Stewarding Our Time

The Nimble Responders experiment.

Kat Griffith

Illuminating a Quaker Way of Stewardship

Introduction to our December issue.

Connection and Belonging

A deeper perspective on stewardship.

Stewarding Our Time

The Nimble Responders experiment.

Dream Protectors

Stewarding the heart visions of our children.

God Loves a Cheerful Giver

A Quaker approach to charity.

The Quaker Covenant with Creation

A testimony of earthcare love.

The Quaker Stewards of Costa Rica’s Monteverde Cloud Forest

Testimony in practice.

I Pour, I Drink

The dedicated stewardship of a nontheist.


Be like a sparrow, that parakeet in drab. / Yes, teeter on Niagara’s brink, / but don’t be greedy. Drink the flood

House of Bread

I once spent an afternoon in Laja. / A small town on the Bolivian altiplano, / Laja is a village of bakers.


Ceasefires rarely last, / But wonders never cease. / And I’ve heard how once on Christmas Eve

Forum, December 2023

Letters from our readers.

Susie and the Advent Garden

A meeting's annual tradition marks the passage of time and generations.

December 2023 Book Reviews

Young Friends Bookshelf

Charlotte Ingrid Miller

Miller—Charlotte Ingrid Miller, 77, on July 10, 2022, surrounded by her husband and children in home hospice in Denver, Colo.…

QuakerSpeak, December 2023

Spirituality on the road.

Latest Book Reviews

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