Parfaite Ntahuba in Friends Journal

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A womenā€™s self-help group on saving money together. Photos by Teddy Ruberintwari/Rwaga Agency

Empowering Women against Genderā€based Violence

The story of Burundiā€™s Friends Womenā€™s Association.

Parfaite Ntahuba is one of the three female pastors from the Evangelical Friends Church of Burundi. She is the senior pastor in Kamenge Meeting, which has more than 2,500 members, and the national coordinator of Friends Womenā€™s Association.

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Letā€™s be more than just Facebook friendsā€¦

If you follow Friends Journal on Facebook but have yet to join as a member, youā€™re missing out! Members get [ā€¦]

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