Living Your Call

A Vocational Discernment Project for Young Adult Friends.

Greg Woods and Jennifer Newman

School’s in Session

Introduction to our October issue.

Many Paths to the Light

Quaker universalism and interfaith solidarity.

Where the Spirit Leads Me

A Quaker chaplain embraces Native American spirituality.

All the Way Back to George Fox

Experimenting with charismatic Quakerism.

Baggage and Blessings

An African American man’s experience as a Friend.

Quaker Nephites

Following in the footsteps of Mormon folklore’s mysterious helpers.

Confidence in Complexity

Holding firm to multiple religious connections.

Our Diversity Is Our Strength

Quakers fostering ecumenical ties in the UK and Ireland.

Living, Loving, and Learning Together

50 years of the Jewish-Christian-Muslim Interfaith Conference.


Beyond the east windows / three birches reflect and refract the sunlight. . . .

The Book of Hours

Waking early, I catch the trail / of night. Its silky ink / dissipates by inches while I sip. . . .

A Text That Changes Everything

He called us Friends. This means that we may get / a text that changes everything. For now, . . .

Forum, October 2023

Letters from our readers.

Looking for the Light to Lead

Thoughts on Quaker process.

QuakerSpeak, October 2023

Growing the community of Friends.

Quakerism and Ubuntu: I Am Because We Are

One of the joys of being part of FWCC is to be immersed in the ways that Quakerism is expressed in different parts of the world.

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Near Truth Only

October 1 2023

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