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Update on Indiana Yearly Meeting Breakup

Indiana Yearly Meeting is continuing to head toward schism. Friends Journal last covered this in our June/July issue with a [鈥

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As Quakers, how do we respond to the continuous news about gun violence? How do we show that peace is the way while dodging bullets and fretfully anticipating another massacre?

Gun Violence, Quakers, and the Presidential Election

As Quakers, how do we respond to the continuous news about gun violence? How do we show that peace is [鈥

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The Moralities of Food

Deep moral issues exist within the topic of food, whether we are talking about the devastation being laid on creation [鈥

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The first time I ever had arugula was in the Willoughby鈥檚 kitchen. Somehow or other there is always food in [鈥

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Refusing to Be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation (Book Review Essay)

In this compilation of essays and interviews with activists who share a commitment to nonviolence, Maxine Kaufman鈥怢acusta makes no pretense [鈥

Robert Dockhorn, a member of Green Street Meeting in Philadelphia, Pa., is senior editor of Friends Journal.

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Vibrant Meetings Grow the Religious Society of Friends

In 2007, Friends World Committee for Consultation reported 35,413 unprogrammed Friends, about one鈥恡enth of 1 percent of the U.S. population. [鈥

Lynn Fitz-Hugh is a member of Eastside Meeting in Bellevue, Wash. She is also a therapist and a mother. She is part of Friends General Conference's Traveling Ministry Program.

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Friends鈥 Witness on Population and Overconsumption

Many Friends today are expanding their witness for equality and justice by focusing on rapid population growth and over鈥恈onsumption as [鈥

Louis Cox and Ruth Swennerfelt are members of Burlington (Vt.) Meeting.

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Filming the Life of Gobi Women

Leading, 1997 As I sit in meditation, I see single women lliving a nomadic life鈥攚omen using wool from their sheep [鈥

Sas Carey, co-clerk of Middlebury (Vt.) Meeting, is director of Life Energy Healing School, which helps students learn to follow their leadings. The school meets in Middlebury for four long weekends a year. More information about the school can be found at http://www.lifenergyheal.com. Nomadicare, a nonprofit organization that she founded, supports the sustainability and cultural survival of nomadic peoples, harmonizes traditional and modern medicine, and documents nomadic ways and heart songs for future generations. More information can be found at http://www.nomadicare.org.

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War on Whom?

We live in troubling times. 馃敀

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Bringing Quaker Values to the Classroom

I realize I鈥檓 not unbiased in my thinking about the subject of this special issue. I suspect that none of [鈥

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