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Writing Opp: Meetings and Money (closed)

How do we spend money on ourselves? What is the role of money in our meetings? How do we decide […]

Martin Kelley is senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Our D.C. Family

Signs passed by as we continued to drive on the bumpy road. It was a dreary, dark, foggy day. The […]

Gianna Katsock, Grade 6, Sidwell Friends School

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Viewpoint: Spiritual Kinship in the Family of God

“The greatest tragedies of our time…”

Eric Palmieri lives in North Providence, R.I.

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Viewpoint: Work and Family in the 1970s

Changing parental/work policies in Quaker organizations in the 1970s.

David Hadley Finke lives in Columbia, Mo.

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Growing Up in Germany During World War II

We had not heard from my Uncle Helmut in years: “lost in action,” we were told. Then one day in […]

Erika Muhlenberg is a member of Kendal Meeting in Kennett Square, Pa. Born in Hamburg, Germany, as a teenager she emigrated to the United States.

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On Quaker Mothering

The major ministry to which I’m devoting my life at the moment is raising two little Friends. As far as […]

Cherice Bock is a lifelong Friend from Newberg, Oregon. In addition to her current occupation of parenting, Cherice is interested in social justice and Quaker theology. She is an adjunct professor at George Fox University. Cherice tries to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, enjoying God's creation with her husband, Joel, and their two young sons.

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Grief Manifesto: Linda Heacock’s Death As Told by Her Daughter

As I did some yard work for a friend, I found a dead bird in one of her beds. I […]

Hannah Jeffrey, a member of Richmond (Va.) Meeting, lives in Sacramento, Calif., where she is the director of a canvassing office, informing and involving the public on progressive issues and organizing at a grassroots level.

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I sit quietly in meeting for worship, envisioning the Light Within and knowing that I am being held very gently […]

Lee C. Neff, a member of South Seattle (Wash.) Meeting., is a gardener, writer, and former educator.

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Educating Ned

“Unless Love build the house, they labor in vain that build it.” (Paraphrase of Psalms 127:1) My three children went […]

Rosemary Gould, a longtime attender of Charlottesville (Va.) Meeting, homeschools and teaches poetry classes part-time for a local lifelong learning institute. She hopes to write more, as way opens.

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Living Near the End of Life: Queries for the Elderly

Crosslands is one of a number of Quaker retirement communities in the Philadelphia area. In existence for over 30 years, […]

Brigitte Alexander was first exposed to Quakerism in Berlin (Germany) Meeting in the 1930s. She has been a member of Pittsburgh (Pa.) Meeting since 1968, and she worships with a small group at Parkersville (Pa.) Meeting and at Crosslands Worship Group. Trained as a city planner, she worked in Boston. After a hiatus while raising children, she managed a small foundation in children's mental health in Pittsburgh.

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