abington MM

Gwynedd MM, 305-1 1743-11-31 Morris, Morris Jr. got certificate to Phila MM to marry

Philadelphia MM, 1743/4-1-22, Morris Morris, son of Morris, married Elizabeth Mifflin, daughter of Jonathan of Philadelphia, at Philadelphia Mtg.

Gwynedd MM, 309-1 1744-3-29 Morris, Morris Jr. got certificate to Phila MM

Philadelphia MM births: "Jonathan Morris, b 11-7-1744/5 [7d 11m (Jan) 1744-5], s of Morris Jr. & Susanna [sic, should read Elizabeth as is noted as a correction in the record]; Sarah Morris, b 4-5-1747 [5d 4m (Jun) 1747], dau of (ditto marks); Susannah Morris, b 4-3-1749 [3d 4m (Jun) 1749], dau of (ditto marks); Rebecca Morris, b 7-13-1754 [13d 7m (Jul) 1754], dau of (ditto marks)"

Morris and Elizabeth's daughter Sarah married Thomas Mifflin, the first Governor of Pennsylvania and Sarah's second cousin. Elizabeth Mifflin's father Jonathan was a historian. A couple more of Morris and Elizabeth's children are identified in his will.

MIFFLIN, JONATHAN. City of Phila. Gentleman. October 13, 1774. October 23, 1781. S.26.
Wife: Sarah.
Child: Samuel.
Grandchildren: Jonathan Mifflin [Son of Son Samuel], Sarah Mifflin, Susanna and Rebecca Morris [Children of Daughter Elizabeth, decd.], Jonathan and Sarah Jones [Children of Daughter Sarah, decd.], Samuel and Charles Jones, Elizabeth Jones, John Jones, Sarah Paschall and Children of Daughter Patience [decd.].
Wife's Daughters: Ann Powell, Martha Powell.
Monthly Meeting of People called Quakers.
Exec: Son Samuel Mifflin, Grandson-in-Law: Thomas Mifflin and Thomas Fisher.
Wit: L. Weiss, Richard Whitehead.
Codicil: Signed 7 mo. 14, 1780.
Grandchildren: Sarah Mifflin, Susan and Rebecca Morris.
Wit: Robert Worrell, Joseph Budd.

More documentation for this line can be found in a message from Don Blauvelt on Genforum.

iii) Samuel Morris of Hope Lodge

Gwynedd MM, 213-1 1737-1-29 Morris, Samuel, received on certificate from Abington
Gwynedd MM, 282-1 1742-4-29 Morris, Samuel got certificate to Philadelphia MM
Gwynedd MM, 315-1 1744-7-25 Morris, Samuel, received on certificate from Philadelphia MM dated 5-27-1744

Samuel Morris (1709 - 1770)(from Laurie Halse Anderson's History of Gwynedd Meeting)

"Gwynedd Friends in the mid-1700s were a mixture of farmers and business owners. Samuel Morris provides us with an example of an active Quaker entrepreneur. He was born February 27, 1709, the son of Morris Morris and Susanna Heath. His mother was a famous traveling minister, both in the colonies and abroad.

Samuel attended Abington as a boy, and came to Gwynedd in 1737. He continued to worship here until his death in 1770. He was active in committee work, and in Quarterly and Yearly Meeting business. Like many Friends in the first half of the 18th century, Samuel was involved in politics. In 1736, he was elected Assessor of Philadelphia County, and was reelected to that post three times. In 1749, he was elected Justice of the Peace for Whitemarsh Township, then part of Philadelphia County.

Samuel and his father owned and ran the Upper Dublin Mill in Ambler. By 1746, he also owned a grist mill along the Wissahickon Creek across from his property on Bethlehem Pike, now called Mather's Mill. Samuel owned a lime quarry and lime kilns, and farmed his 150 acres of land. He was part owner of three sailing ships (the Carpenter, the Ann and an unnamed sloop), as well as riverfront property in Philadelphia, an iron furnace in New Jersey, a brewhouse, and a storehouse.

Around 1741, Samuel bought land on the east side of Bethlehem Pike, and started construction on a grand home. It is believed that Edmund Woolley, designer of Independence Hall, was the architect of Samuel's home. He called his home "Whitemarsh Estate." We know it today as Hope Lodge, a superb example of Georgian architecture. Samuel Morris' house is now owned by The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and is open for tours year round.

Morris never married, though both his niece Susannah Evans, and his cousin, Ann Waln, each lived in his house for a while.

Samuel's brother and heir, Joshua, donated land from the estate to Gwynedd Meeting. In 1852 a small building was erected that was used for Meeting for Worship for funerals. Friends were buried on the property. In 1920 the land was sold, and the bodies reinterred at Gwynedd."

Will abstract:  SAMUEL MORRIS, Whitemarsh. Phila. Co. Yeoman. March 30, 1770. December 12, 1770.
Nephew: Samuel Morris. Niece: Susanna Anderson.
Son in law: Alexander Anderson. Meeting of Friends at Plymouth. Meeting of Friends at Abington.
Housekeeper: Susanna Jones. Servant boy: James Nettle.
Friends: Samuel Adams, Margret Evans.
Certified to hand writing of Testator: Cadwalader Evans, Benjamin Davis, Peter Adams, Joshua Morris. P.25.

He also left a bequest for a school, free to all who lived a mile and a half from it (the building still standing.)

iv) Joshua Morris m. Sarah Wilson

Joshua inherited brother Samuel's property, including Hope Lodge. Daughter Mary married Isaac Mather and Mather took over part of the property, including the Mather Mill.

Gwynedd MM, 61-1 Sarah Morris, widow of Joshua died 10-23-1809, age 75

Montgomery Co., Will Book 3: SARAH MORRIS (widow of Joshua). Whitemarsh. July 26, 1809. November 13, 1809. 3.167
To daughter Susanna, 25 pds. To granddaughter Anna, wife of Charles Hallow, 25 pds. To Mary Trimble, wife of William Trimble, 25 pds. To Rebecca Johnson, $40. To Mary Phipps, $20. To sisters, wearing apparel, and linens. To sister Hannah Kirkbride, household goods. To 3 nieces, rem. of household goods. To David Wilson, riding chair, etc. To niece Sarah, feather bed, etc. To niece, Sarah, silver spoons. Rem. of estate divided into 10 equal parts, among: Samuel, John, Stephen, Oliver, David, and Isaac. Remaining 9/10 parts divided equally among 6 brothers and 3 sisters: Elizabeth, Rachel and Rebecca.
Exec: Brother John Wilson.
Wit: Thomas Lancaster, Jacob Thorp.

Sarah (Wilson) Morris may well be the second wife of Joshua Morris, as a man of that name marries at Abington, January 26, 1744/45, Mary Fletcher. This first wife may well be the mother of Mary Morris, the wife of Isaac Mather.

16. Morris Richard whose children took the last name Morris

Thomas Allen Glenn, (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, p. 207): "Morris Richard, of Dolgelley, co. Mer., tailor. D. at sea on the voyage to Penna.; Wife, ____; Children (surname Morris): I. William, m., 1719, Catharine Pugh; 2. Jane, m., 1720, Thomas Williams, of Montgomery, Penna. Prob. others." He also lists William Morris (p. 198), "of co. Mer., tailor; s. Morris Richard, of Dolgelley, co. Merl., tailor, who d. at sea on the voyage to Penna. Rmd. to Montgomery Penna., before abt. 1710." T.A. Glenn has a repetitive entry for Jane Morris on p. 197.

Gwynedd MM, 55-1 1719-8-26 Morris, Wm son of Morris Richard dec'd of ? married Catherine Pugh (daughter of Richard Pugh and Margaret) at Gwynedd MH

William Morris s/o Morris Richard of Merionethshire Wales dec'd m.. Catharine Pugh d/o Richard of Montgomery dec'd at Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 26, 1719 at Gwynedd; Wit: John Morris, Evan Pugh, Rbt Pugh, Owen Evan, Cadd Evan, John Humphrey, John Hugh, John Caddw, Tho Foulk, Rbt Evan, John Robt, Richard Lewis, Rbt Tho, Rbt Humphrey, Ellis Pugh, Thomas Davies, Rbt David; middle column Margaret Pugh, Jane Evan, Sarah Pugh, Jane Robert, Lowery Siddon, Ellin Evans, Ellin Hugh, Jane Hugh, Catherine William, Esther Lewis, Jane Jones, Margaret William, Eliz Evans, Catherine Jones, Margaret Thomas, Martha Jones.

From the above certificate it appears there is probably a brother or uncle named John Morris (signs right below bride and groom).

Gwynedd MM women's minutes

Att our monthly meeting held att Gwynedd the 25th of 6 month 1719

William Morris and Cathrine Pugh Declared their intention of Marriage with each other the first time this meeting Cathrine William & Ellin Evans to inspect into her Clearness and Conversation and bring report thereof Next meeting

Att our monthly Meeting held att Gwynedd the 29th of 7th mo

William Morris and Cathrine Pugh Declared their intention of Marriage the second time and are left to their Liberty to proceed Margaret Peter Barbrea Thomas are appointed to see the Marriage orderly accomplished

See also her line under Richard Pugh, above.

Gwynedd MM, 61-1 1720-8-14 Morris, Jane daughter of Morris Richard married Thomas William at Gwynedd MH

Thomas Williams, Montgomery, widower m. Jane Morris d/o Morris Richard of Merionethshire, Wales dec'd at Gwynedd mh, 8th mo 14, 1720. Wit: women in center list - Mary Morris, Catherine Morris, Barbara Thomas, Jane Evans, Jane Jones, Cath Wm, Mary Cadd, Mary Edwards, Jane Hughs, Cath Wm, Margarett Thomas, Eliza Evans, Ellin Evans, Lowrey Evans, a line drawn here, Francis Dawes, John Humphrey, Ellis Hugh.; men (probably relative) in list at right: William Morris, John Morris, Robert Thomas, John Edward, Evan Pugh, Cadd Evan, David Pugh, Godfrey Jones, John Wm, John Cadw., Hugh Griffith, Cad Evans, George lewis, John Jones, Evan Ellis, Wm Davie, Rbt Davies, John Rbt, Rowland Evans

See this link for a genealogy.

17. Anthony Morris line of Philadelphia - Whitpain & Whitemarsh branches

This is a wealthy merchant line from Philadelphia.

There is a monumental history of this family, The Morris Family of Philadelphia, by Robert C. Moon, which is on-line:

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 4

Associated with "Mount Joy" on the Schuylkill River & Whitemarsh twp. - John Morris m. Mary Sutton

Gwynedd MM, 152-1 1732-5-25 Morris, John, received on certificate from Phila MM
Gwynedd MM, 174-1 1733-12-26 Morris, John, got certificate to Phila MM to marry
Philadelphia MM, 1734-2-18, John Morris, son of Anthony, Philadelphia Co., PA married Mary Sutton, daughter of Richard, Philadelphia, PA at Philadelphia Mtg.
Philadelphia MM, 1735-1-28, Mary Morris (late Sutton) got certificate to Gwynedd MM
Gwynedd MM, 54-1 1735-3-27 Morris, Mary received on certificate from Phila MM
Gwynedd MM, 61-2 1751-5-30 Morris, John and wife received on certificate from Phila MM dated 2-26-1751
Gwynedd MM, 64-3 1769-6-27 Morris, John and wife got certificate to Phila MM

Philadelphia MM, 1769-6-30, John Morris and wife Mary received on certificate from Gwynedd MM

note: John Morris m. Mary Sutton. John is the son of Anthony Morris and Phebe Guest.

"JOHN MORRIS, third son of Anthony and Phoebe (Guest) Morris, was born in the old Morris Mansion [Front St.] in Philadelphia, June 23, 1709. John Morris was settled by his father on 'Spring Mill' property, on the Schuylkill, Philadelphia, now Montgomery county, twelve miles from Philadelphia, where he erected for him a fine mansion, which he named 'Mount Joy', and in 1739 conveyed to him the mill and three tracts of kind, comprising four hundred and twenty acres. Here John Morris and his family resided until 1769 when he conveyed 'Mount Joy' and the surrounding property to his son-in-law, Joseph Potts and took up his residence in Southwark." source: Pennsylvania Biographies and Genealogies 1600s-1800s - Family Tree Maker CD#530 Pennsylvania Biographies and Genealogies, 1600s-1800s, Colonial & Revolutionary Families, Vol. I.

Spring Mill: Anthony Morris of Philadelphia [father of John Morris] was the co-owner, with Robert Jones of Gwynedd twp., of the Spring Mill in Whitemarsh twp. on the Schuylkill. Jones and Morris purchased the property of 7 1/2 acres with the mill on 27 April 1715 from Rees Williams, eldest son and heir of David and Elizabeth Williams. By indenture dated March 19, 1719, Reese Williams, yeoman, of Whitemarsh, and Elizabeth his wife, granted unto Robert Jones and Anthony Morris, 513 acres in Whitemarsh, which said 513 acres had been conveyed by William Markham to David Williams by deed dated May 9, 1697. On March 22, 1719, Reese Williams conveyed to Robert Jones and Anthony Morris a certain messuage plantation and tract of land comprising 163 acres. On Dec. 12, 1730, Robert Jones and his wife Gaynor conveyed their part in the said premises to Anthony Morris, viz., the Spring Mill and a Messuage or Tenement with three tracts of land - 7 1/2, 513 and 163 acres respectively. (The Morris Family of Philadelphia, Vol. 1, p. 254)

Will abstract: John MORRIS, Southwark, Co. of Phila. 1 mo. 11, 1781. February 11, 1782. S.66.
Sisters: Deborah, Hannah [Wife of Brother Joseph].
Children: Margaret, widow of Son William [decd.].
Grandchildren: John, Richard, Deborah, Wilhemina Morris [Children of Son William, decd.],
Richard Hill Morris, John Morris Potts [Son of Daughter Mary [decd.].
Friends: Ellinor Siddon.
Exec: Brother, Joseph Morris, Cousin, Thomas Morris. Sister, Deborah Morris.
Wit: Samuel C. Morris, Benjamin Morris, Thomas Morris.

i) Mary Morris m. Joseph Potts

Gwynedd MM, 161-1 1764-8-16 Morris, Mary daughter of John, Phila Co., PA married Joseph Potts at Plymouth MH

Joseph Potts was iron master at Mt. Joy Forge, Glasgow Forge and Sarum Works. Joseph granted certificate from Phila MM to Goshen MM in 1761; Joseph received at Phila MM from Goshen MM in 1763; Joseph received at Phila MM from Exeter MM in 1764; Joseph disowned in 1768 at Phila MM for marriage contrary to discipline with Sarah Powel, his late wife's first cousin; Joseph and Sarah condemned their marriage contrary to discipline in 1768 at Phila MM; Joseph and wife Sarah granted certificate from Phila MM to Gwynedd MM in 1769; Joseph and children Mary & Joseph received at Phila MM SD from Exeter MM in 1773; Granted certificate from Phila MM SD to Phila MM in 1774 to marry Ann Mitchell & reside there; Joseph granted certificate from Phila MM to Falls MM Bucks to marry in 1780; Joseph and Mary granted certificate from Phila MM to Gwynedd MM in 1780; (source: mostly Hinshaw, Vol. II)

ii) William Morris m. Margaret Hill (daughter of Richard Hill and Deborah Moore)

Burlington MM, 1770-11-5, Margaret & children, John, Deborah, Richard & Gulielma Maria received on certificate from Philadelphia MM

Burlington MM 1784-7-4, Margaret Morris got certificate to Philadelphia MM, Southern District

a) John Morris m. Abigail Dorsey

Burlington MM, 1777-3-3, John Morris, son of Margaret, got certificate to Gwynedd MM.

Gwynedd MM, 242-3 1777-5-27 Morris, John received on certificate from Burlington MM dated 3-30-1777

Gwynedd MM, 79-4 1780-11-28 Morris, John, got certificate to Burlington MM

Philadelphia MM, 1783-10-16, John Morris, son of William and Margaret, Philadelphia PA, married Abigail Dorsey, daughter of Benedict and Sarah at Philadelphia Mtg.

1787 John Morris was a founder of the College of Physicians. He resided between 1785 - 1791 at 27 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA and 1792 at 11 Pear St, Philadelphia, PA.

b) Burlington MM, 1779-9-6, Richard Hill Morris got certificate to Abington MM.

"John Morris owned at the time of his death (1782) a mill property and tract of land on Ridley Creek in Chester county, which he devised to his grandson, Richard Hill Morris."

c) Burlington MM, 1784-4-8, Gulielema Maria Morris, daughter of William and Margaret Morris, late of Philadelphia, m. John Smith, Son of John and Hannah at Burlington MH.

d) Burlington MM 1784-7-5, Deborah Morris, daughter of Margaret got certificate to Philadelphia MM, Southern District

Also associated with Whitpain twp. - James Morris m. Elizabeth Dawes

Philadelphia MM, 1772-7-31, James Morris got certificate to Gwynedd MM.

Gwynedd MM minute, 148-1 1772-10-1 James Morris, son of Joseph, City of Philadelphia married Elizabeth Dawes (daughter of Abraham Dawes and Mary Harry) at Plymouth MH

James Morris of Upper Dublin, miller, son of Joseph Morris of the city of Philadelphia m. Elizabeth Dawes daughter of Abraham of Whitpain, 1 October 1775.

At our monthly Meeting held in Gwynedd the 26th of the 3rd mo of 1776 14th Plymouth friends acquaint this Meeting that James Morris has acted in the Military way and says he does not think he was wrong in so doing; John Evans and Ezekiel Cleaver are appointed to visit him on that account and try to convince him of that breach of our discipline and report thereof to our next meeting

At our monthly meeting held in Gwynedd the 30th of the 4th month 1776 14th The friends appointed to visit James Morris report that they did accordingly and that he seemed kind but did not tell them what he intended to do in future. This Meeting appoints David Evans and Thomas Evans to visit him in order to try to convince him of the Breach he has made of the discipline.

At our Monthly Meeting held in Gwynedd the 28th of the 5th 1776 12th The friends appointed to visit James Morris report that they did accordingly and that he seemed very kind and said he had entirely declined having any concerns with Military affairs and did not intend to meet with them any more. This Meeting concludes to wait a while and see how he will conduct in future. Thomas Lancaster and John Roberts are appointed to observe how he conducts and report thereof to our next Monthly Meeting.

6th month 7th 1776, One of the friends appointed to visit James Morris reports he did accordingly and that he told him he had entirely declined all Military affairs and did not intend to be concerned with any of them any more. Notwithstanding this Meeting continues said friends and adds John Forman to endeavour to prevail with him to make satisfaction for that Breach of Discipline.

7th month 5th 1776, The friends appointed to treat with James Morris report that he signified to them that he did not report that his transgression amounted to that height as to require a written acknowledgement. John Forman and John Evans are appointed by this Meeting to visit him to endeavour to convince him that he acted contrary to our Religous principles. John Roberts and Thomas Lancaster are appointed to accompany them.

8th month 7th 1776, James Morris appeared in ths Meeting and gave in a paper wherein he acknowledgeds that he deviated from his profession in meeting to learn the Military exercise and condemns the said Act which was read in this Meeting and received for satisfaction.

From Bean's History of Montgomery County (section on Whitpain twp.)

"During the Revolutionary struggle, Brig-Gen. Weeden's regiment of Virginia troops was encamped from October 19th to November 2, 1777, on the Morris and Gregar farms. The former is now owned by Saunders Lewis, and the latter by William Heyward Drayton.

During their stay here the weather was very wet, rain falling almost every day. The soldiers were compelled to seek shelter during the night in the barns of the neighborhood. Several of the soldiers died here from sickness, and are buried in the graveyard at Boehm's Church.

Gen. Washington, during the time of the encampment, had his headquarters in the house then owned by James Morris ("Dawesfield"). The house was built in the year 1736, and remains substantially in its original proportions, with the addition of a south wing (twenty-four feet by twenty-three feet), built in the year 1821. It is situated in Whitpain township, Montgomery County, between the Skippack and Morris roads; about six miles from Norristown."

From Sally Wister's Journal: "Second Day, October 19th 1777

"Now for new and uncommon scenes. As I was lying in bed, and ruminating on past and present events, and thinking how happy I should be if I could see you, Liddy came running into the room, and said there was the greatest drumming, fifing, and rattling of waggons that ever she had heard. What to make of this we were at a loss. We dress'd and down stairs in a hurry. Our wonder ceased. The British had left Germantown, and our army was marching to take possession. It was general opinion that they would evacuate the capital. [On this date the British withdrew from Germantown into Philadelphia, and the Americans moved down the Skippack Road, and the roads adjacent, to take a nearer position. Washington's headquarters, for some days, were at "James Morris's, on the Skippack road," and on the 2nd of November, at Whitemarsh, at the residence of George Emblen, here mentioned."

Gwynedd MM, 38-4 1780-5-30 James Morris disowned for paying military fines and serving as assessor [he appears to have collected the fines for those not reporting for militia duty. Job Lukens was disowned by Gwynedd Meeting for a similar offense in Gwynedd township.]

will abstract: James MORRIS, Whitpain. January 2, 1794. September 1, 1795. Montgomery County, will book 1.388
To wife Elizabeth, and children, Joseph and Hannah, each 1/3 part of estate. If children should die under age, their shares to wife, 1/2 to be at her disposal, and the other half to sister Phebe Morris and niece Elizabeth Mifflin.
Execs: Son Joseph Morris, Anthony Morris.
Wit: Jacob Roberts.

Gwynedd MM, 39-2 1802-6-10 Morris, Hannah daughter of James dec'd and Elizabeth of Whitpain married Thomas Chalkley James at Plymouth MH

note: James was the son of Joseph and Martha (Fitzwater) Morris. Joseph was the son of Anthony Morris and Phebe Guest. Will abstract for his father:

JOSEPH MORRIS, City of Phila. Merchant. August 28, 1784. July 19, 1785. T.167.
Estate in Northampton, Co.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Phebe, James, Martha Mifflin.
Grandchildren: Elizabeth and Thomas [Children of Martha Mifflin],
Joseph and Hannah Morris [Children of Son James].
Guardian: Phebe Morris.
Exec: James and Phebe Morris, Martha Mifflin.
Wit: Stephen Austin, James Smith, Junr., Benjamin W. Morris.

Anthony Cadwallader Morris of "the Highlands"

Philadelphia MM, 1770-4-12, Anthony Cadwallader Morris son of Samuel, married Mary Jones, daughter of William, Phila PA at Phila Mtg.

Philadelphia MM, 1776-11-29, Anthony Cadwallader Morris disowned for associating to learn the art of war.

Gwynedd MM, 271-5 1796-8-30 Morris, Mary wife of Anthony & minor children Phebe, Rebecca received on certificate from Phila MM Southern District dated Nov 1794

note: Anthony Morris m. Mary Jones; Anthony was the son of Samuel Morris and Hannah Cadwalader (another descendant of Robert Evan Lewis). Samuel was the son of Anthony Morris and Phebe Guest. Samuel Morris (Sr.), Anthony's father was a tanner and merchant in Philadelphia, active in politics. He was 1752 Commissioned Sheriff of Philadelphia County where he remained until 1755, and again 1758-60. On 31 Jan 1756, he was appointed an Auditor of the ill-fated Braddock Expedition by Gov. Robert Hunter Morris. Later that year he was appointed a representative of the Friends to the Easton Indian Conference. He was a member of the Committee of Safety in Philadelphia becoming its Vice President in 1777 and the Keeper of its Seal. In 1777 appointed to the Board of War. In 1777 he also became the Register of Wills for Philadelphia County.

Will abstract of Samuel Morris: Philadelphia Will Book S, p. 128.
Samuel Morris, Register of the Probate of Wills, &c., in the County of Philadelphia. Will dated 5th day of May, 1781. He gives to beloved wife Hannah Morris all his lands, tenements, goods and chattels, rights and credits whatsover for her natural life. After her decease, all household and kitchen furniture, plate and china he gives to his two daughters Phoebe Morris and Martha Morris — to be equally divided between them.
To sons John Morris and Anthony C. Morris, to whom he has already advanced sundry sums to enable them to carry on business, he gives £500 each, which they are to receive two years after the decease of wife Hannah. If son John should die before expiration of said two years, or without law^ful issue, the £500 bequeathed to him is to go into the Residue of Estate and be divided accordingly. These two sons were to have no further claim on the estate.
After the death of wife Hannah, the residue is to be divided into eight equal parts, of which two parts are to be given to daughter Phoebe Morris, two to daughter Martha Morris, one to son Cadwalader Morris, one to son Samuel C. Morris, one to son Thomas Morris, and one to son Benjamin Morris. The daughters are given power to will one of their said eighth parts, during the life of wife Hannah. He then says : " I will that my negro girl Rose when she arrives at the age of twenty eight years, shall be manumitted, and that till that time, she shall be under the care and in the service of my said two daughters viz. P. & M., and that Csesar and Bella shall be good care takers of and kindly treated in my family." Executors - Wife Hannah, sole executor during her life, after her death, four sons: Cadwalader Morris, Samuel C. Morris, Thomas Morris and Benjamin Morris.
(Signed) Samuel Morris, [l. s.]
Witnesses : John Warner, L. Weiss.
Proved at Philadelphia 2d May, 1782.
Geo. Campbell, Regr.

The Anthony Morris who married Phebe Guest, the common ancestor of all these lines was Mayor of Philadelphia 1738-9. This Anthony's father was also named Anthony Morris and his mother was Mary Jones. After Mary Jones died, Anthony Morris Sr. married Mary Coddington, the daughter of William Coddington, former governor of Rhode Island. Anthony Sr. was also the Mayor of Philadelphia in 1703 and a member of the pro-Liberty, anti-Proprietary Party which agitated for the Charter of Liberties granted in 1705. By Ms. Coddington he had a son William who was the ancestor of a Morris family in Burlington Co., NJ which were also found in the Gwynedd MM records.

Gwynedd MM, 138-2 1823-5-6 Morris, Prudence (widow, daughter of Joseph dec'd and Elizabeth Butcher) of Whitemarsh married John Hoyle Jr. at Plymouth MH.

note: John Morris (b. December 03, 1782) m. Prudence Morris is the son of Stephen Morris and Bathsheba Jess of Burlington Co., NJ and grandson of Anthony Morris who was the grandson of Anthony Morris Sr. and Mary Coddington by son William.

Finally, at Gywnedd, we have this more recent marriage of a Morris.

Gwynedd MM, 27-2 1853-2-17 Morris, Samuel, son of Samuel B. and Hannah P. all of Phila Co., PA married Lydia Spencer at Gwynedd MH

This Samuel is a son of Samuel Buckley Morris and Hannah Perot. Samuel Buckley is the son of Luke Wistar Morris and Elizabeth Buckley. Luke is the son of Samuel Morris and Rebecca Wistar. Samuel is the son of Anthony Morris and Sarah Powel. Anthony is the son of Anthony Morris and Phebe Guest.

18. Isaac Morris m. Sarah Lewis of Whitemarsh

will abstract: ISAAC MORRIS, Whitemarsh, Co. of Philadelphia. March 1, 1734/5. Proved April 29, 1735. Philadelphia will book E.331.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Mary, Jonathan, David, Pheby. Brother: Mordecai.
Exec: Sarah and Mordecai Morris.
Wit: Jonathan Robeson, Samuel Ewing, Marcht. Maultsby.

The line of Sarah Lewis, wife of Isaac Morris is covered by Thomas Allen Glenn (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, pedigree on page 139.) Glenn gives the following ancestry for Sarah Lewis: parents = Henry Lewis, born Narberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales 26 Dec. 1671, d. in Haverford, PA m. Mary, daughter of Robert Taylor (m. Mary Hayes) from Little Leigh, Great Budworth, co. Chester, England. Grandparents = Henry Lewis of Narberth, removed to Pennsylvania in 1683, d. in Haverford m. Margaret Protherain on 12 March 1670/1. Great-grandparent = Evan Lewis of the parish of Narberth, Pembrokeshire born about 1610.

Isaac Morris was the son of David Morris and Mary Phillipine (or Phelps.) Thus, Isaac was the brother in law of Jonathan Robeson of Whitemarsh twp. who married Elizabeth Morris. David Morris was co-owner with Samuel Lewis (uncle of Sarah [Lewis] Morris) of the Haverford Mill. David Morris was on the committee that oversaw the building of Radnor Meeting House in 1716. David Morris left a will (abstract):

David MORRIS. Marple. November 25, 1720. January 17, 1720/1. Chester County book A. 107.
To eldest son David the North half of my land in Marple by estate, 400 acres, he paying to my daughter Elizabeth Morris £30. To son Mordecai the other 200 acres of said tract, he paying to daughter Elizabeth £10. To son Isaac, my plantation in Whitemarsh Township containing 324 acres, paying to daughter Elizabeth £25. To son Jonathan my 1/3 of grist mill in Haverford and land etc. belonging and all my share of the trading stock in co. with Richard Hayes. Executors: son David and brothers Henry and Saml. Lewis, overseers.
Witnesses: Wm. Plamer, Andrew Robison, Saml. Lewis, Henry Lewis.
(note from abstracter: David Jr. married Mary Philips ( ------ all) and had 3 children. Deed Book A. 395, Delaware Co.)

Jonathan Robeson was the son of Andrew Robeson, Chief Justice of Pennsylvania from 1693-9, of a non-Quaker Scotch family. Jonathan Robeson, himself, was a member of the Assembly of Pennsylvania from 1730-38 and the owner of various business enterprises in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Sarah (Lewis) Morris married second, Joseph Jones of Plymouth in 1736, bringing with her the four children named Morris.

Gwynedd MM: 6th-mo. 25, 1736. Joseph Jones, of Piymouth, Philadelphia county, and Sarah Morris, of Whitemarsh, widow. At Plymouth meeting-house. Witnesses, Hugh Jones, John, Samuel and Jacob Lewis, Mordecai Morris, Jonathan Morris, Joseph Pearson and 5 others.

Joseph left a will naming Sarah's daughter Phoebe and son Jonathan.

Children of Isaac and Sarah (Lewis) Morris:

i) Mary Morris married a cousin, Jonathan Taylor who was born 1707/8 in Marple twp. (now Delaware Co., then Chester Co., he being a son of Jonathan Taylor and Martha Hugh and a grandson of Robert Taylor and Mary Hayes) and settled in Whitpain twp. Their children were [1] Jonathan (m. Eleanor), [2] Isaac (m. Hannah Davis, daughter of William Davis of Whitpain), [3] Morris Taylor (m. Agnes Morris, daughter of Joseph Morris of Whitpain), [4] Rachel, and [5] Sarah (m. Isaac Williams - the marriage was before May 26, 1767 when it was reported by Gwynedd Meeting).

The marriage of Mary Morris and Jonathan Taylor appears to have taken place on 3 mo., 17, 1738 at the First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia. The Gwynedd MM records (men's minutes, 4 mo. 1738 or 1739) read: "Mary Taylor produced a paper condemning her outgoings in marriage and commiting uncleaness which was read and received on tryall" (I infer from this that she had apparently had a child before nine months had passed from the marriage date. I think her husband is quite a bit older than her and she is very young.) This Taylor family has a knack for getting in trouble (see children's bios below.)

In the Gwynedd MM records Jonathan and Mary Taylor sign the marriage certificate of John Roberts son of John of Whitpain who married Ellin Williams daughter of Thomas of Montgomery township, dec'd at Gwynedd MH, 10th mo 11, 1764. Jonathan Taylor is the son of Jonathan Taylor [b. August 24, 1678 Little Leigh, Cheshire, England, d. October 1709 in Marple township, and Martha Hugh (daughter of Stephen Hugh who settled in old Chester Co., PA.)] When Jonathan's sister Hannah marries John Worrall June 20, 1723, she is of Chester County, but when his sister Mary married Jonathan Worrall in Gwynedd Meeting September 21, 1727, she is described as of Montgomery township.

On the 1769 tax list for Whitpain: Jonathan Taylor, 200 acres, 3 horses, 5 cows, tax is 20.17 .4

In the 1790 Pennsylvania census in Whitpain, we find son Morris Taylor and the widows of his two brothers (page 38, reel M637-9):,

2 Morris Taylor, 2 males of 16 or more, 3 males under 16; 5 females; 0; 0

3 Hannah Taylor, 0, 1 male under 16; 1 female; 0 , 0

4 Elinor Taylor , 0, 1 male under 16; 1 female; 0, 0

Jonathan Taylor died in 1776 and left a will (abstracted below):

Jonathan TAYLOR, of Whitpain, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 2 mo. 19, 1776. March 23, 1776.
Wife: Mary.
Children: Morris, Jonathan, Isaac, Rachel and Sarah (Williams).
Execs.: sons Morris and Jonathan.
Wit: John Roberts, Isaac and Nathan Cleaver. Philadelphia County Q.273.

Children of Mary (Morris) Taylor:

1) Jonathan Taylor

He lived on a farm next to John Roberts (m. Jane Hanks) near the Gwynedd line in Whitpain twp. It appears that Jonathan died after marrying, but before his child was born (the early birth of a child is the evidence of "fornication" and the 1790 census shows a son.)

Gwynedd MM, 28 1 mo 1777, women's minutes:  Ellin Taylor also brought a paper wherein she acknowledged herself to have been guilty of fornication with the man she afterwards married for which offence she has been favoured with a degree of sorrow and desires friends to pass over her offence and receive her under their care again - which case this meeting refers to men friends.

JONATHAN TAYLOR, of Whitpain, Phila. Co. Yeoman. 9 mo. 26, 1776. 8 November 1776.
Wife: Eleanor. Unknown child.
Brothers: Isaac and Morris.
Sister: Rachel Taylor.
Exec.: Thos. Lancaster.
Wit: Stephen Styer and Peter Adams. Q.371.

It appears that Eleanor remained a member of Gwynedd Meeting and was remarried in 1792 to Isaac Thomas.

The son ("unknown child") was also named Jonathan (b. November 27, 1776), was received in membership at Gwynedd MM by request 3mo. 20, 1798, and he married Eleanor Shoemaker (daughter of David and Jane (Roberts) Shoemaker) on October 10, 1799 at Plymouth Meeting under the care of Gwynedd MM. He had many children in the Gwynedd records: David b. 6-10-1800, Elizabeth b. 6-16-1802, Jane S. b. 2-7-1805, Charles b. 5-16-1807, Mary b. 5-13-1809, William b. 11-18-1811 and Jesse Williams Taylor b. 9-8-1817.

2) Isaac Taylor

Isaac ran afoul of the American authorities during the Revolution. He was stopped while trying to deliver goods to the British in Philadelphia 1777 or 8 and warned. The warning went unheeded and he left Pennsylvania with the English Army. On 28 Jan 1779, "Isaac Taylor was ordered to be arrested for high treason for aiding and assisting the enemies of the state." His 100 Acre farm was confiscated and sold in 1785 to the University of Pennsylvania, but it appears he continued to live on it or near it (will). In 1790 his brother Morris bought it back.

ISAAC TAYLOR, Whitpain. May 24, 1789. November 28, 1789. 1.203 To wife Hannah personal estate, farm containing 50 acres during widowhood. If she marry to be sold and 1/2 given wife and other half to niece Mary Williams.
Execs: Wife Hannah, Job Roberts.
Wit: John Roberts Jr., Job Roberts.

3) Morris Taylor

MORRIS TAYLOR, Whitpain, Montgomery Co., PA. February 6, 1800. Proved March 1, 1800. Montgomery will book 2.147
To wife Agness, featherbed, &c. Estate to be sold amd money divided as follows: interest of 1/3 part to wife during widowhood; if she marry, 50 pds. To grandson Samuel of daughter Lydia, 10 pds. To sons: Joseph, Morris, David and Jonathan, 40 pds. each. To daughters: Rebecca, Mary and Elizabeth, 40 pds. each. Rem. equally divided among children: Lydia, Joseph, Morris, David, Jonathan, Rebecca, Mary and Elizabeth.
Execs: Sons Joseph and Morris.
Wit: Job Roberts, Adam Wertsner.

4) Sarah Taylor

5 mo. 26, 1767 - Gwynedd MM, Isaac Williams reported married to Sarah Taylor.

ii) On the internet, their are claims that Jonathan Morris married Mary West of Upper Providence, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA and moved west to Frederick Co., Virginia and eventually Washington Co., PA. We have not yet looked into this yet. Jonathan Morris is named in the 1779 will of his step-father, Joseph Jones of Plymouth.

iii) David Morris, son of Isaac, m. Ann Pearson

Gwynedd MM, 140-2 1755-5-27 Morris, David got certificate to Darby MM to marry
Gwynedd MM, 1755-12-20 Morris, Ann received on certificate from Darby MM
Gwynedd MM, 206-3 1755 or 1775-10-31 Morris, Ann children: Hannah, Jonathan, Sarah, Mary got certificate to Darby MM
Gwynedd MM, 167-3 1773-12-28 Morris, Ann children Hannah, Joseph, Thomas, Jonathan, Mary got certificate to Phila MM Northern District
Gwynedd MM, 197-3 1775-5-30 Morris, Ann and 5 children certificate granted to Phila MM 12-28-1773 is now returned unaccepted

will abstract: DAVID MORRIS, Plymouth. Phila. Co. November 27, 1772. March 2, 1773.
Wife: Ann. Children: Hannah, Joseph, Thomas, Sarah, Jonathan, Mary.
Execs.: Ann Morris, Jonathan Taylor.
Wit: John Parker, George Murray. P.369.

a) Hannah Morris, daughter of David. She married Richard Humphreys of Darby.

Gwynedd MM: Morris Humphreys, Montgomery, farmer s/o Richard dec'd and Hannah dec'd m. Sarah S. Evans, d/o David and Mary of Merion at Merion mh, 11th mo 19, 1812

b) Sarah Morris b. 1756/7, married in 1783 William Hansell of Kingsessing. (see pedigree, p. 139, Glenn, WFP)

iv. Phoebe Morris m. John Worrilow

She and two of her children, Thomas and Elizabeth, are mentioned in the 1779 will of her step-father, Joseph Jones of Plymouth township. Thomas Worrilow (her son) married Hannah Dickinson, daughter of Benjamin Dickinson and Isabel Wright. Elizabeth Worrilow (her daughter) married Jonathan Livezey.

19. Maris, with some Montgomery County wills that name them Morris

Goerge Maris (born August 24, 1733 Springfield, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA, son of George Maris and Ann Lownes) amassed a fortune in Gwynedd by buying and selling properties. He was a Friend (Quaker). He built a dwelling on the place where now is the William Penn Inn and married Jane Foulke, daughter of William Foulke and Hannah Jones. He had acquired the first property from Jesse E. Evans who had inherited it from his father Hugh Evans. George Maris passed the part containing the William Penn Inn to his son William who died soon after him in 1804. The property then went to William's nephew Jesse Maris who had moved to Delware County and sold the property (104 acres) to David Acuff in 1818. The name Maris is changed to Morris in the wills of two of his children William and Rebecca. For more on this line see the Foulke descendancy.

Montgomery Co., PA will book 2b
MARIS, GEORGE. Gwynedd. July 17, 1803. September 10, 1803. 2.333
To wife Jane, household goods, maintenance, 30 pds., 48 pds. yearly, and interest of 800 pds. To son William, 4 tracts, first purchased of Jesse Evans, except 10 acres; second purchased of Rowland Evans; third purchased of Margaret and Hannah Jones, fourth, 9 3/4 acres. To son George, 3 tracts, rem. of land purchased of John Troxel, second purchased of Thomas Evans and 18 acres, subject to payment of 20 pds. yearly to wife. To brothers: Levi Foulke, Jesse Foulke, nephew William Foulke, John Evans, Jr. and Cadwalader Evans, 6 tracts, 146 1/2 acres in trust. To daughter Ann and Jane, income of tracts, 60 acres, 70 perches; at their deaths to children and grandchildren, equally. To daughter Rebecca, income of 71 acres, subject to waterways and 3 pds. yearly to daughter Ann and Jane each and 6 pds. to wife. At her death to William, George, Ann, Hannah and Jane, grandson Jesse Maris, and children of daughter Susannah. To daughter Susannah, 5 tracts, 2 lots, 3 acres, 1 lot, 9 acres, 1 lot 2 1/2 acres, 1 lot 2 acres at her death to her children, also interest of 100 pds. or 10 acres. To Levi and Jesse Foulke, William Foulke, John Cadwalader Evans, 600 pds. in trust for daughters Ann and Jane; they to pay the interest of 200 pds. to wife and interest of 400 pds. to daughters Ann and Jane. To daughter Susannah, interest of 200 pds. and to wife interest of 100 pds. at her death, principal to her children. To daughter Hannah, 550 pds. To grandson Jesse Maris, 200 pds. and 300 pds. To son William, horse, and to son George, horse, farming utensils. To daughters Ann and Jane, household goods. To daughter Judith Maris, 12 pds. Rem. to children: William, George, Ann and Jane. Trustees, Levi and Jesse Foulke, nephew William Foulke, John and Cadwalader Evans.
Execs: Sons William and George, Cadwalader Evans, Jr.
Wit: John Evans, George Roberts, Joseph Meredith.

Children of George Maris and Jane Foulke:

Montgomery Co., PA will book 2b
September 2, 1804. December 7, 1804. 2.431
To brother George, wearing apparel, saddle, etc. To nephew George Wilson, watch. To sisters Anna and Jane, riding mare. Rem. of personal estate to mother. To mother real estate in Gwynedd, subject to debts. At mother's death to nephew Jesse Morris, subject to the payment of 1200 pds. To cousin Margaret, 100 pds. Rem. of estate to children of sisters Anna and Susanna. Trustees, uncle Levi Foulke, Jesse Foulke.
Execs: Cousin William Foulke, Cadwalder Evans.
Wit: Edward Jenkins, Rob. I. Evans, Jr.

Montgomery Co., PA will book 2b
HESTON, REBECCA. Gwynedd. February 24, 1807. May 18, 1807. 2.605
To Preparative Meeting of Friends, in Gwynedd, 12 pds. To children of sister Susanna Heston, 5 pds. each. Rem. of estate to nephew Jesse Morris, and children of sister Hannah Wilson, and Susanna Heston.
Execs: Levi Foulke, Jesse Foulke.
Wit: Cadwalder Roberts, Jr., Nathan Evans.

20. Unplaced Griffith, Hugh, Pugh and Morris in the Gwynedd Records


p. 102-7 1843-8-31 Griffith, Hannah Ann: received on certificate from Chester MM dated 7-31-1843

p. 121-7 1844-6-27 Griffith, Hannah Ann: granted certificate to Goshen MM

p. 327-7 1861-5-2 Griffith, Hannah: got certificate to Goshen MM

p. 122-4 1781-12-25 Griffith, Isaac got certificate to Haverford MM

1784-11-30 Griffith, Jane and Wm Peters: reported marrried

p. 183-6 1834-5-29 Griffith, Jane (a minor) got certificate to Kennet MM

p. 159-1 1732-12-27 Griffith, John and wife Mary: certificate received from Goshen MM, returned unaccepted, cause not given

p. 169-1 1733-8-30, Griffith, John and wife certificate returned from Goshen MM, returned unaccepted

p. 205-1 1736-4-29, Griffith, John dismissed for disunity (more than one John possible)

p. 66-6 1829-10-1, Griffith John dismissed for joining Hicksites

p. 232-6 Griffith, Margaretta: gct Kennet MM (after 1834, did not note date)

p. 77-6 1829-12-3, Griffith, Mary: dismissed for joining Hicksites

p. 364-2 1763-5-31 Griffith, Priscilla, received in membership on request

p. 406-2 1764-12-25 Griffith, Priscilla, got certificate to Uwchland MM

p. 58-6 1829-7-2 Griffith, Rachel, dismissed for joining Hicksites

p. 77-6 1829-12-3 Griffith, Rebecca dismissed for joining Hicksites

p. 54-2 1751-1-26 Griffith, Richard dismissed for disunity

1755-12-20 Griffith, Sa___ received on certificate from Radnor MM

p. 71-6 1829-10-29 Griffith, Sarah dismissed for joining Hicksites

p. 57-6 1829-7-2 Griffith, Wm dismissed for joning Hicksites


p. 205-1 1736-4-29 Hugh, Catherine: married contrary to disclipline and offered an account

1756-9-28 Hugh, David and Williams, Jane reported married

p. 349-2 1762-11-30 Hugh, David dismissed for disunity

p. 57-1 1735-12-24 Gainor Hughs, married contrary to discipline

298-1 1743-5-26 Hughs, Margaret granted certificate to Abington MM

337-2 1762-5-25 Hugh, Margaret and son Robert received on certificate from Abington MM dated 3-22-1762

74-4 1780-11-28 Hughs, Martha granted certificate to Exeter MM

1747-4-30 Hugh, Rachel and Robert Roberts reported married

117-1 1729-1-25 Hugh, Robert married contrary to discipline and dismissed

40-1 Hugh, Robert wife Jane with children who died in the epidemic: Robert d. 5-16-1745; Ellis d. 5-18-1745; Ellin d. 5-20-1745

289-1 1742-8-26 Hughs, Roger married contrary to discipline, offered account

20-2 1748-12-28 Hughes, Roger and Mary (late Peters) married contrary to discipline, dismissed

422-2 1765-8-27 Hughs, Lydia, Susanna and Martha (daughters of Roger) received in membership on request

1753-4-24 Hugh, Susannah and Samuel Davies reported married

412-2 1765-3-26 Hugh, Wm married contrary to discipline, dismissed

134-3 1772-5-26 Hugh, Wm dismissed


35-3 1768-6-28 Pugh, Ann got certificate to Uwchlan MM

64-1 Pugh, Ann b. 4-14-1778

84-5 Pugh Ann (minor dt of Susanna Coats) received in membership on request

159-6 1833-5-2 Pugh, Ann dismissed for joining Hicksites

1751-3-28 Pugh, Elizabeth and Samuel Stafford reported married

Of Glamorganshire, Wales

325-2 1761-11-24 Pugh, Hannah married contrary to discipline with husband of her deceased 1st cousin, and offered an account

1729-9-25 Pugh, Jane and Thomas Edward should have been reported married

351-1 1746-3-27 Pugh, Jane dismissed

54-6 1829-5-28 Pugh, Jane dismissed for joining Hicksites

Philadelphia MM, 1741-4-26, Mary Pugh got certificate to Gwynedd MM

82-2 1752-7-28 Pugh, Mary got certificate to Richland MM

Philadelphia MM, 1752-8-29, Mary Pugh received on certificate from Gwynedd MM, dated 1752-7-28

64-1 Pugh, Mary d. 3-20-1852, age 61

64-1 Pugh, Phebe daughter of Job and Mary Evans b. 11-12-1761 (who are Job and Mary Evans???)

235-4 1786-1-31 Pugh, Phebe (late Evans) offerred account for marriage out of unity

159-5 1792-5-29 Pugh, Phebe got certificate to Phila MM Northern District

299-5 1798-7-31 Pugh, Phebe, received on certificate from Phila MM Northern District

21-1 1724-4-21 Pugh, Sarah received on certificate from Haverford MM

254-1 1740-9-25 Pugh, Sarah received on certificate from Chester MM

88-1 1741-7-29 Pugh, Sarah appointed to draw certificate

191-1 1835-5-29 Pugh, Sarah dismissed

1764-4-24 Pugh, Sinah dismissed (reported married)

200-6 1835-5-28 Pugh, Stephen, married out of unity and joined Hicksites


233-7 1850-2-28 Morris, Charles E. received on certificate from Muncy MM dated 12-19-1849 (cert returned unaccepted because of joining Hicksites)

459-2 1767-1-27 Morris, Elizabeth got certificate to Exeter MM

Gwynedd MM, 61-1 Morris, John died 1-13-1760

201-3, 1775-7-25 Morris, Joseph, got certificate to Phila MM ND

264-7 1853-6-30 Morris, Lydia S. granted certificate to Frankford MM

297-3 1779-4-27 Morris, Martha received on certificate from Chesterfield MM dated 1-7-1779

69-4 1780-10-31 Morris, Martha got certificate to Darby MM

357-5 1801-6-30 Morris, Miriam (a minor) received on certificate from Symmons Creek NC MM dated 1-17-1801

195-1 1735-9-25 Morris, Sarah received on certificate from Haverford MM

199-1 1736-6-25 Morris, Sarah Phila Co., PA married Joseph Jones at Plymouth MH

Unplaced Morris Wills

Morris MORRIS, Gwynedd. Montgomery County, PA. November 18, 1793. Proved November 13, 1798. 2.73
To wife Catharine, bed, bedstead and rem. of estate after legacies are paid. To David Evans' wife, 5 s. To brother James and son Jonathan, 5 s. each. To sister Margaret Edwards, 5 s. To John Kidney, 1 s. To Margaret Stoneburner, 1 s.
Execs: Wife Catharine, Cadwallader Evans, Jr.
Wit: Evan Jones, Henry Jones.

Margaret MORRIS, Whitpain. April 18, 1806. March 27, 1809. 3.114
Estate to be sold and money divided among children: Christina, Susanna, Catharine, Mary, Elizabeth, and John equally.
Execs: son-in-law Benjamin Corson, and Amos Ellis.
Wit: Henry Conard, Andrew Norney.
Note:  This Margaret married first Frederick Fabritius and the children named in the above will seem to be his children (at least Mary and Christina are Fabritius).