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The Kyrie family at Maquoketa Caves State Park, Iowa. Photos courtesy of the author.

Growing Up Quaker

Quaker camps, international peace work, and climates strikes makes up the life of a young Friend.

Finn Kyrie lives with her family in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin, where she is homeschooled. She attends Madison (Wis.) Meeting.

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A Homeschooler’s Point of View on Competition

My whole life I have been raised as a Quaker homeschooler, so I have not been placed into different classes […]

Finn Rae Kyrie, Grade 6/7, Homeschool in Driftless Area, Wis., attender of Madison (Wis.) Meeting

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An Obligation of Peace within a Play of Power

On a normal Friday morning, my partner had already left for work and the children and I assumed our usual […]

Seres Kyrie currently lives near Madison, Wis., with her partner Ash, where they homeschool their two children, Finn and Leaf.

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Among Friends: Who Quaker Kids Are, Who They Become, and How They Lead

Our introduction to the December Issue.

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Student Voices Project 2019 Participants

Thank you to all of the 237 participants of the sixth annual Student Voices Project!

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Forum September 2016

Letters from our readers.

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