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Behind the Scenes of QuakerSpeak

An interview with project director Jon Watts.

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Forum September 2016

Letters from our readers.

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Let’s Grow Together: Reflections on Growth and Abundance

We look back on a year of our “Let’s Grow Together” columns.

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Quakers Respond to Orlando Shooting (Updated)

Around the web and within Friends organizations and communities, Quakers are responding to the tragic news of a mass shooting […]

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Among Friends: The Quaker Handshake

An introduction to the June/July issue, “Almost Quaker.”

Gabriel Ehri is the executive director of Friends Journal. [email protected]

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Forum, February 2016

Working one‐on‐one for change As a public librarian in the Nicetown section of Philadelphia, I see how much one‐on‐one contact […]

Letters from our readers.

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Let’s Grow Together: Interview with Sterling Duns

Interviews with new Friends.

Jon Berry is a Friends Journal trustee. He lives and worships in New York City.

Posted in: Let's Grow Together, September 2015: Reproduction and Family Planning
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26 Weekends at Columbia County Jail

A jailed Quaker chronicles the stories behind the bars of mass incarceration. Includes video author interview.

Joseph Olejak is an attender at Old Chatham (N.Y.) Meeting. He discovered Quaker principles when he met his long-time friend Peter Miles at age 16 while hiking in Copake Falls, N.Y. Peter taught English at George School and introduced him to the work of Kurt Vonnegut. Joseph is a chiropractor by training.

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News December 2014

Historical marker, books website, Quaker divisions, a new space, and an appointment.

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A new Quaker YouTube project

QuakerSpeak is a new web video series aimed at communicating Quaker experience in ways that are appealing and energizing, particularly […]

Gabriel Ehri is Executive Director of Friends Publishing Corporation

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