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Among Friends: Meaningful Values

Our introduction to the May issue, “What Are Quaker Values Anyway?”

Gail Whiffen is associate editor of Friends Journal.

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Selling Quakerism

The Mission–Market Tension Inherent in Quaker Values

Tom Hoopes is a member of Valley Meeting in Valley Forge, Pa., and an alternate clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting. He works as the head of the religions department at George School, and serves as the clerk of the school committee of Plymouth Meeting Friends School.

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Dreaming in Indian: Contemporary Native American Voices

Edited by Lisa Charleyboy and Mary Beth Leatherdale. Annick Press, 2014. 128 pages. $19.95/hardcover; $12.95/paperback (available in March). Recommended for […]

Phila Hoopes is an eclectic Friend who attends Homewood and Patapsco Meetings in Maryland and pursues the experience of the Light in all faiths.

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Young Families and Quakerism: Will the Center Hold?

Recently I was invited to help plan an adult religious education session at a meeting that expressed interest in revitalizing […]

Tom Hoopes is a member of Valley Meeting near Valley Forge, Pa. After ten years on the staff of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting as director of education, he begins teaching Quakerism and world religions at George School this fall.

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Forum April 2013

Letters to FJ.

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Embracing Kindred Spirits in Friends Schools

Friends schools can be a Quaker pipeline for students and families.

Deborra Sines Pancoe and Elisabeth Torg serve at Friends Council on Education. As associate director, Deborra has over 30 years of Friends school experience and is a member of Abington (Pa.) Meeting. Elisabeth is director of development and communications, has ten years of Friends school experience, and is a kindred spirit.

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Friends Journal Reviewer Survey

Our volunteer reviewers share some of their all‐time favorite books for Quakers.

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Providing a Warm Welcome

My husband, Adam, and I were blessed to serve as co‐directors of Powell House, New York Yearly Meeting’s retreat and […]

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We Think He Might Be a Boy

Raising a transgender child.

Su Penn writes about the Tiny Tornado, homeschooling, adoption, Quakerism, and much more at tapeflags.blogspot.com.

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