Advertising Policies

Friends Journal will send each advertiser a complimentary copy of each issue in which an ad is run.
Advertisers are responsible for checking their own ad and contacting the magazine if any additional changes are necessary for future issues. Frequency discounts are extended only when a signed contract is on file in advance. Cancellations after the ad copy deadline may not be possible.

Advertisers are financially responsible for ads canceled after the deadline and all ads under contract.
The acceptance and publication of an advertisement does not imply endorsement by either Friends Journal or the Religious Society of Friends. Friends Journal reserves the right to reject advertisements for any reason, including but not limited to advertisements considered inconsistent with the beliefs and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends. When, in the opinion of the editors, an advertisement simulates editorial layout and appearance, Friends Journal reserves the right to reject or cancel the advertisement or to label it as an advertisement.

The publisher is not responsible for errors contained in any copy submitted. Checks from foreign advertisers must be drawn on a U.S. bank. International money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card payments are also accepted. Prices and information shown herein are current as of July 1, 2023, and are subject to change without notice. When space is available, Friends Journal can guarantee placement of your ad on a right-hand page for an additional 15% of the normal charge. Apart from such arrangements, there is no guarantee of placement on any particular page or location in the magazine.

Friends Journal requires that up-to-date artwork be on file for all ads. While the magazine can make last-minute changes to an advertisement during the layout process, this can lead to consistency problems when a changed ad needs to be repeated in a future issue. Always be sure to send a clean file, even when Friends Journal has made last-minute changes for you. The only exception is if Friends Journal’s own graphic designer has prepared the ad. In that case, the magazine itself will keep track of the latest version.