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October 2017

Let鈥檚 Be Salt by Daniel O. Snyder
An AFSC Defense of the Rights of Conscience by Daniel A. Seeger
Why Talk About Conscientious Objection with Youth? by Curt Torell
Quaker Book Reviews
Online Feature: Interview with Timothy Snyder


October Full Issue Access

FJ Members can download the full PDF or read any article online.

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Among Friends: Is Conscience Coming Back in Style?

Our introduction to the October 2017 issue.

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal:聽[email protected]

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Forum October 2017

Letters and comments from our readers.

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Via nvdatabase.swarthmore.edu

Let鈥檚 Be Salt

Learning, teaching, and practicing the extraordinary power of nonviolence.

A former peace studies teacher at Pendle Hill center in Wallingford, Pa., Daniel O. Snyder is now a pastoral counselor in Black Mountain, N.C. He is the author of the Pendle Hill pamphlet Quaker Witness as Sacrament. He is a member of Swannanoa Valley Meeting in Black Mountain.

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God Still Speaks to the Quakers

A group of activists from many faith traditions work together to protest drone warfare.

John Amidon is a longtime attender of Albany (N.Y.) Meeting. A video of this action may be seen at: fdsj.nl/HancockAFB-video and fdsj.nl/nativity-protest.

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The author (left) in AFSC's New York Metro Regional Office, with Jerald Ciekot and J. Collett. Photo courtesy of AFSC Archives.

An AFSC Defense of the Rights of Conscience

The Case of the United States of America vs. Daniel A. Seeger

Daniel A. Seeger is a member of Morningside Meeting in New York City. He has served as executive director of Pendle Hill, as interim general secretary of American Friends Service Committee, and as an AFSC regional director in New York and San Francisco.

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漏 James Gomez

Why Talk about Conscientious Objection with Youth?

Conscience must be developed and nurtured.

Curt Torell is an educator, counselor, and organizational development consultant, with a MDiv and a PhD in psychoeducational processes. He is a Quaker House board member and the treasurer for almost ten years. His conscientious objection started while attending seminary.

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FJ poetry: 鈥淥n the road south toward home / a chevron of geese crosses鈥︹

Linda Rabben lives in聽Takoma Park, Md.

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漏 Mariusz Blach

Higher Order Thinking

FJ Poetry: 鈥淲hat if Eve, eyeing the / red lusciousness of the apple鈥

Katherine Murray lives in聽Indianapolis, Ind.

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漏 Ine Gundersveen

The Advantage of History: An Interview with Timothy Snyder

Friends Journal interviews the author of the best鈥恠elling book on resisting the rise of American authoritarianism.

Timothy Snyder is the Richard C. Levin Professor of History at Yale University. He is the author of a number of works of European history, including Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin and Black Earth: The Holocaust as History and Warning. He appears regularly in both Europe and the United States as a commentator on politics and history. With the recent publication of On Tyranny, he has been engaged in public work in American civics. His next book, The Origins of Unfreedom, will be published in April 2018.

Gabriel Ehri is executive director of聽Friends Journal.

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