Forgiveness, Trust, and Safety

A request represents a genuine moral dilemma.

Tammy Forner

Woodbrooke Study Centre to Close; Online Learning to Continue

Citing financial straits, the trustees of Woodbrooke have decided to cease holding classes at the Woodbrooke Centre estate in Birmingham, UK.

The Changing Nature of Isolation in Quakerism Today

Introduction to our March issue.

Nothing Can Separate Us from the Light

How isolated are we?

Screen-Weary and Lonely

A case for plain, tech-free worship.

I Am Always Seeking

One Friend’s experience as an isolated Quaker.

Zoom Spells Doom and Gloom

The false promise of virtual meetings.

We Listen as God Listens

Cultivating sacred space online.

Mixed Blessings

A Friends Journal report on virtual meetings.


"Instead of hush / I wander looking / for the door."

A Kinder Solitude

"After a year of living alone / I have come to know me."

March invited me outside today / To join her festival / Of dancing tree tops

March stays for thirty-one days / and yet I barely know her, / a bridge between February and April / to be crossed despite the weather.

Forum, March 2023

Letters from our readers

QuakerSpeak, March 2023

Secret to True Communication

Quakers Turn to Mastodon Social Media

Some Quakers frustrated by scandal, commercialism, and negativity have left Twitter and Facebook and migrated to Mastodon.

Embattled AFSC Diversity Officer to Leave Organization

The diversity officer at American Friends Service Committee will leave her post and sever ties with the organization.

A Quaker Experience at the Asbury Revival

This month a regularly scheduled chapel service at Asbury University in Kentucky turned into a nonstop continuing revival lasting two weeks.

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