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Walking the Labyrinth

鈥淭his is the message we have heard and declare to you: God is light; in God there is no darkness [鈥

Ashley M. Wilcox is presiding clerk of Freedom Friends Church in Salem, Oregon, and a graduate of School of the Spirit Ministry's program "On Being a Spiritual Nurturer." She carries a concern for supporting ministers in the Religious Society of Friends, and writes regularly about her spiritual journey on her blog: http://www.questforadequacy.blogspot.com.

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Fidgeting in Worship

A Friend shares his process of settling into worship: 鈥淎s I sit in meeting, I use prayer as a way [鈥

Greg Woods, a member of Columbia Friends Meeting in Missouri, has been involved in youth and young adult ministry for the past eight years. Currently he serves as the Assistant Coordinator of the Young Adult Leadership Development (YALD) Program at Pendle Hill. He graduated from Earlham College and in the fall he will start a MA program in Youth Ministry at Princeton Theological Seminary. In his free time, he enjoys traveling the world, attending demolition derbies, and telling jokes of all kinds.

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Quaker Women鈥檚 Theology Conference

When the invitation to write an article for Friends Journal about the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women鈥檚 Theology Conference (PNWQWTC) came [鈥

Erin McDougall received her Master's of Divinity from Earlham School of Religion and lives on Mayne Island, British Columbia.

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Conversations from the Heartland

A few years ago, I surprised myself and some friends鈥擨 sent out an e鈥恗ail to my homeschooling buddies, almost entirely [鈥

Kat Griffith, a homeschooling mother of two, is a member of Winnebago Worship Group in East-Central Wisconsin. Her previous articles in Friends Journal (February 2003 and May 2005) have addressed the evolving relationship between Northern Yearly Meeting and El Salvador Yearly Meeting.

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Quaker Spiritual Disciplines for Hard Times

Can the spiritual disciplines of early Friends help us through hard times in the 21st century? The very question of [鈥

Patricia McBee is a member of Central Philadelphia (Pa.) Meeting. She is editor of Pastoral Care Newsletter and has recently edited a book, Grounded in God: Care and Nurture in Friends Meetings.

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The Journey to Answering That of God in Everyone

I鈥檓 probably one of the few Friends who has an aversion to the term 鈥渢hat of God in every one.鈥 [鈥

Priscilla Berggren-Thomas is a member of Poplar Ridge (N.Y.) Meeting. She is a student in Earlham School of Religion's Access Program.

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Drinking the Living Water: Pilgrimage to Taize

A convinced Friend and former Catholic, I never thought I would agree with the pope about anything 鈥 but God [鈥

Mary Kay Rehard, a member of 57th Street Meeting in Chicago, Ill., lives in Richmond, Indiana, where she attends West Richmond Meeting and teaches her children at home. She and her husband, Patrick Nugent, director of the Institute for Quaker Studies at Earlham, will take students to Taizé's European meeting in Budapest this winter.

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The Miracle of Forgiveness: A Journey of the Heart

Seeds, whether planted by the human hand or sown by the wind, endure. Covered by earth they rest unseen, waiting [鈥

After 20 years of teaching in juvenile detention, Roxy Jacobs is now field secretary for Illinois Yearly Meeting.

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Blessings by Accident

Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for [鈥

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Heron Reflections

On the road home from the wedding of Muriel Bishop and Douglas Summers, reunited after many years apart, a beautiful, [鈥

Caroline Balderston Parry, a member of Ottawa (Ont.) Meeting, is seeking a publisher for a book-length collection of Heron Reflections.

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