Finding Hope and Connection in a Time of Climate Disruption

Continuing our activism in the face of despair.

Shelley Tanenbaum

Two Climate Justice Stories

Two members of the Climate Justice Working Group share their personal stories of climate activism.

Forum, May 2022

Letters from our readers.

Is the Religious Society of Friends Called to Be an Active Part in the Process of Human Evolution?

Are we willing to become a different kind of human being?

QuakerSpeak, May 2022

“With more than a decade of experience with policy, I’ve learned how disappointing it can be to put your faith in institutions and parties."

The Spirit of Christ and Our Historic Peace Testimony

Our Testimony against Outward Weapons and Just War Theory.

What, Then, Is Faith?

Our introduction to the April issue.

Pour Out My Spirit

Embracing Friends Across Class Backgrounds

The Duty to Resist

Bayard T. Rustin’s Pragmatic Quaker Faith

We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

Struggling with generational questions of faith.

The Arc of Your Soul

Writing a Quaker Spiritual Autobiography.

The Merry Love the Fiddle

I was 58 before I learned he used to fiddle…

Finding God

“God is everywhere but He is losing.”—Margaret Atwood

Having to Live With

Sometimes it's your sleeping form next to me / your fingers curled at the nape of my neck…

Forum, April 2022

Letters from our readers.

The Peace Testimony and Ukraine

War is a test of strength, not a search for truth and justice.

Mexico’s Matamoros Meeting

Members of Matamoros Meeting pray that God can use them. They are living out that prayer—and example—online and in person. 

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