Transforming Weapons into Art: The Theopoetics of Beating Swords into Plowshares

I became an artist when I began to perform acts of aesthetic fury to decry gun violence.

Welling Hall

The Leading of Hope

“Truth seems really important to you.” These words, spoken by my graduate school professor, have stuck with me.

It’s Not a Luxury: Eight Quaker Artists on the Healing Power of Art

The author spent time with several Quaker artists, asking them about their art and spiritual practice during the pandemic.

Art Journaling with Spiritual Community

It was the acute phase of the early pandemic, and many of us were longing for connection, community, and a way through.

Art Is Praying with My Whole Body

My journeys as a lifelong Quaker, artist, and gender-diverse person are inextricably linked.

On Being a Quaker Filmmaker

Creativity is love is joy is God. In any human’s life, there are myriad opportunities for us to experience bounteous, joyous, creative moments.

Black and White

"every morning I slip robes onto outstretched arms…"

Fall Made

"I smear my skin / with schisms of the songs I heard at night, / tales of a God who couldn’t bear / to make the unexpressed…"

Forum, September 2022

Letters from our readers.

QuakerSpeak, September 2022

God and Creativity

Fire destroys Lindi Friends School in Nairobi, Kenya

On the evening of Sunday, July 24, a fire destroyed Lindi Friends School, run by Nairobi Yearly Meeting, in the…

Historic peace activism sailboat Golden Rule to make another voyage

From 1946 to 1958, the United States detonated 67 nuclear bombs in the Marshall Islands displacing Indigenous inhabitants and spreading…


"God and I play a game. / She blows air into me. / I blow it back at her…"

Writing Opportunities: Atonement / Reparations

We’re looking for submissions for our December and January issues. Entries due Sept. 9 and Oct. 17.

Quakers Must Take a Position on Abortion

Friends’ posture of silence in the matter of abortion must change.

Birthing Still

"Having not given birth to a child, / I have not held the echo of my husband’s smile…"

Wrestling with the Peace Testimony

Introduction to our August issue.

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