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Alloways Creek Meetinghouse. © Martin Kelley.

Grounded in God

The fruits of spiritual surrender.

Michael Wajda has traveled widely among Friends. In 2018, his monthly meeting recognized his call “to strengthen our time-tested foundational posture of reliance on God’s Living Presence.” Michael is a member of Goshen (Pa.) Meeting, but he and his wife recently moved to Bennington, Vt. Contact: [email protected]

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Let’s be more than just Facebook friends…

If you follow Friends Journal online but have yet to join as a member, you’re missing out! Please join us: […]

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Full Moon, photo (c) David Foster

The Spiritual Awakening of a Late‐to‐Bloom Artist

Way opens for an unexpected passion.

After a 40-year career in NGOs and academia, David Foster has reclaimed his passion for nature photography. His award-winning images have been shared through numerous exhibits and are in many individual collections. David and his wife Jenny belong to Atlanta (Ga.) Meeting, where he currently serves as clerk, and live in Decatur. His website is www.davidfosterimages.net.

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Quaker Works gears

Quaker Works October 2018

A semiannual feature to connect Friends Journal readers to the good works of Quaker organizations.

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Quaker Works gears for FB

Quaker Works April 2018

A semiannual feature to connect Friends Journal readers to the good works of Quaker organizations* in the following categories: Advocacy […]

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Epistle: From a Gathering on Religious Education

To Friends Everywhere: Ten Friends gathered from four yearly meetings and Friends General Conference with a concern for the state […]

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Traveling in the Ministry — But Not on Horseback

It’s the 21st century, and we Quakers are still doing it, traveling in pairs great distances to nurture small and […]

Mary Waddington is a member of Salem (N.J.) Meeting. This article first appeared in the Salem Quarterly Meeting Newsletter.

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