Facing Evil, Finding Freedom

How Сhrist’s victory over sin is ours to
share today.

Adria Gulizia

At One with God and Friends

Our introduction to the December issue on “Atonement.”

Repentance, Forgiveness, Atonement

An interview with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg.

Early Friends and Atonement

Enlightened to serve a living God.

New Light on Atonement

No More Scapegoats.

What Now?

A practical view of salvation.

Forum, December 2022

Letters from our readers.

10 Children’s Books Related to Worship Perfect for Meeting Bookshelves

A selection from the Friends Journal review archives.

Interview with Olha Lychko-Parubocha of Friends Peace Teams in Ukraine

Olha Lychko-Parubocha is a Ukrainian psychologist who has been working in the IDP camps in Lviv since April.

December 2022 Young Friends Bookshelf

Young Friends Bookshelf

QuakerSpeak, December 2022

Prison Ministry and Antiracism

Alaskan Quakers apologize to Alaskan Natives for Indian boarding schools

On September 30, 2022—during an event for Orange Shirt Day, a day of remembrance for the harms caused by the…

Writing Opp: Farming and Food

We are accepting articles for our May 2023 issue. The due date is February 20, 2023.

Quakers, Indian Boarding Schools, and Indigenous Justice Today

In 1819, the United States enacted a series of policies that led to the creation of Indian boarding schools across the nation.

Quakers Today Podcast cover

Listen to Episode 1 of Quakers Today!

The first episode of the Quakers Today podcast takes a look at Fiction. Listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Quaker organizations issue joint statement on peace testimony and Ukraine

On October 26, eight Quaker organization heads issued a joint statement on the peace testimony and Ukraine. The statement notes:…

Friendly Fiction

Introduction to our November issue.

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December 2022

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  • Hank Fay on Facing Evil, Finding Freedom

    Wonderful! Without surrender to Spirit, a “searching and fearless inventory” of our wrongs, readiness to right…

  • John Connell on Facing Evil, Finding Freedom

    This is an excellent exposition on why Friends must re-embrace the Theology of our earlier generations…

  • Virginia Ferm Herrick on The Conduits

    Lovely! Thank you for this story. Growing up Quaker, as a kid I imagined the connections…

  • Amy on Clarity

    I loved this story. the description and power of the silence is moving. I liked how…

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