Quakers, Indian Boarding Schools, and Indigenous Justice Today

In 1819, the United States enacted a series of policies that led to the creation of Indian boarding schools across the nation.

Sandra Boone Murphy

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Quaker organizations issue joint statement on peace testimony and Ukraine

On October 26, eight Quaker organization heads issued a joint statement on the peace testimony and Ukraine. The statement notes:…

Interview with Olha Lychko-Parubocha of Friends Peace Teams in Ukraine

Olha Lychko-Parubocha is a Ukrainian psychologist who has been working in the IDP camps in Lviv since April.

Friendly Fiction

Introduction to our November issue.


Wedding preparations get complicated after a long afternoon with the clearness committee.

The Conduits

A young girl starts to literally see the light connecting Friends in worship.

The Donkey Rider

A noisy crowd gathers around a storytelling carpenter.


A young couple with a secret endure a long ocean passage.

Born on the Wrong Side of Justice

A family remembers its stories and the oppressions of lands lost and taken.

Make Freedom Ring!

An orphan girl’s foster Quaker family disappears one day, leaving a mysterious note.

Investor Prospectus for the Citadel Fund

Luxury homes for deposed dictators seeking a safe and dignified retirement.


"After God left me, / I got along all right for a while…"


"In the stooped squat of age, I grab a plastic cup and lid…"

Female Brain Running

"Recently I fell for clickbait because the tagline sounded so binary and sexist / that I wanted to see just how dumb it was…"

Forum, November 2022

Letters from our readers.

Reading to Feed Our Souls

Nearly ten years ago, we started monthly reading groups at Santa Monica (Calif.)

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