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Understanding The Man Who Quit Money

Right around the time I started reading The Man Who Quit Money, I was obsessed with buying shoes. I had […]

Jana Llewellyn is associate editor at Friends Journal.

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Process: the Good, the Poor, & Schisms

It is my experience that good Quaker process helps us unite in finding God’s path forward and in building community, […]

Mathilda Navias serves as recording clerk and web master for Broadmead Meeting in northwest Ohio. She serves Lake Erie Yearly Meeting as Database Manager as well as being a member of the Nominating Committee, Spiritual Formation Planning Committee, and an ad hoc committee to revise the yearly meeting's manual of Policies & Procedures. She is clerk of the Accessible Literature Working Group, a member of the Growing Subcommittee (formerly Advancement & Outreach), and a member of Central Committee for Friends General Conference. She is also employed part-time as Yearly Meeting Worker for Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, helping with the web site, communications, and special projects. Mathilda has served as co-clerk of a monthly meeting and on numerous monthly and yearly meeting committees.

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Quakers, Contemplative Activists

I didn’t start out a Quaker. I began as a Catholic, which in one respect is as far from Quakerism […]

Charlie Finn has a counseling practice, is a published poet (www.poetrybycharlescfinn.com), and glories to live in the country with his wife Penny tending to their animals and gardens. He is a member of Roanoke (Va.) Friends Meeting.

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S‐P‐I‐C‐E‐S: The Quaker Testimonies

This model of Friends testimonies is incorporated into the school’s curriculum.

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Preparing for Ministry in a Non‐Creedal Tradition

“In the beginning.…” Good creation stories affirm the origin of those who tell them and intrigue the imaginations of those […]

Jay Marshall, a member of New Castle (Ind.) First Friends Meeting, has served since 1998 as dean of Earlham School of Religion.

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Christ‐Centeredness & Quaker Identity

I have a memory of a member of my monthly meeting responding to the news that some meetings have pastors, […]

R. Scot Miller is a member of Grand Rapids (Mich.) Meeting and a regular attender of Crossroads Meeting in Flint, Mich. A graduate of Earlham School of Religion, he is currently an MSW candidate at Grand Valley State University, and is engaged in men's ministry at "The Other Way" urban ministries in Grand Rapids. He and his wife, Jenn Seif, work a very small CSA farm in Shelbyville. His most recent published work is Pisteos lesou Christou: The Faithful Life of Jesus Christ and Covenant Fulfillment in the Judeo-Christian Narrative.

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Yo! Are You Amish?

Driving down Philadelphia’s South Street a few years ago, I was asked by a person who had pulled up next […]

Max L. Carter, director of the Friends Center and campus ministry coordinator at Guilford College, is a member of New Garden Meeting in Greensboro, N.C. A recorded Friends minister, he teaches courses at Guilford on Quaker history, testimonies, spirituality, and intentional community.

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Making Peace: Telling Truth

From 1959, as a graduate student teaching my first classes, until 2002, when I taught my last classes at Earlham, […]

Paul A. Lacey, a member of Clear Creek Meeting in Richmond, Ind., is emeritus professor of English at Earlham College and clerk of the national board of directors of American Friends Service Committee. He authored Growing into Goodness: Essays on Quaker Education. He is also the literary executor for Denise Levertov and edited her Selected Poems.

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Bringing Business into the Light

It is a fair generalization that Quakers, at least U.S. Quakers, view the pursuit of business suspiciously. Jay Marshall said […]

Richard Holden, who attends West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting, is director of public information at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana.

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Outreach Is Just Another Word for Sharing

“We are also to be witnesses for God, and to propagate his life in the world, to be instruments in […]

Kathy Hersh is a member of Miami (Fla.) Meeting.

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