Gwynedd Friends Meeting Historical Notes

Descendants of Ievan known as Evan Robert Lewis

The Evans family of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania

transcribed from Howard Jenkins with additions by James A. Quinn and Elfed Owen.

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Picture at right: Fron Goch, Gwynedd, Wales today (photo courtesy Elfed Owen)

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Introduction from H.M. Jenkins (1897)

It is intended to present, here, systematically, all the ascertained facts concerning Thomas, Robert, Owen, and Cadwallader Evans, of Gwynedd, and their descendants. The details given are by no means complete: some of the branches of the family could not be traced beyond the early generations; and in some cases information asked for was not furnished; yet the mass of facts given is extensive, and may serve as the basis for fuller work by any one who is particularly interested in the family.

The origin of the Evans family, in Wales, is indicated by notes given on a following page by the late Mrs. William Parker Foulke, the ancestress of her husband having been the daughter of Robert Evans. Her facts are drawn from a very elaborate family document prepared by the late Rowland E. Evans, son of Cadwalader of Philadelphia. It traces the descent of the four brothers of Gwynedd back to Mervyn Vrych, King of Man, who was killed in battle with the King of Mercia, A.D. 843. Mervyn married Essylt, daughter and sole heiress of Conan Tyndaethwy, King of Wales (who d. 818 or 820.) Both Mervyn and Essylt traced their descent from Lludd, King of Britain, brother of Caswallon, the chief who resisted the invasion of Caesar, before the Christian era.

Passing over, however, a number of intermediate generations, from Mervyn Vrych, the following may be noted:

1. David Goch, of Penllech, appears to have been a lessee of crown lands in Caernarvonshire, in the 18th year of Edward II., and to have been living on November 9, 1314. He m. Maud, dau. of David Lloyd (who traced descent from Owen Gwynedd, Prince of Gwynedd), and had three sons, one being

2. Ievan Goch, of Graianoc and Penllech, who appears as one of the jury to take the extent of the hundred of Cymytmaen, in 1352. His ownership of certain lands is shown in titles of that period. He m. Eva, dau. of Einion ap Cynvelyn (who traced descent from Bleddyn, Prince of Wales); and had two sons, the eldest being

3. Madoc, who appears in the Cwn Amwich pedigree as "ancestor of the gentlemen of Ysbitty Evan," in Denbighshire. His son was

4. Deikws ddu, who m. Gwen, dau. of Ievan ddu (who traced his descent to Maelor Crwn, head of the 7th of the noble tribes of Wales), and had a son

5. Einion, who m. Morvydd, dau. of Matw ap Llowarch, and had a son

6. Howel, who m. Mali, dau. of Llewellyn ap Ievan, and had a son,

7. Griffith, who m. Gwenllian, dau. of Einion ap Ievan Lloyd, and had four children, the third being

8. Lewis, who m. Ethli, dau. of Edward ap Ievan, and had six children, the fourth being

9. Robert, who m. Gwrvyl, dau. of Llewellyn ap David, of Llan Rwst, Denbighshire, and had by her six sons and six daughters, the fourth being

10. Ievan, known as Evan Robert Lewis. He was living, probably a young man, in 1601. He removed from Rhiwlas (or its neighborhood), in Merionethshire, to Fron Goch (probably in Denbighshire), and there passed the remainder of his life. He had five sons, all taking for themselves, in the Welsh manner, the surname ap Evan.

Editors Note from James Quinn: How this genealogy was constructed -- The primary source for this eight generation descendancy is Howard Jenkins' "Historical Collections of Gwynedd" revised in 1897. He was an Evans descendant who lived in Gwynedd most of his life. Where he is the source of information beyond the bare bones list of people, I have indicated it. I have also scoured the internet, read some of the primary documents (such as the meeting minutes), read a number of histories and included comments given to me by e-mail. Thanks to all the persons who have contributed to this site. I prefer to give credit where credit is due, so if I have neglected to give someone credit for their work, let me know. I welcome further comments, stories, additional genealogical lines and corrections. Howard Jenkins had a few eccentricities it appears. In his history he ignored war like actions -- never mentioning the Civil War for instance, and in some ways glossing over the internal conflicts within the Quaker meeting during the Revolution. Very likely this is the way the Evans family history of 1797, which Jenkins used as a source, was written as well.

There used to be an extensive Welsh genealogy for this family on-line at, but the link is now dead. It had hundreds if not thousands of names going back to the early middle ages for several lines. It also supplies some missing names for spouses. According to this genealogy, the spouse of Evan Robert Lewis is Jane verch Cadwalader (with more ancestors for Jane provided). Since this genealogy seems to have vanished, I have put an undocumented Evans ancestry on-line back to Llewellyn Fawr and William the Conqueror (lol).

Note of April, 2009:  Since this file was first constructed, the author of this web page has made many additions and corrections. Corrections primarily are removal of names that crept into this genealogy from Worldconnect. Additions are primarily from the Gwynedd MM records, from Philadelphia County will abstracts, and from the works of Thomas Allen Glenn (Merion in the Welsh Tract and Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, and an earlier article in the Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography) and Charles Henry Browning (Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania.)

Note of August 2010: It appears, so far, that men descended from Evan Robert Lewis, by an unbroken male line, will have the E1b1b1 y DNA haplotype (formerly called E3b), which is only present in about 2% of the male population of Wales.

Generation No. 1

1. IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT LEWIS was born Abt. 1585 in Yspytty Ifan Parish, Denbighshire, Wales, and died September 1668 in Cynlas, Merionethshire, Wales (now part of the administrative district of Gwynedd). He married JANE VERCH CADWALADER, daughter of CADWALADER AP MEREDYDD. She was born Abt. 1585 in Wales.

H.M. Jenkins: From the sons of Evan Robert Lewis, many of the Welsh settlers of Pennsylvania were descended. John ap Evan, it is stated, had several children, and one account says that two of them were William John, of Gwynedd (the purchaser, with Thomas Evans, of the township), and Griffith John, of Merion, (who d. 1707). This would make William John and Thomas Evans first cousins, and such a relationship is very probable.

Cadwalader ap Evan, the second son of Evan Robert Lewis, it is stated, left no children. "Of Griffith ap Evan nothing is known." The descendants of Owen ap Evan are very numerous; they form the Owen family, the posterity of Robert (and Jane) Owen, of Merion, who came from Wales in 1690, and d. 1697; and the Cadwalader family are his descendants also, in the female line." (Note we now know quite a bit more about Griffith ap Evan - JQ).

Frongoch in Wales is in a mountain valley wherein flows the River Treweren. It is just north of the market town of Y Bala.

Thomas Allen Glenn (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 2, p. 85):

Evan Robert Lewis, fourth son of Robert Lewis was born in the parish town of Yspytty Evan, Denbighshire (Evans MS. ped.; Swnn, ii., 278.] He appears to have acquired or assumed the epithet of Llwyd (or Lloyd), by which he was occasionally designated, and which his son, Evan Lloyd Evan (otherwise Evan ap Evan), adopted as a surname.

43 Eliz. (1601). Named as fourth son of Robert Lewis in the pedigree by Lewys Dwnn, Deputy Herald, and certified by the Rev. Evan Lloyd [ap William Lewis] 43 Eliz. (1601). [Dwnn, ii., 278-9]

"Evan Robert Lewis, an honest sober man, born near the end of the reign of Queen Elizabeth." [Owen MS. genealogy in possession of the late George S. Conarroe, Esq. of Philadelphia; see "Historical Collection of Gwynedd," H. M. Jenkins, 1st ed., 144-5.]

"Ieuan, known as Evan Robert Lewis... He removed from Rhiwlas (or its neighborhood), in Merionethshire to Vron Goch, also in Merionethshire, and there passed the remainder of his life. He had five sons, all taking for themselves, in the Welsh manner, the surname of Evan." [Historical Collections of Gwynedd, H.M. Jenkins, 1st ed., 144; from Evans MSS.]

Fron Goch, which gave its name to the present ecclesiastical district of the same name, is a large farm partly in the parish of Llandderfel, to which it still pays tithes, but mostly in the township of Ucheldre, in the parish of Llanfor, Merionethshire. It was formerly of much greater extent than at the present time, several parcels of land having been cut out of it, and appears to have extended into the township of Cynlas, formerly part of Llanderfel, but now locally in Llanfor. The principle residence was in Llanfor, near the present Fron Goch station, but there were other tenements, some of them on detached parcels, belonging to Fron Goch. The tenants have of late times always baptized and buried at Llanfor Church, but in earlier days they occasionally were buried at Llandderfel, especially if residing at the time in any of those tenements belonging to Fron Goch which lay in the latter parish. There is evidence to show that Fron Goch was sometimes considered to be a township of itself.

Evan Robert Lewis's daughter, and presumably oldest child, Alice, was married in 1624, so that if she was then aged about 16 years, her father's birth cannot be placed much later than 1586-7. The visitation pedigree dated 1601, gives him as the fourth son among twelve children (there were also six daughters) of Robert Lewis, all born before the above date, so that if he was, say, the seventh child, and the youngest of the twelve was an infant in 1601, which seems to have been the case, the approximate date of Evan's birth would be circa 1584.

Rhiwlas is an estate, with the mansion house near Bala, about one and a half miles from Fron Goch, which now forms part of the Rhiwlas property. Evan Robert Lewis, may, upon his removal from Yspytty Evan, have lived for a time very near Rhiwlas and subsequently gone to Fron Goch, but it seems more probable that the original MS. from which R. E. Evans acquired his data referred to a Rhiwlas in Yspytty Evan, in Denbighshire, and that he accidentally reversed the names of the counties. Fron Goch is about three miles from the border of Yspytty Evan parish. Rhiwlas (the green slope), is a very common name, and scores of farms were formerly so called, some of which are now known by other names.

1606-7, 4 Feb. Named as a creditor in the will of Thomas ap Evan ap Robert of "Sputty" (Yspytty Evan), Denbighshire (to which his brother Hugh Robert, and his kinsman, John Griffith ap Edward were witnesses), proved Feb. 1606-7. [Probate Registry of St. Asaph; filed will]

Evan Robert Lewis removed to Penllyn before 8 Dec., 1624, and on that date is described as of the parish of "Llanfawr" (Llanfor). [Llandderfel parish register, anno 1624.]

Evan Robert Lewis, after his second marriage and at the time of his death, if we are right in supposing that the following refers to him, lived in the township of Cynlas, about one mile from Fron Goch House, and probably on land then incuded in the farm of Fron Goch.

1668, 28 Sept. "Evan ap Robert [Lewis] de Kynlas sepultus est vicesimo octavo die Septembris." [Llandderfel Parish Register, anno 1668.][burial record.]

1668, 12 Nov. "Robert filius Evani ap Robt. Lewis ex ijus uxore Gaynor sepultus fuit duodecimo die Novembris." [Llandderfel Parish Register, anno 1668.] As no reference to the will or an administration of Robert Evan Lewis can be found in the Act Book 1637/1670 at St. Asaph, or at London, it is presumed that, as was then frequently the case, he had some time before his decease vested any property he may have owned in trustees for the use of himself during life, and for the benefit of his widow and children after his decease.

The name of the first wife of Evan Robert Lewis is given in one of the Evans MSS. as Jane, and there is no doubt, although not proven, that she was one of the daughters and eventual co-heiresses of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd, of Coed y Foel, in the township of Penmaen, Llanfor. At any rate, Cadwaladr (or Cadwalader) ap Evan, eldest son of Evan Robert Lewis, and heir to his mother, acquired, apparently by inheritance, one half of Coed y Foel, and John Wynne, the grandson of Thomas Wynne who is proved to have married the other daughter of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd, held the other half, in 1698, hence the place, so divided, was afterwards known as Coed y Foel isaf and Coed y Foel uchaf (viz., lowest and uppermost). Coed y Foel adjoins Fron Goch. The mother of Cadwaladr ap Maredydd was Elin, daughter of Cadwaladr ap Robert, of Rhiwlas, son of Sir Robert ap Rhys of Yspytty Evan (see Roberts pedigree). [Add. MS. 9864, British Mus.; Dwnn, ii., 228.]

Evan Robert Lewis married, secondly, Gainor.


i. ALICE VERCH EVAN, b. Abt. 1608, Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire Wales.

ii. CADWALADER AP EVAN, b. Abt. 1613, Goody Foel, Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales; d. January 31, 1688/89.

Elfed Owen:

"In the will Cadwladr ap Evan (brother of John ap Evan) of Coed y Foel, Llanfor dated Dec. 1688 and proved the following January there are legacies left to the following -
His brother John Evan.
His nephew - William John Evan (or William John ) - £5 . Upon condition that his father in law Hugh Cadwaladr shall also give him £5 otherwise the money to be distributed by executors.
His neice Gwen John Evan
His niece Catherine John Evan
His neice Jane ?vz Evan (I wonder if this was meant to read Jane John Evan - Glenn thinks it is Jane John Evan and if this is correct - then it is significant that she is not mentioned in her fathers will in (1) where her husband Robert Cadwladr is the executor. She may have died by the date of this will ( 1696) as indicated by a death entry, for February 1695, in the Llanuwchllyn Parish Records for a Jane John.)
Executors - his brothers Griffith ap Evan and Evan ap Evan and his nephew Cadwaladr John Evan.
(I transcribed this information from a photocopy of the original will but the information is also in Glenn's Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania)
There are other names also - let me know if you think they may be of interest."

2. iii. JOHN AP EVAN, b. Abt. 1616, Penmaen, Merionethshire, Wales; d. April 24, 1697, Penmaen, Merionethshire, Wales.

3. iv. EVAN AP EVAN, b. Bet. 1625 - 1630, Ucheldre, Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales; d. April 25, 1690.

4. v. OWEN AP EVAN, b. Abt. 1626, Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales; d. 1669, Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales.

5. vi. GRIFFITH AP EVAN, b. Abt. 1628, Ucheldre, Llanfor, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Aft. 1699, Philadelphia Co., PA.

Generation No. 2

2. JOHN AP EVAN (IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Fron Goth, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1696-7 in Penmaen, Merionethshire, Wales.

John ap Evan is named as one of the children of Evan Robert Lewis in Historical Collections of Gwynedd by Howard Evans.

Margaret is his second wife, and she was fined often for attending the meetings of Friends (Quakers).

Some of what Thomas Allen Glenn (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, p 104) wrote about the children of this man is in doubt, but here is what he wrote: Children by his first Wife: (a) Cadwalader (b) Robert (c) Griffith (d) Margaret, (e) Gwen, (f) Catherine and also, by his first wife, a daughter, Jane, married to Robert Cadwalader of Llanuwchllyn and Llangower, who removed to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania. The Second son (b) Robert came to Pennsylvania and settled at Abington and left issue. (c) Griffith, the youngest Son of the said John ab Evan came also to Pennsylvania, had issue two Sons and one Daughter, vis Evan Griffith late of Gwynedd, dec. and John Griffith late of Merion dec. Their Sister married Thomas Jones late of Merion deceased. [notes: This was Griffith John of Merion, Certificate from Hendre Mawr Mtg., 6 month 8, 1690. Thomas Jones was the son of John Thomas of Llaithgwm.] (d) Margaret their Sister died on Sea and left issue two daughters, viz Gwen who married Thomas Foulke of Gwynedd and Gainor who married Robert Humphrey also of Gwynedd. The said John ab Evan had issue by second wife (named Margaret verch John) (g) William John, (h) Rowland John and (i) Gainor John. William the eldest son settled in Gwynedd and left issue.

He died about the month of April 1697, having previously provided for most of his children by various settlements. His will was written August 1696 (St. Asaph, proved 24 April 1697): John ap Evan of Penmaen, yeoman (Glenn states in his book Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania that John ap Evan was a freeholder). In his will he leaves 10 shillings each to each of his sons - William John, Griffith John, Cadwaladr John and Rowland John. To his daughter Margaret he also leaves 10 shillings and to his daughter Catherine (a spinster - I think she was unmarried) he leaves £5 and to his daughter Gwen John he leaves £10 - she was a widow. He also leaves a legacy to his wife Margaret, saying the following according to Glenn (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Volume II, p. 90): "Item, whereas I see the condition of Margarett John my wife to be Reasonable and good, having a competency of a joynture for her subsistence, I give and bequeath unto the said Margarett my wife in lieu and in barr of the moiety of my Personal estate the summ of ten shillings, her Dissent from the Communion of the Church of England and vaine opinion having occasioned my frequent Disturbances and trouble." Glenn's opinion is that the bulk of his estate went to the unnamed children - Robert John, Jane John and Gainor John. Executors were Gwen John (widow) and son in law Robert Cadwaladr of Llanuwchllyn.

Children of JOHN AP EVAN and his first wife are:

i. CADWALADER JOHN. Will of Cadwalader John of Llanycil, Bala written March 1723 - legacies left to sister Gwen John Evan and to brother in law Robert Cadwalader of Llanuwchllyn and to Cadwalader John's wife

7. ii. GRIFFITH JOHN, d. 1707, Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

8. iii. JANE JOHN. No daughter Jane is in the will of John ap Evan of Penmaen. However, he mentions a son in law named Robert Cadwaladr of Llanuwchllyn and this is a man thought (incorrectly by T.A. Glenn) to have emigrated to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania with his children. However, the Robert Cadwaladr who emigrated to Pennsylvania is referred to as deceased in the marriage certificates of his children before 1720, and in 1723, John ap Evan's son Cadwaladr John leaves a legacy to his brother in law Robert Cadwaladr, indicating he is still alive and living in Wales. From parish birth records in Wales we know that the Robert Cadwaldr with wife Jane is the father of the children who go to Pennsylvania, but it is not this Jane. In fact we are not sure of the name of the woman who marries the Robert Cadwalader, son in law of John Ap Evan of Penmaen, though it is likely she is the Jane John of Llanuwchllyn who was buried 10 February 1695. The Evans manuscripts in Pennsylvania make no mention of Jane or Gwen John Evan either.

9. iv. MARGARET JOHN, b. Abt. 1660, Merion, Wales; d. 1698 on the ship Robert and Elizabeth on the way to Pennsylvania. She married David Evan, who migrated with her.

v. GWEN JOHN married Robert Hugh per Elfed Owen e-mail. She did not marry John Humphrey, nor did she emigrate from Wales. She is mentioned in the 1671 will of her uncle Cadwalader Evan (1.ii.) as Gwen verch John Evan. She was an executor of her father's 1696 will where she was described as a widow.

vi. CATHERINE JOHN (in her father's will)

vii. ROBERT JOHN. There is some debate about this man that deserves some further research. Glenn says, "The Second son Robert came to Pennsylvania and settled at Abington and left issue," and his source is the 1797 Evans manuscript often cited by Jenkins (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol 2, pps 102-107). At present we are investingating the following possible children of his (this is just a hypothesis): (1) John Roberts of Abington who married Jane. (2) Edward Roberts of Gwynedd who married Anne Humphrey; (3) Mary Robert who married Hugh Evan (son of Evan Pugh) of Gwynedd and (4) William Roberts of Abington, Goshen and Whitpain who married Jane and names a brother Edward in his will. This family is tied together by the marriage certificate of Mary Robert to Hugh Evan which names her the daughter of Robert John who lived and died in Merioneth Wales. Also signing, where we would expect her mother (at the top of the women's relative column, just above Grace Pugh, the mother of Hugh Evan) is Mary Jones. Signing where we would expect Mary Robert's brothers or uncles are Edward, John and William Robert. We believe they may be the John, Edward and William identified above because in the women's relatives column are two Ann Roberts and two Jane Roberts. The association between Edward and William is more clear (William names a brother Edward in his Whitpain twp. will and signs the wedding certificate of Edward's daughter Margaret), but the association with John and Jane Roberts of Abington is less clear. Clarence Roberts in 1940 stated that Robert John's family is impossible to trace because of editing of the Abington Monthly Meeting Records. Robert John obtained a certificate of removal to Pennsylvania from Hendre Mawr Meeting in Merioneth Wales dated 12 month 10, 1696. Glenn thought that he did move to Pennsylvania and became a prosperous man and was a trustee in the will of his cousin Robert Owen of Merion. However, it is possible that he died in 1696 and did not actually remove to Pennsylvania with the rest of his family (as is suggested by Mary Robert's marriage certificate which names her father as Robert John who lived and died in Merionethshire, Wales) as he is not found signing marriage certificates of his brothers' children in Pennsylvania which is rather odd. Howard Jenkins discussed the confusion surrounding the name Robert Jones a bit HERE and there is more on our Jones page. In Wales, Robert John was frequently in trouble for associating with the Quakers along with his step mother Margaret, his brother Griffith John and his cousin Hugh Griffith which included time in prison.

the following in the Llanfor Parish records may be relevant, though in conflict with the date of the certificate of removal cited above - (Elfed Owen):

Marriage - between Robert ? John and Mary William on 6 Feb 1683 (We do not know the significance of the ? mark)

Burial of Robert John ap Evan of Llaethgwm on 1 Jan 1695

Burial of Robert John of Nantlleidiog (near Penmaen) on 16 October 1694

Llaethgwm and Nantlleidiog are small townships in the parish of Llanfor, Bala. Llaethgwm had a lot of connections with the Quaker emigrants.

Children of JOHN AP EVAN and his second wife, MARGARET verch JOHN are:

6. vii. WILLIAM JOHN, b. about 1660, Penmaen, Llanfor, Merionethshire, Wales. d. 1712, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA. See the will of his uncle Cadwalader ab Evans above which shows that it is the William John who marries Jane Hugh that is the son of John ab Evan of Penmaen and not the William John who marries Anne Reynald.



3. EVAN AP EVAN (IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Bet. 1625 - 1630 in Ucheldre, Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales, and died April 25, 1690.

T. A. Glenn (WFP, Vol. 1):  Fifth son of Evan Robert Lewis, he died in 1690 and was buried at Llanfor Church near Vron Goch, by his second wife. He had four sons and a daughter, Sarah. All five removed to Gwynedd, Penna. in 1698.

Elfed Owen: The name of the farm that Evan "Lloyd" Evan lived on was "Nantgau", and it is in the township of Ucheldre. In 1671 he was an executor of the will of his brother Cadwalader Ap Evan (see 1(ii) above).

Children of EVAN AP EVAN are:

10. i. THOMAS EVANS, b. Abt. 1651, Ucheldre, Llanfor, Merion, Wales; d. 1738, Goshen, Chester Co., PA.

11. ii. ROBERT EVANS, b. Abt. 1658, Wales; d. March 1737/38, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia, now Montgomery Co., PA.

12. iii. OWEN EVANS, b. 1659, Merioneth, Wales; d. December 1723, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

13. iv. CADWALADER EVANS, b. 1664, Merionethshire, Wales; d. May 30, 1745, Gwynedd, Philadelphia (Montgomery) Co., PA.

v. ANNE EVANS, b. Abt. 1665, Ucheldre, Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales.

14. vi. SARAH EVANS, b. Bet. 1666 - 1670, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Abt. 1740, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

15. vii. MARY EVANS, b. Wales; d. 1698, Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.


ix. JANE EVAN. Mentioned as Jane verch Evan in the will of her uncle Cadwalader Evan (1.ii.) as a niece. Jane Evan of "Nantgau" married Thomas Elis of Gwernhefin in 1664 (which means she is probably an older child, born in the 1640s. [Elfed Owen]) Thomas Ellis and wife Jane do not emigrate from Wales to Pennsylvania and are co-tenants at Gwernhefin with Robert Hugh and Gwen John Evan (2.v.). Thomas Ellis died and left a will in 1692 at Gwernhefin, Merioneth, Wales. There is a Jane vch Evan of Isfynydd that was buried in Llanycil in 1699 and it is very likely it was Thomas Ellis's wife. (Elfed Owen)

4. OWEN AP EVAN (IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1626 in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1669 in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales. He married GAINOR JOHN, daughter of JOHN LLOYD. She was born September 13, 1629 in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, and died December 14, 1678 in Merionethshire, Wales.

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 13, 1889, p. 168

Owen of Merion by Thomas Allen Glenn

I. Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch (called also Vron and Tron Goch, the Red Slope), near Bala, in the comot of Penllyn, Merionethshire, Wales, was born probably prior to his father's removal from Rhiwlas, which event may have occurred subsequent to 1636. He was the son of Evan Robert Lewis, of Fron Goch, a Welsh gentleman of small fortune, but "of an ancient and honourable family," who was born circa 1585 (old manuscript pedigree. Swnn Visit. Wales, 1601 [Meyrick]), and is described as "a sober honest man." Owen ap Evan had several brothers of whom John ap Evan was the father of William John, of Gwynedd, and of Griffith John [described in Welsh documents as "Griffith John de Gwerevol;" he came with Robert Owen in 1690. His certificate was from the Quarterly Meeting at Tyddyn y Garreg, Merionethshire, and bears the same date as that of his relative], of Merion, early settlers of Pennsylvania. Further on it will be noticed that Robert Owen in his will mentions his "cousin Griffith John", thus confirming the account given in the old manuscript from which the above statement is partly taken. Evan ap Evan, another son of Evan Robert Lewis, was father of the Evans brothers who settled at Gwynedd, for a detailed account of whose descendants see H. M. Jenkins's "Historical Collections of Gwynedd." The children of Griffith John called themselves Griffiths and those of William, "Williams." The descendants of Owen ap Evan assumed the surname Owen. Owen ap Evan died at Fron Goch prior to 1678. From records extant it appears that his wife's name was Gainor John, and that she was probably living until 1682. Owen and Gainor had issue, -- five children.

Since his nine year old son was convicted of being a Quaker, it is clear that this is a Quaker family:

The children of Owen Evan were Quakers and in trouble with the law for being the same (Browning, Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania, page 22-3):

The names of those that unlawfully met together att Llwyn y Braner within ye parish of Llanvaur upon ye 16th day of May being Sunday 1675. Oathes being made they were present formerly in unlawful meetings within three months.

First conviction on the oathes of Owen David and Thomas Jones (turning in Quakers earned a reward)

Second conviction and warrant of arrest for the Double fine on oath of Robert Evans (he also got a reward for turning in the Quakers)

(Each of these following was fined ten shillings)

"John David John and his wife of Cilltalgarth
Hugh Roberts, and his wif,e of the same place
Cadwalader Thomas, of the same place
Robert David of the same place
Robert Owen of Vron Goch
Elin Owen of the same
John Thomas ap Hugh of Llaythgywm
John ap Edward of Nanlleidiog
Evan Edwards of Cynlas
Peter Owen of Bettws y Coed
Robert John of Penmaen
Margaret John of same place" (wife of Owen ap Evan's brother John)
"Hugh John Thomas of Nanlleidiog His sonne and daughter
Litter Thomas of Llandervel
Jane Morris of Penmaen
Edward Griffith of Llaetgwm
Edward Reese of Llantgervel
John James of the same
William Morgan of Llanecill
Owen David of Cilttalgarth
John William of the same place
Anne verch David widow of Penmaen"

This schedule with the order is preserved among the mass of MSS which the wife and widow of John Thomas brought over here in 1683, now in possession of Lewis Jones Levick Esqr of Bala, (Philadelphia) who inherited them. It came into John's possession while serving as constable and he endorsed on it: "Evan Owen ye son of a widow called Gainor whose late husband was Owen ap Evan of Vron Goch was convicted by oath to be present at a meeting though but 9 or 10 years old."

Children of OWEN EVAN and GAINOR JOHN are:

16. i. ROBERT OWEN, b. Abt. 1657, Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales; d. 1697, Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

17. ii. JANE AP OWEN EVAN, b. Abt. 1650, Wales; d. July 01, 1686, Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.


18. iv. EVAN AP OWEN, b. after 1660, Merinoethshire, Wales; Thomas Allen Glenn (Merion in the Welsh Tract, p. 122) says he lived and died in Wales.

19. v. ELLIN OWEN, b. Abt. 1655, Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Bef. 1697, Merionethshire, Wales.

5. GRIFFITH ap EVAN (IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT LEWIS) was born Abt. 1628 in Ucheldre, Llanfor, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1719 in Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

This line is currently being researched. Our findings are on a separate page.

According to our research and confirmed in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania by Thomas Allen Glenn, Griffith ap Evan had five children: David, Robert, Hugh, Edward and Catherine. David and his family lived and died in Wales. Robert died at sea on route to Pennsylvania and his daughter Catherine married William Morgan. Hugh, who had been persecuted as a Quaker in Wales with wife Mary, had numerous children and his line is confused with other lines in some genealogies found on-line. Edward Griffith-- he died in Wales but his son Griffith Edward went to Gwynedd PA with two of his daughters, Jane and Margaret. Jane married John Jones (carpenter) of Montgomery and Margaret to David George of Blockley. Catherine Griffith married Morris Cadwallader in Wales, then Alexander Edwards and John Williams in Montgomery township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA - she had one son Cadwallader Morris by her first husband.

Generation No. 3

6. WILLIAM JOHN of Gwynedd. His descendancy is found on a separate web page, HERE.

7. GRIFFITH JOHN (JOHN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) died 1707 in Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

His children took the last name Griffith. There is more on this line on our Griffith genealogy page.

(Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania - Thomas Allen Glenn): Deed dated 28 July 1683 - Evan Rees of Penmaen by deed conveyed one moiety of his 312 1/2 acres to Robert David and moiety to Griffith John

Griffith John purchased in addition 37 1/2 acres of John Roberts the nephew of Thomas Lloyd, obtained a patent for the whole in one tract of 192 acres, November 8, 1703. This land was on the old Lancaster Road, next the city line and included the easterly ends of the allotments of Thomas Lloyd and John Watkin and part of the west half of that of Evan Rees, as shown on the draft. Griffith John was a son of John ap Evan and therefore first cousin to Jane (verch Owen), the wife of Hugh Roberts. He was the first settler on his merion land, and resided there until his death in 1707. He devised his dwelling and plantation to his son John Griffith, who married Grace Foulke, and whose descendants continued to occupy the land for many years.

JOHN, GRIFFITH. Merion, Philadelphia. Co. April 26, 1707. January 31, 1707/8. C. 69. Sons John and Evan. Executor: Son-in-law Thomas Jones. Witnesses: John Roberts and Robert Jones.


22. i. ANNE GRIFFITH JOHN, d. September 16, 1732.

marriage certificate: Whereas Evan Griffith second son of Griffith John of Meirion in the County of Philadelphia and Jane Jones step daughter of John Humphrey of Gwynedd in the aforesaid county having declared their intentions of Marriage etc. this 29 day of the 3d mo.: 1707 etc. Witnesses: Men sign below the bride and groom: Griffith John, Jno Humphrey, Wm John, Edd ffoulke, Jno Griffith, Caddr Jones, Hugh Jones, Tho: Jones, Hum: Jones, Tho: Evan, Hugh Griffith and Robt Evan; Women sign in column to left of the men: Gaenor Humphrey, Anne Jones, Eliza: Jones, Ellin ffoulke, Cath: Jones, Grace Griffith, Anne Lewis, Ellin Jones, Eliza: Jones, Anne Pugh, Ellin Parry, Gainor Jones, Anne Evan, Sara Evan, Cath: Pugh, Ellin Griffith, Lowry Evan, Ellin Roberts.

Children of Evan Griffith and Jane Jones: (1) Amos Griffith b. April 23, 1709 m. Sarah Lawrence (d/o Thomas Lawrence and Sarah Williams); (2) Elizabeth Griffith m. November 07, 1735 at Gwynedd MH, Edward Evans; (3) John Griffith m. Margaret.

iii. John Griffith m. Grace Foulke


Jane was thought by Thomas Allen Glenn (Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania) to have married Robert Cadwalader, the ancestor of one of the Roberts lines of Gwynedd. However, Elfed Owen has convinced me that the Robert Cadwalader who is a son in law of John ap Evan, dies in Wales and is a different man.

Jane John's father, John ap Evan of Penmaen left a will written Aug 1696., He left legacies to son Cadwalader John, Griffith John, Wm John, Rowland John, Gwen John , Catherine John and wife Margaret. Exec Gwen John (widow) and son in law Robert Cadwaladr of Llanuwchllyn. John ap Evan's son Cadwalader John of Llanycil, Bala also left a will written March 1723 - legacies left to sister Gwen John Evan and to brother in law Robert Cadwalader of Llanuwchllyn and to Cadwalader John's wife. This shows that Robert Cadwalader is alive in 1723 and living in Wales, perhaps never having emigrated to America. However this is in conflict with Howard Jenkins' notation of the marriage certificates of his children which calls him Robert Cadwalader deceased in the 1710s. There is also a Jane John whose death is recorded in the Llanuwchllyn parish records in 1695 who may or may not be the wife of Robert Cadwalader (which would explain why she is left out of her father's will but is again in conflict with Jenkins). Robert Cadwalader and his wife Jane's children are all recorded in the parish records except for Nicholas. This makes the conflicts difficult to resolve. The likelihood is that there were two Robert Cadwaladers - one who emigrates to Pennsylvania and one who marries a daughter of John ap Evan and stays behind in Wales.

9. MARGARET JOHN (JOHN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1660 in Merion, Wales, and died 1698 in Chester Co, Pa. She married DAVID EVANS Abt. 1690 in Wales, Great Britain,. He was born 1670 in Merionethshire, Wales.

T. A. Glenn in his book "Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania" (WFP) states that Margaret John was the daughter of John ap Evan of Penmaen, Llanfor and that she died on the voyage to Pennsylvania. Her daughter Gwen married Thomas Ffoulke of Gwynedd. and her other daughter married Robert Humphrey of Gwynedd. Elfed Owen writes me, "I cannot find the marriage record of David ab Evan and Margaret, nor for that matter, can I find the marriage records of Margaret's sisters Gwen and Jane. I think these marriages did not appear in the Parish records because of the family connections with the Friends. Their step mother , also called Margaret, was fined several times for attending the meetings of Friends." Glenn's source is the Evans 1797 manuscript often cited by Jenkins.

David Evans left a will in Radnor twp. naming the oldest children of Gwen and Margaret: will dated Dec 16 1709 pro May 17 1710 Radnor Chester Co, PA
Names wife Mary. Children: eldest son Caleb my plantation where I now dwell paying certain legacies. son Joshua his grandfather's land call Penfenon paying legacies, son Evan the plantation purchased of Wm Davis containing 150 acres. paying 30 Pds to daughter Mary when she is of age. Son David and Philip 300 acres purchased of Richard Davis and 10Pds when 18. Son John 50Pds when 18. Daughter Gwen 1 Pd and her 2 sons Edward and William Foulke ewe and lamb each. Daughter Margaret 1 Pd and to her 2 children John and Gainer Humphrey ewe and lamb each. Daughter Sarah 60 Pds when 18. Executor: sons Caleb and Joshua; Guardians: Rowland Ellis and his son Rowland, Rees Thomas and John Morgan. Philadelphia County Will Book C, page 206.

Children of MARGARET JOHN and DAVID EVANS are:

29. i. GWEN EVANS, b. Abt. 1692, Radnor twp., Chester Co., PA; d. December 06, 1760, Gwynedd, now Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

30. ii. MARGARET EVANS, b. Abt. 1696, Merionethshire, Wales. Somehow this daughter has been misnamed Gainor by some researchers, but she is clearly Margaret in the marriage record...

10. THOMAS EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1651 in Ucheldre, Llanfor, Merion, Wales, and died 1738 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA. He married (1) ANN OR MARY Abt. 1680 in Wales. She was born Abt. 1660 in Wales, and died January 26, 1715/16. He married (2) HANNAH PRICE November 14, 1722 in Goshen, Chester Co., PA, daughter of RICHARD AP GRIFFITH AP RHYS. She was born 1656 in Wales, and died November 29, 1741 in Of Goshen, Chester Co., PA.

Along with William John, Thomas in 1697 came ahead of the rest of the Welsh party and purchased Gwynedd twp from Robert Turner. Thus, the other settlers received deeds from him and John in 1699 for their land. He settled in 1698 on the land in today's Upper Gwynedd township just above Swedesford Road. His property extended from Swedesford Road to Prospect Ave (North Wales) and from the Whitpain to the Montgomery twp. lines. It was at his log home that William Penn stayed when he visited Gwynedd. A large eighteenth century stone house with a mansard roof stands today on Sumneytown Pike in Upper Gwynedd where his log home was (just southeast of the borough of North Wales). The part of the house facing the creek (Evans Run) was probably built by his son, and the other part of the L of this house was used as an inn built by the Heist family around the time of the Revolution.

In 1723, Thomas Evans removed from Gwynedd to Goshen

Children of THOMAS EVANS and ANN MARY are:

31. i. ROBERT EVANS, b. Abt. 1675, Wales; d. 1754, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.

ii. ANN EVANS, b. Abt. 1683, Wales.

32. iii. EVAN EVANS, b. Abt. 1684, Wales; d. July 26, 1747, Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., PA.

33. iv. OWEN EVANS, b. 1687, Wales; d. May 01, 1757, Gwynedd twp., Montgomery Co., PA.

v. SARAH EVANS, b. Abt. 1692, Wales; d. PA; m. EDWARD JONES, August 25, 1715, Gwynedd meeting, Montgomery Co., PA; b. Abt. 1690.

Notes for SARAH EVANS: At our Meeting held at Gwynedd the 28th 4th month 1715 - 3rd ly Edward Jones and Sarah Evans declared their intentions of Marriage with each other the first time - he is desired to produce a Certificate of his Clearness and Conversation to make way for his further proceeding at Next Meeting.

At our Meeting held at Gwynedd the 26th 5 month 1715 - 1st Edward Jones and Sarah Evans declared their Intentions of Marriage with each other the Second time his Certificate from Haverford Monthly Meeting being read have a Good account of his Conversation and Clearness from all others also Consent of parents being obtained they are left to their liberty to Consumate their said Intentions. Edward Foulk and John Humphrey are Appointed to See their Marriage Orderly Accomplished.

Edward Jones s/o John Evan dec'd of Radnor m. Sarah Evans d/o Thomas of Gwynedd at Gwynedd mh, 6th mo 25, 1715; Signing under the bride and groom - col. 3: Thomas Evan, Mary Evan his wife, Ann Evan, Robert Evan, Edward Rees, Hugh John, Robert Evan, Owen Evan, Evan Evan, Ruth Jones, Richard Kenderdine, Robert Jones, Thomas Lawrence, Rowland Hugh, Owen Evan, Cadwalader Evan, Wm Hugh, Jno Hugh, Robert John, Thomas Lloyd, Jno William, Thomas Robert. Col 2: Sarah Jones, Mary William, Sarah Owen, Jane Fletcher, Eliza Edward, Rebecka Rees, Jqne Pugh, Catherine Wms, Jane Jones, Jane Evans, Gainor Jones, Susana Richd, Catherine Williams, Gwen Ffoulke, LINE, John Evans, Ellin Evans, William Robert, Ann Roberts, John Jones, Owen Owens, Evan Evans, Lewis Walker, Robt Humphrey, John Wm, John Thomas, Thomas ffoulke, Arthur Jones, John Jones. Col. 1. Griffith Owen, Ellis Pugh, Row. Ellis, Rees Thomas, David Harry, Robt Jones, John Jones, Thomas Lloyd, Row Ellis Jr., Edward Griffith. This is the first certificate in Gwynedd's book.

At our Monthly Meeting held at Gwynedd the 30th 6th month 1715 - 1st Edward Jones and Sarah Jones and Certificates of Marriage being brought and Ordered to be recorded and Account Given that their marriage was orderly accomplished.

Edward Jones was the brother of Evan Jones who married Sarah's sister Lowry.

34. vi. HUGH EVANS, b. Abt. February 1681/82, Wales; d. June 06, 1772, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.

35. vii. ELLIN EVANS, b. Abt. 1691, Gwynedd, Montgomery Co., PA.

36. viii. LOWRY EVANS, b. Abt. 1697, Wales.

Was Jane, the wife of Richard Jones, son of Rees John William, a daughter of Thomas and Anne? Her marriage certificate and the placement and list of witnesses certainly suggests this: Richard Jones of Merion, yeoman, and Jane Evans of Gwynnedd on the Welch Tract, at Gwynnedd Meeting Place, 4, 6, 1705. Wit: Evan, John Gainor and Sarah Jones; Thomas, Anne Lowry, Robert, Hugh, Evan and Lowry Evan. However, she is not in the list of children given by Howard Jenkins in 1897.

11. ROBERT EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1658 in Wales, and died 1 mo. 1738 in Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia, now Montgomery Co., PA. He married ELLEN. She was born Abt. 1660.

ROBERT EVANS was one of the four Evans brothers who emigrated from Pennlyn, Merionethshire Wales to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania in 1698. He had 1034 acres in todays Lower Gwynedd township. The approximate boundaries were Swedesford Road to Evans Road and Whitpain twp. line to Sumneytown Pike. He was a preacher among Friends. There is a brief memorial of him in the John Smith MS collection of Philadelphia (Orthodox) Yearly Meeting and numberous details concerning him are elsewhere in Howard Jenkins' History. An architect, involved in restoring the house in 1927 wrote that some of the stone home that still stands on Penn Oak Rd. was built by him before 1738. The house has recently been added to with modern construction tripling its size.

Children of ROBERT EVANS and ELLEN are:

37. i. EVAN EVANS, b. Abt. 1680, , , Wales; d. October 1728, Gwynedd Twp., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

38. ii. SARAH EVANS, b. Abt. 1680.

39. iii. LOWRY EVANS, b. Abt. 1682.

40. iv. HUGH EVANS, b. Abt. 1685; d. 1734.

v. JANE EVANS, b. Abt. 1690; m. EDWARD PARRY, October 06, 1710, Gwynedd Meeting,, Philadelphia Co., PA.

41. vi. ANN EVANS, b. Abt. 1697, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Abt. 1735.

42. vii. MARY EVANS, b. Abt. 1700; d. 1747, Bristol, Bucks Co., PA.

12. OWEN EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born 1659 in Merioneth, Wales, and died December 1723 in Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. He married ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1663 in Merioneth, Wales, and died Aft. 1723 in Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

Notes for OWEN EVANS: One of the original settlers in Gwynedd township. He owned a long, skinny piece of land in todays Lower Gwynedd township that stretched from the Montgomery to the Whitpain township lines. It was also to the Spring House side of Evans Rd. to about Brushtown Rd. and consisted of 538 acres.

His will is dated Dec (10th mo) 4 1723 and was proved 20 Dec. He gives son John a tract of 160 acres, "being on the south-west end of my land, with the house and plantation thereunto belonging." He makes bequests to his children Cadwallader, Elizabeth, Evan, Robert, Thomas and Mary and mentions Jane as deceased. He names two grandsons, Owen the son of Robert and Owen the son of Thomas. He appoints his wife Elizabeth as executrix and for overseers "my two brothers Robert and Cadwalader, my two sons, Evan and Robert, and my two cousins [nephews] Evan, son of Thomas and his brother Owen."

More About OWEN EVANS: Immigration: 1698, Wales to Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

Children of OWEN EVANS and ELIZABETH are:

43. i. THOMAS EVANS, b. Abt. 1682, Merionethshire, Wales; d. May 22, 1760, Gwynedd, twp., Montgomery Co., PA.

44. ii. EVAN EVANS, b. 1684, Merionethshire, Wales; d. October 07, 1728, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (Montgomery) Co., PA.

iii. JOHN EVANS, b. Abt. 1685, Merionethshire, Wales; d. 1762, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA (unmarried).

His will was probated 26 Sept 1762. He leaves legacies to his sister Elizabeth Richards, his nephews Rowland and Samuel Richards, his sister in law Elizabeth Evans and her daughter Mary, his nephews Edward, Thomas, and Griffith Evans. He appoints his nephew, John Evans, executor and residuary legatee. (Howard Jenkins)

iv. CADWALLADER EVANS, b. Abt. 1690, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Pennsylvania (unmarried).

45. v. ROBERT EVANS, b. Abt. 1690, Wales; d. September 1746, Of Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA.

46. vi. MARY EVANS, b. 1692, of Dolgelly, Merioneth, Wales; d. 1748, Frederick, VA.

vii. JANE EVANS, b. Abt. 1695; d. Bef. 1723.

viii. ELIZABETH EVANS, b. October 20, 1700, Gwynedd, Philadelphia PA; m. SAMUEL RICHARDS, April 21, 1726, Gwynedd Friends Meeting, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia Co., PA; d. Of Tredyffrin, Chester Co., PA.

RICHARDS, SAMUEL. Tredyfrin, Co. of Chester, Penna. Yeoman.
July 13, 1760. August 23, 1760. L.502.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: Rowland, Catherin, Lewis and Samuel.
Trustees: Joseph Jones of Plymouth, Edward Jones of Radnor.
Exec: Elizabeth and Samuel Richards.
Wit: David Havard, Danl. Walker, Joseph Walker.

13. CADWALADER EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born 1664 in Merionethshire, Wales, and died May 30, 1745 in Gwynedd, Philadelphia (Montgomery) Co., PA. He married ELLEN MORRIS in Wales, daughter of JOHN MORRIS. She was born Abt. 1668 in Bryn Mawr, Denbighshire, Wales.

Notes for CADWALADER EVANS: He was one of the orignial settlers of Gwynedd twp. He owned 609 acres with boundaries today approximately from Swedesford Rd. to Evans Rd. and Sumneytown Pike to the Montgomery twp. line. He was a preacher, after joining the Friends. A memorial concerning him, by Gwynedd monthly meeting is as follows: "He was a diligent and seasonable attender of our religious meetings. On First-days particularly he was ready an hour beforethe time appointed, and then read several chapters in the Bible or some religious book; as the time approached he would frequently observe the time of day and by means of such watchful care he was seated in meetings one of the first, and scarcely ever after the time appointed. He received a gift in the ministry, in the exercise whereof he was generally led to speak of his own experience in religion and the Christian warfare; and his testimony, though short, was instructive, lively, and manisfestly attended with divine sweetness. Notwithstanding it was always acceptable, he was very cautious of appearing, lest any, as he often said, shouldbe drawn from a right concern of mind, to place a dependence on words." The memorial further speaks of his usefulness "in many services of the church, especially that weighty one of visiting Friends in their families," and says his endeavors "in that skillful and tender office of healing discord in private families were remarkably successful. In such services he spentmuch of the latter part of his life, riding about from one house to another; and where no cause of reprehension appeared, he interspersed his discourse on common affairs with useful hints, solid remarks, and lessons of instruction; but where admonition or comfort was necessary, the propriety of his advice, and the uprightness of his life, added weight to his labors and seldom failed ofgood effects... It was his practice, in winter evenings especially, to read the holy scriptures in his family, and was particularly careful that neither chilod nor servant should be from home at unseasonable hours, being highly sensible how slippery the paths of youth are, and how numerous the snares which attend them." (Memorial Collection of 1787, reported by Howard Jenkins)


47. i. JOHN EVANS, b. 1689, Denbighshire, Wales; d. November 23, 1756, Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania.

48. ii. HUGH EVANS, b. Abt. 1690; d. Of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., PA.

49. iii. SARAH EVANS, b. Abt. 1690, Denbighshire, Wales.

iv. SAMUEL EVANS, b. Abt. 1700; d. 1767.

14. SARAH EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Bet. 1666 - 1670 in Merionethshire, Wales, and died Abt. 1740 in Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA. She married ROBERT AP HUGH in Wales. He was born Abt. 1670 in Gwernefel, Llanycil, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1717 in Gwynedd, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

More About SARAH EVANS: Immigration: 1698, Probably came to Gwynedd with her brothers. The genealogy of Robert Pugh is discussed on our Griffith and Hugh web page. He appears to have had two brothers named Evan Pugh and Richard Pugh who also lived in the area served by Gwynedd Friends Meeting. He is not the son of Hugh Griffith and Mary.

Children of SARAH EVANS and ROBERT HUGH are:

50. i. MARY PUGH, b. Abt. 1693, Wales.

51. ii. SARAH PUGH, b. August 24, 1707, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. Abt. 1735, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

52. iii. ELLEN PUGH, b. Abt. 1694, Bala, Merionethshire, Wales; d. Frederick Co., VA.

53. iv. EVAN PUGH, b. July 20, 1699, Gwynedd, PA; d. Bef. November 12, 1771, Capon Valley, Hampshire Co., VA.

v. ROBERT PUGH, b. March 22, 1701/02.

vi. JANE PUGH, b. January 25, 1704/05.

vii. SIDNEY PUGH, b. May 20, 1710.

15. MARY EVANS (EVAN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born in Wales, and died 1698 in Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA. She married JOHN WILLIAMS Abt. 1685 in , , Wales. He was born 1659 in Gilltalgarth, Merionethshire, Wales, and died in Montgomery twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

Notes for JOHN WILLIAMS: John immigrated from Merionethshire Wales to Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania about 1687. He removed from Merion twp. to Montgomery twp. north of Gwynedd meeting in 1706 with his children.

1734 Montgomery township tax list:

William Williams 200 acres

John Williams 100 acres

Thomas Williams 100 acres

There are only 29 names on the tax list for the township. Virtually all are Welsh names.

John Williams married secondly, Catherine Griffith, the daughter of Griffith ap Evan of Ucheldre, Wales, who had previously married Morris Cadwalader and Alexander Edward.

1718: "John Williams at a certain time hath been too much overtaken with the essense of strong liquor, he being present at this Meeting confessed the same and condemned himself and the Spirit that lead him thereunto with a firm resolution to take better care in the future." (Gwynedd MM)

Will abstract:
JOHN WILLIAM, Montgomery, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 4 mo. 25, 1735/6. August 2, 1736. E.377.
Wife: Catherine.
Children: William, Ann Foulk and Theopholus. Son-in-Law: Hugh Foulk.
Exec: Catherine, William and Theopholus, William and Hugh Foulk.
Preparative meeting at Gwynedd for Poor People.
Grandchildren: Children of sons William and Theopholus, and daughter Ann Foulk.
Overseers: John Jones, Cadwalader Evans, George Lewis and William Morgan.
Wit: William Morgan and John Jones.

Children of MARY EVANS and JOHN WILLIAMS are:

54. i. THEOPHILUS WILLIAMS, b. Abt. 1690; d. October 1765.

56. iii. WILLIAM WILLIAMS, b. 1689, Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. October 26, 1766.

57. iv. ANN WILLIAMS, b. January 08, 1693/94, Merion Township, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania; d. September 10, 1773, Richland Twp, Bucks Co., Pennsylvania.

16. ROBERT OWEN (OWEN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1657 in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, and died 1697 in Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. He married REBECCA HUMPHREY, daughter of OWEN HUMPHREYS and MARGARET VAUGHAN/JANE. She was born 1658 in Llwyndu Parish, Montgomeryshire, Wales, and died October 23, 1697 in Philadelphia Co., PA.

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 13, 1889, p. 169

Owen of Merion by Thomas Allen Glenn

II. Robert Owen, son of Owen ap Evan of Fron Goch and Gainor, born at Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, circa 1657, died in Merion Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 10th mo. 8th, 1697, and was buried in the ground of the Merion Friends' Meeting House on the 10th of the same month. His brother in law Hugh Roberts, says of him: "He was one that feared the Lord from his youth, being convinced of the truth when about seventeen years of age...travelling several times through his native country, Wales, where he was of good service. In 1690 he came to Pennsylvania, where he lived about seven years, visiting this and the adjacent provinces, and was also very useful in the meeting where he resided...a man of peace, hating all appearance of contention, endued with wisdom and authority, yet merciful unto the least appearance of good in such as he had to do withal."

Regarding his earlier life in Merionethshire many particulars have been obtained. The following from "Besse's Sufferings of Friends," Vol. I p. 755, is the first mention we have of him as a Quaker: "Anno 1674, on the 3d day of the month called May, John David, Robert David, Robert Owen, Cadwallader Thomas, and Hugh Roberts were taken by the Sheriff with a process and committted to Dolgelly Gaole, being indicted at sessions some time before for their being absent from National Worship." "Robert Owen, of Vron Goch," was one of those Quakers fined for meeting at Llwyn y Braner, in the parish of Llanvawr, May 16, 1675 (Penna. Mag., Vol. V, p. 359), together with his two sisters, Elin, who afterwards married Cadwalader Thomas ap Hugh, and Jane, wife of Hugh Roberts. His younger brother, "Evan Owen ye son of a widdow called Gainor,whose late husband was Owen ap Evan of Vron Goch," was also present at a meeting, "though but 9 or 10 years old."

Robert was appointed one of the overseers of the will of John Thomas, of Llaithgwm, which document is dated 9th February, 1682, and was executed in Wales, but probated in Pennsylvania in the year 1688. He is described therein as "Robert Owen late of fron goch neer Bala in the County of Merionyth." Subsequent to this date I find him a resident of the parish of Llanddervel in Merionethshire. On the 8th day of the 6th month (August), 1690, the Quarterly Meeting of Friends held at Tyddyn y Garreg, Merionethshire, granted a certificate of removal to this Robert Owen. This certificate is of record in Book 1st, pp 286-87 of the Merion, Radnor and Haverford Meeting, and is as follows:

To our Friends & Brothers in the Province of Pennsylvania. These are to certifie, as occasion shall require, unto whom it may concern in the behalf of our dearly beloved friende & Brother Robt. Owen & Rebecca his wife & their dear & tender children. That they are faithfull & beloved friends, well known to be serviceable unto Friends & brethren since they have (become convinced), of a Savory & Blameless conversation. Alsoe are persons Dearly beloved & Respected of all sorts. His testimony sweet & tender, reaching to the quicking seed of life, of a meek, quiet & gentle Behavior; we cannot also but bemoan the want of his company, being he was near and dear unto us & seasonable in intention for Pennsylvania many months before his removal, now seeing it remaineth still on his mind, & in order therein unto finding his way clear & freedom in the truth according to the measure manifested unto him, we thought it our duty to commend him unto you as our dear & faithful friend & brother, and hereby desiring their faithful services in the truth may increase & abound among you to their endless joy without end. Att our quarty. Meeting att Tyddyn y Garreg in Merionethshire the eight of the sixe month in the year 1690.

Ellis Morris, Hugh David, Rowland Ellis, Jn. Evan, Hugh Rees, Rowland Owen, Lewis Owen, Owen Lewis, Griffitht Robt., Evan Rees, Robert Vaughan, Rees Thomas, Rees Evan, [column 2] David Jones, Evan Owen, Regnald (Rowland?) Humphrey, Margaret David, Jonett Johnes, Elizabeth Jones, Ellin Ellis, Jane Robt., Margaret Robt., Ann Rowland, Gainor Jones.

Some time before this, about 1678, Robert Owen had married, according to Friends' ceremony, Rebecca Owen, daughter of Owen Humphrey, Esquire, a gentleman who "had a good and indefeisible estate of inheritance" called Llwyn-du, in the township of Llwyngwrill and parish of Llangelynin, Talybont, Merionethshire, which he had succeeded to in or about 1646. The agreement concerning a marriage settlement was executed on the 6th of 1st month, 1678, between Gainor John, mother of Robert Owen and Owen Humphrey. The bond of this contract, "Owin Humphrey de Llwundu" to "Robt Owen de vron goch comt Penllin, gener.", dated as above is extant. The witnesses were Rowland Ellis, Edward Vaughan, John Thomas, Owen Thomas, Hugh Robert, Rowland Owen and Humphrey Owen; the last two were brothers of Rebecca, as were John and Joshua Owen, who afterwards removed to Pennsylvania and lived with Robert Owen or with their uncle, John Humphreys. After his coming to Pennsylvania his name is of continual occurrence as executor, adminstrator, or trustee, or as a party to some agreement. He is described in one of these documents, dated 30th May, 1696, as "Robert Owen, of Merioneth, in the County of Philadelphia, in the Province of Pennsylvania, yeoman," and is grantee in a deed from Thomas Lloyd, dated "the fifth day of the sixth month, Anno Dom. 1691," for a tract of land containing four hundred and forty two acres, situate in "the Township of Merion" in Philadelphia County, the consideration being one hundred pounds. This "plantation", as it was then called, lay west of the present Wynnewood Station, on the Pennsylvania Railroad, and extended to near the present village of Ardmore. It was confirmed to Evan Owen, eldest son and heir of Robert, by patent from Penn's commisioner, dated 8th February, 1704, "Together with the Meesuage or Tenement, Plantation,...Houses, Barns, Buildings, Gardens, Orchards, Woods, Underwoods, Ways, Waters, Meadows, Water-courses, Fishings, Fowlings, Hawkings, Huntings, Rights, Liberties." By a deed dated 31st December, 1707, "Evan Owen, of the Township of Merion, in the County of Philadelphia, yeoman, son and heir of Robert Owen, late of Merion, yeoman, deceased," conveyed this farm, devised to him by his father, to his brother-in-law, "Jonathan Jones, of Merion, yeoman." A manuscript by Owen Jones, grandson of Robert Owen, says, "He purchased a large tract of land about nine miles from the city of Philadelphia, in the township of Lower Merion. Here he built a large commodious dwelling-house, and resided in it during the remainder of his life. He had children, viz., Gainor, Evan, Owen, Elizabeth, John, and Robert, some of whom were born in Wales." This house is yet standing, and compares favorably with many of the modern dwellings erected near it. The date is carved upon a corner-stone, "1695." Robert Owen was a justice of the peace for Merion, and by 1695 had, says this old manuscript, "gained the confidence of the people in general, which they manifested by making choice of him to represent them in the Assembly of the Province of Pennsylvania (elected again, 1697)...which position he filled with much reputation. It pleased Divine Providence to remove his beloved wife in the year 1697 (died 8th mo. 23d, buried 25th), which severe trial he survived but a few weeks."

Robert, as already stated, outlived his wife, whom he had loved long and tenderly, but a shore time, and was buried beside her. Among the eminent Friends whose bones lie near his, scarcely one has left a more stainless, and none a more honored, name. His will, dated 10th mo. 2d day, 1697, was probated May 16, 1705. He left his plantation in Merion to his eldest son, Evan Owen, and speaks of his other children without mentioning their names. He appoints as overseers, John Humphreys, Hugh Roberts, John Roberts, Griffith John, Robert Jones, Robert Roberts, Robert Lloyd, and Rowland Ellis, and appoints his "cousin Griffith John above named" as sole executor. The witnesses were Joshua Owen, Robert Jones, and Rowland Ellis. John Owne, described elsewhere as "ye second son of Owen Humprheys of Llwyn-du," in Merionethshire, and brother to Joshua above named, subsequently acted as an appraiser. Robert Owen's important services as a minister among Friends must not be overlooked. He was one of the founders of the Merion Meeting, and a trustee thereof, as appears by a deed dated 20th 6 mo. 1695, Edward Rees, of Merion, yeoman, to Robert Owen, Edward Jones, Cadwallader Morgan, and Thomas Jones, of merion, yeomen, in trust, for one-half acre of land in Merion, "for the purposes of the Merion Meeting." As early as 28th June, 1692, Robert Owen, with Thomas Lloyd, Nicholas Waln, Dr. Griffith Owen, Hugh Roberts, John Symcock, William Byles, and others, the then ministers at or near Philadelphia, signed the communication of the Meeting of Friends in Philadelphia, to the Monthly Meetings of Friends in Pennsylvania, and East and West Jersey, setting forth their displeasure and sorrow at the action of Keith, who was making himself obnoxious to Friends about this time. Perhaps the last documents, executed the year of his death, 1697, that in any way concerned Robert, are an agreement with one Evan Harry concerning the estate of Cadwalader Lewis, deceased, of which Robert Owen was appointed by the Court Administrator, "Letter of Attorney, Richard Davies of Cloodie Cochion, Welchpoole (Montgomeryshire), gentleman," to Robert Owen, et. al., his true and lawful attys., dated 1st mo. 8th, 1696/7, and a letter from him to Hugh Roberts, then travelling in Wales, dated 24th of 2d mo. 1697. So far as can be ascertained at this late day, Robert and Rebecca Owen had but eight children; or, if there were others, their early decease in Wales renders their existence of little interest. Of these eight, the first four -- Evan, Gainor, Elizabeth, and Jane were born in Merionethshire, and are the "tender children" mentioned in the certificate of removal. The rest were born in Merion Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, as appears by the record of their births in the "Book of Births" of the Radnor Monthly Meeting, and there mentioned as children " of Robert and Rebeckah Owen."


58. i. EVAN OWEN, b. 1682, Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales; d. 1727, Philadelphia or Northampton Co., PA.

ii. JANE OWEN, b. 1685.

iii. REBECCA OWEN, b. January 14, 1685/86.

59. iv. ELIZABETH OWEN, b. 1687.

60. v. GAINOR OWEN, b. October 26, 1681, Merionethshire, Wales.

61. vi. OWEN OWEN, b. December 21, 1690, Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. June 06, 1741, Pennsylvania.

62. vii. JOHN OWEN, b. December 26, 1692, Merion, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. 1752, Chester Co., PA.

63. viii. ROBERT OWEN, b. July 27, 1695, Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA; d. Abt. 1730, Pennsylvania.

17. JANE AP OWEN EVAN (OWEN AP2, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1650 in Wales, and died July 01, 1686 in Merion twp., Philadelphia Co., PA. She married HUGH ROBERTS 1672 in Merionehtshire, Wales, son of ROBERT PUGH and ELIZABETH OWEN. He was born 1644 in Llandedwyd, Penllyn, Merionethshire, Wales, and died August 18, 1702 in Merion twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA.

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 13, 1889, p. 175

"Owen of Merion" by Thomas Allen Glenn:

Jane, daughter of Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, and Gainor, born at Fron Goch, 1653/4; died in Merion Township, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, 7th mo. 1st, 1686, and buried 3d of same month. She married, in Merionethshire, 1672/3, "Hugh Roberts, of the township of Kiltalgarth, parish of Llanvawr, Merionethshire, yeoman." He was a prominent minister among Friends, and afterwards a Provincial Councillor of Pennsylvania. Their certificate of removal from the comot of Penllyn, is dated "ye 2nd of 5 mo., 1683," and they settled upon about six hundred acres of land in Merion. All of their children, except Elizabeth, were born in the township of Kiltalgarth, but a record of their births has been preserved in the archives of the Merion, Pennsylvania, Monthly Meeting of Friends.

J. Quinn:

Hugh Roberts returned to Merioneth Wales in 1697 as a traveling Quaker minister. His description of Pennsylvania must have been inspiring as his return was a catalyst for the emigration of the company that removed from Penllyn, Wales to Gywnedd, Pennsylvania. Hugh Roberts' journal of this travel is on-line HERE.

Thomas Allen Glenn - Merion in the Welsh Tract, p. 323-

Hugh Robert, of Merion and Chestnut Hill.

Of Hugh Roberts considerable has, at various times, been written, but such matter is principally in the form of memorial and biographical sketches. The writer has made a most exhaustive search during the past few years with a view of discovering Hugh's ancestry, but with small success. It is true that if certain existing records in Wales could be critically examined in person some definite information might be gained, but this would need a visit to the Principality. This much, however, has been definitely ascertained. Hugh Roberts, or Hugh ap Robert (sometimes written Hugh Robert), was born on a large farm called Llyndedwyd, in Penllyn, Merionethshire. This property is near Bala Lake. His father was Robert ap Hugh, alias Robert Pugh, of the above place, and was a farmer or herder by occupation. Both father and son are called "gentlemen," in various documents of their time. As we have explained, this in Wales at that day meant simply that they were descended from one of the ancient noble Tribes, and did not imply great wealth or especial distinction. The writer has investigated the title of the property called Llyndedwyd, with a view of ascertaining a connection between its ancient owners and Robert Pugh. It seems that the premises descended through an heiress from its orignial owners to the Price Family of Rhiwlas, by whom it was held after 1600, and from whom Robert Pugh appears to have leased it. That he had no fee in the land seems quite evident. It is, however, possible that he descended in some line from the same stock as the Price family, and this is still further suggested by the use in the family of Hugh Roberts, of a seal bearing a very curious crest, which may have had some connection with the Price ancestry. Another theory, and probably a more likely one, is that Robert Pugh descended from the anceint owners of Cil Talgarth, who were of the blood of the Lords of Nannau. If this theory is correct, Hugh Roberts would have been a near kinsman to Edward Foulke, of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, 1698, to Cadwalader Evans, and many other settlers both of Gwynedd and Merion.

Hugh Roberts mother was called Elizabeth Williams, and shew was the daughter of William Owen, of the parish of Llanfawr, Penllyn. William Owen was a land-holder, and was assessed in the same parish as such in the year 1636. Elizabeth was a very religious woman and careful to bring up her children well. In 1683, she being then, and having for many years been a widow, accompanied her son Hugh Roberts to Pennsylvania and died in Merion Township in the year 1699. Hugh Robert, as he often wrote his name, especially prior to his removal to Pennsylvania, lived for a considerable time in the township of Kiltalgarth of Ciltalgrath. It is not true, however, as stated by some writers, that his home (i.e., the house in which he resided) was so called. He probably continued to rent and reside upon his father's farm named Llyndedwyd. Hugh Roberts, as we shall call him, early jonined the Society of Friends, but is said to have been a Presbyterian, his parents's original faith, before his convincement. His name is of frequent occurrence in connection with the imprisionment of Quakers in Merionethshire. He married first, Jane, the daughter of Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, son of Evan Robert Lewis.

Thomas Allen Glenn, Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania:

Hugh Roberts, of Kiltalgarth, who arrived in Pennsylvania in November, 1683, settled with his family on the tract that had been allotted to him containing 306 acres. In addition, he bought the share of John Watkin, 4 mo. 23, 1684, and the adjoining 76 1/2 acres of William ap Edward 6 mo. 17, 1694. He soon became an extensive land-owner, the records showing conveyances from John ap John and Thomas Wynne for 900 acres, from Peter Young of Bristol, for 500 acres, from Francis Cook (in right of James Claypoole) for 400 acres and from Wood and Sharlow. These lands were surveyed in the upper part of the Welsh Tract and in Merion and Blockley. The Goshen tract, containing 549 acres, was surveyed on Ridley Creek, between the lands of the Jones brothers first mentioned, John Roberts, and Griffith Owen. The upper portion containing 295 acres was sold to Cadwalader Ellis, and the balance, containing on resurvey 338 acres, was confirmed by patent to the executors of Hugh Roberts, March 26, 1706. On March 23, 1701, Hugh Roberts obtained a patent for 200 acres in Blockley, on the old Lancaster Road, which he called "Chestnut Hill," and where he resided until his death 6 mo. 18, 1702. This plantation, with adjoining lands purchased of Wood and Sharlow, was devised to his youngest son, Edward Roberts. A large part of these lands is now within the limits of Fairmount Park, that portion known as George's Hill having been presented to the city by Jesse and Rebecca George, whose ancestors derived their title from Edward Roberts. Hugh Roberts devised his Merion lands to his sons Robert and Owen, who, on March 26, 1706, obtained patents for them in two tracts containing 220 and 231 acres respectively. By deed dated October 16, 1707, Robert Roberts, then residing in the Province of Maryland, conveyed the above 220 acres to Edward Rees, togethter with 10 acres at the head of Mill Creek, which had also been willed to him by his father under the name of "Clean John" Meadow." The tract conveyed to Edward Rees extended along the old Lancaster Road from the Merion Friends' Meeting-House to the junction of the Gulf Road. As to the 231 acres comprising the easterly end of the original purchase, Ann Roberts, of Nantmell Township, Chester County, widow of Owen Roberts, conveyed the same to Jonathan Jones, of Merion, by lease and release October 13-14, 1726.

Traveling minister visited Maryland, Virginia and Wales in 1697, returning to his old home Pennlyn near Bala. After his return from Wales to Pennsylvania he continued the ministry but did not long survive. His journal survives and is on-line and in "Merion in the Welsh Tract" by Thomas Allen Glenn.

"Whilst in Long Island he was taken ill at the house of John Rodman, and returning home, died at Merion the 18th of 6 mo., 1702, and upon the 20th was interred at the meeting-ground." (Merion in the Welsh Tract)

Abstract of Certificate from Tyddyn y Gareg 7th 6th mo, 1690 (Radnor MM Records, microfilm at Friends Historical Library).

Mention wife Elizabeth and long Quaker practice.

Signed by Hugh Rees, Ellis Moris, John Evan, Rowland Owen, Lewis Owen, Griffith Robert, Evan Rees, Rees Evan, Robert Vaughan, Rees Thomas, Moris Humphrey, Edward Griffith, David Jones, Roger Robt, Evan Owen. Margarett Davies, Jonett John, Margarett Robert, Janne Owen, Catherine William, Gaynor Robert, Elizabeth Jones, Gaynor Jones.

Will abstract:

Will of Hugh Roberts, "of near Merion;' dated 25th 5 mo. 1702. Proved 7 Dec. 1702. Will Book B, p. 265
"To eldest son, Robert, 1/2 of the meadow which was formerly called clean John's meadow.
Unto my second son, Owen, what I have in (my?) hands towards that Legacie which his grandfather left him.
My daughter Elizabeth
To my son, Edward, 200 acres of land, with the plantation, my dwelling house and all buildings, which is called Chestnut Hill.
Also my two servant lads, Griffith and Morris.
My grandson, Hugh Roberts, son of Owen.
To Meirion Meeting 5 pounds.
To my old servant Morris Roberts, 50s, and to my servant John Roberts 50s."
Mentions 1100 acres of land belonging to him in Goshen in the Welsh Tract.
Son, Robert, Owen and Edward, Executors.
Trustees: John Roberts, Cadwalader Morgan, Griffith John and Griffith Owen.
Witnesses: Sam'l Jenning, Samuel Browne, Griffith (John?)

Children of JANE EVAN and HUGH ROBERTS are:

64. i. ROBERT ROBERTS, b. November 07, 1673, Wales; d. November 11, 1728.

ii. ELLIN ROBERTS, b. October 07, 1675.

65. iii. OWEN ROBERTS, b. October 01, 1677.

66. iv. EDWARD ROBERTS, b. February 04, 1679/80, Kiltalgarth, Llanvawr Parish, Merionethshire, Wales; d. February 03, 1740/41, Philadelphia, PA.

vi. ELIZABETH ROBERTS, b. February 24, 1682/83.

18. EVAN AP OWEN (OWEN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born 1651 in Llanfor, Merinoethshire, Wales, and died 1725 in Haverford, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA. He married MARY MCMILLIAM. She was born 1650.

Children of EVAN OWEN and MARY MCMILLIAM are:

68. i. MOSES OWEN, b. 1674, Carmathan, Wales; d. 1760, Gwynedd, Philadelphia now Montgomery Co., PA.


19. ELLIN OWEN (OWEN AP2 EVAN, IEVAN KNOWN AS EVAN ROBERT1 LEWIS) was born Abt. 1655 in Fron Goch, Merionethshire, Wales, and died Bef. 1697 in Merionethshire, Wales. She married CADWALADER THOMAS AP HUGH May 16, 1675 in Wales, son of THOMAS AP HUGH. He died Bef. February 09, 1681/82 in Philadelphia Co., PA.

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 13, 1889, p. 175

Owen of Merion by Thomas Allen Glenn

Ellin, second daughter of Owen ap Evan, of Fron Goch, and Gainor, born at Fron Goch, circa 1660; died in Merionethshire prior to 1697. She married, subsequent to 16th May, 1675, Cadwalader Thomas ap Hugh, of the township of Kiltalgarth, in Llanvawr, Merionethshire. He was the son of Thomas ap Hugh, ap Evan, ap Rees Goch, ap Tudor, ap Rees, ap Evan Coch, of Bryammer, in the parish of Gerrig y drudion, Denbighshire, derived from Marchwerthian, Lord of Issallt, who bore Gules, a lion rampt., arg, armed and langued azure. Cadwalader Thomas died prior to 9th February 1682, as appears by the will of his brother, John Thomas, of Laithgwm, "gentleman", dated as above and proved in Philadelphia, 1688.


i. THOMAS CADWALLADER, b. Bef. February 09, 1681/82.

69. ii. JOHN CADWALLADER, b. Abt. 1670, Penllyn, Merionethshire, Wales; d. July 26, 1734, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., PA.