MORGAN in the records of Gwynedd Friends Meeting (Religious Society of Friends or Quakers, Montgomery Co., PA)

source: records at Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College. Note that after about 1828 there are two sets of books - one for the Orthodox Friends and one for the majority of Friends who joined the Hicksites. The Hicksite branch kept the Meeting House and most of the younger members. The main item in the books of the Orthodox branch is the disownment of about everyone who did not agree with them. The Orthodox branch also seems to have the older books and their pages continue where the old books left off, while the Hicksites started new books starting with Book number 1. Comments in brackets [] are those of the transcriber James Quinn, Historian, Gwynedd Friends Meeting. Indented data are from sources other than meeting records. This page last modified September, 2009.

Note: Susan Aldridge summarizes a great deal of information about the surname Morgan in the Philadelphia area HERE...

Note: Stewart Baldwin, a well known and respected genealogist, has an Edward Morgan descendancy HERE constructed from the primary records. Mr. Baldwin adds that "Edward Morgan's origin is unknown. He was certainly not the son of Sir James Morgan (of the Morgans of Llantarnum), as has been frequently claimed." The children of Edward Morgan are indicated on our web page, below, with roman numerals I-XII.

Note: Howard Jenkins, the nineteenth century Gwynedd historian, gives some details of the connections of Edward Morgan of Towamencin and Montgomery townships to the pioneer Daniel Boone HERE, and gave a brief account of Edward Morgan HERE.

Note: A log home stands on the original property of Edward Morgan in Towamencin Township, a few miles from Gwynedd Meeting. This home is a museum and its web site is HERE.

Note: William Scroggins has a well researched Edward Morgan descendancy on line as well. Just keep in mind that Edward Morgan of Gwynedd is not the son of Sir James Morgan when reading it, and Mr. Scroggins makes no claim to have researched this himself or found any evidence that it is so. He does a good job of debunking the bad job that Thomas Allen Glenn did on this family (Glenn was the pioneer in Pennsylvania Welsh genealogy who, after he had exhausted the Pennsylvania records on the early settlers of Merion township, removed to Wales to continue the hunt, and for Merion families is reliable.)

Original and abstracted Gwynedd MM Records with some will abstracts (alphabetically arranged by first name)

I. Alice Morgan, page 37- book 1, 1718-8 mo.-17, daughter of Edward Morgan of Montgomery twp., married Jenkin Evans of Montgomery twp., at Gwynedd MH. First intentions announced 26 Day of the 6 mo 1718. Witnesses on the wedding certificate: Edward Morgan, David Evan, John Evan, Wm Morgan, Jno Morgan, Daniel Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Cadr Morris, Saml Thomas, Joseph Ambler, Griffith Evans, Mark Evan, Mathusalem Evans, John Jerman, Morgan Hugh, Phillipp David, Edward David, Hugh Griffith, Jno Williams, Theophilus William. Women sign Middle Column: Elizabeth Morgan, Margaret Thomas, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Dority Morgan, Margaret David, Jane Evan, Esther Evan, Jane Griffith, Eliza Hugh, Rebecah Davis, Margaret Hugh, Mary Hugh, Sarah Jerman, Ellin Foulke, Jane Jones, Catherine William, Ellinor Thomas, Elizabeth Roberts, Gainor Jones, Margaret Jones, Catherine William, Ellin Roberts

EVAN EVANS, Tredyfrin. Chester Co. Yeoman. April 9, 1771. February 3, 1773.
Children: Robert, Jonathan.
Grandchildren: Elizabeth, Levi, Isaker, Hannah, Leah and Jonathan Evans.
Exec.: Jonathan Evans.
Wit: John Wilson, Joshua Evans, Lewis Gronow. P.356.

A similar list of grandchildren appears on the will abstract of Esther Lewis

Amelia Ann, Orthodox Friends Meeting page 18- book 7, 1840-1-2, disowned for joining the Hicksites. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads, "Amelia Ann Morgan, daughter of Morgan and Ann (Custard) Morgan, born 5 mo. 10, 1815, died 6 mo. 1855. She married 1 mo. 20, 1842, David Kenderdine, son of John and Sarah (Thomas) Kenderdine. He was born 5 mo. 5, 1814, and died 1 mo. 6, 1885."

Ann, 65-2, 1807-12-8, daughter of Morgan and Ann of Whitpain, m. John Ambler Jr. at Gwynedd MH. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads, "Ann Morgan, daughter of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born in Montgomery Township, 12 mo. 14, 1784, died 4 mo. 1863. She married, 12 mo. 8, 1807, John Ambler of Montgomery Township, son of John and a grandson of Joseph, of the same place. He was born 5 mo. 8, 1783, and died 4 mo. 9, 1859. They lived on a farm near Lansdale."

Ann, 188-6, 1834-8-28. Disowned for joining the Hicksites

Benjamin, 315-1, 1744-7-25. granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry. [Son of Daniel and Elizabeth. Radnor MM records: Benjamin Morgan of Towamencin married Sarah Davies, daughter of David Davies of Merion 9 mo. 7, 1744 at Merion Meeting. Wit: Daniel Morgan, Sarah Davies, Ruth Morgan, Ruth Jones, Elizabeth Lloyd, Lowry Evans, Margaret George, Mary Dickinson, Sydney Roberts, Ellin Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Hannah Paschall, Hane Roberts, Hannah Bennett, etc.]

Benjamin, 248-2, 1759-5-29. and wife granted certificate to Philadelphia MM. Philadelphia MM then accepts the certificate, naming wife Sarah and son Israel. On 1760-9-26, the women's Meeting there notes that Benjamin has died (July 8, 1760).

Benjamin, 60-1, son of Morgan and Ann, b. 2-6-1775, d. 9-2-1855, wife Tacy, daughter of Edward and Hannah Stroud, b. 3-5-1777, d. 7-12-1864. Children: Edward Stroud Morgan, b. 3-1-1801, d. 8-10-1827. Hannah S., b. 3-16-1804, d. 7-10-1805. Mary M. b. 7-15-1806, d. 2-26-1872. John R. b. 4-5-1809, d. 7-30-1887. Benjamin b. 11-6-1811. Charles b. 10-31-1814. Tacy S. b. 9-22-1819, d. 2-15-1844. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads, "Benjamin Morgan, son of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 7 mo. 6, 1775, died 9 mo. 2, 1855. He married, 5 mo. 13, 1800, at Gwynedd Meeting, Tacy Stroud, daughter of Edward and Hannah Stroud of Whitemarsh."

Benjamin, 36-2, 1800-5-13. son of Morgan and Ann of Whitpain twp., m. Tacy Stroud, daughter of Edward and Hannah, dec'd of Motherkill, Delaware, at Gwynedd MH.

Benjamin, 78-6, 1829-12-3, disowned for joining the Hicksites

Benjamin (Jr.), 210-6, 1836-3-3. Disowned for joining the Hicksites

Catherine Morgan, daughter of Cadwallader of Merion, married Hugh Evan, Gwynedd, at Merion meeting house, 8th mo 4, 1706. Witnesses, Column 4 (under bride and groom): Tho Evan, Cadder Morgan, Jane Morgan, Robert Evan, Evan Evan, Owen Evan, Robt Evan, Abel Thomas, Owen Evan, Cadder Evan, Hugh Griffith, Richd Jones, Alex Edward, Robt John, Evan Owen, Jno Evans, Ellis David, Evan Jones, Edd Roberts. Column 3: Hannah Davids, Sarah Evans, Elin Evans, Lowry Evans, Jane Evans, Anne Evans, Gaynor Lloyd, Sarah Evans, Sarah Evans, Sarah Owen, Gaynor Roberts, Jane Jones, Sarah Jones, Cathrine Jones, Mary Badcock, Mary Owen, Ellin Jones, Martha Owen, Sarah William, Jane Rees, Ellin Ellis, Anne Jones (Radnor (then Haverford) MM records - Gwynedd was part of this Meeting then). [her father Cadwallader Morgan of Merion was a well known Quaker minister. A biography in Welsh Settlement of Pennsylvania by Charles Browning, pps 105-8, has been placed on-line by Google Books. Browning largely built on the work of Thomas Allen Glenn who also researched this line. Quite a bit can be found on the Cadwallader Morgan line by perusing through The Incompleted Burial Records of Merion (PA) Meeting Grave-yard by Margaret B. Harvey, A.M. (transcribed from an unpublished manuscript by Elizabeth Hanebury).

Catherine, 245-1, 1742-6-17, [daughter of William and Elizabeth - pencilled in] of Philadelphia Co., PA m. William Story of Philadelphia Co., at Gwynedd MH. Wit: Sarah, Catharine, Daniel Morgan and others.

Catherine, 1748-10-27, and William Williams reported married.

Christian, 1777-5-27, and Hugh Lloyd reported married. [This Christiana is apparently the daughter of Enoch and Sarah (Kenderdine) Morgan and is in her father's will. There is another Christian Morgan of this time period mentioned in the will of her grandmother Catherine (Evans) Jones of Hatfield]

X. Daniel, 39-1, 1718-9-21. son of Edward, "adjacent of Gwynedd," yeoman, Philadelphia Co., PA married Elizabeth Roberts, daughter of Robert Cadwallader "late of Gwynedd aforesaid", at Gwynedd MH. First intentions announced 30th of 7th 1718. Second intetntions announced 28th of 8th mo 1718. Witnesses: Edward Morgan, William Morgan, John Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Joseph Morgan, Cadwalader Roberts, Morris Roberts, Nicholas Roberts, Jno Roberts, Rowland Roberts, Samuel Thomas, Jenkin Evans, Griffith William, Will Dennis, Lewis Williams., Women sign middle column: Elizabeth Morgan, Elinor Roberts, Jane Evan, Jane Evan, Alse Evan, Sarah Morgan, Elizabeth Robert, Elizabeth Roberts, Dorothy Morgan, Elizabeth Morris, Margaret Thomas, Sarah David, Mary Hammer, Elinor Roberts, Jane Roberts.

X. Daniel Morgan [the Quaker minister, son of Edward and Elizabeth], 60-1, wife Elizabeth [she was also a traveling Quaker minister (see below), daughter of Robert Cadwalader]. Children: Benjamin b. 9-18-1719. Ruth, b. 3-15-1721.

X. Daniel, 155-3, 1773-6-29. a minister, reported deceased. Note: Records of his son Benjamin and daughter Ruth from the Gwynedd minutes can also be found on this page.

Daniel, 1778-12-29, and Mary Lloyd reported married. [son of Enoch Morgan and Sarah Kenderdine and daughter of John Lloyd, a minister, and Susannah Field]

Daniel, 61-1, son of Edward, d. 2-6-1824, age 68 years, 1 mo., 7 days. (also recorded in Samuel and Cadwallader Foulke's Memorandum books: 1824, Feb'y 6th, died Daniel Morgan, of North Wales)

Debbie P., 284-2, 1868-10-8, daughter of Joseph and Sarah P., Philadelphia, PA married Joseph R. Livezey at the house of ?, 506 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, PA.

Dinah, 1743-9-29, and Owen Evans reported married.

Edward, 1709/10-1-6 - signs subscription paper for 5 pounds towards the building of the new Meeting House. Perhaps the first settler in Towamencin township, a chart showing his children is on the Morgan Log House site. He removed to Montgomery township before 1723 when he transferred the deeds of his property to his sons John and Joseph. His wife Elizabeth was an active member of Gwynedd Meeting (see below). Besides contributing to the building of the new Meeting House, the documentation for Edward primarily consists in signing the marriage certificates of his children and neighbors in Montgomery. Debate continues amongst the museum staff on how much of the Morgan Log Home was built by the Morgans as opposed to later owners of the land. The genealogy of his descendants has been well studied because of the connection to the pioneer Daniel Boone (son of daughter Sarah Morgan). An interesting reference for Edward Morgan's line is Susan Aldridge's blog.

III. Edward, the son of Edward and Elizabeth apparently died around the time Gwynedd Monthly Meeting was set up [1714], and is not in the records of the Meeting. His wife Margaret (last name unknown) is in the records when she marries Rees David.

Edward, son of Morgan Morgan and grandson of the immigrant Edward Morgan is not in the Gwynedd records (he was not a Friend, at least officially). See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388) which reads, "Edward Morgan, son of Morgan and Dorothy Morgan, born near Gwynedd in 1719, married Margaret Rittenhouse, daughter of Matthias Rittenhouse, and a sister of David Rittenhouse, the famous astronomer, and settled in Montgomery Township. They had so far is known but one child, Morgan Morgan."

Edward, 73-3, 1769-10-31, son of Enoch, offered account for a marriage contrary to discipline.

Edward, 113-3, 1771-6-25, was disowned for disunity.

Edward 1823, May 7th, died Edward Morgan, of Montgomery (Samuel and Cadwallader Foulke's Memorandum books)

Edward Stroud Morgan, d. 8, 10, 1827. Bd. Gwynedd, 11th. (Lewis Jones Memorandum book)

IV. Elizabeth Morgan of Gwynedd married Cadwallader Morris, Gwynedd, at Gwynedd meeting house, 3rd mo 24, 1710. Column 3 - Signing under bride and groom: Alex: Edwards, Edd Morgan, Hugh Griffith, John Williams, Wm Morgan, John Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Wm Jones, David Pugh, Evan Griffith, Griffith Hugh, Evan Stephens, John Evan, Robt Evan, Owen Evan, Caddr Evan.; Column 2: Ellis Pugh, Jno Hugh, Robt Jones, John Humphrey, Hugh Evans, Evan Griffith, Edd ffoulke, Jno William, Jno Robert, Jno Bevan, Evan Jones; Column 1: Cathrine Edward, Eliza: Morgan, Margt Morgan, Mary William, Bridget Griffith, Catherine Griffith, Mary Pugh, Anne Evan, Jane Evan, Ellin Hugh, Gainor Humphrey, Gainor Jones, Jane Griffith, Winifred Davis (Radnor MM records). The complete marriage certificate is transcribed on William Scroggin's account of Edward Morgan of Gwynedd.

Elizabeth , 1719-1-31, Gwen David and Elizabeth Morgan are appointed to speak with Gainor Musgrave concerning her keeping company with one in order for marriage against her relation and frds advice [Gainor had been widowed in 1714/5 after 2 months of marriage to Abraham Musgrave. She was the daughter of William John].

Elizabeth, 1720-5-20, "John Webb and Mary Boone Declared their intention of marriage with each other the first time this meeting appoints Elizabeth Morgan & Mary Edward to inspect into Clearness and Conversation bring report thereof next meeting."

Elizabeth, 1720-6-30, "John Web and Mary Boone Declared their intention of Marriage the second time this meeting appoints Elizabeth Morgan & Jane Evans to see the marriage orderly accomplished." This wedding was held at Gwynedd, September 13, 1720.

Elizabeth, 1721-7-26. "Cunerad Cunrad & Ann Burson Declared their intention of Marriage the second time Elizabeth Morgan & Elizabeth Richardson are appointed to attend the Marriage and see it orderly accomplished." [It appears that Elizabeth Morgan was called on to visit Friends who lived rather far from Gwynedd Meeting like the Boones and Bursons.]

Elizabeth. It is likely these prior records are for Elizabeth, wife of Edward the immigrant. Many of the following records are likely for Elizabeth, the wife of Daniel Morgan, and a well known Quaker minister in her day.

Elizabeth 1730-1-31. "That weighty service of visiting families having under the consideration of severall meetings and now we find that Gwynedd Preparative have nominated Ann Roberts, Alice Griffith, Margaret Jones, Cathrine William and Elizabeth Morgan to goe in company with the men friends as they find freedom in the Love of truth."

Elizabeth 1730-8-21. "This Meeting appoints Margaret Jones and Eliza Morgan to attend the Quarterly Meeting att Philadelphia."

Elizabeth, 1732-10-27, "This Meeting being under a concern respecting some young women that were friends who have not only acted contrary to the rules of our society but have by their scandolous actions brought shame upon themselves and sorrow upon friends - This meeting once more appoints Cathrine William and Gwen Davis to visitt these (to witt) Eliza Jones, Eliza Morgan, Hannah William and Jane Edward.

Elizabeth, 1734-1-25, "Alce Griffith, Cathrine William and Elizabeth Morgan are appointed to visitt frds families"

Elizabeth, 1735-5-26- "Griffith Ellis and Jane Lewis Declared their intention of Marriage with each other the first time - Elizabeth Morgan and Jane Jones are desired to make inspection into her Clearness and Conversation and bring report as they find things next Meeting" The next month Elizabeth Morgan and Jane Jones are asked to attend the marriage of this couple as overseers of the wedding.

Elizabeth, 1735-12-24, "Elizabeth Morgan and Sarah Kinderdine is also appointed to speak to Ellin Griffith touching the great offence she has committed"

Elizabeth, 219-1, 1737-16-30. received on certificate from Haverford MM.

Elizabeth, 1754-5-28. granted certificate to the Islands of Barbadoes and Tortola. [Elizabeth (Roberts) Morgan, wife of Daniel Morgan, was a travelling Quaker minister. She is mentioned in a book about women Friends ministers in the eighteenth century called Daughters of Light by Rebecca Larson on pages 146 (travels with fellow minister Elizabeth Hudson), p. 182 (accompanies Susannah Morris to England), and p. 313 ( a mini-biography reads, "Elizabeth (Roberts) Morgan (1688-1777): born Llangower, Wales, her father, Robert Cadwalader was a Welsh farmer, origninally Anglican; immigrated to Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, with her family ca. 1698; her brother Rowland Roberts was a Quaker minister; she was a minister by 1730, representative to Quarterly Meeting; married at age 29 in 1718 Daniel Morgan (1691-1773) of Gwynedd, Pennsylvania, a yeoman; he was a minister, representative to Quarterly Meeting; Elizabeth was the mother to two children.)]

Elizabeth, 269-3. 1778-7-28. a minister, deceased. [wife of Daniel Morgan]

Elizabeth, 76-6, 1829-12-3. disowned for joining the Hicksites

Elizabeth, 209-2, 1844-4-16. daughter of Morgan and Ann, Montgomery Co., PA, married Nathaniel Kinsey, of Milford twp., Bucks Co., s/o John and Elizabeth (Foulke) Kinsey, dec'd, at the house of Morgan Morgan. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks, by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren Ely, pps. 325-8 which covers the Kinsey family.

Enoch Morgan, 127-1, 1741-3-14, son of [Edward and Margaret - pencilled in - Howard crossed out] of Philadelphia Co., PA married Sarah Kenderdine, daughter of Richard of same at Gwynedd meeting house, Witnesses: Margaret Davis, Sarah Kenderdine, Hannah Lewis, Ellin Kenderdine, Elizabeth Kenderdine, Thomas Kenderdine, Benjamin Davis, Isachar Davis, William Morgan, Daniel Morgan, Mary Wright, Wm Maclin, Thomas Kenderdine, Thomas Lewis, Cadwalader Evans, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, Edward Morr?, William Roberts, Benjamin Morgan, William Morris, William Roberts, Ellis Hughs

1790 US Census, Montgomery Co., PA, among the names in Gwynedd township: page 25- line 59 Morgan, Enoch, 1 male 16 & up, 0 males <16, 3 females, 0 other persons, 0 slaves

Will abstract from Montgomery Co. Will book A:
ENOCH MORGAN, Gwynedd. December 29, 1784. January 25, 1785. 1.20
To wife Sarah the use of dwelling with 90 acres during her life, at her death to son Enoch. To son Daniel, 50 acres with buildings. To son Edward, 33 acres of land. To daughters Mary and Meriam, 50 pds. worth of household goods equally divided. To wife all rem. of estate, at her death equally divided among 5 daughters: Christiana, Sarah, Hannah, Mary and Meriam.
Execs: Sons Edward, Enoch, Daniel Morgan.
Wit: Job Spencer, John Evans.

Enoch, 61-1, d. 10-25-1824.

Hannah Morgan, 171-1, 1734-3-7, daughter of Edward [and Margaret - pencilled in] of Montgomery twp., Philadelphia Co., PA m. Thomas Lewis, son of Richard of Montgomery at Gwynedd MH. Signed Column 2 (under bride and groom): Richard Lewis, Esther Lewis, Rees David, Margt David, Edward Lewis, Miriam Morgan, Marg or Mary Lewis, George Lewis, Jane Lewis, Isaac Jones, Eliz. Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Jane Evans Jr. Col 1: Enoch Morgan, Mary Robeson, Bena Davis, Isachar David, Jane Davis, Esther Wm, Eliza Evans, Dorothy Wells, Ruth Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Ellin Evans, Hannah Wm. First intentions 1mo 25, 1734, Second intentions 2mo 30, 1734.

Isaac, 66-6, 1829-10-1, disowned for joining the Hicksites.

Jane, 68-2, 1751-8-29. married out of unity and offered an account.

Jane, 207-3, 1775-10-31. granted certificate to Goshen MM.

There is a John Morgan, apparently unrelated to the Edward Morgan line, but sometimes confused with it, that removes 1720-1725 from Abington to Richland. He had been disowned by Abington in 1720 for his marriage out of unity to Deborah Woodruff and his apology had not been accepted by Abington MM. Therefore, he does not appear in the Gwynedd MM records after his removal to Richland, as far as I know. This John Morgan is the subject of Chapter XXXIII in Clarence Roberts and Warren Ely's Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks. After this John Morgan died in 1741-3 (leaving a Bucks Co. will) his wife, Deborah, joins the Friends at Richland and her children are recognized as members too. Roberts and Ely make the comment in their biography of Morgan Morgan, son of Edward and Elizabeth of Towamencin and Montgomery, that Morgan is "supposed to be a brother of John Morgan" of Richland, but an examination of the marriage certificates and wills of the sons of Edward Morgan show this not to be the case. John Morgan of Abington and Richland bought land in Abington in 1699 and 1706 and appears to be older than the sons of Edward Morgan. Morgan Morgan, son of Edward, in his will identifies a brother Joseph, the only Joseph in the vicinity. The Joseph Morgan (of Towamencin) is identified as a son of Edward on his marriage certificate. John Morgan, the son of Edward, marries Sarah Lloyd (see next). Deborah (Woodruff) Morgan, wife of John, also left a Bucks County will made in 1749 and proved 1750. The children of John and Deborah are James (m. Ann Heacock), Susanna (m. Jonathan Heacock), Isaac (unmarried), John (m. Mary Gaskill), Sarah (m. Charles Dennis) and Deborah.

John, 41-1, 1721-7-26. granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry Sarah Lloyd.

VII. John Morgan, son of Edward of Gwynedd m. Sarah Lloyd daughter of Thomas of Merion, at Merion meeting house, 9th mo 8, 1721 (Radnor - then called Haverford - MM records). [JQ - Thomas Lloyd was from Llanfor Parish, Merionethshire, Wales and married Elizabeth William, daughter of William ap Edward of Blockley township, Philadelphia County, who left a will there in 1714.]

John Morgan is shown owning 100 acres in Towamencin twp. in the 1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list.

VII. John [Morgen, sic], Gwynedd MM page 276- book 1, 1741-12-23, granted certificate to Hopewell MM. (Pencilled in - son of Edward and Elizabeth. His wife was wife Sarah Lloyd [see previous entry].). [ See deed research on the Morgan Log Home web site. which shows John Morgan selling the original Morgan home site to Evan David on August 12, 1741. The Morgans (John and Joseph) appear to have been with the vanguard of a fairly large group from Gwynedd Meeting that settled the frontier in what is now Berkeley and eastern Hampshire County, West Virginia (then Frederick Co., Virginia).] John died in what was then Frederick County, Virginia about 1746 and an abstract of the administration of his estate in 1746 and other information is summarized by Susan Aldridge on Genforum.

John, 61-6, 1829-7-30, disowned for joining the Hicksites.

John R., 206-6, 1835-12-31. diowned for joining the Hicksites.

XII. Joseph, 112-1, 1728-7-24. granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry.

XII. Joseph Morgan, s/o Edward of Gwynedd m. Elizabeth Lloyd, d/o Thomas, of Merion at Merion meeting house, 9th mo 8, 1728 (Radnor - then called Haverford - MM records).

Joseph Morgan is shown owning 200 acres in Towamencin twp. in the 1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list.

XII. Joseph, 276-1, 1741-12-23, granted certificate to Hopewell MM (pencilled in - son of Edward and Elizabeth and wife Elizabeth Lloyd)[see comments under brother John who also removed to Virginia from Towamencin at this time]

Lewis Morgan is shown owning 40 acres in Providence twp. in the 1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list.

XI. Margaret Morgan, daughter of Edward of Montgomery, married Samuel Thomas, Montgomery, at Gwynedd meeting house, 3rd mo 3, 1713 (Radnor MM records) [This couple removed to Richland and are the subject of Chapter XLV of Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely. Samuel Thomas b. 17 Feb 1690, d. 5 mo. 7, 1755, m. (1) Margaret Morgan (d. 10 mol. 24 1750) and (2) 10 mo. 19, 1752 at Richland, Phebe (Wardell) Lancaster. Samuel Thomas owned land in what is now the western portion of Quakertown and with Edward Roberts collected the money to build Richland Meeting House. Their children were 1. Elizabeth b. 3-5-1714; 2. Catharine b. 12-31-1715, d. 7-12-1770, m. Joseph Green; 3. Samuel, b. 8-14-1717, d. 2-16-1727; 4. Thomas b. 1-2-1719, d. 10-12-1780; unmarried; 5. John b. 2-19-1720, d. 12-?-1805, m. Elizabeth Lewis; 6. Edward b. 11-20-1722; d. 4-4-1782 m. Alice Roberts; 7. Eleanor b. 11-19-1724; d. 6-6-1800, m. Isaac Lester and Isaac Samuels; 8. Mary b. 10-20-1726, d. 11-? 1728; 9. Sarah b. 1728, d. 1-25-1786, m. Robert Ashton; 10. Mary, b. 7-8-1730, d. 2-27-1756, unmarried; 11. Samuel, b. 4-10-1732, m. Margaret Roberts; 12. Margaret, b. 4-3-1734, d. 3-30-1802, m. Theophilus Foulke; 13. William b. 12-31-1736, d. 4-12-1815, m. Ann Foulke. - from the Gwynedd MM records, transcribed by Clarence Roberts]

Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren Ely, p. 555-560:

"Samuel Thomas was the progenitor of the Richland family of Thomas, was either a native of Wales or an American born son of one of the early Welsh settlers in the upper Welsh Tract in Montgomery County. The Cymric custom by which a son takes the given name of his father as his surname may account for our failure to determine jhis parnetage as he does not seem to be a member of any of the several families of Thomas who were among the early settlers of Merion and Haverford who retained the surname of Thomas from the time of their arrival in Pennsylvania. He was born February 17, 1690, and was a resident of Montgomery Township at the date of his marriage in 1713. and the only signer of his marriage certificate bearing his name was Robert Thomas and he signed in the second column, not in the first, where the names of parents always appear. He and his family held membership in Gwynedd Monthly Meeting from its organization in 1714 until the organization of Richland Monthly Meeting in 1742. On Nicholas Scull's map of Richland Manor 1734-5 he is shown as owning land, which is now the western portion in Quakertown. He was a land holder in Montgomery Township and his name requently appears on records pertaining to the early history of that township in the laying out of roads, etc. He was, with Edward Roberts, one of the committee appointed by Gwynedd Monthly Meeting to collect money for the use of "Swamp Meeting" 10 mo. 30, 1740; he was also one of the building committee to build an addition to the Meeting House in 1748.
Samuel Thomas died 5 mo. 7, 1755, in his 66th year as recorded on the records of Richland Meeting. He married, first, at Gwynedd, Margaret Morgan, a sister to Sarah Morgan, the wife of Squire Boone and mother of the illustrious Kentucky pioneer, Daniel Boone, and he was a signer of the marriage certificate of that couple at Gwynedd 7 mo. 23, 1720. Margaret died at Richland 10 mo. 24, 1750, in her 57th year, and Samuel married, second, 10 mo. 19, 1752, Phebe (Wardell) Lancaster, widow of Thomas Lancaster, the pioneer preacher of Richland Meeting. She survived him and was twice married thereafter, making four "ventures" in all, and lived many years a widow after the death of her fourth husband. (See No. 1, Chapter XXVI)."

Gwynedd MM records: 81-1 Samuel Thomas, wife, Margaret children: Elizabeth 1-5-1714; Catharine 10-31-1715; Thomas 1-2-1719; Samuel 8-14-1717; John 12-19-1720; Edward 11-23-1722; Ellin 11-19-1724; Mary 10-10-1726, d. 11-1728; Samuel 4-19-1732, d. 2-16-1727; Margaret 4-3-1734; Wm 12-13-1736

Margaret, 43-1, 1719-3-9, widow [ of Edward Jr. - pencilled in] of Philadelphia Co., PA, married Rees David at Gwynedd MH. First intentions announced 31th of the 1 mo 1719. [note this Margaret who married an Edward is not a Rittenhouse. Margaret Rittenhouse marries Edward, son of Morgan Morgan of Whitpain...] This Margaret left a will:

MARGARET DAVIES, Upper Dublin, Co. of Philadelphia. Widdow. 5 mo. 16, 1748. proved June 13, 1758. L.125.
Children: Enoch Morgan, Issachar and Benjamin.
Grandchildren: Hannah Martin [dau. of Miriam Morgan and William Martin, see below - JQ], Issacher and Margaret Davies, Miriam Lewis [dau. of Hannah Morgan and Thomas Lewis, see above - JQ], Edward and Margaret Morgan.
Friend: Hannah Foulke.
Exec: Benjamin Davies.
Wit: Edward Foulke, William Foulke, Jno. Evans.

Margaret, 12 mo. 1748/9, daughter of William Morgan, married John Coulston out of unity with Friends and they were both disowned Feb 1748/9 by Gwynedd MM [source Worldconnect, need to verify].

Margaret, 350-2, 1762-11-30, disowned for marriage out of unity with Friends

Margaret, 1771-1-29, and Benjamin Kenderdine reported married. [daughter of Enoch Morgan and Sarah Kenderine and son of Thomas Kenderdine and Dorothy Roberts. They were first cousins once removed through the Kenderdines, and Margaret was considerably younger than Benjamin. Children were Enoch (b. February 21, 1773), Thomas (b. January 11, 1775) and Sarah (b. May 16, 1789) Kenderdine.]

IX. We have yet to find any records in the Gwynedd minutes for Mary Morgan (daughter of Edward and Elizabeth) married to John Wright prior to 1750. Similarly there are no records for any of the sons of this couple in the Gwynedd records. A number of Mary's daughters were married at Gwynedd Meeting House (see Dickinson Genealogy). The only mention of Mary (Morgan) Wright in the minutes is on 7 mo., 25, 1750 when she rejoins the friends by admitting her error in marrying, contrary to discipline, John Wright many years before.

Mary Morgan, 54-2, 1751-7-24. married out of unity and offered an account.

Mary, 1759-11-27. and Evan Jones reported married. [daughter of William Morgan and Elizabeth Roberts of Montgomery twp.]

Will abstract of MARY [Morgan] JONES, North Wales. February 28, 1787. April 19, 1787. Montgomery Co. will book 1.108
To daughter Mary, featherbed &c. To daughters Elizabeth and Mary, 85 pds, due from Samuel Cunard equally and wearing apparel. To son Evan, 1/2 rem. To daughters Elizabeth and Mary, other half, equally.
Exec: Cousin James Hammer.
Wit: Evan Jones, Amos Griffiths, Joseph Bates.

Her daughter Hannah had previously died:

HANNAH JONES, Gwynedd. March 16, 1785. May 21, 1785. Montgomery Co. will book 1.34
To mother and sister Elizabeth and Mary all rem. of personal estate coming to me by father to be equally divided. To mother the side saddle. To sisters Elizabeth and Mary all land coming by father, the teatable, pewter, earthen ware and wearing apparel. To sister Mary a bond worth 5 pds., chest &c.
Exec: Jacob Histler.
Wit: John Evans, William Maris.

Mary, 350-2, 1762-11-30. married out of unity.

Mary, 367-2, 1763-6-28. offered an account for a marriage out of unity with Friends.

Mary, 1788-4-29. and Josiah Spencer reported married. [daughter of Enoch Morgan and Sarah Kenderdine and son of James Spencer and Sarah Walton]

Mary, 76-6, 1829-12-3, daughter of Morgan disowned for joining the Hicksites

Mary (Jr.), 76-6, 1829-12-3, daughter of Benjamin, disowned for joining the Hicksites.

Mary, 185-2, 1833-3-12, daughter of Benjamin and Tacy of Whitpain twp., married Charles Evans, son of Nathan and Ann, at Gwynedd MH.

Mary, 61-1, d. 5-?-1837, age 81.

Miriam, 223-1, 1738-3-25, daughter of Edward, dec'd of Gwynedd, [and Margaret - pencilled in], Philadelphia Co., PA, married William Martin, of Gwynedd, at Gwynedd MH. Wit. Column 1. Evan Evans, Geo Lewis, Thos Foulke, Jno Evans, Jno Bartholomew. Column 2. Jane Lewis, Ellin Evans, Thos Bartholomew. Column 3. Margt Davis, Hannah Lewis, Thos Lewis, Enoch Morgan, Benjamin David, Isachar David, Wm Morgan, Daniel Morgan, John Morgan, Joseph Morgan, Jane Davis, Ellin Humphrey, Ann Roberts.

Miriam Morgan Lloyd, 1792-11-27, and Enos Spencer reported married. [grand-daughter of Enoch Morgan and Sarah Kenderdine by their daughter Christiana]

VI. Morgan Morgan, 3-27-1718, "This meeting being informed that Morgan Morgan, one in community with us hath an Intention of Marrying with one that is not, Contrary to Discipline. This Meeting Desires that his parents and Frds. use all Endeavors possible by Tender Councel and Advice to Diswade him from it." [to no avail as he marries Dorothy Hughes]. [See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388) is a descendancy of Morgan Morgan and Dorothy Hughes, which reads in part, "He settled in what later became Whitpain Township, then known as the 'Adjacents of Gwynedd," where he died... His will, dated 1 mo. 3, 1727-28, mentions his wife Dorothy, son Edward and James [sic, should read Jesse - JQ], and brothers Joseph, William and John." Clarence Roberts later wrote a family genealogy (1940) which corrects some errors he made in Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks. This genealogy is available at the library of the Historical Society of Montgomery County on the far wall under Roberts.]

Will abstract of MORGAN MORGAN. Gwynedd, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. 1 mo. 30, 1727. April 26, 1727. E.38.
Wife: Dorothy. Children: Edward, Jesse. Brother: Joseph.
Grandchildren: Margaret and Elizabeth Morgan. Friends: John Thomas, William Morris, Walter Evans, Elinor Wright. Servant: Joseph Griffith.
Exec: Dorothy, William and John Morgan.
Overseers: Cadwalader Morris, William Tennis.
Wit: John Jones, Cadwalader Morris.

Dorothy's son Edward married Margaret Rittenhouse, a sister of the famous David Rittenhouse.
Dorothy's son Jesse left the following will (abstracted):

JESSE MORGAN, Whitpain, Co. of Philadelphia. 4 mo. 13, 1757. September 14, 1757. L.1.
Wife: Mary. Children: Priscillah, Mary and Dorothy.
Brother: Edward. Nephew: Morgan Morgan.
Cousins: Owen Hughes, Isaac Hughes, William Morris.
Uncles: Benjamin and Edward Hughes.
Trustees: Edward Hughes, Edward Morgan, William Morris.
Exec: Mary Morgan.
Wit: Margaret Morgan (her mark), Ludwick Cook.

Morgan Morgan, 149-3, 1773-3-30, receieved in membership on request. [son of Edward Morgan and Margaret Rittenhouse of Whitpain and grandson of Morgan Morgan and Dorothy Hughes. There is more on this line on our Hughes web page.]. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads,"Morgan Morgan, son of Edward and Margaret (Rittenhouse) Morgan, born in Montgomery Township, Montgomery County, Pa., 5 mo. 3, 1749, was a blacksmith in Whitpain Township, Montgomery County, Pa., and died there 2 mo. 29, 1832. He married, at Gwynedd Meeting House 4 mo. 21, 1774, Ann Roberts, of Whitpain, born 12 mo. 14, 1748, and died 10 mo. 14, 1808."

The central, stone part of this building was Morgan Morgan's blacksmith shop. It stands across US 202 from Gwynedd Friends Meeting on the grounds of Foulkeways retirement community in Lower Gwynedd township.

Morgan Morgan, 319-1, 1774-4-21, son of Edward [and Margaret] of Whitpain twp., Philadelphia Co., PA married Ann Roberts daughter of John Roberts of Whitpain, at Gwynedd MH.

Morgan Morgan, 60-1, son of Edward and Margaret, b. 5-3-1749, d. 2-29-1832. Wife Ann, daughter of John Roberts and Jane (Hanks) Roberts, b. 12-14-1748, d. 10-15-1808. Children: Benjamin b. 2-6-1775, d. 9-2-1855. Elizabeth b. 12-16-1776. Sarah b. 7-10-1779, d. 2-22-1861., Morgan b. 5-21-1782, d. 8-9-1850. Ann b. 12-14-1784, d. 4-4-1863. David b 7-6-1786, d. 1-7-1865. Mary b. 12-17-1788, d. 7-?-1847. Morgan Morgan is buried in the Pennlyn burial ground (bottom of page).

Morgan Morgan [Jr.], 61-1, wife Ann (Custer). Children: Amelia b. 8-5-1811, d. 12-10-1811. Joseph C. b. 10-8-1812, d. 2-27-1888. Amelia Ann b. 5-10-1815, d. 6-15-1855. Antrim F., b. 8-30-1818. George b. 2-17-1821, d. 2-3-1839. Elizabeth b. 6-20-1823. Hannah b. 12-29-1827. [son of Morgan Morgan and Ann Roberts. Morgan Morgan, born 5th-mo. 16, 1782, was a justice of the peace at Montgomeryville for twenty-five years. He was a blacksmith and gunsmith by trade, and was one of the workmen in that occupation who could make a double barreled gun in the early days. His blacksmith shop stood opposite Gwynedd Friends meeting house, just south of the Post Office. It was he who built the "Beaumont House" in 1817 which still stands near the corner of Route 202 and Meeting House Rd (owned by Foulkeways). Apparently he removed to Montgomery township at some point and sold the house to Dr. Antrim Foulke. In the 1850 Census - Montgomery twp., Montgomery Co. PA he is Morgan Morgan, age 68, farmer, $3500, b. PA with Ann Morgan, 63, PA, Hannah Morgan, 22, PA, Peter Foos, 14, PA. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads, "Morgan Morgan, son of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born 5 mo. 21, 1782, was a blacksmith and had his shop (still standing) opposite the Friends Meeting House at Gwynedd. He built a substantial stone house at the 'forks of the road' just back of the Meeting House which has a date stone in the gavel end marked M A 1817 M and lived there until his death on 8 mo. 9, 1850. He married, 11 mo. 15, 1810, Ann Custard, daughter of Joseph and Amelia (Foulke) Custard, of Richland. She was born 8 mo. 14, 1787, and died 4 mo. 1, 1877."]

Morgan Morgan Jr., 61-6, 1829-7-30. disowned for joining the Hicksites. [Interesting in that his father, Morgan Morgan, is the oldest person buried in the Orthodox burial ground [bottom of page], while Morgan Jr. is buried at Gwynedd Meeting which became Hicksite.]

Rachel, 44-2, 1803-2-8, daughter of Daniel of Gwynedd, married Amos Roberts, son of Edward Roberts (18b), of Whitpain, at Gwynedd MH.

Rees, 255-2, 1759-7-31. and wife Sarah received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 5-18-1759. [Apparently this is Rees Morgan, son of Thomas and Sarah (Griffith) Morgan, daughter of Benoni Griffith and Catherine Owen. Their stay in Gwynedd is brief.]

Rees, 274-2, 1760-1-20, granted certificate to Goshen MM.

Ruth, 271-1, 1746 (reported married 11-27-1746/7), daughter of Daniel (and Elizabeth pencilled in) of Philadelphia Co., PA married Nathan Evans at the house of Benjamin Morgan. Witnesses. Daniel Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Benjamin Morgan, Sarah Morgan, Job Pugh, Phebe Pugh, Joseph Evans, Miles Evans. Howard Jenkins: " Note:  Ruth (Morgan) Evans is mentioned as a Quaker minister in Daughters of Light by Rebecca Larsen, p. 323.

Sage (Morgan) Ellis (b. 1678 Wales, d. 1761, PA, the wife of Humphrey Ellis of Whitpain township was a Quaker minister (Daughters of Light, p. 323, by Rebecca Larsen). Aug. 26, 1718. Sage Ellis having produced a certificate from Abington MM in order to join herself to this monthly meeting was read and approved (Womens Minutes from GwyneddMM)

March 30, 1762. Gwynedd MM: Joseph Jones, John Morris and Samuel Morris are appointed to draw a Memorial of our deceased Friend Sage Ellis and desired to have it done by next in order that it may go to our next quarterly meeting. Following: "Sage Morgan Ellis was born in Wales, in the year 1678, and removed to Pennsylcania, in the year 1700, not being at that time a member of the Society of Friends. After a time, being convinced of the truth as professed by Friends, she was acknowledged a member among them at Gwynedd. As she continued faithful to the unfoldings of truth, a gift in the ministry was conferred upon her by the great Head of the church. Her communications in that line were generally short, and mostly in the Welsh tongue. Her labours were received in love. She departed this life sixth month 1st, 1761, in the 83rd year of her age, and was buried at Plymouth (Reporting the memorial drawn by the direction of the Plymouth monthly Meetings)"

Sarah Morgan, daughter of Cadwallader Morgan of Merion married Robert Evans, son of Thomas of Gwynedd on 4th mo. 4, 1705 at Merion MH. "Robert Evans, Of Merion, son of Thomas, b. in Merionethshire Wales, lived for some time in Gwynedd, moved to Merion, and d. there late in 1753 or early in 1754, "aged about 80." In June, 1705, his father conveyed him 298 acres in Gwynedd (part of his tract, and apparently the part adjoining Montgomery), which subsequently he sold to his brother Hugh. In these and other conveyances he is called "eldest son and heir, and "son and heir apparent" of Thomas, and in the latter deed (conveying to Hugh) the recital, after stating his purchase from his father in 1705, says he "built a messuage and other edifices, and made a plantation and other improvements" on the tract. In 1705 he is recorded as "of Gwynedd, yeoman". In 1709, however, in a conveyance from his father, he is described as "of Merion," so that apparently he moved there between 1705 and 1709. He appears to have been twice married. First to Jane __; and second, to Sarah Evans, of Merion, 4th mo. 4, 1705 (Haverford records). His will dated May 1, 1753 was proved 22 Jan 1754; he mentions his daughter Catharine Evans, his daughters Anne Tillbury and Jane Roberts, his son Cadwalader, his grandsons Robert Evans and Amos Roberts, and his granddaughters Sarah and Catharine Evans, daughters of Thomas. He appoints his oldest son Thomas Evans executor, and leaves him the farm he now lives on, in Merion, 315 acres. He appoints his brother Hugh and his friend Robert Roberts, "both of Merion," and his brother Owen, of Gwynedd, overseers."

V. Sarah Morgan, 59-1, 1720-7-23, daughter of Edward of Philadelphia Co. married Squire Boone at Gwynedd MH. First intentions announced 20th of the 5 mo 1720. Second intentions announced 30th of the 6th mo 1720. Transcription of wedding certificate. These are the parents of Daniel Boone among others, with many genealogies all over the internet.

Sarah, 259-1, 1744-4-5, daughter of William Morgan, late of Montgomery twp., married David Pugh, son of Ellis Pugh of Radnor, Chester Co. at Gwynedd MH. Col 1. Cadwalader Evans, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, John Jones, Richard Davies, William Foulke, Jesse Jones. Col 2. Edward Morgan, John Jones, Edward Evans, Benjamin Davies, Anne Evans, Susanna Ffoulk, Margaret Jones. Col 3. Elizabeth Davies, Jane Jones, Margaret Jones, Ellin Morris, Jane Morris, Sarah Roberts, Mary Osbourn. Col 4. Ellis Pugh, Robert Pugh, Catharin Morgan, Mary Morgan, Daniel Morgan, Catherine Story, David Morgan.. [Children: 1. Ellis Pugh; 2. Elizabeth Pugh (b. 1744/5, m. Jonathan Hough]

Sarah, 330-1, 1745-4-25, received on certificate from Haverford MM dated 3-10-1745.

Sarah, 98-3, 1770-10-30, received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 3-9-1770.

Sarah, 292-1, 1781-2-13. daughter of Enoch Morgan of Gwynedd, Philadelphia Co., PA married Thomas Holt, son of Benjamin of Horsham, at Gwynedd MH.

Sarah, 50-2, 1804-12-11, daughter of Morgan and Ann Morgan of Whitpain twp., married Isachar Kenderdine, son of John dec'd and Hannah of Horsham, at Gwynedd MH. See also Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks by Clarence V. Roberts and Warren S. Ely (1925) as chapter XXXIV (pps 381-388), which reads, "Sarah Morgan, daughter of Morgan and Ann (Roberts) Morgan, born 7 mo. 10, 1779, died 2 mo. 22, 1861. She married, 12 mo. 11, 1804, Issachar Kenderdine, of Horsham, born 10 mo. 13, 1780, died 8 mo. 15, 1848. He was a son of John and Hannah Kenderdine.

Sarah, 61-6, 1829-7-30, disowned for joining the Hicksites

Tacy, 97-6, 1830-6-3, disowned for joining the Hicksites

Tacy S., 195-2, 1838-3-13, daughter of Benjamin and Tacy Morgan of Whitpain twp., married John W. Hamton [Hampton], of Plymouth, son of James & Harriet at Gwynedd MH.

Thomas Morgan is shown owning 100 acres in Providence twp. in the 1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list.

Thomas, 109-3, 1771-4-30, a minor, received on certificate from Goshen MM dated 2-8-1771.

Thomas, 221-3, 1776-6-25, granted certificate to Goshen MM.

II. William Morgan, son of Edward, of or near Gwynedd m. Elizabeth Roberts, Montgomery, at Gwynedd meeting house, 8th mo 27, 1713 (Radnor - then called Haverford - MM minutes)

II. William Morgan and wife Elizabeth, 60-1, Children: Margaret b. 9-29-1714; Elizabeth b. 1-19-1717; Sarah b. 5-17-1719; Edward b. 2-14-1722; Catherine b. 3-23-1723.

II. William, 144-1, 1731-8-26. granted certificate to Haverford MM to marry Catherine Robeson.

II. William, 143-1, 1731-10-9. widower, son of Edward and Elizabeth of Philadelphia Co., PA married Catherine Robeson of Merion at Gwynedd meeting house, 10th mo 7, 1731. Witnesses. Col 3 under bride and groom: Edward Morgan, Eliza Morgan, Jane Robeson, Margaret Morgan, Jno Morgan, Daniel Morgan, David Lewis, Thos Robeson. Col 2: Enoch Morgan, Morris Morris, David Morris, Hannah Morgan, Jno Alloway, Ann Alloway, G. Llewellyn, James Merlin, John William, John Jones, Rowland Roberts, Cadwalader Evans, Col 1: Joseph Ambler, George Lewis, Thomas ffoulke, Evan Griffith, Miriam Morgan, Sarah Morgan, ?an Robts, Jane Lewis, Marmaduke Pardo, Joseph Naylor, ? Roberts..

William Morgan is shown owning 100 acres in Montgomery twp. in the 1734 Philadelphia Co., PA tax list.

The abstracts of the wedding certificates of William and Elizabeth's daughters Catherine and Sarah are above.

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Transcribed by James Quinn, Historian, Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of Friends, July 2009 from records kept at the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College. Some of the records are from the card catalog created by William Wade Hinshaw, while others are from the microfilm of the originial transcripts. The will abstracts for Philadelphia County were found HERE.