Let Your Life Speak by Your Actions

David Lester on Illustrating Benjamin Lay’s Story.

John Malkin

Quakers Must Take a Position on Abortion

Friends’ posture of silence in the matter of abortion must change.

Birthing Still

"Having not given birth to a child, / I have not held the echo of my husband’s smile…"

Wrestling with the Peace Testimony

Introduction to our August issue.

Do Friends Still Need the Peace Testimony?

Reclaiming the gospel power of the 1660 Declaration.

Rejecting the False Reality

A Recommitment to the Peace Testimony.

Loyalty and War

A Vet Confronts a Peace Activist.


"God and I play a game. / She blows air into me. / I blow it back at her…"


"Take these rocks you’ve carried from forever / The ones that make your shoulders ache and tense…"

Forum, August 2022

Letters from our readers.

No Time but This Present

Where do we stand with our peace testimony?

Summers at Journey’s End Farm Camp

The author remembers formative summers growing up.

QuakerSpeak, August 2022

Scattergood Hostel: A Quaker response to the Holocaust.

Friends Academy students fold 2,977 peace cranes to honor 9/11 victims

In June, after ten months of folding origami paper cranes, students at Friends Academy in Locust Valley, N.Y., completed 2,977…

Images from three of the most widely read Friends Journal articles in the first six months of 2022.

Our Top Five Articles for 2022 (So Far)

What's captured readers' attention in recent months?

Meeting for Business as Spiritual Rehearsal

How can we apply lessons from our worship in our decision making?

Inner Light Books joins Barclay Press

The operations of Quaker publishing house Inner Light Books will be carried on by Barclay Press following the retirement of…

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