Gwynedd Meeting, Pennsylvania

Davis, Davies and David Descendancies at Gwynedd Friends Meeting, Pennsylvania

Compiled by James A. Quinn, Gwynedd MM, North Wales, Pennsylvania.

Modified May, 2011.

1. Ellis David, an early settler of Gwynedd, who moved to Goshen MM, Chester Co., PA

In 1699, one of the original conveyences of land in Gwynedd township, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA, was made to Hugh David (Ellis' brother). In 1701 a resurvey was made and the land was now in the hands of Ellis David (his 220 acres was actually found to be 231 acres). This land was next to the Lower Gwynedd tracts of William John, Evan Roberts, and John Humphrey in what is now Lower Gwynedd. Ellis David married Hannah (nee Price, daughter of Richard ap Rhys), the widow of Rees John William of Merion (RJW died January 26, 1697/98). They were married at Merion Meeting House on 2mo 22, 1703. When Ellis David died, 1720 in Goshen (bur. 1mo), she married at age 66, the 71 year old Thomas Evans, one of the original settlers at Gwynedd who had removed to Merion. It is known that Ellis David had a previous wife who was the mother of his children (he had no children by Hannah and was called a widdower on his marriage certificate to her).

Thomas Allen Glenn gives a pedigree for Ellis David on page 62 of Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania. The father of Ellis David was David ap Ellis of Llanfor parish, Merionethshire, Wales who left a St. Asaph's Will: 4 March 1678, proved 24 Feb. 1679/80. He was in turn the son of Ellis Rhydderch who also left a St. Asaph's will, proved 5 May 1638 and his wife Mary Verch Hugh.

Will abstract:

Ellis DAVID, Goshen Township, Chester County. August 1, 1719. April 12, 1721. D. 186. Daughter Katherine [Haines], step-daughter Margaret. Wife not named. Executors: Son David, daughter Donse [David] and son-in-law Isaac Haines. Overseers: Son-in-law Hugh Evans, cousin David Jones, and friends William Lewis and Robert Jones. Witnesses: David George and George George.

He is mentioned in the will of William John, but not as a son in law:

William JOHN, Gwynedd, Philadelphia County. August 11, 1712. November 1, 1712. C. 321. Daughters Gainor, Ellin and Katherine. Sons-in-law William Lewis and David Llywellin. John Hugh. Ellis David, Evan Robert, Edward Folk. Executors: Wife Jane and son John. Witnesses: Robert Jones, Edwin Foulke, Thomas Jones, Robert Jones (another of that name) and Evan Griffith.

Ellis David had a brother Robert David who died in Merion, 7 Mo. 26, 1732. Robert is the subject of a brief sketch HERE.

children of Ellis David:

1a. David Davis b. Wales, d. 1754 (will filed November 7, 1754 in Goshen twp., wife Jane administrator).

1b. Catharine Davis m. Isaac Haines December 2, 1714 at Chester MM, Chester (now Delaware) Co., PA. Isaac Haines was born in Burlington Co., NJ.

Chester County will abstract, ISAAC HAINES, Goshen. July 6, 1766. August 16, 1768.
Provides for wife Catherine. To son Isaac 20 shillings having given him a plantation in Goshen. To son Ellis plantation containing 146 1/4 acres, also 20 shillings. To son Josiah remainder of plantation where I now live containing 133 acres. To daughter Sarah Haines case of drawers. To grandsons Isaac Yarnall and Hugh Derbrow 10 shillings at 21. All remainder of personal estate to wife and 3 daughters Hannah Eachus, Mary Martin and Lydia Williams. Executors: Son Isaac and
friend Geo. Ashbridge, Jr. Wit: Thomas Hoopes, Jr., Thomas Scholfield, Isaac Haines the 3rd.

1c. Donse Davis (mentioned in father's will)

Thomas Allen Glenn also mentions a brother of Ellis David named Hugh David "of Gwynedd" in Welsh Founders of Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, page 156:

"Hugh David, of near Bala, co. Mer., gentleman. Rmd. to Penna., with Penn, on his 2d voyage, 1700. Lived near Gwynedd. Left descendants, surname David. One of these, Tacey David, m., as his 2d wife, William Ogden, of Phila. Hugh David was prob. s. David ap Ellis of Llanfor; see ped. on another page." [page 62]

2. Meredith Davies m. Gwen or Winnefred of Gwynedd (not to be confused with Meredith David of Plymouth township)

Source: Clarence Roberts (1940)

m. perhaps Winnifred Lewis (see below)

Meredith Davies was an early settler in Gwynedd township. His name, as also that of his son John, was as often spelled David or Davis, the three names having the same significance to the Welsh. After the English fashion, however, his children took the surname of the father; but there was a Meredith David (son of David Meredith), who lived in Plymouth township, and whose chldren took the surname Meredith, after the Welsh fashion. Both men belonging to Gwynedd Monthly Meeting, confusion between them arises. If they were relatives, no record of such relationships has been discovered.

Meredith Davies of Gwynedd, may have married Winnifred Lewis. The chief obstacle to this theory is the date of marriage, which, if correct, would be prohibitive. The records of Abington Monthly Meeting show that Meredith Davis and Winnifred Lewis declared their second intentions of marriage, August 31, 1702 (6 mo). The first child of Meredith and Gwen Davies of Gwynedd was born 26 5 mo 1702. There is no question here as to double dating or differences in styles of calendar. It may be, however, that in revising the Abington Minutes, the reviser made an error. Or, still more likely, that the date of birth of the first child is incorrect, especially as there is a gap of 3 1/2 years between the dates of birth of the first and second child.

At the marriage of Cadwalader Morris, of Gwynedd, and Elizabeth Morgan, at Gwynedd Meeting House, 3-24-1710, one of the witnesses was Winnifread Davies, showing that a person of that name was in or near Gwynedd. Winnifread is an unusaual name among the Welsh, for the reason that it is Saxon, so it might easily have become metamorphosed into Gwen, a name more familiar to them.

The earliest mention found of Gwen David is when "Gwen David and Eliza Morgan are appointed to speak with Gainor Musgrave concerning keeping company with one in order for marriage against her relation and frds advice." This was 1-31-1719.

The Meredith Davies (or David) who declared intentions of marriage with Winifred Lewis, was not Meredith Davies (or David), of Plymouth, as the latter's wife Ellin was living at that time.

Meredith Davies bought land from Evan Pugh to the north of present day North Wales along Hancock Rd. in what is now Upper Gwynedd.


Will of Meredith Davids, of Gwynedd township, Philadelphia county, Dated 2mo-11-1718; proved June 21 1718
Wife Gwen
Children: David, John, Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah
Exec: wife Gwen
Overseers: Cadwalader Evan, Robert and John Jones
Wits: Evan Griffith, Cadwallader Morris
Will Book D, p. 96

Children of Meredith Davies and Gwen:

2a. Elizabeth Davies b. July 26, 1702, Gwynedd, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

2b. David Davies b. January 28, 1704/05

2c. John Davies b. May 28, 1706, Gwynedd, Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA


Witnesses 8mo 20 1728 at Gwynedd MH for the marriage to Mary Bennett included Gwen and David Davis, Rowland and Anne Roberts, William and Daniel Williams and others. His wife was the daughter of Henry Bennett and Anne Lewis. Anne Lewis and her third husband Rowland Roberts were traveling Quaker ministers who visited Wales, Virginia and North Carolina in the ministry. Anne came to Gwynedd at a time when there were few ministers and she and Rowland were the example for the next generation of ministers at Gwynedd (when the Meeting became known as the School for Prophets).

It appears John's family was hard hit in the fatal epidemic that afflicted Gwynedd in July of 1745, losing three of the chldren. From the wills it appears only 2 of 8 children survived the parents.

His will.

DAVIES, JOHN. Gwynedd, Co. of Phila. 10 mo. 20, 1780. January 3, 1781. R.375. Wife: Mary. Children: Sarah, Hannah Trump, Priscilla Jerret [Wife of John Jerret]. Grandchildren: Mary, Joseph, John and Priscilla Naylor, Sarah, Daniel and Ann Trump, Tacey, Daniel, John, Levi and Jesse Jerret. Exec: Sarah Davies, John Jerret. with authority to sell my messuage and tract aforesaid conataining 170 acres, after my wife's decease, the money so arising to be divided in the following manner: to my dau. Sarah, one-half; to my daus. Hannah Trump and Priscilla Jarrett, one half, except 100 pounds to be willed amongst their children. Trustees: Thomas Shoemaker, Evan Jones. Wit: Evan Jones, Thomas Shoemaker, Jonathan Luken.

John's farm was near what is now the intersection of Hancock Rd. and Church Rd. in Lansdale. The house was a large stone house with a tower. It was sold to John Garner (b. Germany) and later was in the hands of Simon Knipe.

Mary Bennett Davies also left a will:

Will of Mary Davis, of Gwynedd, Co. Phila., widow

To my dau. Sarah Davis, a black colt, one cow, four sheep, all my pewter and brass, articles of furniture, etc.; about 10 pounds due me from Gwynedd Mo. Mtg., "and an equal share with my other two daughters of all the money bequeathed to me by my late deceased Brother Daniel Williams"; also, provisions, table linen et.c

To my sister in law Sarah Ellis, 5 pounds Pa.

To my cozen Ann Jones, 5 pounds Pa.

To Ellin Evans, a case of drawers.

To my granddau. Priscilla Naylor, my feather bed.

To my granddau. Teacy Jarret, a feather bed.

To my dau. Priscilla's children: Tacey, John, Levi, Jesse and Charles 25 pounds to be put at interest, and to be paid them as they come of age.

To my granddau. Sarah Trump, my case of drawers.

To my dau. Hannah's four children: Joseph, John, Mary and Priscilla, 12 pounds equally divided. To her three youngest children: Sarah, Daniel and Ann 15 pounds to be put at interest and be paid them when they come of age.

To my dau. Priscilla's six children afore-named, 30 pounds to be put at interest aforesaid.

To my two daus. Hannah Trump and Priscilla Jarret, all residue, to be equally divided.

Executors: my two sons-in-laws John Jarret and John Trump.

Dated 2-27-1782, proved 1 March 1783

Witnesses: Evan Jones, Thomas Shoemaker

Mary's mother Anne Lewis Roberts left a will naming her children:

"Will of Anne Roberts of Gwynedd, Co. Philadelphia, Widow:

To my granddau. Sarah Davis, 5 pounds, and feather-bed.

To my granddau. Mary Williams, 5pounds, a case of drawers, best coverlid, and one new blanket.

To my granddau. Ann Jones, 10pounds.

To my grandchildren: Anne, Daniel, Hannah and Priscilla (children of John Davis), 20pounds, equally divided.

To my grandchildren: Hezekiah, Humphrey, Martha, Priscilla and Hannah, the children of James Williams, 25pounds, equally divided.

To my eldest son William Williams, 5pounds.

To my son-in-law Eldad Roberts, 5pounds out of the legacy left me by my deceased husband.

To my children: William, Daniel, James, Mary and Hannah, 90 pounds, part of the legacy left me by my deceased husband, to be equally divided; my son William's part to be paid to my son Daniel, to supply his brother William necessities.

Residue to my son-in-law John Davis, he to be executor.

Overseers: My friend John Jones, carpenter, and my son Daniel Williams.

Dated 10-30-1749; pr. July 2, 1750.

Wits.: William Jones, Jesse Morgan, John Evans.

[Phila. Will Book "I", p.277.]--Roberts p. 16

Mary's half brother Daniel Williams mentioned her and the children too:

WILLIAMS, DANIEL. Gwynedd Township, Phila., Co. Yeoman.

April 25, 1781. July 27, 1781.

I devise 70 pounds to the support of my brother William, to be applied as hereafter directed.

To my brother James, 30 pounds, if he be living; if he be dead, to be paid to his widow.

To my sister Mary Davies, 20 pounds.

To my nephew Hezekiah Williams, 20 pounds.

To my nephew Humphrey Williams, 20 pounds.

To my three nieces Martha Horton, Mary Loydd, and Priscilla Quee, 24 pounds, equally divided.

To my three nieces Sarah Davies, Hannah Trump and Priscilla Jarrett, 18 pounds, equally divided.

To my nephew David Jones, 10 pounds.

To my niece Ann Jones, 8 pounds.

To my late wife's niece, Sarah Thomas, 30 pounds.

To my late wife's two nieces, Cathrine and Mary Williams, 200 pounds, equally divided.

To the two sons of my nephew Hezekiah Williams, as follows: Dan, 10 pounds; Ezer, 8 pounds.

Mary's father Henry Bennett also left a will:

HENRY BENIT, Abington Township, Philadelphia County. Husbandman. August 25, 1714. December ---, 1714. D. 15. Children's names not given. Executrix: Wife Anne. Overseers: Thomas Canby, Morris Morris and Richard Martin, all of Philadelphia County, yeoman. Witnesses: William Rontleg and John Roberts.

John and Mary Davies' children:

1) Hannah m. first John Trump [children Sarah, Daniel, and Ann] and second Joseph Naylor [Children: Mary, Joseph, John, Priscilla m. John Ambler]; 2) Mary d. July 10, 1745 (epidemic); 3) Nathan d. July 11, 1745 (epidemic); 4) Priscilla m. John Jarrett [Children: Priscilla, Ann m. Jacob Jones, Levi, Jacob, John m. Lydia Tompkins, Daniel m. Ann Williams,Tacy, and Jesse] ; 5) Sarah; 6) Ann b. April 05, 1729 Gwynedd - d. July 13, 1745 (epidemic); 7) John d. May 04, 1731 Gwynedd; 8) Amos b. May 14, 1732. The children used the name Davis.

Daughter Sarah (of John and Mary (Bennett) Davis):

SARAH DAVIS, July 15, 1793. Proved January 19, 1795. Montgomery Co. will book 1.442
To sister Hannah Trump, income of 150 pds. yearly. To sister Hannah, second best bed and furniture. To nephew Joseph Naylor, 30 pds. To niece Mary Roberts, wife of Job Roberts, 5 pds. To niece Priscilla, wife of John Ambler, 5 pds. To nephew Daniel Jarret, desk. To niece Priscilla Jarret, best bed and furniture. To Mary Ellis, daughter of Robert Ellis, 10 pds. To Ann Jones, daughter of Jacob Jones, 10 pds. To 2 sisters Hannah and Priscilla, wearing apparel, equally. At sister Hannah's death 150 pds. of which she received income to be divided into 2 equal parts. To Mary, Priscilla Ambler, John Naylor, Sarah Brooks, Daniel and Ann Trump, 1 part equally. To children of sister Priscilla Ambler; Daniel, John, Levi and Priscilla, other part equally. Rem. of estate equally to Mary Roberts, Priscilla Ambler, John Naylor, Sarah Brooks, Daniel Trump, Abraham Trump, Daniel Jarret, John Jarret, Levi and Priscilla Jarret.
Execs: Brother in law John Jarret, Job Roberts.
Wit: Daniel Longstreth, Samuel Johnson, John Longstreth.

2d. Mary Davies b. September 12, 1708, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

2e. Sarah Davies, b. January 04, 1710/11, Gwynedd twp., Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA


Robert Ellis, s/o Theodore of Gwynedd m. Sarah Davis d/o Meridith David of same dec'd at Gwynedd mh, ____, 1734/35.

The groom's father left a will:

THEODORE ELLIS, Philadelphia County. January 24, 1737. April 22, 1738. F.66. Wife: Gwen Ellis. Children: Griffith, Robert, Rowland and Jane (wife of Robert Hugh). Exec: Griffith Ellis. "Overseers" of will: John Edwards, Samuel Evans and John Evans. Wit: John Davies and Amos Griffith.

Theodore Ellis' dau. Jane m. Robert Hugh (marriage contrary to discipline 1729) and they lost three children in the epidemic of 1745 at Gwynedd.

Note the Meredith David line of Plymouth is unrelated to Meredith Davies of Gwynedd and they both are members of Gwynedd MM (though of different Prepatory Meetings). Source of what follows: "David Meredith of Radnor, Chester County, and of Plymouth, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania., and His Step-Children Surnamed Moore," by Lewis D. Cook, The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine Vol. XIX:3 (Sept. 1954) :217-242. Reprinted in Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., (1981), Pages 249-250:  "MEREDITH DAVID, born 6th of 3rd month (May) 1675 according to family record (Record of the Meredith Family, copied 20 July 1884 by Sarah Pennell, wife of Joseph, is in the Gilbert Cope Collection of The Genealogical Society of Penna.), son of the emigrant David Meredith then of Radnorshire, Wales, died testate in Plymouth Township, Philadelphia County, Penna., between 4th of 12th month (Feb.) 1726/7 and 10 May 1727, the dates of his Will and its probate.


Meredith David, of Radnor in the Welsh Tract, Chester County, Penna., "batchiller", and ELLIN ELLIS (PUGH) of said Tract, "Spinster", were married on 22nd of 11th month 1699/1700 at Radnor Meeting House, with David Meredith (his father), Ellis Pugh (her father), Richard Moore (his step-brother), John Moore (step-brother), Mary Meredith (his step-mother), Sinai Pugh (her mother), and others signing the certificate as witnesses.

The widow Ellin (Pugh) David died testate in Philadelphia County between 10th of 8th month 1733 and 3 January 1734.

The Will of Meredith David of Plymouth Twp., Phila. Co., Penna., dated 4-12mo-1726/7 and proved 10 May 1727, names wife Ellin and children: David, Ellis, Richard, John, Moses, Aaron, Sarah, Catherine, and Mary. Recorded in Phila. Will Book E, page 47.

The Will of Ellin David of Phila. Co., Penna., widow, dated 10-8mo-1733 and proved 3 Jan. 1734, names brother Job Pugh, children: Moses, Aaron, Mary, Sarah, and Catherine; brother-in-law Ellis Roberts, etc. Recorded in Phila. Will Book E, page 279.

The children of Meredith and Ellin (Pugh) David from the register and minutes of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting. 1) David MEREDITH b 9-9-1700; 2) John MEREDITH b 25-5-1703; 3) Ellis MEREDITH b 6-12mo-1704; 4) Richard MEREDITH b 4-12mo-1706; 5) Sarah MEREDITH b 8-8-1708 married Daniel WILLIAMS (the step-brother of Mary Bennett Davies above); 6) Mary MEREDITH b 29-2-1711; d in infancy; 7) Katherine MEREDITH b 22-9-1712 & married in 8mo 1733 Mordecai YARNALL of Springfield Twp., Chester Co., Penna., who was b 11-7mo-1705, son of Francis and Hannah (Baker) Yarnall. He mar 2ndly 8-6mo-1745 Mary Roberts, and 3rdly 3 March 1768 Ann Maris, widow of Joseph Maris, and died 17 May 1772, a minister in the Society of Friends. See Yarnall Family in the North American Phila., 9 March 1913. 8) Moses MEREDITH b 30-9-1714, married 11-2mo-1739 at Middletown Meeting House, Chester Co., Mary PENNELL, dau of Joseph Pennell of Edgmont Twp., said Co.-Register of Chester Mo. Mtg. 9) Mary MEREDITH b 30-9-1714, twin with Moses, married 22-10-1738 at Gwynedd Meeting House, Owen WILLIAMS, son of John Williams of Gwynedd Twp., Phila. Co., PA; 10) Aaron MEREDITH b 7-3mo-1716, married in 12mo 1745/6 Elizabeth EVANS.

3. Thomas David married Elizabeth Jones October 10, 1711 at Gwynedd MH (Haverford MM records), Philadelphia (now Montgomery) Co., PA

Elizabeth Jones was the step-daughter of John Humphrey and was the daughter of John Cadwalader of Llanfawr, Merionethshire Wales and his wife Gainor (the second wife of John Humphrey).

Parish record: Baptism at Llanfawr Church (Merioneth, Wales) on 23 August 1685 - Elizabeth daughter of John Cadwalader of Ciltalgarth (a township in Llanfawr)

Haverford (now Radnor MM, Pennsylvania) record: Thomas David, of Gwynedd, yeoman, married Elizabeth Jones of same at Gwynedd meeting house., 8 mo. 10, 1711.

THOMAS DAVID, Gwynead, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. November 1, 1754. April 8, 1755. K.282. Wife: Elizabeth. Children: John, Robert, David and Gainer. Grandsons: Thomas and Israel David. Wit: Edward Foulke, William Foulke, Rowland Evans.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth David:

3a. John David

3b. Robert David

3c. David David

3d. Gainor David

Note there was also a Thomas David at Plymouth at this time who can be confused with this one. He appears to be Baptist so is probably not in the Gwynedd MM records. His wife is Mary Davis and her brothers are Samuel Davis and Daniel Davis. Samuel Davis was married at Plymouth Meeting House.

THOMAS DAVID, Plymouth, Co. of Philadelphia. Farmer. July 18, 1751. August 14, 1751. J.414. Wife: Mary. Children: David (only son), Ann, Rachel, Elizabeth, Sarah, Jane, Mary Pugh and Kathrine Bartholomew. Brother: Richard. Friend: John David [Baptist minister at Tredyrun]. Exec: Mary and David David, Samuel Davis. Wit: Hannah Yerkes, George Harkness, Benj. Davis.

David's brother in law Samuel Davis was married under care of Gwynedd MM on May 24, 1736 at Plymouth: 3d-mo. 24, 1736. Samuel Davis, of Plymouth, Philadelphia county, and Jane Rees, daughter of John Rees, of Whitpain, At Plymouth meeting-house. Witnesses, John, Hannah, Edward and Elizabeth Rees, Daniel, Stephen, Mary and Hannah Davis, Evan Jenkin and 6 others (Ellwood Roberts).

4. Rees David of Upper Dublin

1st marriage

April 06, 1716 to Rachel Roberts at Merion MH.

2nd marriage

Rees David, widower, Upper Dublin m. Margaret Morgan, of Montgomery at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 9, 1719. Wit: Edward Morgan, Will Morgan, Jno Morgan, Danl Morgan, Morgan Morgan, Cadwalader Morris, Samuel Thomas, Joseph Ambler, Morgan Hugh, Ellis Robert, Aaron Robert, Evan Robert, Griffith Hugh, Hugh Griffith, Abram Dawes; middle column: Elizabeth Morgan, Mary David, Eliz Morgan Jr., Elizabeth Morris, Catherine William, Margaret Thomas, Alice Evans, Elizabeth Morgan, Dorothy Morgan, Sar? Dawes, Ellin Robert, Jane Hugh, Anne Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Mary Bartholomew, Gwen Humphrey, Elizabeth Jones, Ellin Foulke, Edith Dawes, Sarah Buck, Catherine Jones

Will abstract

DAVIS, REES. Upper Dublin, Philadelphia County. 1 mo. 15, 1739. April 21, 1739. F.114. Wife: Margaret. Exec: Wife Margaret and Benjamin Davis. Children: Isachar, Benjamin, Jane. Son-in-law: James Robeson (wife Mary). Overseers: Ellis Roberts, Robert Roberts, John Jones and John Evans. Wit: William Melchoir and John Peter Jr.

Most of this family can be found in the witness list for the marriage of Margaret's son Enoch Morgan (by her first husband, Edward Morgan):

Enoch Morgan, son of Edward, Philadelphia Co., married Sarah Kenderdine, d/o Richard of same at Gwynedd mh, 3rd mo 14, 1741. Wit: Margaret Davis, Sarah Kenderdine, Hannah Lewis, Ellin Kenderdine, Eliz Kenderdine, Thos Kenderdine, Ben Davis, Isachar Davis, Wm Morgan, Dan Morgan, Mary Wright, Wm Maclin, Thos Kenderdine, Thos Lewis, Cadw Evans, Evan Evans, Owen Evans, Edw Morr?, Wm Roberts, Ben Morgan, Wm Morris, Wm Roberts, Ellis Hughs.

Son Isachar is found in the records of Philadelphia MM:

Issachar Davies received on certificate from Gwynedd MM, dated 1753, 5, 29.

1756, 10, 29. Issachar Davies disowned, married contrary to discipline

Isachar Davis died 6mo., 26, 1769 (age 45)

5. David Davies m. Sarah Dickinson

This line is covered on our Dickinson web page.

6. William Davis (d. 1714, Whitpain twp.) m. Mary

will abstract:  WILLIAM DAVIS, Whippan, Philadelphia County. October 24, 1714. February 10, 1714. D. 27.
Children: William, Mary, Elizabeth, Barbara, Sina, David and John.
Executrix: Wife Mary.
Trustees: Henry Lewis of Haverford and Lumley Williams of Plymouth.
Witnesses: Robert Naylor, Johanna Redwizer, David Harry and William Coulston.

His daughter Sinah is probably the one who marries Jacob Levering, 28 March 1732 at the First Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia and is later found in the Gwynedd MM apologizing long after the fact:

Gwynedd MM records:

1746, 1-25, Sinah Levering married contrary to discipline and offered an account.

1746, 1-25, Jacob Levering received in membership on request.

1782-2-6, Jacob Levering disowned for paying fines in lieu of military service

1782-2-6. Sinah Levering disowned for disunity

Being disowned did not keep him from contributing to Gwynedd Meeting: Will abstact for LEVERING, JACOB. Whitpain. January 28, 1793. August 1, 1793. 1.349. To poor of Gwynedd Preparative Meeting of Friends, 5 pds. To cousin Catharine Bower, 20 s. To cousin Daniel Levering, farm, 100 acres. To cousin Henry Levering, bible. Rem. of personalty to cousin Daniel Levering. Exec: Cousin Daniel Levering. Wit: William Evans, Jacob Cope, Samuel Evans.

7. Samuel Davis m. Hannah Rees of Whitpain.

There is a mention of this line on our Rees page.

8. John Davis (family not known to me) mortgaged 200 acres if land near Gwynedd Meeting house 8 March 1707 from Robert Evans, situated between the land of Robert and Cadwallader Evans. Philadelphia County Book E3, Vol 6. p. 124. Debt: 103 pds, 4s, 8d due 25 March 25, 1709, Satisfied 23 August 1710.