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The Peace Class: A Study of Effective Cheek‐turning, Neighbor‐loving and Sword‐to‐plowshare Conversion

By Diana Hadley and David Weatherspoon. Self‐published, 2015. 220 pages. $12.99/paperback; $5.99/eBook. Both Diana Hadley and David Weatherspoon write well, […]

Sandy and Tom Farley are members of Palo Alto (Calif.) Meeting and coauthors of Earthcare for Children. Both participated in a peace studies seminar taught by Philip Wogaman in 1965 (Sandy) and 1966 (Tom) at the University of the Pacific. Both Sandy and Tom have trained as Alternatives to Violence Project facilitators.

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Eyes Wide Open: Going Behind the Environmental Headlines

By Paul Fleischman. Candlewick Press, 2014. 203 pages. $17.99/hardcover; $9.99/paperback or eBook. Recommended for ages 14 and up. While this […]

Sandy and Tom Farley are members of Palo Alto (Calif.) Meeting. They are the primary authors of the Earthcare for Children curriculum.

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