We Only Survive If We All Survive

Reflections on Gaza, genocide, and co-liberation.

Lucy Duncan

Unsung No More: Netflix Makes “Rustin” Everyone’s Hero

Netflix makes "Rustin" everyone's hero.

Ramallah Friends School Graduates Shot in Vermont

Three Palestinian graduates of Ramallah Friends School were shot on Saturday, November 25, in Burlington, Vt.

Writing Opp: Prayer and Healing

We are accepting articles for our March 2024 issue. The due date is Dec. 18, 2023.

Speaking Up for Palestinian Rights Now

The horrific events and war crimes in southern Israel and Gaza committed since October 7 by both Hamas and the State of Israel have sent shock waves of anguish and grief around the world.

The Truth of Untruth

Introduction to our November issue.

Refuse All Their Colors

An unusual form of Quaker needlework tempts armies in the fall of 1777.


An Appalachian mining family struggles to find ways to survive.


A Friends pastor takes a trip to overcome grief and learns a lesson from some chickens.

A Trip to Amity

An impatient minister is surprised.

Empty Boots

A parable about the human costs of wars.

And Hear Their Death-Knell Ringing

A teenager’s rocky relationship with her Quaker grandmother.

The Quakers of Alice Elliott Dark’s Fellowship Point

A Friends Journal interview with the author of a new novel featuring two Quaker protagonists.

Pandora’s Gifts

A retelling of the Greek mythology.

Mrs. Trueblood’s Wisdom

Two rowdy boys learn to appreciate trees.

Image by Sergey Yarochkin

A Young Quaker’s Voyage to Philadelphia

Traveling the ocean with William Penn.

The Garden of Adam

In the beginning, God hocked a wad of holy spit / into the dust, slushed it around, and rolled out

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