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Author chat with Raed Jarrar on living in Baghdad and discovering the AFSC

We’re still considered among the lucky ones. We lost our country, our friends, and many of our belongings, but we […]

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Finding a Third Way with Veterans

The August 2015 Viewpoint

Andy Henry lives in Newberg, Ore.

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Khalid’s Eyes

A brother disappears as a country disintegrates.

Raed Jarrar serves as government relations manager at American Friends Service Committee’s Office of Public Policy and Advocacy in Washington, D.C. Born in Baghdad to an Iraqi mother and a Palestinian father, Raed grew up in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Iraq. Since immigrating to the United States in 2005, he has worked on political and cultural issues that pertain to U.S. engagement in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

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Supporting Post‐traumatic Stress Disorder Victims

Understanding the cluster of symptoms of PTSD and the role of religious community.

Jack Ciancio is a member of Ararat (N.C.) Meeting. He is a veteran, retired psychiatric nurse, educator, and author of Where Christ Presides: A Quaker Perspective on Moral Discernment (Redemption Press). He is currently working on a book on the Gospel of Mark.

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Returning Home Changed

Returning home doesn’t mean leaving the journey behind. Podcast and video author chat available.

Rachel Guaraldi is a practitioner and scholar of peace-building, interreligious dialogue, and community development. She is a member of Beacon Hill Meeting in Boston, Mass., and is currently part of a clinical pastoral education program in Boston where she is training to be a hospital chaplain.

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Milestones November 2014

Births, deaths, and weddings.

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Books September 2013

Reviews of Carrie Newcomer’s “Kindred Spirits: A Collection,” Jim Wallis’s “On God’s Side,” Mark Townsend’s “Jesus Through Pagan Eyes,” James […]

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A Friend’s Testimony on Domestic Violence?

We are called upon to love the loveless and the unlovable, to reach out to the racists and the torturers, […]

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Barbara Mays

Barbara Mays, a musician, writer/editor and mother, describes herself first as a Hoosier. She returned to Richmond, Indiana, in the […]

Kara Newell, a member of Reedwood Friends Church in Portland, Oregon, lives in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.

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Father for a Day

When I first realized that my journey from Catholicism to Quakerism had reached a point of no return, one of […]

Shelagh Robinson is a member of Staffordshire Monthly Meeting (UK), attached to Stoke-on-Trent Preparative Meeting.
Reprinted from Quaker Monthly, June

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