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A Quaker in Business Faces a Spiritual Crisis

Friends in business.

Karen Tibbals is a consultant to the pharmaceutical industry and one of the founding conveners of the emerging Quakers and Business Group. She holds a master’s in Quaker studies from Earlham School of Religion.

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A Call for Courage in the Boardroom

Friends in Business.

Jane Mack is chief executive officer of Friends Services for the Aging. She has a master’s in organizational development and leadership and is a member of the Standards for Excellence Committee for the Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations. Jane is a member of Middletown Meeting in Lima, Pa.

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Business Lessons from Levi Coffin

From our Friends in Business column.

Peggy Tierney is the owner of Tanglewood Publishing, a children’s book publishing company, though she is currently on a break from publishing new titles to pursue personal volunteer and writing projects. She is a member of Sandy Spring (Md.) Meeting, but since moving to Indiana has been attending Bloomington (Ind.) Meeting.

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Confessions of a Tired Accountant

Friends in Business

Daniel O’Keefe is a retired Certified Public Accountant serving the food distribution and construction industries in the Midwest. He is a convinced Friend and has been a member of Milwaukee (Wis.) Meeting since 2009.

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The Quaker Points Game

How do we unconsciously judge one another?

Richard House has rehabbed and rented properties in Cincinnati, Ohio, for the past 24 years. Past and present workers include Friends (both young and not-so-young), as well as ex-felons. He currently serves on Friends General Conference’s Development Committee in addition to committees at his local meeting, Community Meeting in Cincinnati.

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