Jon Fosse: “To Me, Writing Is Listening”

An interview with the Norwegian author and 2023 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Sharlee DiMenichi

Miracles of the Light

Introduction to our March issue.

The Glory of God Was Revealed

Healing miracles among early Friends.

Carrying Light to Need

What healing taught me about prayer.

We Treat, He Heals

A Kenyan ministry experience.

Welcome Home

Discovering the healing spirit of Christ.

We Are All Held in Love

Reflections on the practice of holding in the Light.

Dear God, Help Me Here

Prayer and healing at the end of life.

Pray Without Ceasing

Tapping into the spiritual resources of the universe.


I swallow my sorrow, but cannot / digest it, so I tranquilize it into

Elbow Grease

He tosses his life’s work in Tuesday’s trash / and corkscrews down a hole of despair,

Hiding and Seeking

Fingering the small, smooth stones / in my bag, we ride the subway to Queens,

Forum, March 2024

Letter from our readers.

Do Quakers Believe in Heaven?

Quakers’ varying spiritual approaches to death and beliefs about the afterlife.

Sowing the Seeds for Corporate Climate Witness

Fifteen members of a meeting community gathered to consider the ways to respond to environmental injustice and climate chaos.

QuakerSpeak, March 2024

Do Quakers believe in heaven?

Escaping Oppenheimer’s Shadow

The power of the peace movement.

Latest Book Reviews

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Prayer and Healing

March 2024

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