Jon Fosse: “To Me, Writing Is Listening”

An interview with the Norwegian author and 2023 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

Sharlee DiMenichi

QT Quakers Today

Announcing Season Three of Quakers Today Podcast

In this episode of Quakers Today, we ask, How do you process memories, experiences, and feelings?

Writing Opp: 400th Anniversary of George Fox’s Birth

We are accepting article for our June/July 2024 issue. The due date is March 18, 2024.

Do Not Look Away

Introduction to our February issue.

Quaker Dreams

An examination of how dreams can unlock pathways to inner wisdom.

Move Toward the Suffering

Confronting economic injustice head-on.

Gathered Together

A beekeeper shares his thoughts on Friends, bees, and virtual meetings.

Welcoming Joy and Spirit through Accessibility

A meeting explores ways to make worship available to disabled attenders.

Lending Their Hands

Friends across the United States welcome refugees and migrants.


In ancient Rome, those who would inherit the land / were given an amulet, complete

The 5:23

At 5:09, 14 minutes to train time / corner of 34th and 7th / a voice shouts


Not every child you choose chooses you back. / But I heard only what I longed to hear. Sons.

Forum, February 2024

Letters from our readers

Revelation in the Woods

Live in unity with the Creation—the embodiment of the Creator.

QuakerSpeak, February 2024

Where We Touch God

Friends Committee on National Legislation Approves Policy on Abortion

FCNL approved a policy on abortion and other reproductive issues at its November 2023 annual meeting.

Finding Peace with Ourselves, Family, and Neighbors

Introduction to our January issue.

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Prayer and Healing

March 2024

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Announcing Season Three of Quakers Today Podcast Quakers Today

  1. Announcing Season Three of Quakers Today Podcast
  2. Quakers in Conversation: AFSC special: Non-Violence in Times of Crisis
  3. Quakers, Fiction, and Virginia Woolf

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