Friends Seeking Non-Traditional Membership

A Friends Journal report.

Sharlee DiMenichi

Quakers and Welcome

Season 3, episode 3. In this episode of Quakers Today, we ask, What does it mean to be welcomed in a space?

Annual Report for 2023

Thanks to your generosity in 2023, Quaker authors, artists, and poets brought their gifts to help deepen the spiritual lives of our audience.

A Membership That Is Ever Flowing

Introduction to our May issue.

Where the Light Comes to Meet Us

Walls do not define our belonging.

The Light Will Be Shining at the End of It All

When membership and convincement diverge.

Membership at a Distance

Lessons from joining a meeting 400 miles from home.

Speaking to Our Members’ Conditions

Giving us back to ourselves.

A Family of Friends?

Taking welcome to a deeper level.

Friends Seeking Non-Traditional Membership

A Friends Journal report.

For Hildegard

Her twelfth season tending / to my garden, she turns the soil


When my smell came back, I caught / a whiff of lapsang souchong steeping

Garden Fires

In May I pulled away winter’s weeds, / spread manure, and fastened new

Forum, May 2024

Letters from our readers.

May 2024 Book Reviews

Young Friends Bookshelf

QuakerSpeak, May 2024

Jewish Quaker on pacifism.

339 Manumissions and Beyond Partners with Howard University

Collaboration expands research into the lives of those enslaved by Quakers.

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May 2024

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