Two Climate Justice Stories

Two members of the Climate Justice Working Group share their personal stories of climate activism.

Jackie Bonomo and Dorothy Habecker

Quaker Collective Action to Push Vanguard to Steward the Earth

Even a small group can make a big impact when working together.

Writing Opp: Quaker Arts

Fast Facts: Features run 1200-2500 words Submissions close June 20, 2022. Questions? Email Show us your creativity. Share your…

Scattergood-style hostel launches in Germany for Ukranian refugees

When Ukrainian war refugees began to appear in central Germany in February, Bad Langensalza resident Michael Luick-Thrams had a plan.…

10 Picture Books about Family That Should Be in Every Quaker Meeting’s Library

These picture books have all been reviewed by Friends Journal, and they are ones I believe belong in every meetinghouse…

Swastikas spray-painted at Haddonfield Meeting’s graveyard

On the morning of Friday, April 1, members of Haddonfield (N.J.) Meeting discovered two swastikas spray-painted on trees located on…

The Long Work of Climate Activism

Introduction to our May issue.

Love Is the First Motion

The Spiritual Dimension of Social Action.

Get Down to the Rock

Addressing the Economic Roots of the Climate Emergency.

Leave a Place Better than You Found It

Activism and Performance for Environmental Justice.

Finding Hope and Connection in a Time of Climate Disruption

Continuing our activism in the face of despair.

My Body

The breath comes in. / I don’t know why. / I didn’t decide, / I didn’t try.


Disturbing oaks’ reflections, / the water striders swirl, spin, still / in the river’s quiet curl…

While It Is Still Dark

While still dark enough to be called night, / yet just before dawn, I think of you hundreds / of miles away turning over in your bed.…

Friends in Oregon Advocate for Climate Justice

A bipartisan coalition helps pass one of the strongest clean energy policies in the country.

A Hard Conversation about Humankind

Finding an equitable, sustainable balance with the environment.

Our Letter to Hazel

A 12 year old challenges Friends to make a difference.

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