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Of Plymouth, Montgomery, Gwynedd and Whitpain twps., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania with notes and records on the Wright family of Hatfield township

October, 2002 by Lenore Dickinson, Modified August 2009 by James Quinn, Revision of November 2012

I. Dickinson Genealogy Outline

1. William Dickinson abt 1635-1710 d. England, married Jane (last name unknown)

2. William Dickinson born about 1655 England, died 8/5/1710 Plymouth Mtg. PA, married Sarah Leadbeater born 5/24/1664 England, died 3/30/1731, Plymouth Mtg. PA.

The land of the Plymouth Meeting Historical Society was the Dickinson Homestead. It was a grant from King Charles II to Wm. Penn in 1701 Wm Penn. Plymouth Meeting Historical Society is located at 2130 Sierra Rd. (mail to: PO Box 167, Plymouth Meeting PA 19462).

The death on the 23 of 1st month (March) 1701/2 of Wm. Dickinson's widowed mother-in-law Mary Leadbeater in Ratcliffe, Notts., and probably in his home in that parish then, occasioned the departure of himself and family for Pennsylvania, on or soon after the 3rd of 4th month 1702 from London, as the letter of introduction to John Hood of Darby, Penna., indicates, supra. Having delivered the letter there, William Dickinson is found to have settled in Plymouth Twp, which is on the east side of Schuykill River, Philadelphia couty, Penna. Thus, by Deed of 9th of 1st month 1703/4 John Redwizer, tailor, of Plymouth Twp, Philadelphia County, Pa conveyed to Wm. Dickinson of same place, husbandman for 42 pounds, a messuage and tract of 82 acres there. Phila. Co Deed Book E-4-7, page 245.Dickinson was then residing on land held in right of Thomas Shute who had purchased it from John Green by Deed of 24th of 11th month 1701/02. Dickinson subsequently purchased this adjoining tract from Shute by Deed of 6th of 11th month 1703/4, for 70 Pounds

Wm.'s Will:

William Dickinson of Plymouth Twp, Philadelphia County, Pa, the emigrant, died there testate between 20 June and 24 July 1710, and his widow Sarah (Leadbeater) Dickinson married secondly, on 29th of 11th month 1712/13 Lumley Williams of the same place. He also died there testate, between 24th of 11th month 1714 and 31 March 1716 and she married thirdly on 19th of 9th month 1717, at Plymouth Meeting House, John Shiers of Philadelphia, yeoman. The children of William and Sarah Dickinson are mentioned in his Will of 20 June 1710 but not by their names.

John Shiers, above said, had presented to Philadelphia Monthly Meeting of 30th of 6th month 1717 his certificate from Marsden Meeting, in Lancashire, England, dated 21st of 2nd month 1714 and he "desired a few lines from this Meeting." Accordingly, a certificate was written for him, which was read at the Monthly Meeting of 27th of 7th month 1717, and he presented it at the Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of 29th of 8th month 1717, as had been requested, to show his clearness for his proposed marriage to Sarah (Leadbeater) Williams, widow. His name last appears in the Minutes of 30th of 11th month 1727, and Sarah Shiers' lastly in those of 30th of 1st month 1731. Final account of either of this couple has not been found for this report.

The Will of William Dickinson of the township of Plymouth and County of Philadelphia, being weak of body but of a sound and perfect mind and memory, on the twentieth day of the fourth month in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ten, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following: Furst, I do make my dear and loveing wife Sara my whole executor of this my last will and testament. Furst, I will that my executor, according to the advice of my trustees hereafter named, or the survivors of them, to sell or depose of my estate both real and personall to pay my deapts, furst my funerall chargis, secondly my depts in this provice, thurdly that my deapts in ingland, as far as my estate will, fourthly, I will that my children stay with theire mother or at her disposal untill they arrive at the age of twenty one year, likewise I desire these my trustly friends John Hod, John Blimston, Rowland Elis, David Meredith, Thomas Shute, Lumley Williams, to advise and assist my wife and children in what is necessary and mindful for the paying of my deapts and clearing of Truth in witness whereof I have unto set my hand and seal the day and year above written."

(signed) William Dickinson, Signed sealed in the presence of us - Ellis Pugh Senior/Ellis Pugh Junr/William Dickinson Junr. The will was proved August 1710 and recorded in Philadelphia County Will Book C, page 17.

Second marriage of Sarah:

Sarah (Leadbeater) Dickinson married, after William Dickinson's death, Lumley Williams of Plymouth, who died about five years after this marriage, naming her children in his will:

Gwynedd MM records, 11th-mo. 29, 1710. Lumley Williams, of Plymouth, in Philadelphia county, and Sarah Dickinson, of the same place, widow, were married at a public Meeting in Plymouth. Meredith David, Thomas Pugh, Job Pugh, John Reese, Owen Roberts, Rees Thomas, Thomas Burdis, Jane Pugh, Ellin Ellis, Ellin Humphrey and 27 others, witnesses.

LUMLEY WILLIAMS, Plymouth Township, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. November 25, 1714/15. March 31, 1716. D. 46.
Step-children: Benjamin, Joshua, Phebe, Sarah, Jonathan and Ruth Dickinson. Executrix: Wife Sarah.
Trustees: David Meredith, Ellis Pugh, Thomas Pugh, Rowland Ellis, Junior.
Witnesses: Robert Naylor, John Redwitzer and Thomas Coaldy.

3. William Dickinson 6/13/1691 England d. Pennsylvania

3. Sarah Dickinson 1/15/1692 England d. PA married David Davies m. 3/31/1716 at Plymouth Mtg. House

From Margaret Harvey:

Marriage 3, 31, 1716. David Davies, son of Morgan, yeoman, dec'd, late of Merion, and Sarah Dickinson, dau. of Wm. of Plymouth, yeoman, dec'd at Plymouth Meeting House. Wit: Wm., Jonathan, Joshua and Ruth Dickinson; Margaret Davies; Catharine and Evan Harry. etc.

David Davies was the son of Morgan David and Catherine. Catherine married second Evan Harry. Morgan David of Merion had a will signed 12 Mo. 15, 1694. It speaks of his wife Catharine two eldest sons, John and Evan; son David; daughters Katharine and Elizabeth. Mentions "Chestnut-well" and Beech-well. Overseers, William Howell, Morris Llewellyn, Francis Howell, David Lawrence. Witnesses, Robert Owen, Rowland Powell, John Humphreys. Proved 7 Mo. 18, 1695.

Morgan David was an early purchaser in the Welch Tract. Rich'd Davis sold him 100 acres. Rich'd Davis, sold him land 6 Mo. 19, 1686. He was rated 100£ (8 s. 4 d.) on the list of Taxables, 1693. His widow, Kath. M. Evan Harry, 1697.David Davis and Katharine, his sister and Mary Tidey her daughter and one serv't man named Charles Hues, arrived from Denbyshire, on the "Vine", 7, 17, 1684. the same ship with Robert Owen, his wife Jane and family. He was buried at Merion Meeting in 1695.

David Davies, cooper, was buried at Merion Meeting 12 th Mo. 16, 1739. Letters of Administration granted to Sarah Davis, widow and Relict and to David Davis, son of David Davis, dec'd June 28, 1740 and administered in Philadelphia.

On the 1734 Philadelphia Co. tax list there are two David Davis (Davies, David) - one in Lower Merion and one in Whitemarsh. We think this is the one in Lower Merion.

4. Mary Davis d. unmarried

MARY DAVIS, Montgomery, Co. of Phila. 1 mo. 1, 1778. May 6, 1782. S.98.
Mother: Sarah.
Sister: Catharine. Brother: Enoch. Brother-in-Law: John Jones.
Sister-in-Law: Sarah Davis.
Aunt: Phebe Dickinson.
Nieces: Sarah, Catharine, Hannah and Mary Davis, Elizabeth Jones, Catharine Alloway.
Nephew: David Jones. Friend: Evan Jones.
Wit: William Hughes, Evan Jones.

4. Catherine Davis m. John Jones (son of John Jones, Carpenter and Jane Edward)

Marriage abstract (Radnor MM records): John Jones, Montgomery m. Catharine Davis, Merion at Merion mh 12th mo 2, 1757. Wit: John Roberts, Sarah & David Davis, Benjamin Morgan, Enoch Davis, Evan & Sarah Jones, Mary Davis, Jane McKinley, Margaret Jones,  ? Roberts, Joseph & Hannah Dickinson, Benjamin & Isabel Dickinson, etc.

will abstract:
John JONES,Montgomery. May 1, 1802. August 19, 1806. Montgomery County will book 2.548
To Gwynedd Preparative Meeting, 100 pds.
To nephew Caleb Foulke, Sr., 50 pds.
To niece Priscilla Foulke, 50 pds.
To niece Lydia Spencer, 60 pds. etc.
To nephew John Jones, Sr., 40 pds.
To nephew Isaiah Jones, 20 pds.
To cousin John Lewis, 20 pds.
To nephew Evan Jones, 40 pds.
To Elizabeth Walton, 3 pds.
To sister in law Hannah Jones, silver spoons, etc.
To niece Hannah Jones, bed, etc.
To Hannah Jones and Priscilla Foulke, wearing apparel.
To niece Hannah Jones and nephews John Jones, Henry Jones and Evan Jones, rem. of estate.
Exec: Nephew John Jones, Jr.
Wit: James Shoemaker, Thomas Shoemaker, Jr.

4. Enoch Davis m. Sarah (from will of sister Mary)

5. Sarah Davis

5. Hannah Davis

5. Catharine Davis

5. Mary Davis

4. Sarah Davies m. Benjamin Morgan

Radnor MM records, Benjamin Morgan of Towamencin married Sarah Davies, daughter of David Davies of Merion 9 mo. 7, 1744 at Merion Meeting. Wit: Daniel Morgan, Sarah Davies, Ruth Morgan, Ruth Jones, Elizabeth Lloyd, Lowry Evans, Margaret George, Mary Dickinson, Sydney Roberts, Ellin Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Hannah Paschall, Hane Roberts, Hannah Bennett, etc.

5. Israel Morgan

3. Jonathan Dickinson 12/16/1694 Eng. d. Pa

3. Ruth Dickinson born 6/29/1696 England died in Pennsylvania married David Jones on 2/20/1720

For other Jones families at Gwynedd MM go HERE.

Gwynedd MM Records:

David Jones of Plymouth married Ruth Dickinson daughter of William of Plymouth, 2 April (2 mo.) 1720 at Plymouth MH. Wit. Col 1. Hugh Jones, William Kook, Tho Colly, Job Pugh, Jno David, David Meredith, Tho David, Owen Owens, Isaac Morris, Ben Dickinson, Phebe Dickinson, Gwen David. Col. 2: John Cadwalader, William Coulstone, John Rees, Thomas Pugh, Rowland Ellis Jr., Ellis Robt, David Harry, Robt Evan, Abram Cox, Mary Boyer, Mary Jones. Col 3. Ellin Meredith, Eliza Robert, Edith Dawes, Grace Eastburne, Ellin Evans, Mary Owen, Lydia Harry, Mary Harmar, Eliza Potts, Mary Robert, Jane David, Martha Cox. Col 3. John Shiers, Sarah Shiers, William Dickinson, David Davies, Sarah Davis, Joshua Dickinson, Daniel Potts, David Meredith, John Moore, Arthur Jones, Rebecka Cadwalader, Mary ? [Richards, Richardson or Nichols], Sarah Dawes, John Moore, Cadwalader Evans.

84-1, 1725-10-28. David Jones and wife Ruth granted a certificate to Haverford MM.

166-1. 1733-5-31. David Jones and family granted a certificate to Haverford MM.

204-1. 1736-4-29. David Jones, wife and children received on certificate from Haverford MM.

Will abstract:  RUTH JONES, Widow of David Jones. Radnor. Co. of Chester.
12 mo. 10, 1764. September 18, 1765.
Children: Hannah Evans, Sarah, David.
Grandchildren: Ruth, David, Amy, Margaret and Aquilla (children of daughter Sarah), Nathan Evans.
Exec.: David Jones.
Wit: John Ellet, Mary Moore, Thomas Thomas. N.401.

4. Hannah Jones m. Griffith Evans in Chester Co., PA:

Will abstract: GRIFFITH EVANS, Chester Co. September 19, 1774. Proved November 19, 1774.
Wife: Hannah.
Son: Nathan.
Cousins: Evan, Hannah and John Roberts.
Execs.: Hannah Evans and brother in law David Jones.
Wit: Owen, Skelton, Henry and Enos Lewis. Philadelphia County Will book Q.75.

3. Joshua Dickinson 1699 Eng-4/20/1752 Plymouth Mtg. m. Elizabeth Morris 1704-1775 m. 7/17/1726 Gwynedd MM

Joshua Dickinson married Elizabeth Morris at Gwynedd Mtg. Richard Morris' will gives to Elizabeth their 200 acre Plantation just outside the borough of Ambler on the "Morris Rd."

RICHARD MORRIS, Whitpain, Philadelphia County. Yeoman. February 1, 1736. Proved September 19, 1737. Philadelphia County Will Book F.49.
Child: Elizabeth (wife of Joshua Dickinson).
Exec: Joshua and Elizabeth Dickinson.
Wit: William Robinson, Edward Rees (his mark) and Ellis Ellis (his mark).

The Dickinson family is somehow connected with the Roberts family of Norriton township. Moses Roberts, in his will of 1715 leaves a legacy to his niece Sarah Dickinson, while Moses' brother Aaron in 1748, names Joshua Dickinson an overseer of his will. Joshua Dickinson was also named a trustee of the will of William Robeson in 1746.

JOSHUA DICKINSON. Whitpain, Co. of Philadelphia. Yeoman. April 20, 1752/3. Proved May 6, 1752. Philadelphia Co. Will Book J.539.
Wife: Elizabeth.
Children: Mary Richards, Joseph, Benjamin, Joshua, Cadwalader, Jonathan and David.
Father-in-Law: Richard Morris.
Exec: Elizabeth and Joseph Dickinson.
Trustees and Guardians: Joseph Jones, Job Pugh, Rowland Evans.
Wit: John Roberts, John Bell, Rowd. Evans.

ELIZABETH DICKINSON, Montgomery, Phila. Co. Widow. 12 mo. 17, 1775. May 23, 1776.
Children: Mary Richard, Joseph, Cadwalader, Jonathan, Benj., Joshua, David.
Grandchildren: Mary Richard; Isaac, Jesse, Jonathan and Hannah, (children of son Benjamin); Israel, Mary, Edith and Hannah (children of son Joseph); Elizabeth Dickinson (wife of son Cadwalader) and their children Morris, Jonathan, Rachel and Sarah; Ruth (wife of son Joshua) and their children Sarah, Gedion, David and Joshua.
Exec.: son Cadwalader Dickinson.
Wit: Edward Bartholomew and Evan Jones. Q.274.

4. Mary Dickinson born 6 mo./5/1727, married 3 mo. [May],21, 1747 at Plymouth Meeting House, Joshua Richards 1724-1785 (son of John Richards and Lowry Evan). There is a brief biography of Joshua Richards in Roberts' Annals: "Joshua Richards was born 1724, and died 2d mo., 1785. The following from the records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting explains his parentage: Married, 3d mo. 21, 1747, Joshua Richards, son of John, of Philadelphia, deceased, and Mary Dickinson, daughter of Joshua, of the same county at Plymouth meeting-house. The witnesses, Joshua, Eliza and Elizabeth Dickinson, Samuel Richards, Joseph Jones, John Rees, and twenty-two others. Joshua and Mary Richards' children were: Caleb, born 9th mo. 8, 1750; Joshua, born 11th mo. 9, 1752, married Margaret Dickinson; Elizabeth, born 2d mo. 9, 1755, died 1st mo. 28, 1756; Mary, Jr., born 11th mo. 4, 1758, died 3d mo. 10, 1761; Abigail, born 10th mo. 29, 1761, died in 1764; Mary (2d) born 10th mo. 16, 1763, died 11 mo. 8, 1840, married a Horn, of New Jersey; John, born 12th mo. 8, 1765, died 4th mo. 22, 1824."

5. Caleb Richards, born November 08, 1750, d. 1788, married Rachel

will abstract: Caleb RICHARDS Norriton. March 5, 1788. March 26, 1788. 1.140
To wife Rachel, whole estate. To brothers Hosiah [sic, this is Joshua] and John Richards, wearing apparel equally.
Execs: Wife Rachel, Isaac Shoemaker.
Wit: John Chican, Robert Shannon, Samuel Vanpelt.

5. Joshua Richards 11/9/1752 m. Margaret Dickinson

6. Maryann Richards 5/12/1785-5/10/1837 m. Jacob Famous 6/4/1787-12/13/1847 n 12/3/1813

7. Augustus G. Famous 1816-12/31/1843

7. Isaac R. Famous 1820-1/16/1904 m 4/12/1857 m. Maryann Keyser died before 1904

7. Wm. Henry Famous 1820-1860/70 m. Sarah Painter 12/21/1820-1/31/1921

7. Hiram A. Famous 1826-2/5/1876 m. Catherine Slough 1832-7/25/1910 m 12/13/1855

7. John R. Famous 10/7/1827-1/5/1863 m. Rebecca Peters 6/9/1831-8/5/1906

5. John Richards, born December 07, 1765, married Susan Supplee, born September 25, 1766

children: Isaac, Peter, Caleb, Mary, Ann, Hannah

John and Susan are buried at Valley Friends Meeting, Tredyffrin twp., Chester Co., PA

4. Joseph Dickinson, born 1/22/1728/19 married 1754 at Gwynedd, Hannah Wright daughter of John Wright and Mary Morgan of Hatfield. Hannah was Daniel Boone's cousin

Joseph was a witness on the 1753 will of John Rees of Whitpain (K 118) and Gainor Robinson of Plymouth in 1761 (M 105)

Jim Dodrill, Dickinson Genforum: 20 Apr 1752 - Title transaction willing the Dickinson Farmstead, Plymouth twp. from Joshua to Joseph Dickinson (Will # 321, Philadelphia Co.). On 12 Jul 1765/6 there is a Title transaction willing the property from Joseph to Israel Dickinson (will #254, Philadelphia Co.). On 8 Feb 1782 Israel sold the property to his brother-in-law, Jesse Rex (Mary's husband). This is noted in Deed Book D page 19, Philadelphia Co. for that year.

JOSEPH DICKINSON. Plymouth. Co. of Phila. Yeoman. July 12, 1765. March 8, 1766.
Wife: Hannah.
Children: Israel, Mary, Edah, Hannah. Brother: Jonathan.
Execs.: Hannah and Jonathan Dickinson.
Overseers: William Morris, Mishael Pugh.
Wit: Mishael Pugh, Moses Roberts. Philadelphia Co. Will book N.487.

Hannah was a witness on the will of Catherine Roberts (daughter of Ellis Roberts) in 1766 (O 36)

HANNAH DICKINSON. Plymouth. Phila. Co. Widow. June 21, 1775. October 3, 1775.
Children: Israel, Mary, Edah and Hannah.
Execs.: daughter Mary and Nathan Potts.
Wit: Wm. Stroud and Wm. Smith. Q.204.

5. Israel Dickinson b. abt 1755 m. Unknown

Israel Dickinson was disowned for disunity

6. Female Dickinson

6. Female Dickinson

6. Joseph Dickinson abt 1790

6. Henry B. Dickinson 6/26/1799-2/4/1879 m. Maria Bigler 9/2/1801-6/21/1893 her father was a Rev. Soldier

7. Elizabeth Dickinson 12/9/1821-8/5/1894, buried at Whitemarsh Union Church

7. George Dickinson 9/23/1822-5/15/181 killed by train, buried at Whitemarsh Union Church, m. Mary Unknown

8. Clara Elizabeth Dickinson 1857- 2/5/1858, buried at Whitemarsh Union Church

7. Albert B. Dickinson 1827-1908 buried at Whitemarsh UC, m. Mary J. Unknown 1827-1900 buried at Whitemarsh UC

8. Alonda Dickinson 4/7/1859-2/18/1878 died of seizures, buried at Whitemarsh Union Cem

8. Anna N. Dickinson 1862-1938 died of seizures, buried at Whitemarsh Union Cem

7. AnnaJoline Dickinson 1825 buried at Whitemarsh UC

7. Caroline Dickinson 1832 buried at Whitemarsh UC

7. Henry B. Dickinson 1836-1902 Lawyer in Norristown, buried at Whitemarsh Union Cem, m. Sarah Jane Martin 12/1839-6/18/1897

8. Ada Dickinson 1858-2/14/1859

8. Alona Dickinson d 6/18/1897

8. Harry Dickinson d 1/18/1897

8. Anna Dickinson d. 1/18/1897

8. Claude Dickinson d. 1/18/1897

8. Bayard Dickinson d 1/18/1897

8. Winfield Dickinson d 6/18/1897

8. Merle Dickinson d 6/18/1897

All the above died in house fire in Norristown and all are buried at Whitemarsh Union Church Cem

8. Warren Dickinson b 1860 Lawyer in Norristown, with his father Henry, m. Mary H. Hammill d 1895

9. Lawrence B. Dickinson

7. Israel B. Dickinson 1836-1914 Buried Greenlawn Cem in North Wales, PA m. Elizabeth Wiegner 5/23/1841-10/16/1900 buried at Greenlawn Cem. Was grdaughter of the original Schwenkfelders in this area

8. Frank N. Dickinson 1865-2/11/1932 Died of heart attack at Atlas Asbestos Co in North Wales, Buried at Greenlawn Cem. North Wales, m. Mary C. Conard 7/4/1869-9/6/1949, Buried at Greenlawn.

9. Bertha Dickinson about 1880 Lived at the Dickinson Farm Sumneytown Pike and Dickerson Rd. (should be Dickinson Rd) North Wales. She was kidnapped and never found

9. Marie Dickinson 4/1/1901-1/6/1986 buried at Greenlawn Cem., m. Henry Lloyd Robison 11/2/1901-1985

10. Frank C. Robison 5/18/1920-4/2/1998 Buried in Greenlawn Cem m. Elizabeth C. Reiff 8/29/ 1923-2/9/1994 Buried in Greenlawn

o 11. Joan Robison 10/20/1940-11/1996, Buried in Painted Post, NY

Frank and Betty had 14 children

10. Ruth Robison 10/5/1931-10/6/1982 Buried Whitemarsh Memoral Park, m. Michael Kochan 10/21/1910-4/12/1991, Buried Whitemarsh Memorial Park, They had 1 child

9. Israel Burton Dickinson 1/25/1908-6/16/1975 Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, Elsie Anderson Freed 7/20/1913-6/11/1989, Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery

10. Lewis Charles Dickinson 7/14/1933-6/18/1984 Buried at Greenlawn

Israel & Elsie had 2 children

8. Horace Weigner Dickinson 1861-1936, Buried at Greenlawn m. Katherine Keller 1863-1960 Buried at Greenlawn

9. Russell Dickinson 7/31/1886-1981 m. Emma Unknown 2/11/1889, had 3 children

9. Estelle Dickinson 1889 m. Frank Cliver

9. Lester Dickinson 12/12/1891-9/2/1922 m. Edna North 13/13/1888-2/5/1970, had 1 childd

9. Elizabeth Dickinson 1896 m. George Schuck

10. Dorothy Schuck died at age 9

9. Ada Dickinson 1899-1981, Buried at Greenlawn, m. James Brooks 1893, Buried at Greenlawn, had 2 children

9. Horace Dickinson 8/5/1901-5/1974, m. Louise Noll, had 1 child

8. Abram Henry Dickinson July 1, 1863- April 18,1920, Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, married Lydia S. Morris May 21,1870- July 13,1955. Note additional information for this family provided by David G. Moyer, Nov 2012.

9. Pearl Dickinson born Nov 20, 1888 attended North Wales Baptist Church married W. Vaughn Bryan (born Nov 18, 1878, d. Dec 7 1937), and they had one child, Harry Dickinson Bryan (b. Oct 7, 1916, married Mary Elizabeth Folker.)

9. Morris Dickinson, March 1, 1891- Dec 27, 1959, Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, m. Anna S. Spiedel, 1888-1951, Buried at Greenlawn Cemetery

10. Lydia Dickinson b. 10-30-1912 (who married Clark Berry and had four children)

9. Annie Dickinson 8/7/1891-12/18/1891 prob. a twin to Morris buried at Greenlawn

9. Ethel Dickinson (born July 2, 1896) married first Russell C. Morton (b. 4-18-1891) and second Clarence B. Richardson (born 12-23-1885.) She had two children by her first husband, Dorothy Morton (born 1-19-1919, married George F. Kimber) and Marion Morton (b. 8-19-1924, married Lynne W. Garrison)

9. Alice M. Dickinson (born 6-6-1898) married Howard Kulp (1884-1954) and had three children: Janice, Alice M. and Laurel Kulp.

9. Harry B. Dickinson, April 7, 1900 to April 10,1987 m. Ethel Whitaker Dickinson 1901-1995. Had two children: Elizabeth Ann Dickinson (b. 1929, m. Harry R. Felty), and John Whitaker Dickinson (1930-1980, m. Gloria Razzano) Much of the information on Abram H. Dickinson's line was collected by Harry Bilger Dickinson in 1969.

8. Walter Dickinson 6/8/1880-1936 m. Mae Cassel 7/9/1880 m. 1901

8. Rena Dickinson b. 1886 lived in North Wales in 1920

8. Mary Dickinson buried at Greenlawn m. Irwin Schaffer buried at Greenlawn

9. Ella Mae Schaffer (adopted 1902) m. Wilmer L. Bishop 1897-1981

8. Marie Dickinson 1/12/1872 abt 1943 buried at Greenlawn Cemetery, m. Warren Krauss 1872-1965

9. Warren Krause Jr. died abt 2/1969

8. Lanie Dickinson 1869-1890 buried at Greenlawn Cem, m. Harry Keller

5. Mary Dickinson born about 1758 married about 1796 Jesse Rex born1752, died Sept. 1853

6. Mary Rex d 4/23/1853 m. John Conrad

7. Harrah Conrad 1784-1865

6. Nathan Rex 1779-1834 m. Elizabeth Shepherd

6. Abraham Rex died young

5. Eadah Dickinson abt 1761-11/1800 m. David Evans m 5/26/1789

5. Hannah Dickinson, born abt 1763- died Dec. 17, 1810 married in 1786, Joseph Corson (born March 15, 1764, d. April 14, 1834)(Joseph Corson married 2nd, in 1812, Eleanor Coulston, daughter of John Coulston and granddaughter of Bernard Coulston.) Joseph Corson bought the farm and storehouse in Hickorytown, Plymouth township, to which place they removed in March, 1800, where they remained and continued the store-keeping and farming till his death.

For a detailed account of this family, see The Corson Family, A History of the Descendants of Benjamin Corson Son of Cornelius Corssen of Staten Island, New York by Hiram Corson, M. D. of Plymouth Meeting, Pa. (1895).

6. Alan Corson b. Feb. 21, 1788 married 24th of November, 1811 to Mary Egbert, b. December 5, 1785. She was the daughter of Laurence and Sarah (Norman) Egbert. In addition to carrying on a farm of about fifty acres, he taught Friends' School at Plymouth Meeting, and afterwards for many years a boarding-school in his own home, in Whitemarsh. He later became a surveyor known for his mathematical abilities.

7. Hannah Corson b. November 25, 1812 married James Ritchie.

7. Sarah Corson, b. October 13, 1814 in Whitemarsh, married Isaac Garretson.

7. Elias H. Corson b. May 19, 1816, married Emily R. Harris.

7. Luke Corson b. February 24, 1818 removed to Minneapolis, MN and married Clementine Quinlan.

7. Laurence Egbert Corson b. April 26, 1819, married Mary A. Johnson.

7. Joseph Corson, M.D., b. January 20, 1821, removed to Portsmouth, Ohio, and married Martha H. Cutler. He was a surgeon for an Ohio Regiment in the Civil War and died in 1866.

7. Alan Corson b. April 23, 1823, died young

7. Martha Corson, b. May 4, 1827, married Isaac Styer and had no children.

6. Benjamin Corson b. 5/12/1789, Died young.

6. Mary Corson b. 6/19/1792 married about 1818 m. Charles Adamson (1791-1873), son of Robert and Tabitha (Wright) Adamson.

7. Thomas Adamson m. Sarah Victoria Wright. He was in mercantile business in Philadelphia, but for more than twenty-five years was in the Consular Service of the United States. First at Pernambuco, then at Honolulu, next Consul-General at Melbourne, Australia, and finally Consul-General at Panama, Central America.

7. Sarah Read Adamson, M.D., married Dr. L. C. Dolley. In February, 1851, Sarah R A. Dolley received her decree of Doctor of Medicine from the Central Medical College of Rochester, N. Y., she being one of the first women upon whom such honor had been conferred, Elizabeth Blackwell having graduated from Geneva College in 1849.

7. Charles Adamson

6. Sarah Corson 12/13/1793 m abt 1815 m. Thomas Read

7. Susan Read b. about 1816

7. Sarah Read, b. September 13, 1819, m. Charles Jones (son of Isaac Jones and Elizabeth Yerkes)

8. Ellen C. Jones

8. Joseph Corson Jones m. Emma Wood. Enlisted in the Seventeenth Pennsylvania Cavalry, in the army of the Potomac, and served in all the battles of his regiment from the battle of Chancellorsville to the close of the conflict. The most important are the following : Cold Harbor, Seven Days' battle, Gettysburg, and the surrender of Lee at Appomattox. Joseph C. Jones is a good business man, careful and methodical, and has been very successful. He has long been recognized as a leading citizen of Conshohocken, in the affairs of which he takes an active interest. He has served at various times as a member of Town Council, Board of Health, and School Board. He is still a member of the School Board and takes a deep interest in the public school system. (Hiram Corson, 1895)

8. Martha Corson Jones

8. Jonathan Read Jones m. Hannah C. Wood. Graduated at the Polytechnic College of Philadelphia and was an architect for a number of years

8. Charles Jones m. Emma White. He was a printer in Conshohocken ("The Recorder") and Philadelphia ("The Evening Bulletin"

8. James Cresson Jones. Graduated as a civil engineer at the Polytechnic College, Philadelphia. He was first employed on the Plymouth Railroad, afterwards on the Canada Southern Railroad. He died in August, 1872, aged twenty-one years.

8. Sarah Jones

7. Hannah Read b. January 1822, m. George Schultz

8. William Read Schultz d. Oct. 1863 of wounds suffered at the Battle of Gettysburg.

8. Henry Corson Schultz, d. 1862 at the Battle of Antietam.

7. Mary Adamson Read, b. September 1824, m. November 01, 1849, John Roberts, b. November 08, 1823, d. December 20, 1864, son of John Roberts and Rachel Shoemaker.

8. Elihu Roberts, b. December 12, 1851, m. Isabelle Webster

8. Willis R. Roberts, b. December 09, 1854

7. Edwin Read

7. Louis Wernwag Read, M.D., m. Georgine Hurst. Graduated from University of Pennsylvania, 1849. Served as a surgeon in the Crimean War for Russia during the siege of Sevastapool, 1855 to study the treatment of wounds. "Opened a successful practice in Norristown in 1857. On June 1, 1861, was appointed Major and Surgeon of the Thirtieth Pennsylvania Infantry, First Reserves, the first three years' regiment. He held his position until July 17, 1863, when he resigned to accept the appointment and promotion as Surgeon of United States Volunteers, and soon thereafter was assigned to duty as Medical Director of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, Third Division Fifth Army Corps, Army of Potomac, which position he filled until November, 1864, when he was transferred from duty in the field and placed in charge of the McKimm United States Hospital at Baltimore. In April, 1866, after an absence and public service of nearly five years, Dr. Read returned to Norristown, where he opened his office and resumed practice with an experience still more enlarged by such an extended tour of duty in the field and hospitals of the country. Upon the election of General Hartranft as Governor of Pennsylvania and the organization of the Pennsylvania National Guard, Dr. Read was appointed Surgeon-General of Pennsylvania." (Hiram Corson, 1895)

7. Joseph Corson Read m. Minnie Burrins

7. Alan Wright Read

6. Hannah Corson 10/23/1795- abt 1797

6. Joseph Corson b. Jan 4, 1799 in Plymouth twp., d. March 30, 1857 in Norristown, married about 1825 m. Ann Hagey (died March 20, 1868), daughter of William Hagy of Lower Merion. With his brother George, he was a founder of the Plymouth Meeting Anti-slavery Society in 1833.

7. Catharine Corson (d. 1849, unmarried)

7. Hannah Corson (unmarried) She was the Supervisor of the Female Insane in the Eastern Hospital at Norristown, PA.

7. Hiram Corson, born Nov. 6, 1828 in Philadelphia and married Caroline Rollin. Hiram Corson had a career as a teacher of literature at Cornell University and elsewhere, and was a famous literary critic in his day, writing many books. There is an extensive biography in the family genealogy, written by his uncle Hiram in 1895. His son was Eugene Rollin Corson of Savannah, GA.

7. William Corson

7. Isabella Corson m. George A. Lenzi

7. Clara Corson m. William J. Sholl

7. Humphrey Corson m. Ella Bowman

7. Howard Corson

6. Charles Corson born Jan. 22, 1796, d. May 15, 1878 married Dec. 15, 1822. Sarah Norman Egbert b. March 17, 1801, d. August 23, 1863. Sarah was the daughter of Laurence and Sarah (Norman) Egbert. Charles lived at the fork of the Skippack and Perkiomen Creeks. His home was an important stop on the underground railroad. The main hiding place was under a potato storage area in the barn and access was through secret doors hidden in the well.

7. Richard Reed Corson born October 31, 1825, married December 28, 1863, Louisa Williams (daughter of Edward and Maria Williams), of New Castle, Del. He served with distinction in the Civil War, in the cavalry branch of the service, attaining the rank of Major. After the war, he was a real estate agent in Norristown.

7. William Egbert Corson, b. October 3, 1829, married January 8, 1856, Hannah Highley (daughter of George and Ann [Francis] Highley.)

7. George Norman Corson b. March 11, 1833, m. Maria Hurst (daughter of Alfred Hurst); Civil War veteran - Private Company B, 4th Rgt., PA volunteers; He "was admitted to the Bar, where he soon assumed a leading position ; he was a member of the Constitutional Convention."

7. Adelaide Corson, born October 28, 1834, married November 29, 1855, Albert Crawford, a prosperous farmer of Lower Providence Township, Montgomery County.

7. Susan Rogers Corson b. Dec. 9, 1836, married January 1, 1857, Felix Francis Highley (son of George and Ann Francis Highley). They lived for about eighteen years after their marriage on their farm in Schuylkill Township, Chester County, at the confluence of the Pickering Creek with the River Schuylkill, and then moved to a farm which they purchased, near Jeffersonville, in Norriton Township, Montgomery County.

7. John Jacobs Corson b. January 5, 1839. He married, April 8, 1872, Rebecca Pawling Freedley (daughter of Henry and Ellen (Pawling) Friedley, and great granddaughter of Joseph Hiester, a former Governor of Pennsylvania).

7. Mary Francis Corson b. March 29, 1841. Lived most of her life on the family farm in Upper Providence.

7. Laurence Egbert Corson born November 3, 1842, died February 16, 1888. Lived at the family farm in Upper Providence his whole life.

6. George Corson 1/23/1803 m abt 1830 m. Martha Maulsby. Martha was the daughter of Samuel Maulsby and Susanna Thomas. He was an underground railroad conductor from the 1830s (See The Underground Railroad, by William Still.) He built Abolition Hall in 1856. Speakers at Abolition Hall included Lucretia Mott and William Lloyd Garrison.

7. Ida Corson

7. Samuel Maulsby Corson, a teacher and scholar, he died August 7, 1881.

7. Susan Corson, died of consumpton in her fifteenth year.

7. Mary Corson died in infancy.

7. Marcus Heilner Corson, died May 23, 1872, soon after he had graduated M. D. at the University of Pennsylvania.

7. Helen Corson married the artist Thomas Hovenden (b. 1849, Co. Cork, Ireland, he died in 1895, in Plymouth towsnhip, while trying to rescue a young girl who had wandered onto the train tracks.). Helen Corson had studied art in France (where she met her husband) and was a talented artist and photographer in her own right. She and Thomas Hovendon turned Abolition Hall into an art studio. The painting Breaking Home Ties is likely a scene drawn in a Plymouth Meeting Quaker home. The painting Death of Elaine features Helen Corson Hovenden as the model for both Elaine and Guinivere (Thomas Hovenden himself is the model for King and Lancelot.) Another famous painting of his is The Last Moments of John Brown.

7. Ellwood Maulsby Corson, M.D., born June 15, 1842, married Margaret L. Wilkeson, the daughter of Samuel Wilkeson and Catherine Cady (Catherine was the sister of Elizabeth Cady Stanton). He entered on the study of medicine under Hiram Corson, but in one year after he commenced the study, the war of the Rebellion came on, and he and his cousin, Joseph K. Corson, entered the Military Hospital, corner of Broad and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, as assistants to the surgeons there. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1863 and continued to serve as a Surgeon in the army. He practiced medicine in Norristown in partnership with his uncle, Dr. William Corson, with whom he was associated until the latter' s death, 1886.

6. Dr. Hiram Corson 10/8/1804 married about 1830 Ann J. Foulke (daughter of Edward and Tacy (Jones) Foulke)

Hiram wrote numerous scientific papers. He was President of the Pennsylvania State Medical Society in 1852. He was an 1828 graduate of Univ.of Pa., & was an Abolitionist and Temperance Advocate. His Civil war diary, his home and his physician's office all still exist. His diaries have been published by the Montgomery County Historical Society in their Bulletin. He wrote an extensive genealogy of the Corson family. The thing that made him proudest, was his decades long fight to gain equal footing for female physicians.

7. Tracy Corson m. William Cresson

7. Charles F. Corson m. Mary Lukens

7. Susan Corson m. Jawood Lukens

7. Bertha Corson m. James Yocum

7. Frances S. Corson m. Richard Day

7. Mary Corson

7. Edward F. Corson 10/14/1834-6/22/1864

7. Joseph K. Corson 11/22/1836

7. Caroline Corson 4/2/1839

6. William Corson, M.D., born August 8, 1806, d. 1886. "He commenced practice in a house on Main street, near Swede, Norristown, but shortly afterwards moved further east on the same street, just below DeKalb, to a house which he purchased and in which he lived for the balance of his life, a period of over fifty years... My brothers and sisters were all active supporters of the anti-slavery movement, and in this great cause William was especially active. Many and many a fugitive slave received his assistance. A room over his office and another at the stable were frequently occupied by the runaways, and none left without means for supplying their bodily comfort. With the aid of his friends Isaac Roberts, L. E. Corson, Dan Ross, and a tew others, he gave a welcome and substantial assistance to all of the fugitives who came to Norristown or its immediate vicinity. " (Hiram Corson)

6. Hannah Corson 8/19/1809

4. Jane Dickinson 5/31/1731-7/1731

4. Benjamin Dickinson 9/29/1732 m. Isabella Wright daughter of John Wright & Mary Morgan who was an aunt of Daniel Boone

Edward Morgan married Ellizabeth Jarman, of Towamencin Twp. Pa , their daughter Mary Morgan married John Wright of Hatfield, PA. Their daughter Hannah Wright married Joseph Dickinson, their children were Israel, Eacah, Mary and Hannah, my husband descends through Israel.

Mary Morgan's sister was Sarah Morgan who married Squire Boone whose son was Daniel Boone.

Benjamin Dickinson s/o Joshua of Whitpain m. Isabel Wright d/o John of Hatfield at Gwynedd mh 10th mo 23, 1755. Wit. in right column: Elizabeth Dickinson, John Wright, Joseph Dickinson, Hannah Dickinson, Elizabeth Wright, Cadwalader Dickinson, Mary Richards, Joshua Richards, Abijah Wright. Middle column: Danl Morgan, Elizabeth Morgan, Gainor Jones, Isaac Ellis, John Davies, Wm Morris, Ann ?leler, Elizabeth Clayton; Column 1. John Evans, Rowland Evans, Susanna Evans, Saml Coulstone, Elizabeth Coulstone, Miles Evans, Ann Edwards, John Jones, Henry Cunrads.

Benjamin was a witness on the 1758 will of Henry Cunrad of Whitpain twp (Philadelphia will book L 153)

5. Morgan Dickinson

5. Jesse Dickinson

5. Jonathan Dickinson

5. Joseph Dickinson

5. Abner Dickinson

5. Hannah Dickinson abt 1761 m 2/12/1777 m. Thomas Worrilow

6. Mary Worrilow 2/13/1778

6. Sarah Worrilow 9/29/1779 m. Nicholas Newlin 1780-1/20/1873

6. Elizabeth Worrilow 1/6/1782-1/24/1783

6. Hannah Worrilow 10/4/1783-9/22/1824 m. Paschall Yearsly

6. Joseph Worrilow 8/12/1785-2/22/1830 m. Margaret Wilkinson

6. Phoebe Worrilow 1/28/1787 m. John Thompson

6. John Worrilow 3/1/1789-1828 m. Elpsy Harvey 1791-1876

6. Isabella Worrilow 12/15/1791 m. John Newlin

6. Benjamin Worrilow m 1815 m. Anna Farra 5/7/1792-9/10/1889

6. Elizabeth Worrilow 9/7/1795 m. Jacob Zelby

6. Ann Worrilow 8/22/1799-1873 m. James Curtis

4. Joshua Dickinson 11/3/1734 died berfore 1804, m. Ruth Evans 7/7/1736 m 12/29/1761

Ruth was the daughter of Cadwalader Evans and Sarah Richards. Cadwalader Evans was the son of Evan Pugh and Grace.

Joshua is a beneficiary of the will of Gainor Robinson and a witness of the 1762 will of John Robinson (N 75)

Joshua and Ruth signed the marriage certificate of Cadwallader Evans (probably her brother) to Eleanor Thomas in 1770 at Warrington MM, York Co., PA.

5. Sarah Dickinson

5. Gideon Dickinson

5. David Dickinson

5. Joshua Dickinson

4. Cadwallader Dickinson 3/18/1736 m. 11/27/1761 Mary Draper

He is the executor, in the city of Philadelphia, of the will of Elizabeth Welch in 1770 (P 7) (Thomas and Jonathan Draper are witnesses). Cadwalader Dickinson was a shoemaker by trade.

He is a witness on the 1771 will of John Crouch (P 89) and Peter Gosner' will (1781, S 117)

Philadelphia MM, Cadwalader Dickinson received on certificate from Gwynedd MM, dated 1760, 12, 30.
Philadelphia MM, 1762, 6, 25. Cadwalader Dickinson and wife Mary condemned for marriage contrary to discipline.
Philadelphia MM, 1779, 2, 26. Cadwallader Dickinson disowned.

Cadwalader Dickinson was disowned by Friends for serving on the treason trial of Abraham Carlisle, a Quaker capenter, in Philadelphia who was found guilty on September 25, 1778. Dickinson served as a juror on 15 treason trials, with the notable exception of the trial of Abijah Wright, the brother-in-law of two of his brothers (see elsewhere this page). He also signed some of the petitions for leniency of the defendants in those trials including that of Abijah Wright. In the case of John Huntsman he served both as a juror and a witness for the defense. Several leading Quakers initially met "with him on the painful subject of his case," but, “found little satisfaction therein," as Dickinson “continued in a disposition to vindicate his conduct." Since he had "served as a juryman in the trial and condemnation of a fellow member in religious profession" and had acted in “a spirit of war," he was “separated . . . from religious fellowship with [the Philadelphia Quakers]." Later that summer, Dickinson visited Quaker Samuel Rowland Fisher who had been convicted of misprision of treason, and observed "what a pity it was that there should be such a difference amongst Neighbours & fellow Citizens in sentiment, [and] how happy we should be if we could all unite with one Mind." [The Revolutionary American Jury: A Case Study of the 1778-1779 Philadelphia Treason Trials, by Carlton F. W. Larson]

Philadelphia MM: Cadwallader Dickinson buried 3-6-1784, age 48.

5. Morris Dickinson

Philadelphia MM: 1788, 9, 4. Morris Dickinson, son of Cadwalader and Mary, Phila., Pa., married Elizabeth Holt, dt of Obadiah & Martha, New Castle Co., on Delaware, at Philadelphia Mtg.

1796, 2, 26. Philadelphia MM disowned Morris Dickinson

5. Jonathan Dickinson

5. Rachael Dickinson

Philadelphia MM: 1793, 2, 7. Rachel Dickinson, daughter of Cadwallader & Mary, Phila., Pa., m. Benjamin Ferguson, son of Andrew & Sarah, Phila., Pa., at Philadelphia Meeting.

Benjamin Ferguson requested membership at Phila MM in 1792;

Benjamin Ferguson was granted a certificate from Phila MM to Greenwich MM in 1799 to marry; Benjamin and children James and Benjamin and apprentices Elisha Brown & John Middleton received at Phila MM ND from Phila MM in 1800; Prudence and children received at Phila MM ND from Phila MM in 1816; Family received at Phila MM ND from Phila MM in 1824;

5. Sara Dickinson

4. Jonathan Dickinson 9/16/1738-1775 m abt 1765 at Gwynedd Mary Moore 5/15/1742-3/1818 (d/o Mordecai Moore and Elizabeth Coleman)

He is a witness on the 1774 will of Blaze Weber of Montgomery twp (Q 66)

JONATHAN DICKINSON. of Montgomery. Phila. Co. 20 4th month 1775. June 6, 1775.
Wife: Mary.
Execs.: Mary Dickinson and brother Cadwalader Dickinson.
Wit: Edward Bartholomew, Rachel and Mordecai Moore. Q.153.

His widow remarried: John Heston of Upper Dublin, s/o Zebulon of Upper Makefield, Bucks Co., dec'd and Elizabeth m. Mary Dickinson, widow, d/o Mordecai Moore of Montgomery at Gwynedd mh, 1st mo 12, 1780.

4. David Dickinson 12/18/1739-8/4/1740

3. Benjamin Dickinson, born 6/21/1705, married September 24, 1731, at Gwynedd Meeting House, Elizabeth Hamer, daughter of Johannes Hammer

Benjamin Dickinson of Plymouth m. Elizabeth Hammer of same, 4 September 1731. Wit: Jno Hammer, Jane Hammer, Sarah Shiers, Josa Dickinson, David Divies, David Jones, Jno Hammer, Ruth Jones, Sarah Davies; Col. 2. Wm Trotter, Rees William, Isaac Williams, David Harry, Wm Robeson, Ellis Robert, William Roberts.


JOHN HAMMER, Roxborough. Co. of Phila. Yeoman. 11 mo. 18, 1761. Proved June 10, 1765.
Children: John, Elizabeth Dickinson, William, Abraham, Mary Evans, Hannah Supplee.
Son in law: Benjamin Dickinson.
Grandchildren: Abigal Evans and others.
Execs.: Thomas Livezey, Thomas Rose.
Wit: Thomas Bedrow, John Jones, James Dilworth, Jr.
Codicil, August 19, 1764,
Daughter: Mary Evans. Granddaughter: Abigal Evans.
Wit: Thomas Livezey, David Whiteman.

4. William Dickinson

Philadelphia MM: William Dickinson received on certificate from Gwynedd MM dated 1764, 8, 22.

Philadelphia MM: 1765, 4, 26. William Dickinson granted certificate to Cave MM, Yorkshire, Great Britain

In the minutes of the Arch Street (Philadelphia, PA) meeting, recorded in Book B. p. 207: 11 mo. 21, 1771, Dickinson, William, of Phila., son of Benjamin & Elizabeth, of Plymouth Twp., Phila. Co., and Mary Durborow, dr. of Joseph & Mary, of Phila. at Phila. Meeting house - Wits. Cadwallader & James Dickinson, John & Mary Todd, Wm. Blair, Jr. & 37 others." (Richard Boyd, Worldconnect)

WILLIAM DICKINSON. Phila. School master. 9 mo. 13, 1775. 1 January 1776.
Wife: Mary.
Father: Benjamin.
Brothers: John and Josiah. Sister: Hannah (wife of Philip Himebrigh).
Nephew: Wm. Dickinson (son of brother John).
Execs.: Mary Dickinson and cousin Cadwalader Dickinson.
Wit: John Webster, Jesse Waterman and John Todd. Q.237.

4. John Dickinson

5. William Dickinson

4. Josiah Dickinson, m. Tabitha Wright, d/o John Wright and Mary Morgan of Hatfield. He was disowned by the Friends.

4. Hannah Dickinson m. Philip Himebrigh

4. James Dickinson m. Grace Coffee or Coffin

Received by Philadelphia MM from Gwynedd, certificate dated 1764, 8, 22 (same date as brother William's)

Philadelphia MM: 1765, 2, 28. James Dickinson, Phila. Pa., m. Grace Coffee, Phila., Pa., at Phila. Mtg [Coffin in women's minutes]

Philadelphia MM: 1765, 8, 8. Grace, daughter of James died.

Philadelphia MM: 1773, 11, 26. James Dickenson disowned for disunity.

3. Phoebe Dickinson (mentioned in step father's will and niece Mary Davis' will)

II. Dickinson in the Gwynedd MM Records

215-4, 1785-4-26 Abner Dickinson, son of John disowned for military services

67-5, 1788-11-25 Abner son of Benjamin married contrary to discipline and disowned

1789-5-26, Adah Dickinson and David Evans reported married

169-5 1792-9-18, Ann Dickinson granted a certificate to New Garden MM

139-1 1731-9-24, Benjamin Dickinson of Philadelphia Co., PA m. Elizabeth Hamer at Plymouth MH

105-2 1753-9-25, Benjamin disowned for disunity

18-1 1755-10-23, Benjamin son of Joshua, Phila Co., PA m. Iszabel Wright at Gwynedd MH

47-4, 1780-6-27, Benjamin disowned for marriage out of unity and paying a military fine

299-2 1760-12-30, Cadwalader Dickinson granted certificate to Philadelphia MM

323-5 1799-12-31, Cadwallader received on certificate from Philadelphia MM date August, 1799

166-3, 1773-11-30, David Dickinson granted certificate to Warrington MM

193-3, 1775-3-28. David Dickinson received on certificate from Warrington MM

195-3, 1775-4-25, David disowned for disunity

181-5, 1793-2-26, David granted certificate to London Grove MM

345-2, 1762-9-31, Elizabeth Dickinson granted certificate to Philadelphia MM

378-2, 1763-10-25, Elizabeth received on certificate from Philadelphia MM dated 7-29-1763

183-5, 1793-3-36, Elizabeth disowned

215-4, 1785-4-26, Israel Dickinson disowned for disunity

283-5, 1797-6-27, Jane Clark Dickinson received on certificate from Philadelphia MM

29-5, 1787-5-29, Jesse Dickinson granted certificate to Westland MM

38-4, 1780-5-30, John Dickinson disowned for payment of a military fine

178-5, 1793-1-29, John Dickinson granted certificate to London Grove MM

1772-4-28, Jonathan Dickinson and Mary Moore reported married.

1754-5-28, Joseph Dickinson and Hannah Wright reported married.

1726-7-27, Joshua Dickinson and Elizabeth Morris reported married.

22-1, Joshua Dickinson and wife Elizabeth, had children: Mary b. 6-5-1727; Joseph b. 1-22-1729; Jane b. 1-31-1731, d. 3-1731; Benjamin b. 9-29-1732; Joshua b. 11-3-1734; Cadwalader b. 3-18-1736; Jonathan b. 9-16-1738; David b. 12-18-1739, d. 8-4-1740; David b. 7-15-1743.

22-1, Joshua Dickinson d. 4-20-1752

1761-12-29, Joshua Dickinson and Ruth Evans reported married.

58-3 1769-4-25, Joshua Dickinson, wife and children granted certificate to Warrington MM.

62-3, 1769-5-30, Josiah Dickinson married contrary to discipline and offered an account.

38-4, 1780-5-30, Josiah Dickinson disowned for paying a military fine

273-1, 1747-3-21, Mary Dickinson, daughter of Joshua, Philadelphia Co., PA married Joshua Richard [Rochard in file cards] at Plymouth MH.

23-2, 1780-1-12, Mary Dickinson, widow, daughter of Mordecai Moore married John Heston at Gwynedd MH

322-1 1788-8-24 Mary Dickenson with her husband children, Jarrett, Levi, Mordecai, Charles, Mary and Hannah received on certificate from Horsham MM

73-5, 1789-3-31, Morgan Dickinson granted certificate to Concord MM

263-1, 1741-5-28, Phebe Dickinson disowned

63-1, 1720-2-20, Ruth Dickinson, daughter of William (dec), of Philadelphia Co., PA married David Jones at Plymouth MH.

22-1, William Dickinson and wife Sarah had children: Sarah b. 1-15-1693; William b. 6-13-1691; Jonathan b. 12-25-1694; Ruth b. 6-29-1696; Joshua b. 8-18-1699; Benjamin b. 6-2-1705; Phebe b. 1-22-1708.

1764-8-28, William Dickinson granted certificate to Philadelphia MM.

9-5, 1786-7-25, William Dickinson granted certificate to Haverford MM.

III. Wright in the Gwynedd MM Records

338-2 1762-6-29 Elizabeth Wright granted certificate to Richland MM

29-8 1869-1-28 Francis C. Wright (late Cresson) disowned, marriage out of unity

167-8 1882-12-28 Francis C. Wright offered an account for her marriage out of unity

170-8 1883-3-29 Frances, Mary, Hannah C. and Samuel Wright, minor children of Frances received in membership on request

1754-5-28 Hannah Wright and Joseph Dickinson reported married

18-1 1755-10-23 Isabel Wright, daughter of John of Philadelphia Co. m. Benjamin Dickinson at Gwynedd MH

150-2 1755-16-28 Margaret Wright granted certificate to Richland MM

1747-11-26, [Mary Wright Jr. m. William Chilcott] - women's minutes - "Plymouth overseers are desiered to speak with Mary Chillcott her outgoing in marriage and also to deal with her mother for entertaining the marriage and to speak with her sister Hannah for being att their marriage."

1749-4-27, Women's minutes, "a paper being produced by Mary Chilcoat denouncing her going out in Marriage which this Meeting thought fitt to accept hoping that her future Life May demonstrate that what she has herein expressed to be honest and sincere."

43-2 1750-7-25 Mary Wright married contrary to discipline a number of years ago and offered an account [this is Mary Morgan m. John Wright]

1752-5-26 Mary Wright and William Chillcott reported married in men's minutes

309-8 1897-9-30 Mary Hannah C. Wright granted a certificate to Philadelphia MM, Western District

3-5 1786-4-25 Tacy Wright (late Holt) disowned for marriage contrary to disclipline

48-3 William Wright with wife Frances (Cresson), daughter of James and Mary J. (Leedom) Cresson b. 10-17-1844, d. 10-1-1922 had children: Mary Hannah C. b. 9-6-1867; Frances C. b. 5-12-1871, d. 6-19-1930; Samuel b. 6-22-1876, d. 1-18-1917.

Zebiah (Wright) Mervine is buried at Gwynedd Friends Meeting. She was born June 18, 1768 in Hunterdon Co., NJ and is the daughter of Jonathan Wright and Esther Clement. Jonathan Wright was a son of John Wright and Mary (Morgan) Wright. Jim Mervin, a descendant wrote to us: "Zibah Wright had married John Mervine on the 20 May 1790 in Schwartzwald Reformed Church, Exeter Twp., Berks, PA. They had 10 children. Their first born was William Mervine who later became Rear Admiral William Mervine of the U.S. Navy. Another son was Thomas Mervine. He had a marble mill in Philadelphia, PA at the foot of the street named for him, Mervine St. All of John Mervine's brothers had served during the Revolutionary War except John, who was too young."

Note on the John Wright and Mary (Morgan) Wright family of Hatfield township.

It appears from the Gwynedd records that this Historian has read so far, that the daughters of this family were Quakers and the men were not. I base this on the fact that Mary (Morgan) Wright in 1750 had to apologize for her marriage (long before) to John Wright and the fact that there is no mention of the Wright men in the minutes of Gwynedd MM. Some, or all of the men in the Wright family were Loyalists in the American Revolution and one of the sons (Abijah) was hung for his attack, with others, on the home of militia colonel Andrew Knox of Whitpain in 1778.

Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, Minutes of the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania Vol. XI., p. 631
"A Transcript of the conviction of Abijah Wright , of Felony & Burglary, as set forth in the said Transcript was read; to wit:
At a Court of Oyer & Terminer & General Goal delivery held at Philadelphia, for the County of Philadelphia, the twentieth day of September, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy-eight, It was presented, That Abijah Wright, late of the County of Philadelphia, Laborer, had with force and Arms, at Whitpain, in the County aforesaid, the dwelling of Andrew Knox, then and there being, feloniously to kill and murder, etc., etc.: It was, therefore, considered by the Court that the said Abijah Wright be hanged by the Neck 'til he be dead.
Edward. Burd, Clerk
And on deliberate consideration,
Ordered, That the Sentence of the Supreme Court against Abijah Wright, be executed against him on Saturday next, at the usual place, between the hours of ten O'Clock in the forenoon and two O'Clock in the Afternoon of the said day.

From e-mail correspondent Katheryn (Fitzwater) Devine we have the following additional information:

  • She believes Abijah Wright was married to Martha Fitzwater (daughter of Thomas and Martha). In the estate of Thomas Fitzwater's step son - brother to Martha - co-executor of the will - is a receipt of Martha receiving her "legacy" 30 Jun 1766 signed by both her and Abijah Wright (her husband) for 54 lbs.
  • A petition was submitted by Martha Wright signed by Family and Friends asking for "mercy" - it was ignored. The petition says "distress of an afflicted wife and several small children" (Found in Journal of Rowland Fisher, History of Philadelphia) The names of these children are not fully known.
  • Martha resided in Hatfield Twp. where Abijah Wright owned property. This property was on the tax lists of 1779. 1781, and 1782 - Listed as Martha Wright, widow of Abijah Wright. The American side confiscated the land, and there is some "speculation" they rented it back to Martha for 11 shillings per year."
  • The estates of John and Jonathan Wright (sons of John and Mary) in Hatfield were also confiscated 1779-80. John Wright later went to England, possibly never to return, while Jonathan moved to Berks County, Pennsylvania.

IV. Notes

Will abstracts are from the PAGenWeb Project's Philadelphia County Will Page.

Philadelphia MM minutes are from William Wade Hinshaw, Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Volume II.

Gwynedd MM minutes and records from the Friends Historical Library at Swarthmore College

Notes otherwise are from the research of Lenore Dickinson

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