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Collaboration in Action

Religious Education

Christel Jorgenson, a member of Friends Meeting at Cambridge (Mass.), was the youth and education secretary for New England Yearly Meeting for a long spell, and now happily helps with family worship at her meeting. She spends winter months at Casa de los Amigos in Mexico City, Mexico, where she attends Mexico City Meeting.

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Milestones October 2015

Births, deaths, and marriages among Friends.

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The Lion First Book of Parables

By Lois Rock, illustrated by Barbara Vagnozzi. Lion Children鈥檚 Books, 2014. 64 pages. $14.99/hardcover. Recommended for ages 9 and up. [鈥

Katie Green is a member of Worcester (Mass.) Meeting and a professional storyteller and workshop leader. She has told stories at the Friends General Conference Gathering and New England Yearly Meeting鈥檚 annual sessions.

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Witness to Quaker Racism: A Cautionary Tale

A standoff at the meetinghouse.

Sharon Smith is a lifelong, Black-Indian Friend. She is a former clerk of the East Sandwich Preparative Meeting鈥檚 Peace and Social Concerns Committee and former co-clerk of the New England Yearly Meeting Racial Social and Economic Justice Committee. She is currently a member of the Cuffee Meeting and lives in western North Carolina and is at work on a book, Mixed Blessing: Growing Up Black-Indian and Quaker.

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Process: the Good, the Poor, & Schisms

It is my experience that good Quaker process helps us unite in finding God鈥檚 path forward and in building community, [鈥

Mathilda Navias serves as recording clerk and web master for Broadmead Meeting in northwest Ohio. She serves Lake Erie Yearly Meeting as Database Manager as well as being a member of the Nominating Committee, Spiritual Formation Planning Committee, and an聽ad hoc聽committee to revise the yearly meeting's manual of聽Policies & Procedures.聽She is clerk of the Accessible Literature Working Group, a member of the Growing Subcommittee (formerly Advancement & Outreach), and a member of Central Committee for Friends General Conference. She is also employed part-time as Yearly Meeting Worker for Lake Erie Yearly Meeting, helping with the web site, communications, and special projects. Mathilda has served as co-clerk of a monthly meeting and on numerous monthly and yearly meeting committees.

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Quaker Women I Have Known

鈥淭he women in my family do things,鈥 said John Foster, the Quaker man I had just met in India. Much [鈥

Georgana (Falb) Foster has been a member of Mt. Toby Friends Meeting in Leverett, Mass., for half a century. She has presented workshops on early New England Quaker women at the Friends General Conference Gathering and New England Yearly Meeting, and has written a number of local histories. She is an independent scholar of South Asian studies, collecting folk and pop art about goddesses of India.

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Learning to Speak Community

Last fall in a Quakerism 101 group I facilitated at Cincinnati Friends Meeting, a Friend spoke of a recent conversation [鈥

Donne Hayden, MDiv, graduated from Earlham School of Religion in 2006. Since July 2008 she has served as minister for Cincinnati (Ohio) Meeting, a semi-programmed meeting in Wilmington Yearly Meeting.

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New England Friends in Unity With Nature (NEFUN) Committee

The current work of the NEFUN Committee supports discernment around New England monthly meetings of the faith and practice of [鈥

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