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Surmounting our Quaker Language Barriers

The young woman stood outside our meetinghouse staring at our sign. Neatly calligraphed and painted in carefully chosen, muted hues, [鈥

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Walking the Labyrinth

鈥淭his is the message we have heard and declare to you: God is light; in God there is no darkness [鈥

Ashley M. Wilcox is presiding clerk of Freedom Friends Church in Salem, Oregon, and a graduate of School of the Spirit Ministry's program "On Being a Spiritual Nurturer." She carries a concern for supporting ministers in the Religious Society of Friends, and writes regularly about her spiritual journey on her blog: http://www.questforadequacy.blogspot.com.

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Bringing the Quaker into Hospital Chaplaincy

Every day I step into a blizzard that has swept in on someone鈥檚 life. I鈥檓 a chaplain in an acute [鈥

Katherine K. Jaramillo, a member of Bridge City Meeting in Portland, Oreg., is chaplain at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center.

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Wielding Thor鈥檚 Hammer: What It Means to Write as Ministry

According to an old Norse legend of the early days in the time before this time, the god Thor patrolled [鈥

Susan Yanos is director of the Ministry of Writing Program at Earlham School of Religion.

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What Are Schools For?

Quakers can advocate for alternatives to the dominant U.S. education paradigm that is based on industrial and military ideals of [鈥

Thomas B. Farquhar, the head of Westtown School, is a member of Westtown (Pa.) meeting.

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Ministry and Money in the Experience of Earlier Friends

The connection between money and ministry is such a hot鈥恇utton issue for many unprogrammed Friends. It might be useful to [鈥

Marty Grundy is a member of Cleveland Meeting, Lake Erie Yearly Meeting. She is a former clerk of Friends General Conference's Traveling Ministries Committee.

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Does Your Meeting Need a Bill of Rights?

About ten years ago, West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting was shattered by a case of sexual harassment, where a respected member [鈥

Joshua Brown is a member and serves as a pastoral minister of West Richmond (Ind.) Meeting. He has worked with Friends in New England, New York, and Indiana Yearly Meetings. He builds musical instruments, collects folk songs and gives concerts, and turns wooden bowls. He writes that he has "one wife, two college-age children, and four evangelical cats."

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How to Be Happy

The basic question addressed by religion is not 鈥淒oes God exist?鈥 but rather 鈥淗ow can we find eternal happiness in [鈥

Peter Bien, a member of Hanover (N.H.) Meeting, is emeritus professor of English and Comparative Literature at Dartmouth College and clerk of the Pendle Hill Publications

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Christmas Newsletter

As I sit down to write this Christmas [2000] newsletter, I cannot help but reflect on last Christmas, which I [鈥

Maia Carter, a member of Friendship Meeting in Greensboro, N.C., is living in Amman, Jordan.

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Friends and Other Quakers

Identity as a Quaker, a member of the Religious Society of Friends, is hard won. With no liturgy to speak [鈥

Sally Miller, a member of Syracuse (N.Y.) Meeting, was a representative from New York Yearly Meeting to Friends World Committee for Consultation for 12 years, after which she was co-opted for 3.

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