We Listen as God Listens

Cultivating sacred space online.

Ann Jerome

Play Looks at British Quaker Reformers Ada and Alfred Salter

The performance culminated a year of special events in honor of the Salter centenary, which celebrated the couple’s life.

Finding Our Ways

Introduction to our February issue.

The Divine GPS

Faithfully following a leading.

What We Can Say Now

Inviting Friends to tell their stories.

Welcoming Temptation

A test of faith.

Surviving Religious Trauma

How I left an abusive God.

Lent with the Episcopalians

A fresh introduction to Jesus.

From Atheist to Friends

Welcoming a questioning agnostic.

Are We Old Yet?

"he asked me / and I couldn't answer him…"

To those who repair and paint

"To those who think over / a thought they think they shouldn't think— / I love you anyway, you are my people…"

Longshore Transport

"Wind and wave, storm and claw / drag and scatter and break the beach…"

Forum, February 2023

Letters from our readers.

Planting the Seeds of Peace

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine a year ago, I have read numerous articles by Friends examining whether the peace testimony remains relevant in our times.

Love Is the Way to Peace

“Love Thy Neighbor. (No Exceptions.)”

QuakerSpeak, February 2023

Examining the Quaker Peace Testimony.

Friends Ask Quaker Oats to Change Its Name

Citing concerns about cultural appropriation, 28 Friends and allies have signed an epistle to Quaker Oats

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