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  • Get connected with the wider Quaker world with news, commentary, and thoughtful dialogue on issues of Quaker faith, practice, and action
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  • Beautiful design including art, photography, and poetry from Friends like you makes Friends Journal a pleasure to read and to share
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What Our Subscribers are Saying

Friends Journal has been a catalyst to seek further and deeper. The Journal is a monthly gift of ministry, the one and only magazine that I read from cover to cover.

-Ann Marie Pois, Boulder, Colorado

Friends Journal’s influence goes way beyond the boundaries of  the denomination…. I expect longtime benefits from my continuing subscription.

 -Jeannine Dunn, Altoona, Iowa

Friends Journal is such a wonderful resource. Every item in it, from article to book review to letter to the editor to obituary, has transformative power.

-Jim Grant, Abbeville, Louisiana

If you’re a Quaker, Friends Journal is for you. If you’re not a Quaker but want to learn about Quaker life, thought and experience, Friends Journal is for you.

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