Quakers, Birds, and Justice

Season 3, episode 2. In this episode of Quakers Today, we ask, What does bird watching have to do with Quakers?


Writing Opp: Relationships

We are accepting submissions for our September issue. The due date is June 17, 2024.

Resonant Lessons from Nature, Scripture, and Experience

Introduction to our April issue.

A Quaker Guide to Birdwatching

Eight lessons for Friends and seekers.

My Dad’s Green Burial

How a family chose a meaningful resting place.

The Gospel Model of Fatherly Love

A Friend looks to the New Testament and poems of Kahlil Gibran to understand parenthood.

Planting Ourselves in Time and Place

An expanded vision of conscientious objection.

Quakers Partner to Aid Survivors of Sexual Violence in Uganda

A profile of Bulungi Tree Shade Meeting and its U.S. supporters.

Ollie Ollie 

Giggling, she runs from the family room couch / where I sit and count, both hands over my eyes.

Little Gospel

At that time Jesus said, / Plant trees easy

Kaddish for Death and Childbirth קדיש

Her breath rose and fell / spaces between in and out growing wider

Forum, April 2024

Letters from our readers.

QuakerSpeak, April 2024

Reparations: A Quaker’s tool for integrity.

Miracles of the Light

Introduction to our March issue.

The Glory of God Was Revealed

Healing miracles among early Friends.

Carrying Light to Need

What healing taught me about prayer.

We Treat, He Heals

A Kenyan ministry experience.

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Quakers, Birds, and Justice Quakers Today

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