Sweet Baby Jesus

The present-tense verbs of George Fox.

Patricia Wild

George Fox at 400

Introduction to our June/July issue.

The Radical Original Vision of George Fox

Reintegrating the radical insights and practices of the first Quakers.

The True Last Supper

George Fox’s mystical feast of love.

The Egalitarian Partnership with Margaret Fell Fox

Strong female leadership in the early days of Quakerism.

George Fox Was a Racist

How do Fox’s writings on slavery impact Quakers today?

George Fox and the Bible

Reconciling and transcending some of our differences toward the Bible.

Fox at 400

Reflections from Friends around the world.

A Life Steeped in the Quaker Way

Reflections on the example of George Fox.

His Work Is Alive in Africa

A tribute to George Fox.

From Dorothea to Me

George Fox’s Enduring Influence.

A Query for Friend Fox

Did you ever laugh with joy, Friend, / at the beauty of God’s world, / the sheer extravaganza of it?

Where Mothers Hung the Clothes

On a fall afternoon in my warm kitchen, I bake a frittata. / Fried onions, red potatoes, cream, cheddar, eggs

Watering the Crops

Tomatoes big as breasts, he brags, / raised in topsoil dung and peat.

Forum, June/July 2024

Letters from our readers.

Behind the Cover Art

The artist talks about this issue’s cover painting.

When the Earth Shook: Christ Is as Close as He Ever Was

Just as Fox did, we can know Christ for ourselves as our Friend and Guide.

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