Friends and Patriotism

A viewpoint from our August 1992 issue.

Allan Kohrman

Finding God

“God is everywhere but He is losing.”—Margaret Atwood

Inner Light Books joins Barclay Press

The operations of Quaker publishing house Inner Light Books will be carried on by Barclay Press following the retirement of…

19 Friends launch a call to action in response to threats to U.S. democracy

A nationwide group of Friends launched Quaker Call to Action, “an invitation to a national dialogue on the urgent threats…

Writing Opp: Quaker Fiction

We’re looking for submissions for our November 2022 issue. Entries due August 22, 2022.

Speaking Spirit’s Words

Introduction to our June-July issue.

Utterly Naked Before God

Creating a Container for Vocal Ministry

God’s Voice in the Chaos

Staying Centered in the Occasional Bedlam of a Busy Meeting.

The Ministry of Listening

Are you ready?

Not Quite Ministry

The Pros and Cons of Afterwords

Entering Contemplative Worship

What Makes a Gathered Meeting?

A Bargain with the Giver

Receiving and Delivering Messages during Worship

Love New Friends but Keep the Old

Good works and a Higher Power.

Saint Paul Meets a Quaker Lady

FJ Poetry: ”In the fulness of personal time…”

Summer Sky

FJ Poetry: “News came / of your death, and the summer sky / dissolved to black…”

After They Bombed the Maternity Ward

FJ Poetry: “Light is birthed in the hospital basement…”

Forum, June/July 2022

Letters from our readers.

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Vocal Ministry

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