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Male, Female, or Whole?

Is there a Quaker testimony that incorporates the ideal of becoming whole?

A member of Redwood Forest Meeting in Santa Rosa, Calif., Elizabeth Boardman has written a number of articles and books about Quaker faith and practice. Her latest, a thoughtful and sexy book with chapters on androgyny and leadings, is called Barbara and Elizabeth: Late Life Lovers.

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Is Imagination Simple?

Outward simplicity can inspire an untrammeled flowering of imagination.

Kat Griffith is clerk of the Winnebago Worship Group in east central Wisconsin, co-clerk of Northern Yearly Meeting, a former high school teacher and homeschooler, and an occasional writer. Her last Friends Journal article was “Surprised by Joy” (Feb. 2019) about the gift of obedience following her sister’s death.

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God Sightings on the Hiking Trail

Reflection: Life is dark and life is full of light.

Bernadette Kero is a retired nurse and has been a regular attendee at Klamath Falls Friends Church in Oregon for three years. She’s a member of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee and enjoys volunteering at Friends Food Pantry and hiking.

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"The Canaanite Woman," from the Tres Riches Heurers du Duc de Berry, Folio 1644. The Conde Museum, Chantilly.

The Woman Who Refused to Take “No” for an Answer

Testimonies of equality and community in early Christianity.

Bill and his wife, Pat, are members of St. Lawrence Valley Meeting in Potsdam, N.Y. (under the care of Ottawa Meeting in Ontario, Canada). He taught biological and behavioral sciences at the University of Texas School of Public Health, Houston from 1975 to 2004, including courses in violence prevention and spiritual aspects of health.

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Richard Reed Parry

Of Heartbeats and Woodblocks

Reflection: Richard Reed Parry and the art of stillness.

Janet Youngdahl is a Canadian American singer and writer employed as a professor of music at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. She has recently published essays in the Malahat Review and in Writer's Digest. Active in the Baha’i faith for 20 years, she also carries deep respect and closeness to Quakerism.

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A New Conspiracy Theory

Believing that miracles occur.

Marydale Stewart is a retired college English teacher and librarian. She has a chapbook, Inheritance (Puddin’head Press, 2008); a poetry collection, Let the Thunder In (Boxing Day Books, 2014); and poems in a number of literary magazines. She is a member of Clear Creek (Ill.) Meeting.

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Reflection: Where Were You Born?

We have more in common than we might first imagine.

Sonali Kumar was raised in San Diego, Calif. After attending a few Quaker meetings, she did a year of Quaker Voluntary Service, working at Friends General Conference. Now she works with domestic violence victims in Las Cruces, N.M., as part of Border Servant Corps, and attends Las Cruces Meeting.

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The S Word

“You could tell he was pissed off.”

Whit Young is a failed Quaker and a former sergeant in the Marine Corps. A newbie writer, Whit tries to explore the expanding pace and confusion of modern events as they impact our personal experiences. He writes about questions, not answers. This story was inspired by true events.

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The author at her home in North Carolina.

Bonds of Affection

Learning to love others as God loves us all.

Rhonda Mawhood Lee is an Episcopal priest in North Carolina. She is a frequent reader of Friends Journal and has worked with a Friend as her spiritual nurturer for almost a decade. Her most recent book is Love and Happiness: Eros According to Dante, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and the Rev. Al Green, with coauthor Craig Werner.

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God Is the Green of Cedar Lake (Friends and God)

From “Friends and God,” personal reflections from a selection of Friends.

Pam Burrows, Minneapolis, Minn.

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