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We are accepting articles for our June/July 2023 issue. The due date is March 20, 2023.

Berks County immigrant detention center closing, nearly all detainees released

On November 30, 2022, Berks County, Pa. officials announced that the ICE agency will end its contract with the county.

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Our Top Five Articles for 2022

Friends Journal readers have been reconsidering our predecessors and Quakers' role in worldly affairs.

Reparations and the Sense of the Meeting

Introduction to our January issue.

The Road We Walked

A Philadelphia Quaker meeting’s journey to reparations.

Reparations and Transgenerational Healing

A White Quaker’s Path

Beyond Abolition

Elias Hicks’s five points of true restorative racial justice.

Our Quaker Ancestors Owned Slaves

A search through one family’s genealogy.

When You Know Better, You Do Better

Wrestling with America’s racist past.

Confronting the Legacy of Quaker Slavery

Inside the 339 Manumissions and Beyond Project.

Hog Maw Epiphanies

“Mama and Daddy were farmers in Tennessee,” my friend shared…

How Friends Can Make Reparations for Quaker-Run Indigenous Boarding Schools

Friends across the country are reckoning with historic Quaker involvement in Native American boarding schools.

The Divine Comes Disguised as Our Life.

"So often the path leads nowhere, backs up into brush, disappears, ends in a parking lot, butts into wire…."

Note to Myself

"Do not expect the Silence to always be silent. / Life is taking place outside this Meeting House…"

when it comes

"it comes a gentle / but insistent pressure…"

Forum, January 2022

Letter from our readers.

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