No Building—And Yet Still We Worship

Freeing spirituality from the tight boxes we call churches and meetinghouses.

Catherine Coggan

And Yet Still We Worship

Introduction to our October issue.

Beyond Politeness

Confronting and transforming pain in our meetings.

Say His Name

A White Quaker’s approach to racial justice.

Stirring Things Up by Being Ourselves

An interview with Nichole Nettleton on differently abled Friends and allies.

Touched by Death and Dying

A Friend recounts sacred moments of transition between this world and the next.

The Bridge of Friendship

What does it really mean to be a Friend?

Integrity in the Time of Overshoot

Acknowledging Our Participation in the Industrialized World.

Sacred Space

Supporting Spiritual Gifts Informed by Oppression.

Acer Macrophyllum

FJ Poetry: “The moment of detachment, petiole from stem, goes unnoticed…”

The Cyclist

FJ Poetry: “For twenty years I’d see her on her bike…”

In the City of the Dead

FJ Poetry: “On the way to the airport, I left the pair of Keens you bought me…”

Forum, October 2022

Letters from our readers.

Divine Creative Guidance and the Body

To truly know Spirit I need to admit the physicality of divine guidance.

Quaker Works October 2022

This semiannual feature highlights the recent works of Quaker organizations in eight categories.

QuakerSpeak, October 2022

On Quaker Deathways

The Day After

"The morning after the storm / small clusters of maple leaves / scatter over the yard. It must / have been some wind. . ."

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