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Quaker Bestsellers 2017

The top ten best-selling books from the 2017 FGC Gathering.

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A Letter from James: Essays in Quaker History

By John Lampen. The Hope Project, 2016. 107 pages. Free digital download available at hopeproject.co.uk. Many Friends will be familiar with Friend John Lampen as one of the most thoughtful, and readable, Quakers writing today. This collection of essays ranges broadly over Quaker history. But the history has applications that Lampen wants contemporary Friends to […]

Thomas Hamm is professor of history and director of special collections at Earlham College and a member of West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting. He is putting final touches on a book on Hicksite Friends from 1827 to 1900.

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I urge you to look past your empire of business and riches, and ask yourself a question

Student Voices: ” All that said, I have a few pieces of final advice for you: Be kind. Build bridges, not walls. Rather than tearing others down, build others up. And remember, love always trumps hate.”

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You should know that even though you are the president, you aren鈥檛 more important than other people

Student Voices: “Quakers believe that there is good and evil inside all human beings, and each human being can choose between them. Everyone has the power to choose good over evil if they really want to. So, as the president, you should be a good role model and choose good.”

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The Journal of George Fox

1831 edition, edited by T.H.S. Wallace. New Foundation Fellowship, 2015. $15 plus shipping/CD-ROM. This CD-ROM is searchable! So you can use it as a reference and quickly locate topics or copy quotations precisely. The CD contains the first two volumes of the 1831 eight-volume set of Fox鈥檚 writings. Order from foundationpublicationsnffusa.org.

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Are You a Friend?

Our communities are not beacons of the Spirit simply on the basis of being called “Quaker.”

A native of the Philadelphia suburbs, Peter Moretzsohn is a graduate of Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vt. He recently moved to Lambertville, N.J., where he works for a nonprofit farm/preserve. A lifelong lover of songwriting and playing the guitar, he is an attendee of Solebury Meeting in New Hope, Pa.

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Taking the Adventure cover

Taking the Adventure: Faith and Our Kinship with Animals

By Gracia Fay Ellwood. Wipf and Stock, 2014. 217 pages. $27/paperback; $9.99/eBook. How do we reconcile our experience of divine love with the evil we see around us every day? Gracia Fay Ellwood calls upon the biblical origins of Quakerism and other archetypal stories to help us answer that question. In an eclectic collection of […]

Margaret Fisher is a member of Herndon (Va.) Meeting and of the Baltimore Yearly Meeting Working Group on Right Relationship with Animals.

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Forum: May 2016

Letters from our readers. 🔒 Friends Journal Member? Sign in here! Not an FJ member? To read this piece, please join us today! For $28, you’ll get: A聽year of聽Friends Journal delivered to your mailbox (11 issues) and email Full, instant access to the world鈥檚 largest online library of Quaker聽information: every聽Friends Journal ever published, going back […]

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A Quietness Within: The Quiet Way as Faith and Spirituality

By Elaine Pryce. Pendle Hill Pamphlets #434, 2015. 33 pages. $7/pamphlet. For Friends who have spent decades practicing quietude, or even just reading about it, an inevitable question arises: how can anyone write anything new about silence? In A Quietness Within: The Quiet Way as Faith and Spirituality, Elaine Pryce does exactly that. She traces […]

Judith Favor is a contemplative abiding at Claremont (Calif.) Meeting. Like Elaine Pryce, she knows 鈥渢he quiet way has always been, at some instinctive level, indivisible from the topography of my own inner landscape.鈥

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The Emancipation of B

By Jennifer Kavanagh. Roundfire Books, 2015. 138 pages. $13.95/paperback; $4.99/eBook. When I was a student of literature and theater, one of the important rules about characters was that they change over the course of the drama. Another was that the novelist or playwright must create a character that the audience will care about. Sometimes that […]

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