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Marian Oakleaf

Oakleaf—Marian Oakleaf, 104, on April 3, 2016. Marian was born on January 22, 1912, in London, England, a twin daughter to Lily Marian Burton and Robert Oakleaf. Her mother was British, and her father was the son of German immigrants. As a young woman, she was a member of Hampstead Meeting—Friends House (Preparative) in London […]

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How Quaker War Tax Resistance Came and Went, Twice

A history of a sometimes-forgotten Quaker witness.

David M. Gross is the editor of American Quaker War Tax Resistance. Some of the material in this article is based on a talk on the history of Quaker war tax resistance he delivered at Earlham School of Religion in 2014 for the national conference of the National War Tax Resistance Coördinating Committee.

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All Friends’ Conference of 1920

Before the 1937 Friends World Conference, Friends from throughout the world and across the various branches of the Religious Society met at an All Friends’ Conference in August 1920, hosted by London (now Britain) Yearly Meeting. London Friends had issued the invitation in 1916, in the midst of the Great War, from a concern for […]

Elizabeth Cazden is a member of Concord (N.H.) Meeting. Her Quaker history research includes Friends in Cuba, independent liberal meetings, and Quaker slave-owners in Rhode Island; see http://​www​.betsycazden​.com.

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